hello! happy monday! last saturday morning we went out to dumbo for one of our little friend’s birthday party. the forecast said thunderstorms all day but the rain looked like it was holding off, so we decided to stay in brooklyn and make a day out of it. we rode the ferry from dumbo to williamsburg and ate ourselves silly at smorgasburg, brooklyn’s flea food market.


blogbk13 blogbk17

^^^practicing our balance beam walk while we wait for the ferry.^^^


^^^outside the window of the ferry! i had never taken the ferry before. such a fun way to get around out there for sure. samson was asleep for our ferry ride so i’m anxious to get back out there again soon. he loves to point and say ‘boh! boh!” when he sees boats. i know he’d love it.^^^


^^^riding under the brooklyn bridge.^^^


^^^being totally not safe (i know) inside the ferry. it was a par-tay.^^^


^^^hello williamsburg!^^^


^^^and hello smorgasburg!^^^


^^^we tried so many little plates of delicious food… we shared brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, fries (with white cheddar dip), some mac and cheese, a few different homemade sodas (our favorite was the apple ginger) and a couple treats too (of course).^^^




^^^mac and cheese from milk truck. we got one of the last orders riiiiiight before they ran out! i mean, no rain and then this? it was a good day.^^^


^^^sister napped while samson walked all over the place. he makes the best faces while he walks around proudly. after i uploaded these i noticed the people behind him watching. i think that’s my favorite part. they are such little riots when they first start walking (with zombie arms and happy “i’m doing it!” squeals, it’s pretty fun to watch!^^^


^^^dough! perhaps winning out donut plant as my favorite donut? they were out of my favorite (lemon poppyseed) but this one was pretty darn amazing. please ignore my claw like hands in this photo. i’m not much of a hand model i suppose.^^^


^^^and i’d like to think my kids are pretty good at sharing and taking turns. but this mango lassi pop proved to be too much for their little toddler will power. they both were obsessed with it and neither wanted to let go of the handle. hahaha. we had to scoop a little into the cap for eleanor so they each “had one.” let’s just say, it was a really good lassi pop.^^^

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we really like stuffing ourselves with ridiculous amounts of good food so…. be back soon, smorgasburg!

  1. Ana

    the photos of Samson walking are precious!

  2. Sarah

    That food market looks incredible and I love the photos of the bridge and the ferry, but it was all overshadowed by Eleanor’s SHOES! I want a grown-up version of those sandals. Too cute!

  3. Emma

    What a fun looking day! That food looks amazing and those pictures of Samson walking are killing me! ^_^

  4. cintya

    Lovely photos, especially the ones with Samson walking, so cute!
    I really loved your gray shirt, I’ve been looking for a similar one for years.

  5. Rosie

    Oh gawd, that doughnut. Looks so gooooooood! I am officially starving hungry, and in need of a doughnut immediately. Why can’t we make them like that in England, hey?! Love your photos, as ever :)

  6. do you let Eleanor pick out her own clothes? super sweet :).

    • TAZA

      yes we have been letting her choose her own outfits. can you tell? ;) haha.

  7. JM

    Mmmh, so much good food. On a side note, I can’t believe how grown up Eleanor is looking, pretty much out of that toddler phase, whilst Samson seems to be out of the baby phase. Crazy, how fast they grow.

    I totally understand your need for good food.

    By the way, I only found out this week that here in Edinburgh we also have the ‘cronut’ you were talking about a while ago. It may be where that bakery you mentioned got the idea from because apparently they have had them for quite a while here, except that they are called ‘doissants’. I just thought it was interesting that there are obviously such transatlantic tastes.

    • TAZA

      that is crazy! have you tried it? doissant sounds so fancy compared to cronut. ;)

  8. Your photos are always great, what camera do you use?

    • TAZA

      thanks! camera and lens info on my faq page.

  9. Bea

    What a great weekend you had!!!
    I like you because you try to have a good time in everything you do!!!
    Thumb up for Devis’ family!
    buon lunedì!!!

  10. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday. Samson’s walking faces kill me – too cute! We try give our kids lots of opportunities to share too. For the most part they do surprisingly well (my heart still bursts with joy every time though) but sometimes like with delicious popsicles it’s just too hard! Great problem solving with the lid – you are a good mommy!

  11. Lauren

    Great pictures – the food looks delicious!! :)

  12. that donut & the mac n cheese was definitely worth the trip on its own, if you ask me. i may or may not have almost licked the screen! and pinched the screen to get to samson’s cheeks :) glad you had fun!

  13. Maria

    This is one of my favorite parts of the city! I haven’t been yet this year, but it’s on my summer to do list. Samson and E are adorable with their faces covered in yummy food!



  14. Rachel

    Awe, these photos are precious!! Your kids are just beautiful. You’re doing a wonderful job with them!


  15. Sarah

    Woh, white cheddar dip sauce? That’s pretty dangerous… and amazing. We have a ton of food trucks in the bay area.. I should look up and see if they have a milk one. Oh, and i’m loving the zombie baby. And the comment about the toddlers having certain things they just CANNOT share quite yet is so true haha.

