moab, utah!

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we spent the last few days with josh’s family in moab, utah! i was a little bit nervous to bring the babes out when our itinerary was filled with rock climbing and repelling, 4-wheeling and hiking and dirt bikes… you know, stuff that isn’t really baby friendly.  but they are such troopers, these littles of ours. and with a lot of helping family hands, we all had a great time.

moab is one of the most beautiful places i have been. that red rock, man! it’s just stunning. here are a few photos below but of course i have 293793 more i can’t wait to share once i have time to go through them!


^^^driving razors was definitely my favorite part of this trip. josh and i didn’t plan on doing this with the family because we were driving the littles behind everyone in the jeep, but we decided we’d give it a go at the end of the afternoon. best decision ever. those things are scary and fun and scary some more. we ended up racing everyone out of the red rock and not to brag or anything, but we totally won. but that’s because i’ll do anything, even drive like a maniac behind a razor steering wheel, to see samson make this cute approving proud son face. ;)^^^


^^^i spy with my little eye… eleanor!^^^


^^^puddle jumpers, i am your biggest fan.^^^

moabblog6 moabblog8

^^^trying on papa’s repelling gear. you gotta start em young! you know? ;)^^^

ps. my babies holding hands while on our backs in their ergo carriers in that first photo? they are growing into the best of buddies. i get choked up like 5 times a day when i see them together taking care of one another. but full discloser, i also have to sit them down like 5 times a day and ask one of them to say sorry to the other for pushing or smacking their sibling.  i wanna chalk that up to just being 1 and 2 years old and that they’ll grow out of it someday though. i mean… right? ;)

  1. Damaris

    Oooh!! The first picture is an instant favourite!!! It can’t be any cuter, both holding hands while you are not even noticing! :)

    Moab is a wonderful place, I am glad that you decided to give it a try with the kids as well! :) The driving razors look as so much fun!


  2. Kira

    I spy with my little eye…Lululemon pants in the first photo? Such great gear!

  3. Milla

    Girl, you’re doing a great job in being a good and beautiful girl, woman, wife, mother, photographer and person. Keep up the good work! Stumbled upon your blog and it’s inspirational. Especially liked the part about that even if your life is not always perfect you try and never compare it to anyone else’s and always look for positive things and are grateful for what you have. With such positive attitude one can move mountains!

  4. Amy

    Wow – both Eleanor and Samson look so grown up in these pics! Beautiful moments captured xx

  5. Joana

    my little sister and i went from best buddies to fierce enemies a thousand times a day since forever… and she’s the most important person in my life! it’s normal that they annoy each other, hit each other, healthy even! and don’t be discouraged if when their teenage years come everything gets worse. it’s part of being a sibling! still, you defend your siblings for ever and love them even more than you love yourself… but that you know :)

  6. Lottie

    that face of samson’s–no wonder you drove like a crazy woman for that :)

    i only have the one little one at the moment but i can’t wait for her to become a big sister and see her interact with her little brother or sister. although i think there will be a lot of sitting down and saying sorry ;)

  7. I know … That is pretty darn cute how they are holding hands in the first picture! This place looks absolutely amazing.

  8. gaby

    i love moab. i was there a few years ago to rock climb and despite crazy storms and flooding, we had a great time. utah is just so beautiful. gotta love those red rocks!

  9. she’s a dude in them sunnies!

  10. Mónica

    That most wonderful trip, here in Spain there is a similar site called “The Medulas” I was when Alexander was 4 months and it was great. Sometimes we are afraid to travel with the kids but we know that we can lose, everything is tailor the trip to them not you think?. I’ve loved cars. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  11. The photo of all of you holding hands is just the sweetest!

  12. JM

    Beautiful place. My parents were there earlier this year and loved it! they also said that you couldn’t meet nicer people than the people they met there. That’s really important, I think, when you’re travelling, that people are so welcoming to outsiders.

    Oh, and that first photo of the four of you is one I would treasure forever. A perfect shot!

  13. Emily

    Beautiful photos and it looks like you had a lovely time. I hope one day that I can have a family as wonderful and loving as yours. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  14. bliss

    the best buddies business only gets better and better as they grow. we still do everything we used to do before our babies came along, too. they are troopers because you’ve helped them to be. good job, mama.

  15. Sini

    Mmm I’m in love with the photos you take! And your life and lifestyle. I want to try that driving too, I LOVE everything with motor in it.

  16. Love Moab, and wish we went more often when we lived in Salt Lake. Definitely need to go back now that our kids are older. Noah is almost four, and I know he’ll have a blast!

