1. Fran

    I never get tired of looking at photos of Eleanor and Samson….the SMILE on his face! And the way she is reaching for that baby….so sweet! :)

  2. Such beautiful photos. They just make me smile!

  3. Amy

    Just realised you, E and Samson all have matching red tops! Adorable! Love your Instagram photos. You capture so many great moments xx

  4. always a pleasure to see eleanor and samson.
    thanks for sharing these little happy faces with us.
    always makes me smile big times.

    oh and i need that cookie to go with my iced coffee right now.

  5. Dana

    everytime. sweet, little photos. i love them,

  6. Damaris

    Sweet pictures with such great smiles! Love seeing your kids grow :) Somehow I’ve missed the last picture of Samson in the Instagram! Thanks for sharing here as well.


  7. Bea

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Bea

    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    So many happy photos!!!

  9. Sophia

    Hi there,
    I love your blog and your kids ;) They are adoreable, and sooo super cute!
    best wishes from Germany :)

  10. Such vibrant photos..
    I have to admit you inspired me to get the red salt water sandals vs. yellow and I’m loving them.

    We just visited Jane’s Carousel as well (though we didn’t look as cute as E on it)

    – The triplets at

  11. that cookie looks out of this world!!! and that yellow bathing suit looks so cute on your little lady!!!

  12. c

    Is that your sister with a baby?!!

  13. Such sweet photos, your family always seems to be having so much fun with lots of smiles! :)


  14. deloom

    Love your photos. Thank you for sharing so many great moments <3

  15. nora

    i love the picture of eleanor wanting to hold the baby. she is soo cute!

  16. Jaclyn

    AWW your family is just aorable!! Love seeing your sweet pictures

  17. Such nice pictures, Samson is getting so big!

  18. It’s always so fun seeing your pictures pop up on my feed – always so full of joy, and new adventures!

  19. Amy

    Your photos never fail to put a smile on my face :) I can’t believe how quickly Samson is growing!

  20. Kelly

    These pictures are adorable and Samson is getting so big!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. Sarah

    You are so talented at capturing these lovely little moments! Every time you post these I think I should finally upgrade to an Iphone. Thanks for sharing them!

  22. maggie

    Your photos are always so full of life and wonderfully candid! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  23. Natalie

    beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  24. love that one of Sampson on the splashpad getting sprayed in the face haha!

  25. Jenny

    awww so lovely!! <3

  26. rayani

    I really enjoy your Iphone pictures!!!

  27. Alice

    I love your pictures. They are always so beautiful, and so candid- totally unposed, which is so lovely to see. xx

  28. Mary

    Look at Eleanore on her tip toes! You might have a little dancer on your hands.

  29. Ah! Samson is growing into such a lady-killer and little eleanor looks so sweet.
    Love seeing your pictures
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  30. Sinead

    Lovely pics as always, Samson’s giant inflatable armbands are too cute!

  31. Those ‘life lately’-posts are my favorites!

  32. Lisette

    Your children are SO adorable ! I just love following your blog.
    Have a nice summer. Bless you all !

  33. vivian

    so adorable. love the pic with E holding the cabbage patch kid!! my parents still have mine when i was little. i need to show them to my 19 mo.

  34. jacquie

    wonderful. where are all the water pics? We found the water park by the Museum of NH but are looking for more places to keep cool in this crazy NY heat. please share!

  35. morgan

    Your pictures are always stunning! Beautiful, happy children. You are very blessed! What are the advantages/disadvantages to raising your littles in the city? My husband and our daughter were discussing moving to the city, though neither one of us has lived in a big city like NY. Thanks for any advice in advance!

  36. Dona N.

    Love your blog! Can’t get enough and always looking forward to your next post.

  37. I had fun just looking at this super fun pics,,,thanks!

  38. Jenny

    Where are those pictures from of E in the water playgrounds? The one in the yellow bathing suit and the one with the planet shooting out water? I would love to take my daughter to them.

  39. maize

    i don’t know why you have a thread on GOMI, i don’t dislike you at all. it seems you have a sweet family and are down to earth enough for most folks to relate to. the mormon thing is kind of weird to me, but so is all religion. sometimes i think i should take religion up just to meet kind people. it’s hard to live all alone in this world – trying to do good. i mean my faith is high and good, it’s just not to one specific entity or whatever. send some mormon prayers my way, k? ha, thanks.

  40. Vixenlibra

    Eleanor is already showing her natural potential to be a dancer! look at that stance where she is on her toes :-) Samson and that smile gets me every time! They are just toooo adorable

  41. eleanor and that cabbage patch?? #imean

  42. Marie

    love your fun summer photos! Do you have any tips dir bringing out 2 very young kids, esp newborns? How do you handle their feeding/ breastfeeding outside? Any tricks? :) been wanting to ask tt for a long time…I’m thinking of having more kids who are close in age, but the thought of bringing out 2 very young kids kinda scares me. :/


  43. Mónica

    I love the summer and that life is more enjoyable right? a reflection of them are your photos, your sons smiling all the time. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  44. Absolutely lovely, is that a cabbage patch kid I spy? so glad kiddies are still playing with them, I was obsessed!

    H x

  45. Lonka

    What a happy family.. :)

  46. Naomi! Where to do you get Samson’s adorable clothes from? I just found out the other day that me and my husband are expecting a little boy this December and I have no idea where I should start looking for clothes!


  47. You inspired me to go to smorgasburg today! it was so much fun! Thank you! X

  48. Richele

    Beautiful pictures … as always! You got to attend the Kelly & Michael show?! I would love to see them when i am in NY this summer!

  49. Faith Louise

    You use an iphone for these pics, do you use a special setting or just the default setting?