  16. deloom

    Lovely photos. Looked like a beautiful day. <3 The chedbred looked amazingly delicious!

  17. Damaris

    The food looks amazing, thanks for the tip!! I will have to add smorgasburg in our next NYC visit.

    Love how your two kids interact with each other, so lovely! Even if popsicles are a real challenge ;)


  18. one of my favourite new york things! such yummy food!

  19. Kelly

    They are absolutely adorable and I really need to make it there!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. Jaclyn

    aww what a great way to spend your day!! :) your family is adorable

  21. Sunna

    Oh my, those pictures of Samson walking are ridiculously cute! His face! Can’t blaim the people for looking… :)

  22. annie

    oh my gosh that food – I can’t even pick a favorite. definitely trying that mac&cheese next time I’m there.

  23. Molly

    Brooklyn looks like so much fun and your kids are beyond adorable!

    Molly from Mint Atelier

  24. dana

    Beautiful pictures- thanks for your inspiration!

  25. First things first: your kids are adorable. I know yo get that often, but it’s true and I wanted to point it out. :)
    I need to go to NY!! I’ve never been there!!! Can you believe it???
    Have a lovely week!

  26. Doody Mac

    (Belated) welcome to the ‘hood! You guys made out well in the food department! xo

  27. Becca

    Oh man, everything looks so delicious! And your kiddos are too cute!

    Ladyface Blog

  28. Tiffany

    Oh my goodness, I agree with Sara! Eleanor’s shoes are precious! Do tell where you found those lovelies, please. please. :)

    • TAZA

      haha, they are joyfolie. i bought them on gilt for a great deal in the spring. they are pretty cute too. although e’s are so scuffed and worn through since she always wore them when she was first learning to ride her scooter and used the tip of her toes as a break.

  29. Karen

    Cute pictures as always… I’m in love with Eleanor’s adorable little shoes!!


  30. Katie

    Mmmm the mango lassi pop sounds HEAVENLY! I didn’t know they made those! Little Samson walking is just too cute, too. :)


  31. Torrie

    Who WOULDN’T look at Samson? That kid is perfection itself with that bubbly little toddler smile. Love these pictures!

  32. Dani

    Oh my heart! Little Samson is walking, that makes me so incredibly happy. Also, I need to be at this Smorgasburg place. SO delicious looking.

  33. so much deliciousness! my heart can hardly stand it!

  34. shayla

    eleanor’s outfit is DARLING!

  35. Marie

    looks like your kids had such a fun time! They smiling from ear to ear in all of the photos! Too cute and precious. Kids have the happiest and most genuine smiles, don’t they? :)

  36. Smorgasburg has been on my Must Do list forever now! Can’t wait until I hit up the city again and am able to check it out :) Your kids… are just the most precious little people, I love reading and hearing about their adventures!

  37. Faith

    Naomi, that picture of you is just precious! You look wonderful. Also, it looks like E has your dancer’s genes. That picture of her standing up on pointe is absolutely adorable!

  38. Such a cute post. Samson walking is simply the best. I must go to this place when we visit NYC soon (I hope)

  39. i just ate, but you’re making me hungry all over again!

  40. Sandy

    You HAVE to try Dough’s Hibiscus donut. It’s not normal how insanely delicious it is. You can of course, go out to BK, or Laughing Man down in Tribeca and Battery Park City.

    • TAZA

      i’ve actually tried it! it’s pretty amazing! the lemon poppyseed is still my fave though. i have a thing for poppyseed. ;)

  41. I wanna live where you live just for the food alone!

  42. maggie

    All of this food looks AMAZING! Just drooling at my desk right now.

  43. JM

    I love it when you manage to answer questions or respond to comments. I know you must be really busy, so I’m not saying we should expect it or anything, it’s just really lovely when you do.

    I got a little thrill when you responded to mine ;) (sorry that might make me sound a little weird).

    But, no, i have not tried the doissants, partly because i generally am not that crazy about doughnuts, i find them too sweet. but my man loves them so i may have to try the doissant one day just to see what all the fuss is about :)

    Btw, I am with you on liking lemony things, SO delicious. My favourite ice cream combination is chocolate and lemon, which lots of people find odd but they go together so well!

    Thanks for responding to my comment :)

  44. The food looks amazing! Aw the faces Samson pulls when walking – too cute :)

  45. Oh i just love so much of this as usual! E’s top knot! Samson’s cheeky grin! He looks like he’s grown so much so fast! What a handsome little man! Love his hair!
    Looks like you had the most fabulous time, such a heart melting post as usual Taza. You look stunning!


  46. Alice

    Oh wow! All of that food looks incredible. I LOVE how everyone is watching Samson- but then, he’s so adorable I’d find it stranger if they weren’t watching him. xx

  47. these pictures are so sweet! I love how free you are with your kiddos. it has been tough for me to let my 15 month old run around… germs aren’t kinda my thing. was that ever a problem for you? how do you get past it?