    About the sibling rivalry…all my kids are five years apart. my two youngest Chelsea, eight, and Noah is three and a half. They have a love/hate relationship. There are moments when they’ll play so well together, look after one another, soothe each other, splash in the little blue pool together (because we have no backyard) and there are days where he doesn’t want her touching his legos, train set, & have nothing to do with her. Even pull her hair when she keeps egging him on.

    This started since he was about one year old. She is definitely the middle child because my two oldest (18) & (13) have no issues with this little guy. Overall they play well together, and I too pray it it’s just a very long phase!!!

    I was so relieved when you mentioned E & Samson being like that because in pictures kids always look happy, and live like one big happy family! It’s nice to read that your kiddos are real and have their moments of rivalry.

    For the most part in my family I have a blend of everything! Four kids five years apart makes for a lot of action in my writing. Still…I accentuate more positivity behind it, because we make the best of everything.


    I’m sure when they are grown, and they are going to be the best of friends & that it’ll pass for the both of us!

    If it’s any consolation my two oldest never had one altercation when they were Chelsea & Noah’s age. Now that they are both teens they have the best relationship ever. I love it! I know that when they are all grown up with families of their own they will all be the best of friends!

    Your little ones will be too!

    Glad you enjoyed Moab, and that y’all included them in your adventures!

    Take care!

  17. Love, love, love Moab!! Both my husband and I did research for our geology degrees out in those red rocks! And I’d go back in a heartbeat! There is always something new to see and do like driving razors! That just made my list! I can’t wait to take our own little!

  18. Cristina

    I love that you take your babies everywhere with you! That is so rockstar in my opinion. I’m not a parent yet but I can imagine that parenting the way you both do helps your babies to be adaptable and exposed to awesome experiences. I have so much respect for you and your family. When I read your blog it makes me feel almost brave enough to just start our family already! (I’m 27 and we’ve been married 7 yrs). Keep up the good work mama! And thanks so much for sharing. Xoxo

  19. Bea

    How much fun you had!!!
    I really like your children!!!(or toddler?)
    Have a nice Monday!!!

  20. Faith


    That first picture of your littles just melts my heart I love seeing their wonderful little brother/sister relationship in your photos. They are so lucky to have such a wonderful momma (and papa)!

    Your photos of Utah are breathtaking. That BLUE sky and those gorgeous colors! Makes me want to take a trip out there.
    Thanks for sharing; can’t wait to see more!


  21. Nicole

    Great photos! I love that you are always doing things as a family. I grew up in a family like that, and I can’t wait until (hopefully) my husband and I have children, and can do the same. Its so special to everyone involved. I think one of the main reasons I do follow your blog, is because of all of the family time. I hate to say it, but it’s almost a rarity anymore.
    Thanks for sharing and looks like you all had fun!

  22. mara

    love it! happy you got to spend some time in my part of the country :) the red rock is pretty amazing, isn’t it? i love utah. great pics, i’m excited to see the rest!

  23. Maisie

    Super sweet but I think you mean rappelling?

  24. Audrey

    These are the most beautiful photos!
    Your kids are the most adorable babes in the world! I just love your blog too.
    Moab looks so gorgeous! I’m curious, did Josh’s family rent all those razors and Jeeps etc or did you stay somewhere that offered all of that. And where did you stay in Moab? It looks like a blast. Maybe we’ll have to go someday!
    I’m so glad you had fun! You’re a great mom. :)

  25. Amanda

    NICE! Moab is so high up on my list of places I want (need?!) to go. I think I watched way too many John Wayne movies as a kid, it’s made me mildly obsessed with that geography. Never would have thought it would be so kid friendly but looks like you guys had a great time! Can’t wait to see more pics.

  26. I have loved following your Moab trip. My mom and I went there after she underwent her chemo treatments for breast cancer. Just her, me and my first two kids who were 5 and 2 at the time.

    We had so much fun hiking and exploring. Did you find that one hike that goes through a tiny entrance and turns into this amazing red sand playground?

    Seeing your shots brings back such fond memories of some of the most special times I had with her before her passing in 2010.

    xoxo from san francisco

  27. Katie

    Love your blog! And love how your children go everywhere with you. That is definitely something that my husband and I talk about as we are starting to talk about growing our family beyond the 2 of us:)

    Curious – what kind of baby carriers do you have in the top pic?

