the fourth of july!


hello! hope you had a safe and happy independence day! our little family had a great day in the city together celebrating our beautiful country. here are a few photos from the day…


^^^we started the morning off with the intent to make it to a children’s parade which i had read about online. it was supposed to take place over on riverside drive on the upper west side (or so i read. i am going bananas) but we biked up and down riverside drive and never found it.  :\  so we biked over to columbia university since we were close by and spent some time on campus hanging out while samson practiced his walking! we told eleanor, “this is where papa went to school! where he would read books when he was younger.” she doesn’t exactly know what school is yet, but she did enjoy hopping up and down the steps and finding the owl inside the alma mater statue, so that was fun.^^^


^^^my boys in their red white and blue. i live for this color coordinating stuff on the fourth. ;)^^^


 ^^^we biked past our old favorite bagel shop (absolute bagels) on the way home and had breakfast together. that place always reminds me of josh with his big beard during finals week when we were dating. i thought he was the handsomest.  even if he put ketchup on everything.^^^


^^^we biked home and the kids napped while josh made a pasta dish for our picnic dinner and i made a berry pie.^^^


^^^here is my berry pie before it went into the oven. i tried to copy a photo i saw on pinterest and of course it looked nothing like the photo. but my imperfect stars and strips started to grow on me before i put it in the oven. of course the minute it starts to grow on me my oven is like, hahaha naomi! and it comes out looking like it had just been in some bloody fight. it hardly resembled a flag after it was finished baking. thanks, oven. whatever. it still tasted good.^^^


^^^we met up with some friends in the park along the hudson river for a picnic and to scout out and save a place to watch the fireworks later in the evening. after all of these rainy days we have had over the last week, the weather yesterday was just right.^^^



^^^bubbles making rainbows!^^^


^^^we had a great spread for dinner (although these are mostly just the treats!) and oh wait, you can see my berry pie in this photo. see?! i wasn’t kidding, it was sad.^^^


^^^playing hearts while we wait for the fireworks to begin. although i didn’t play. i don’t get that game.^^^


^^^and this kid just kept darting off to practice his walking everywhere! i am so proud of him! his little steps are the cutest.^^^



^^^eleanor loves her friends so much! ;)^^^


^^^a photo with all the ladies. great group of women.^^^


^^^and the fireworks! it was a great show!^^^

happy fourth of july! feel incredibly thankful to live in the usa and for the freedoms we are able to exercise and enjoy each day. what a great nation. good bless america!

  1. Bea

    It seems you really had a great time!!!
    I love the cake with stars and stripes!!
    Have good week end from Italy!

  2. Sarah

    You guys look beyond sweet in all your stripes! And that pie looks delicious, (if slightly imperfect as a flag in the end) :). A belated happy 4th of July from North of the border!

  3. nicole

    Great photos! The kids look adorable in their outfits. I love the fireworks shot at the end, great capture.

  4. Your family is the cutest!
    Happy 4th of July from Canada xo

  5. Such cute photos!
    Happy 4th of July from Canada xo

  6. you all look lovely in the colors. and the pie looks quite nice even after baking ..

  7. Melissa

    Your 4th of July outfits are beyond adorable! I love a good ol’ traditional celebration!

  8. JM

    Great photos, it looks so sunny and warm. I am missing that where I am currently living, but one day I’ll live in a slightly sunnier place hopefully.

    Obviously the 4th of July doesn’t mean anything to me, but I always find it interesting to hear Americans talk about it and how much stock they put in it. It’s interesting to observe from the outside too.

    Quick question, you say Josh studied at Columbia, what does he do for a living? Sorry if you’ve mentioned it before but I have been wondering for a while.

    Hapy 4th of July American friends.

  9. Jesso

    how cute are your kids?!

  10. Eli

    What a great day you had!
    And as I love every shade on you, I can get used to this colour combination on a daily basis.

    Have a great weekend, Rockstars! :)

  11. cathy

    Looks like you 4th was lovely. So happy to see OU represented in NYC.
    I have 3 kids at OU so that is where all my money goes.

