sweet green comes to new york city!


if you followed along with this blog of ours when we lived in Washington DC, you’ll remember how much our family enjoyed going to sweetgreen.  somewhere between fulfilling my every pregnancy craving while carrying samson (that little dude sure loved his greens in utero), the salad from last july that we’ve made 5 billion times since, and one too many cucumber limemade’s later, we have become big fans.  we spent a lot of time there in DC. we got to know the founders, and they even sponsored our blog. we made a fun little video with them last year, too!

so when we moved back to NYC last august, we were pretty bummed to say goodbye to sweetgreen.  we started hinting to them how much sweetgreen was needed in new york and they let us know they were already working on it! hooray! so we waited patiently.

people of new york city, the day has come!  the first sweetgreen location in nyc officially opens this thursday, the 25th! and we think it’s definitely worth checking out. everything is organic and sourced locally, and you can tell because the food is delicious.

we got to check out the new nomad location and sample the new menu last week. we had a great time seeing the new digs as a family. it’s a beautiful space. we’re so excited to have you here, sweetgreen!


^^^check out this space! welcome, welcome!!!!^^^


^^^josh wants me to tell you that he officially endorses the kale, haha! i don’t even know who this man is anymore, swearing off ice cream for a year (still going strong 6 months in, PS) and now eating kale salads. but i like him.^^^sweetgreen5

^^^these lemonades always get me into trouble. when i was in labor at the hospital in DC with samson, there was a sweetgreen around the corner so i kept having josh make trips all day long to keep fresh ice cold lemonades comin’! i think i downed 7 of those cucumber or mint limeades until the nurse told me i wasn’t allowed anymore. ;-) good times…good times…^^^


^^^learning to eat with a fork! but you know, sometimes it’s just easier with your fist.^^^



sweetgreen12 sweetgreen11

welcome to new york city, sweetgreen! we’re so glad you’re finally here!

PS.  download the sweetgreen rewards app HERE and get $5 off your next sweetgreen purchase.  and HERE is a sweet little video of sweetgreen’s story worth the watch. inspiring, for sure.

*this post is sponsored by sweetgreen, a long time friend and sponsor of our blog. as always, thanks for reading this blog and supporting our sponsors!

  1. Bianca

    Your dress is so nice. Where did you get it?

    • TAZA

      thank you! scored it at a lauren moffatt sample sale!

  2. Rayani

    The last photo is just adorable, as always!

  3. Bea

    I loved your sweetgreen post last year!!!
    I hope they arrive here in Italy!

  4. Nicole

    Sounds amazing! Maybe they’ll come to the west coast…

  5. Ooo, I havent heard of this company before but it looks wonderful! PS. i’m LOVING your cute dress! Where is this dress from if I may ask/

    Thanks for all of the fun posts about your life and fam!



  6. Emily

    Can you please ask them to open a little shop in Singapore? I promise I will eat there everyday:) Cross my heart!

  7. Nicole

    YES! I was in DC last week visiting my sister and lamenting the fact that there was no SweetGreen in NYC…so I decided to do a little research and when I saw one was opening here I was SOOO excited! App = downloaded already in anticipation :)

  8. Rachel

    This place looks delicious!!! These are great photos! You guys always look amazing and the kiddos are growing up soo fast!!


  9. Tish

    omigosh they need to open their next store in Toronto! They’d be so well received! I love this company already.

  10. As a DC girl I’m so happy I’m surrounded my sweetgreen. It really is the best. People of NYC, enjoy! Your lunches/dinners/fro-yo life just got better :)

  11. heather

    wow! this looks like such a cute + delicious little spot! i’m moving to nyc in t-5 months, so i’ll definitely put this on my list of places to try! thanks for the tip. and hol-y smokes, you four are world champions when it comes to being adorable at all times.

  12. deloom

    Adorable photos! Sweet Green looks absolutely delicious. I’ll be in NYC in a few week and will definitely stop by. :)

  13. This place looks so delish! I wish they had one in Arizona :(

  14. Hey Sweetgreen, if you are reading this, maybe you could open up a location in Ann Arbor?!? You would fit right in! (and I REALLY want to try the cucumber limeade) ;)

  15. Bri

    i had an internship at dupont circle a couple years ago and i went to sweetgreen every. single. day. for lunch! so yummy! glad you’re getting it up in NYC now! keeping my fingers crossed that we move back east soon and can get some again :)

  16. daaaaaaamn that cucumber limeade sounds AHHH-mazing. I know where we’re meeting up next time I’m in NYC!