  28. kendall

    that 1st picture captures such a perfect moment! x

  29. pia

    ahhh, that pic of samson with the extra large gloves on literally took my breath away! what a beauty he is! and E…well she stole my heart from the first time I viewed your blog. Gorgeous, gorgeous children!!!!x

  30. Kari

    Moab is awesome! I drove out there from Kansas City for a spring break in college. It felt like I was on Mars with all the red rock. So beautiful. My friend and I camped, which wasn’t the best experience. Nothing like trying to go to sleep at 7pm since it’s dark out and there’s no electricity:) Looks like you guys had a great time!

  31. Natalie

    I’m pretty sure that first photograph of you all holding hands is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love your family! ♥

  32. Stella

    Absolutely love the red rock of Southern Utah. Even though I’ve lived in Utah for several years, I have never been to Moab. What the heck, right?? I’ve been to a ton of other places down there, but for some reason haven’t made it to Moab. I’m determined to go this fall though… Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  33. Jaclyn

    aww what great pictures!! your family is adorable!!

  34. fun! we went to moab earlier this summer and just loved it!

  35. Kelly

    Moab looks absolutely beautiful and I can not wait to see more!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  36. Laura B.

    It always amazes me how much you guys get out and do with such little ones. It definitely inspires me to be more adventurous with my two! Btw, thanks for the tip on puddle jumpers. Perfect for my (almost) 1 year old!

  37. WOW! So gorgeous! I’ve never been to Utah, must add it to the (growing) list!

    Those littles are adaptable aren’t they. Of course you have to be flexible but a lot of times it’s our fear that keeps us from doing things with the kiddos than the reality.

    We’ve been taking our kiddo on trips since he was little but this summer was the biggest for sure. We took him to Europe for 2.5 months and were pleasantly surprised how fun it was and how well he did. Of course it’s great to be back home too!

    Loved this adventure post. Those kids of yours have lived QUITE full lives already! :)


  38. it must have been nice to have a little change of scenery and pace from the typical nyc day! i’d love to see some of that red rock at some point in my life. :)


    Twin In The City

  39. nora

    that photo of eleanor in the pool with those sunglasses is amazing and adorable.

  40. Marie

    We bring our son wherever we go too! Love how adventurous the 4 of you are as a family. Cant wait to see more photos!

  41. oh my gosh! the first picture is killing me, SO CUTE!!! i just love your blog! you guys are adorable!

    xoxo kerri

  42. Rachel

    The first photo melts my heart! Love it! Always wanted to visit Moab! Looks like a great family vacation!!


  43. maggie

    These photos are just so freakin’ precious! Love that first photo. Glad you had such an awesome time!

  44. Melany

    That pic of them holding hands is the cutest! My two girls, ages 1 and 4, do that all the time in their carseats. I love it. Isn’t Moab pretty?? We finally went there as a family last month, and it was HOT. We hiked to the famous Arch but we almost died bc we each had a kid on our back. Glad you had helping hands from your fam!

  45. well, i was on the fence about getting another ergobaby or similar carrier for the baby we’re expecting in december but that first photo definitely solidified my want… er, need for another. my babies will be just about the same age difference as yours and that just looks so precious :)

  46. what a special day! i’m sure you’ll remember the memories always.

  47. ashley

    that 1st family photo is such a great one! looks like an amazing trip! i’d love to visit utah one day!

  48. kendra.

    i love this. looks like you had a great time!

  49. Lindsay

    Your little Samson is going to be a real heartbreaker when he’s all grown up :) Love your photos!

  50. Shannon

    This looks like so much fun! For the many reasons that I miss Utah, this is one of the bigger ones!

  51. Sinead

    That first pic is such a great shot, well done to whoever captured it!

  52. R

    It seems you had an amazing trip, indeed! I think having a same aged sibling is a wonderful thing.

  53. Lis

    I like the postcript about sitting them down to apologise! It seems constant! My 4 year old was playing superheroes (napkin capes) last night & loving his little assistant’s help. One minute later flailing arms & fighting & crying over who would wear the empty nappy box on their head. Moab looks amazing.

  54. renata

    Oh cuties!
    Don’t worry, if you teach them to talk and solve their problems on their own (of course not now as they’re so little, but in the near future) they’ll be the greatest friends. I have a 16-months-younger sister and we’re the best of friends in the world, but being so close can lead to many problems and arguments, i guess the most important thing is to talk about feelings, ask and explain, being nice and sincere, forgive and accept the critics.

  55. i mean, woah!! when did samson become a toddler? growing into his little self so fast. and eleanor is just the cutest, sassiest thing :)

  56. Lindsay

    These pictures are awesome! i’ve always wanted to go to Moab to climb. Now i’ll definitely need to check it out. It looks you guys had a great time :)

  57. Nikki

    Gorgeous pics!

