pop up pool in brooklyn!


last tuesday, a few friends and i checked out the pop up pool at brooklyn bridge park.  while this city is pretty darn awesome, something it does run short on are good public pools. with 90+ degree weather and humidity to match that, sometimes a splash pad doesn’t really cut it (but i will take anything, ANYTHING! in this heat. i love you so much, splash pad!) so off we went to brooklyn where we were beyond impressed with the set up for the pop up pool. (they only allow 60 in at a time for 45 minute increments, but i will take it!) there was a little faux beach with actual sand and a lizzmonade stand worth talking about. (we liked the watermelon and mango.) excited to go back! gotta teach these littles to swim and stuff. ;)


^^^not a bad set up, eh? what a great view.^^^


^^^it’s a little bit stressful trying to keep eyes on two littles in the water when their floaties aren’t allowed. i’ll be honest, it was not the most calm or relaxing swim for this mama. but thankfully i have some of the greatest friends who are always willing to hold/ help/ swim with one of my littles – even if they have two of their own. i’m talking about you, MM. you’re one of a kind.^^^


^^^hungry for bubbles!^^^


^^^the lizzmonade i was talking about earlier. i’m ready to go back just for a cup of that.^^^


^^^eleanor wanted to wear papa’s hat to protect her eyes from everything that is “too bright!” also, she turns into an entirely different toddler when she wears it. here she is showing us some new dance moves.^^^


^^^i don’t know. i think they are the cutest.^^^


 ^^^after swimming, we grabbed a pizza from both grimaldi’s and juliana’s and did a little taste test. to be honest, i think both pizza places are amazing and i’m not picky enough to side with just one. i’ll take either any day!^^^

  1. Damaris

    The greatest view for a charming pop up pool! :) I’d love to have one like this here in Barcelona (now is soooo melting hot here as well). Your kiddos are too cute, E’s dance moves must be a hit!. Why do they not allow floaties?



  2. Bea

    What a funny (but for you very intensive!!) afternoon you had!!
    Your children always look so happy!
    So you’re doing a very good job as a mama!!!
    Buon lunedì!

  3. This looks like it was a very happy time for your cute kids! I recently had a lemonade that was memorable too. Too bad it was all the way in a different city where my mom and dad live. I liked the way it was served in 2 cup measuring cups. And I’m with you, by the looks of both those pizzas, I’d take either one :)

  4. Rachel

    How fun! Little E is a riot!! Glad you guys were able to cool off for a bit!


  5. lindseyl

    Hi there! Who is your suit by? Looking to add to my one piece collection and that one looks super cute!

  6. Cassie Webster

    What is a pop up pool? You have the most adorable children! x

  7. Meg G

    You and your littles are always welcome to come down to the Philly suburbs and swim in our pool! We are only a train ride away! xoxo

  8. How cute! I completely understand the stressful swim. We used to go swimming with we had just our two boys. It can be exhausting!

  9. I understand your need for some swimming with the kids….Violette and gabin spend their days in the liitle tub we arranged for them in our yard!!!!!…love from France ♥

  10. Lauren

    I am desperate for a pizza now! I think these are the best photos of your kids yet. Love, especially the one with Eleanor trying to eat the bubbles! x

  11. A pop up pool, such an amazing idea! A great way to spend the afternoon :)

  12. Nicole

    Looks like so much fun!
    I love, love, love, your swimsuit.
    try to stay cool in the hot weather.

  13. heather

    Seriously, a pop up pool? Just when I thought New York couldn’t get any cooler.

  14. You’re right… Mary Martha is the best! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

  15. Rosie W

    Ahh this looks like such a fun day! :)

  16. Lo

    Wow that’s a really neat idea! I’ve never heard of anything like that. That pizza looks sooo good, too.

  17. JM

    Ah, i have so many happy childhood memories of swimming in outdoor pools and lakes around where I grew up. They were a must as we always had hot summers. I can imagine that it’s really tough on NYC without having access to pools. Sometimes it really is the only thing to do on a hot day!


  18. Hol

    This looks so fun, the weather looks so nice and those pizzas look absolutely unreal!

  19. Crystal

    A pool that doesn’t allow floaties? That seems dangerous!