  17. Faith

    Oh my goodness, I might be running down the street for some Sweetgreen for lunch today! That mint lemonade is the only thing on my mind right now!!

    PS LOVE your little dress :)



  18. marie

    Samson and Eleanor are adorable! E looks so big and grown-up in the last photo with you. She definitely look like a big sister now.. :)


  19. marie

    Woops, i meant looks*

  20. That looks so yummy! You’ll have to tell them to get a Seattle location next ;-)

  21. Teresa

    I wish there was one here in South Florida!!!! the video was so sweet and samson eating with his fist… hey why not?

  22. hanna

    It looks so good! I wish I lived in NYC Hanna Marie

  23. Maggie

    I’m OBSESSED with Sweetgreen! Love everything on their menu. I’m now realizing how lucky I am to have so many around in DC. Can never leave!

  24. maggie

    I think LA needs a Sweet Green…or ten, you know.

  25. you guys are too cute!!!!

    xoxo kerri

  26. funny you write about this TODAY! I tried sweetgreen last night for dinner for the first time, but in boston. my chic-P salad was pretty delish :)

  27. That place looks amazing. I want a salad now!

  28. madison

    YUM! This is my kind of place! Please come to California – Orange County, specifically ;)

  29. Lauren

    I agree with Madison about opening one in Orange Country!

  30. Lauren


  31. Lucy

    Oh my gosh, this place looks amazing!! That lemonade. That fro-yo!

    The UK seriously needs to catch up with these chains.

    Great photos, looks like your little family had so much fun :)

    Lucy xo

  32. Sarah

    This place looks incredible! They should make their way to the great white north and open up shop in Toronto. I’d be first in line!

  33. Clara

    So exciting to see Sweet Green in the city! I used to live in DC as well and it was one of my favorite spots in Georgetown. I need a lemonade asap :)

  34. I visited DC for a week last August and ate at Sweet Green. I fell in love with it. Tuscaloosa, Alabama needs one! Haha I am sure that will never happen…

  35. Ana

    The place looks amazing, too bad I’m Chicago :/ perhaps they’ll open one here next ? :D

  36. OH! Thank your for this post. I’m from Kraków, Poland and going to NYC this november (YAY!) – I’m so happy to see this green place and excited to see those lovely places you recomended


  37. Nicole

    Tell them to open one in Seattle!!!

  38. Megan

    Can you please tell me where you got your dress?! Thanks :)

  39. Cindy

    Please tell them to open one up in Toronto!!!

    Cindy Nguyen x

  40. WOW! Love that place! Finally a restaurant where is isn’t bad to order healthy food :) Love the way they used the greens to set the mood and how the drink dispensers were used in a different way!

    Gotta love green stuff!
    (oh and amazing that your little one digs in with the salad!!!)
    xx Taty


  41. cintya

    I had never heard of sweetgreen until recently, so I’m excited to check it out for myself this summer.

  42. amanda

    YES! I walked by the other day and totally thought of you! Of course they open a few blocks from where I was working, ending two days ago. :(

  43. KMGFit

    I have been following you guys for such an age and just wanted to say- I heart your little family- they are all so cute and you Tara are just an adorable person! I love catching up with you guys every day! xxx

  44. This place looks delicious! I wish there was one in Canada! :)

  45. Melissa

    This looks perfect! Have you ever been to Lemonade in CA? It seems similar and I dream of them coming to Seattle one day. Now I can Sweetgreen to my list of restaurant dreams too! Come to WA!!

  46. Emily

    As always, your kids are too cute.

    I’ve been stalking you long enough that I inadvertently have them categorized in my head with my nieces and nephews. Creepy, I know. ;)

    P.S. one of my good friends was totally a roomie with your sisters at school, and I nearly peed my pants when we made the connection while she was home on break last year. It was embarrassing. I have a huge girl crush on you. Star struck by proxy. Haha

    Help me convince my husband that we need to take a vacation to NYC one of these years. It’s my favorite big city, and I know he’d have a blast. We might even stop in to Sweetgreen for one of those yummy looking fruity drinks!