  58. Grace

    I’m 22 and my sister is almost 21 and yet we are still exactly like Eleanor and Samson – equally best friends and part-time “enemies.” Ha:) So, no, they may never grow out of that. But that just means they’ll always stay close!

  59. What a stunning backdrop – wow! And there is nothing in life better than having your sibling as a best friend. Nothing. :)

  60. Christina

    I’m glad you added in that disclosure at the end because I thought, so wait is this bad that my one and two year old are constantly smacking each other?? Haha! Love your kiddos they are so cute! They really are the best of friends!

    You were mentioned in my most recent post too!

  61. morgan

    Oh my goodness, that first pic makes me look forward to having another. And when did samson get to be such a big boy? He looks soooo grown up! I swear I don’t know where the time goes with my own babe. Beautiful pics and family, of course ;)

  62. Carli

    LOVE these pictures. the desert is breathtaking and your family is beautiful!

  63. Stephanie P

    The first picture is too cute! But on that note, if I only had to break mine apart 5 times a day, I’d be thrilled. They are 3 (son) and 5.5 (daughter) and fight (physically) like there’s no end. It’s exhausting. I’m hoping now that my daughter will be in school all day, they’ll get along better. What’s the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

  64. I’m so in awe of all the things you manage to do with your kids in tow!

    This looks like such a fun vacation. x

  65. Hey Naomi

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for years now and it gives me a thrill every lunch time to jump on to your blog and to see your littlies smiling faces. I never comment on blogs, but your comment on E and Samson really got me.

    There is only three years between my sister and I and I can honestly say we’ve never had a serious fight. I think this is the case as our mum did exactly what you do – made us say sorry and give each other a hug if we did something to hurt or upset the other. It worked every time without fail and my sister really is my best friend.

    So a keep doing what you’re doing and a big high-five to you for being an awesome mum! I know your littlies will be the best of mates!

    Many thanks for the daily dose of happiness and inspiration.


  66. morgan

    I take across your “come build a library for baby davis” invite on pintrest and it took me to this website:

    I’m not sure if she has your permission to use this or not, but I thought I would let you know! I just don’t want someone taking advantage of you. You have a beautiful family and have been following your blog for a little bit now. I just want to make sure no one is using your content w/o permission :)

  67. Stacey

    I don’t even have kids (yet) but your posts are so inspiring.

    To people that have the attitude that kids tie you down and restrict you from doing things I will simply direct them to your blog and watch as those opinions are squashed!

    You always look like your having the most fun EVER and makes me think that no-one can hold you back except yourself. : )

  68. Anne

    I love this part of the country so much. I have spent a fair amount of time in St. George, Utah, and it has the same geography. You can really lose yourself in the beauty out there. Thanks for sharing!


  69. Wow, it seems you had such a good time!
    I´m now in quite a similar situation, we´re going on holiday in couple weeks for the first time with our 15 month old baby, and I´m also nervous about the journey in the car, visiting new places…

    Love your blog by the way!

  70. Melissa

    Question: Can Samson use the Puddle Jumpers yet? My girl is about his age and I’ve been afraid to try it. I think she’ll love it though so I’m curious :) Glad you had a great trip!

  71. Molly

    You and your family are just too beautiful! Cannot believe how big mister Samson is getting! These photos are stunning!

  72. MFree

    Can i just say your guy must be one of the best dressed guys in all of blogdom.. i mean come on! he’s wearing a button up while hiking and driving a razor. ridiculously awesome.

    • TAZA

      haha i asked him if he wanted to wear a t shirt and he said he was wearing a button up for skin protection. haha. thanks though.

  73. Kerrie

    MY GOOOOOOSH your kids are just gorgeous! What stunners they are going to turn into!!! Beautiful post :)

  74. CASSIE

    Hi I’m sure you’ve said before but I’m on a camera hunt & I was wondering what camera do you use?
    I love the quality of your pictures, & did you even need to edit them for your moab blog post?

  75. Camila

    My brother is a year older than me, and we’ve always had the closest relationship. I can honestly say he’s my best friend. I love seeing pictures of Eleanor and Samson- it reminds me of my brother. Especially these days, as he’s preparing to serve a mission! You have such a beautiful life. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Vanessa

    Sounds (and looks) like such a great time!

  77. Sarah

    Never thought about traveling to Moab, but now I think I need to go! On a more shallow note, do you know the name of the style of your sneakers? I need a new pair and I love yours!