  12. That looks like such a fun Fourth of July! My sister went to business school at Columbia, and I just looooove the campus – so pretty! And I’ve never gotten the game of Hearts before either… too confusing.

  13. Eleanor looks exactly like you! It’s amazing! I’m glad you and your great family had a great time yesterday.
    Don’t worry about the pie. It happens to me all the time. It’s part of my charm ;)

  14. alison

    your little family is so sweet. i love the coordinating clothes! if my husband and i ever accidentally match, he changes! so rude :)
    have a great weekend naomi and thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

  15. I reeeally can’t get enough of the saltwater sandals. I’ll probably have to buy a pair if I plan to keep reading your blog (which hello, I DO) – it’s envy every time! Those tiny practice steps are as cute as you can get; so glad you guys had fun!

  16. This looks like a great july 4th. Absolute bagels is my favorite place for bagels in the city as well they really are incredible.

  17. what a special day! filled with celebration and love.

  18. Ann

    Adorable! Our fourth was soaking sopping wet here in Atlanta, it was nice to live vicariously through you!! I would love to hear resources for your kiddos clothes ( especially Sampson, I have a baby boy ( not just from these fabulous pictures but from your favorite places in general). Your kids always look so stinkn’ cute!!!

  19. It looks like you guys had a perfect 4th! We are living in Alabama at the moment and it rained the whole time :( But it was still great. I love the outfit coordination too! It’s a must, even if it is cliche.

  20. RoselyC

    Looks like such an amazing time for you and your family.

  21. Cay

    Pretty sure that if Eleanor goes to Columbia, she’ll have been the first in her class to have found the owl on Alma Mater, which means she’ll be valedictorian.

    Something to keep in mind should you be starting your college planning early ;).

  22. The pie is awesome, makes for a good story. The important thing is, did it taste good? :)

    We had rainy weather yesterday, but still had lots of fun. Happy 4th!

  23. Dani

    I say this a lot, but you and your family were made for summer and patriotic holidays.

  24. Kelly

    This sounds like a great day and Samson walking must be absolutely adorable!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don’t forget about the switch to BlogLovin!

  25. Amy

    Great job with the pie! Looks like a great day x

  26. TJ

    I still think the pie turned out great! Much better than anything I could make ;)

    Also, how is your family so gosh darn perfect? You two make some cute kids!!
    xo TJ

  27. grace

    so cute! happy 4th.

    and yay, an OU lawn chair! boomer sooner :)

  28. npj

    You guys are the cutest. Yes, we live in a most wonderful county. God bless America and your cute family! :)

  29. You have a beautiful family!!

  30. Great job on getting your post up so fast! I just did ours. We spent the day with my in-laws. It was amazing watching my father-in-law go all day with the kids and all the activities.

    Happy Fourth to you and your sweet ones.

    xoxo from san francisco


  31. Ann

    Where did you get the shoes for your kids?

  32. ASIA

    beautiful <3

  33. Steph

    Looks like an awesome time!

    (And I’m also loving the OU chair – way to spread the good word, M!)

  34. Sarah

    Your kids are so cute!!! I love the matching Red, White and Blue too for the 4th– I kind of wish you could do it all summer long! Enjoy

  35. Dani

    Who takes your pictures when the four of you are all together?

  36. hanalei

    What a happy family!! gotta love birthdays~especially America’s.

  37. So many cute outfits and cute kids! What a precious blog you have!

  38. This all looks like so much fun! I had a wonderful Fourth, although it was slightly uneventful. I made a pie too! It came out okay… so I tell myself. Ha.

    Je M’appelle Molly

  39. Ashley

    Your man has style (as does the rest of your family), & I’m impressed. Looks like you had a great 4th :)

    xo Ashley

  40. kirsty roberts

    I adore those matching sandles you all have. So cute on the little ones. Your makeup is always flawless too! How on earth do you look so stylish with two little ones? Xx

  41. Heather

    This looks like pure joy. Pie and all ;)

  42. Looked like a wonderful, and enjoyable fourth of july!!!

  43. Joelynn

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! Your family is the cutest!