  20. Marie

    they should allow floats! Hopefully there’s a lifeguard nearby, sounds dangerous for the little kids. Anw enjoy your summer and swim! :)


  21. Teresa

    I can relate to the heat and the humidity… we live in FL!!! although there are pools in every corner here the heat is intolerable and we usually end up quite crispy! your bathing suite is soooo cute!!! do you also have a shirt with that pattern?? love it!

  22. Floaties weren’t allowed? That’s too bad… and a little dangerous, isn’t it?
    Anyway, I’m gald you’re having a nice Summer in NY!

  23. you kids are cute as always.
    nothing better than a pool on a hot hot day. but why wouldn’t they allow floaties at a pool? that seems weird and a bit dangerous. they should definitely overthink that rule.

    i would totally be up for some mango lemonade right now. sounds so good.

    • TAZA

      i guess i should specify because they did allow a few kinds. the foam kind were allowed. but no blow up floaties (like the arm kind which is what i have for my babies) were allowed. i’m not sure why.

  24. kendall

    beautiful shots! what a nice way to escape the heat! x

  25. This place looks like so much fun! I love finding new fun places!
    Note: I am loving your blog sooooo much! So glad I found it!

  26. Jamie

    Such adorable pictures! I tried out that pool last week and loved it. Your bathing suit is lovely, and I particularly adore that picture of E. opening her mouth wide for the bubbles (plus her killer dance moves).

  27. annie

    that pizza – YUM

  28. yoreney

    somehow that pool doesn’t look pop up to me. why is it called pop up pool then? i’d also kill for a pool.. my house somehow has a pool that’s been filled up with dirt for goodness knows why prior to being sold to us. sad.

  29. Katie

    Yummm that pizza looks so good! I’d take either, too! :) And looks like such a fun day in the sun! E in that hat just looks too cute! I bet she busted out some sweet dance moves. Trucker hats have the same effect on me, go figure.


  30. A pop up pool?!? Only in NY LOL (or Brooklyn)

  31. kirsty

    We don’t have anything like that here in England and its been pretty stifling. I suppose we’ve got paddling pools but they’re hardly the same thing…..why can’t they wear their arm bands, is that a rule of the pop up pool??? Xx

  32. kirsty

    Ps you’ve got me totally addicted to stickygrams! They are AMAZING especially as I’ve run out of wall space to hang any more photos up! ;-) Have you been on prinstagram? They do posters with as many photos as you want or photo books and loads of cool stuff. I’m seriously addicted.xxx

  33. maggie

    Adorable photos! Glad you guys had a chance to cool off!

  34. Ana

    Pool, pizza, lemonade and cute babies! Sounds like a perfect summer day!

  35. Megan

    Taza! I was in nyc last week and used your blog as a mini tour guide! We went to Parm and Tacombi as well as the Williamsburg flea market and they were all incredible! Parm was one of the best things we ate all trip! Thank you for living an awesome life that I could copy during my week!

    • TAZA

      aw yay! glad you enjoyed your trip! you reminded me i need to visit parm again soon!

  36. Kelle

    love your swimsuit! lauren moffatt? gorgeous. glad you guys were able to find a way to stay cool in the NY heat!

  37. Melissa

    I love your sunglasses! Where did you get them? I wish your love taza line for bonlook was for adults too! (:

    • TAZA

      thanks. they are karen walker. i got them on sale on gilt.

  38. Amy

    Your swimsuit is very cute!

  39. Sweet- I had no idea there’s a pop up pool at Brooklyn bridge park.
    we’ve been taking refuge from the heat at the Rockaways and Coney Island, but this is much closer (and has spectacular views)

  40. R

    What a great city it is indeed! Your little ones look so cute in their swimsuits. Beautiful day I must say :)

  41. Lux

    I love your colorful swimsuit! Where is it from?