  47. So jelly! NY has THE best restaurants- so so many vegan/veggie options.
    I try to go a few times a year JUST for food.
    I can’t wait to visit sweetgreen the next time I’m there! <3

  48. This place looks incredible – such a smart and necessary concept!

  49. Sini

    Ahh, you have all the goodies there! Or I must just must be head over heels for USA. I’ve never been but its my dream to visit there someday.

  50. sarah

    Hi – any chance you could share your recipe for your favourite salad? This place looks so good but I live in Australia and we don’t have it here (maybe you can tell them to come). Looks so good

  51. Conny

    Great family. By the way are you pregnant, because you sure do look like there is a little belly going on.

  52. Laura

    Hey Naomi, how are you? I have read about your hard week at Instagram and i just wanted to send you love and good vibes. So there they go, kisses and hugs from Madrid! Muaaaacks!

  53. Hannah

    What amazing pictures, you’re gorgeous!

  54. Kelly

    SO exciting! After four years at Georgetown I can not wait to go to their first New York CIty location!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  55. Taylor

    I love these pictures: they look incredible! And so does Sweetgreen! Too bad there isn’t one by my home though. I suppose that just means I’ll have to visit NY or even better, DC!


  56. i saw this post yesterday but am just now getting to answer. i’ve never been her and never heard of this place but now i’m anxious to find one while traveling! such a fun post! :)

  57. vesle serena

    I would love a Taza NYC guide for families with kids…! We are planning on travelling to NYC next year (we are from Norway), and I have to say, from your blog it really looks welcoming and kids friendly… But I still wonder about stuff like: Are kids welcome in restaurants? How about breastfeeding in public? Is there asy access to big-enough toilets to change nappies and so on…. A list of places to eat out with kids (with healthy and good food for mum and dad as well) … In other words, your blog in a guide/book form!

  58. as new nork city’s biggest fresh salad lover… I personally can’t wait for this! i’m really hoping they make wraps, too. :)



  59. Liz

    Hey there! I freaking love sweetgreen! I’m from NY but moved to DC a few years ago and am so happy to hear they’ll be back home too! Love your pics too. Also- your dress is awesome.

  60. This is right around the corner from my office!! So excited to have a place like this so close. I’m sure my coworkers and I will become regulars pretty quickly.



  61. Lea

    Jealous! I moved southward from my hometown of DC, and I most definitely miss having healthy, fast options. Well, and rowing in Georgetown should always be rewarded with frozen yogurt. Calcium and fruit are totally justifiable.

  62. Holly

    As a DC’er, I can vouch that Sweetgreen is amazing. Now I have a craving! So glad they opened one near you!

  63. Hannah

    How do you get to a LM sample sale? I have looked for this dress/the top this pattern everywhere! Her stuff is so hard to track down. Not to mention pricey

  64. Anne

    oh man it always sounds so good! lucky you they came to nY!

  65. Vanessa

    Yum, this place seems so great!! I wish they would make a location In L.A. so I can try it A.S.A.P!

  66. Nadia

    Yes!!! It is a good news! Unfurtunately there are no sweetgreen in France so I am so exciting to have a lunch for my next travel in new york!

    Thank you so much !;)

  67. looks like a great place…so bad it opens just now…..wish it was open last April!!!!

  68. Diana

    Oh darn. I totally forgot about this today! :( Maybe tomorrow! Perfect for a Friday salad for lunch, am I right?

  69. Jovita

    Oh my word green veggies are my absolute favourite so to have a store like this would actually be heaven for me! Storing it away for things to do when I get to the big apple someday!

  70. Joyce

    There’s this little stand at the Provo Farmer’s Market that sells Mint Lemonade every summer and it is to DIE for! But those Sweet Green lemonades makes me want to move back East even more!

    oh and P.S. Samson’s hair is getting so light! you have absolutely adorable children!

  71. Chelsey

    Wish we had a Sweetgreen here in New Orleans! That place looks yummy!

  72. Crista

    this looks like a place i would LOVE. can you talk them in to opening up in Chicago?!?! xoxo

  73. We have a Sweet Green right by my office in Philly and it’s awesome. Nice to know there’s always something healthy right around the corner.

    And their lemonade is baller.