  44. Melanie

    Love the outfits :) So stylish as always!

  45. Samson’s really loving the Braveheart pose while walking lol. Is it weird that I’m envious of a tot’s tan?

  46. maria

    My name is Maria, I am Spanish and I love your blog, because actually say your blog is the whole family, remind me of my family when my children were small, I have two sons like you and Nicolas Alejandra as the small, which not as small as it will be 20 years.

    At the moment my daughter Alejandra is studying on scholarship at New Paltz, has been licensed this year in Art History at a University in Spain, is a brilliant student and a beautiful person, the scholarship covers have granted very few things and we had to reaizar a great effort so that he could accept.

    This Saturday was a trip to New York, but came upset because her friends were shopping all the time and could not make good on the day, so I had thought that taking advantage of this global world, know her to any family with children who could welcome her into their home for a weekend can be a nice experience for both she speaks good English and has experience as an au pair, has been teaching English to children from 3 years in the Holy Name of Jesus School, has worked as an au pair in Japan with famlies, Ninon loves, of course letters have families, and when his scholarship is a Boston family, in exchange for help with the children’s family could host it and serve as hostess in New York , is a somewhat desperate, but I think it could be funny, of course would respond to all your questions, a hug and thank you for your cooperation

  47. Mama-T

    i don’t often say this about kids other than my own (ha!),
    but seriously, your little ones are verrrrrrry cute!!! i just want to meet fly over there (i’m in australia) just so i cant pinch samson’s fat little legs!! how cute can you be!!

  48. deloom

    Your family is adorable! Love all red, white and blue <3 And the pie looks scrumptious! xo

  49. Sinead

    Sounds like so much fun I love your co-ordinated outfits – so cute! :-)

  50. looks like fun! i miss being by water. (no, utah lake doesn’t count) yay for bloody berry pie. i’m sure it was delish! xo

  51. Rayani

    Naomi, I really love your style, and your family is just the cutest

    Hugs from Brasil

  52. Hannah

    I got so excited when I saw the OU chair! (Even though I attend OSU, haha.)

    beautiful family!

  53. Katharina

    Hello Naomi,
    I just saw some muffin-ideas on a food blog and I immediately thought of you and your stars and stripes pie:
    Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing!
    Greetings from Germany!

  54. Daliana

    Que hermosa familia la de ustedes! Se ven espectaculares !Que Dios Los bendiga siempre!

  55. Heather C.

    I love seeing photos from your adventures around New York… especially on the fourth! Is it just me or does your little girl look SO grown up lately?

  56. @Vanessa Joie
    you should go to bear lake!

  57. Valerie

    I love the color coordinated clothing! As my daughter would say, “Totes adorable!” I have never even attempted a pie of any kind so regardless of the imperfect outcome, I’m still in awe of your pie. I didn’t do it this year, but we usually make a giant sugar cookie, top it with either a mixture of cream cheese and powdered sugar or just some cool whip and then make a flag with berries on top. It makes the outcome a little more controllable (or at least the oven can’t trick you at the last moment.) Plus if you’re okay with imperfection, it’s fun for the kids to join in on the decorating. Happy belated 4th!

  58. Kalli

    What in the world is Josh wearing? Shorts and a tie??? It looks quite ridiculous!

  59. looks like you had a really great day. love it. family apparel is fantastic!

  60. Everyday special! Every day a dream! Ele

  61. megan

    I am loving all the red, white and blue in this post! It was my first year in nyc for the 4th….and let me tell you, I loved it.


  62. megan

    this holiday in nyc is like nowhere else… it was my first year and I absolutely loved it! oh, and seeing that empire state dance during the fireworks had to be the best part. :)


  63. Louise

    These coordinated outfit look very cute! And that flag pie…hmm…

    Ps: i’m doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

  64. Mun

    I don’t think anyone could resist colour coordination on that day!

  65. That is a great shot of the library at Columbia. Great job of working in the color coordinating for Independence Day. I love the patriotic berry pie, nice job decorating. This is a great photo of the skyline. And of course thank you very much for the great shot of the fireworks.