  42. Love it! Where did you find your bikini?
    I always adore your fresh and colorful style.
    It is definitely contagious!!!


    p.s. When is your store going to open up? :)

  43. Yes…. I think there was a Sex in the City Episode about the lack of swimming pools in NYC.

    Glad you found a good one even if they have all the rules…

    I took my little Phoebe swimming for the second time this week and she was practically jumping in the pool with excitement.

    xoxo from San Francisco


  44. Looks like a lovely way to beat the heat!

    We’re not quite having that problem Down Under where it’s winter. ;)

  45. Chelsea

    I’ve never heard of a pop up pool, but that sounds amazing!

  46. awesome! looks cool and refreshing! love the colors

  47. amanda

    Oh wow, this looks WONDERFUL! I’ve started going to the McCarren pool as I’m about 8 blocks away but it’s a bit of a mess during regular hours. They do early morning and late evening adult lap swim though, which is cool!

  48. cintya

    I’ve been stuck home with my a.c throughout this entire heatwave, but that pool looks great, maybe I should give it a try. Great pictures by the way :)

  49. Alexandra

    No floaties allowed?! O_o At leastyou had fun and it looks very nice that place!

  50. Aura

    You checked out the pop up pool but didn’t visit Pier 6? You’re definitely missing out, the water lab is where we hang out all summer. It’s a playground of just water, perfect for all age children. And, since it’s fully enclosed you can actually sit and relax while your kids have fun.

    • TAZA

      pier 6 is on our list! we meant to go after the pop up pool actually but decided to save it for another day as we were pretty beat. glad you recommended it! can’t wait to try it out. keep hearing only the best about it.

  51. Aura

    As far as floaties, they claim they’re not safe but I do know they allow the Puddle Jumper vests which are more comfortable for the kids as well.

  52. Momo

    Floaties are probably not allowed because they are actually quite dangerous for little kids, especially non-swimmers, to wear. One of my close friends has been a lifeguard for 10+ years and has rescued numerous kids who have gotten stuck under water because of their floaties slipping up too high or because they become exhausted trying to swim forward due to the unnatural movement required by wearing floaties. He recommends a fitted life-vest if you want something like that.

  53. I love how NYC always gets so creative with things like this – it looks like so much fun, and so refreshing in the heat!

  54. dorothy

    gorgeous photos, as always. I’ve been addicted to your blog for months now and your posts always put a smile on my face!

    she goes wear


  55. Kathrin

    Was für wunderbare kreative Fotos von so goldigen süßen Kleinen. Habe euren Blog kürzlich erst entdeckt und finde ihn großartig. Weiter so.

    Great pictures of such cute kids. I love your blog.

    Greetings from Germany, kATHRIN

  56. Stephanie Perkins

    Love the swimmies on everyone!! Especially your swimsuit print :) Gotta love summer !!

  57. Rayani

    Looks like you had an amazing day with your kids (gosh, they are getting cute every single day =p)

    Your swimsuit look so cool, nice colors
    Hugs from Brasil

  58. Esther

    Where did you get your super cute bathing suit?

  59. So fun! I’ll have to go check this out. And seriously, MM is such a rockstar. I just love her insta with her matching boys.

  60. Em K

    I’ve never heard of a pop-up pool before. I’ve never heard of floaties not being allowed either! crazy!

    Hippie Lace

  61. Jazmin V

    Don’t know if it was mentioned. But I know at our req they only allow certified floatation devices. Have you looked into puddle jumpers? They’re great!

  62. what? a pop up pool sounds awesome! I’m on vacation in asia right now, but once I’m back in brooklyn I’m definitely checking this place out!

  63. i use to go to a public pool in red hook that was pretty amazing, I think they had a kid pool and splash pad in the same complex.

  64. Sinead

    Brilliant set-up, looks like so much fun!

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  66. emma

    i love your kiddie’s sandals! where are they from?

  67. Fabelweiss

    Where die you get this beautiful swimsuit?
    Greetings from Europe!

  68. MM

    This was such a fun day. Need me some more lizzmonade/pizza combo. E is a complete joy.

  69. I am so happy you had an amazing time during your visit! Love the photos! This is why we love our job! Hope to see you again before the season ends!


  70. Sherley

    Hi Taza!
    I found out about your blog through Instagram and am really glad to have encountered it, as I am an amateur new yorker (moved a year ago to attend college) and it has helped with visiting and getting to know this fascinating city better :)

    Keep it up,

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