    • TAZA

      i think everyone parents differently and there isn’t anything wrong with how you do it. i am sure you are great! we just live in nyc where we are surrounded by so many people and things to touch and germy surfaces… i feel like the kids are just building up great immune systems. but we do wash hands all day long (and also always have hand sanitizer on hand.) i just don’t want to helicopter over them at the park of playground or museum not letting them touch things or play freely. i want to be able to allow them to explore and learn at their level as much as i can without getting in the way (so long as it’s all safe.) also, i just cross my fingers and toes that we don’t get sick every single day. ;)

  48. Calina Bassi

    You’re my inspiration family!!!!! beautiful!!!!

  49. Lindsay

    Where are your sunglasses from? LOVE THEM!

  50. i rode that ferry for the first time 2 weeks ago and could not get over HOW FAST it goes! i thought i’d stand on the deck and get some great photos; yeah right. i would’ve fallen right overboard without holding on with both hands! :)

    • TAZA

      haha i know right?!

  51. Sinead

    I love the picture of the two of them with the lassi pop – Eleanor looks so serious and Samson is just so happy! :-D

  52. Samson makes the best faces ever! He is going to be a real fun guy when he grows up…
    Looks like a great day….and I now want mac n cheese! =)

  53. samson’s little face warms my heart. xo

  54. BlueSoup

    I have two colorblind sons and letting them pick their own clothes (and eventually the paint colors for their rooms) was always simultaneously amusing and mortifying!
    Smorgasburg is a great time, I will hopefully get there this weekend if the weather cooperates (was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but it was soooooo crazy hot). I really want to get to the Red Hook ballfields and stuff myself silly from the taco trucks.
    I also take the ferry but from the Manhattan side. It totally adds to the urban trekking adventure feel!

  55. Lauren

    I just love Eleanor’s little shoes!! Would you mind sharing where they’re from? I’d love to buy a pair for my niece!!

    Love your blog. You’re one of my inspirations!!! Great style and great mama!!


  56. Olivia James

    We will be visiting the city for the first time next week and was just curious what are a few “MUST GO TO” restaurants, shops, museums, or just beautiful, favourite places in the city?

    We are traveling from Bath England so it’s a rarity we come to the states and would love to make the most out of it!

    xoxo- Olivia

  57. That doughnut! It’s almost worth a plane ticket to NYC to try, no? x

  58. Samira

    I love the photos!!! what a beautiful family!

  59. Ann

    Where do you get your sunglasses! They are so cute! And any places you suggest to go shopping for clothes?

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are from free people.

  60. Sunny

    I love Smorgasburg! If you go again, try the pork bun from Bite Size Kitchen. It’s the deconstructed style (very similar to Momofuku’s) and so yum! I went back for seconds!

  61. oh I LOOOVE smorgasburg! just blogged about it recently too actually. it’s such a fun place to be!

  62. What a perfect day! Food looks scrimptious….seems likevyou had tons of fun

  63. Kate

    Hi! I just started reading your blog, and I love it! You have an adorable family and take great photos! Your looks like fun! Anywhere with ridiculous amounts of good food sounds great to me!

  64. Oh man, I live in Park Slope but have yet to make it to a Smorgasburg. Your photos are seriously tempting me though!

  65. First, I love your blog! Kudos to you and Josh for such a fun, sweet site.

    Second, I can not believe this, but we are staying in New York City for the month of July and we went to Smorgasburg this past Saturday too. Our kids ages 4, 8, 12 and 15 loved it! We ate ourselves silly and sat down by the river watching the ferries and barges. Great day!

    We were all probably there at the same time. Poop! I would have loved to see your little man walking like a baby pro. What a sweet age!

  66. Ellen

    the pic of Samson walking is just too cute! love that grin of his! :D

  67. Loooove the pics of sweet Samson walking! And this Smorgasburg looks amaaaazing…

  68. Dana

    It looks like sooo much fun.
    I want to eat this donut!

    xo from berlin

  69. Leiana

    My boyfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary today, and your blog always leaves me so excited for what the future holds!!

    Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration :)

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  71. I love your description of samson’s walk with his “zombie arms.” Its perfect!

  72. Sascha

    Wow I love love love your photos! Amazing.

  73. Your stroller babies amaze me. mine squirm and squeal (not happy squeals!) and I can’t ever keep them in there! All of that food looks divine – the mac n cheese score looked huge! And Samson’s hair-do is the cutest thing EVER!

    hugs, Jennifer

  74. Mun

    I’ve really enjoyed reading and looking at fun pictures of you and your family ;)

  75. Hannah

    So good meeting you this day!! I love Smorgasburg!

  76. E’s shoes are SO CUTE! Where are they from? I might have to see if I can get a grown up version for myself! I love this glimpse you give inside the life of your family, it’s so so dear.

  77. Jessica

    Hi! I was wondering what the name of your pink nail polish is? :)

  78. Jillian

    Just spent half the day looking at your blog… You have such a beautiful family! I love Eleanor’s hairstyles. The most beautiful part is your realistic and grateful outlook on life. You have a new follower… not that it looks like you were short of them!