into the fridge he goes.


samson has learned how to get into the fridge! i forget how curious and daring and free they become once they are mobile. :/ it’s one of my favorite stages but also, they are climbing on and getting into everything and i feel like we are always just missing a ‘close call’ or serious accident. (knock on wood. knocking and knocking and knocking.)  these kids sure know how to stop mama’s heart many times each day.

i lost my keys last month for a few weeks. they weren’t lost lost. i knew they were somewhere in the apartment because i had used them to get inside. but in a moment of desperation while making dinner and having two littles hanging on my legs i handed them to samson to play with so i could buy myself 30 seconds of free legs. four apartment deep cleanings later, we still had no idea what in the world he did with my keys in those 30 seconds. (they weren’t even in the fridge!) we spent a few weeks with one set of keys. that’s fun. (it’s not fun.) and one evening locked out of our apartment with melting popsicles from the grocery store. (also not fun.)  then, two weeks later, the keys turned up as i was taping closed a box to take to the post office to return to a store! i was like, why is this box jiggling? and then bam! keys found! sneaky samson. but also, come on naomi. don’t hand your keys off to a one year old.

best part of all this is i lost my keys again on sunday night. it’s an even longer story. and i’m not sure you wanna read more about my keys. but the good news is, we just found them. and now i’m going to proceed to tape them to my ankle so they are with me at all times. because the stress that comes with losing my keys! don’t even get me started on how many times a day i ‘lose’ my iphone. it’s taking years off my life, i swear.

we have been cooking more at home these days which sounds crazy since it’s so hot out. who preheats their oven to 400 degrees and cooks fish when their A/C is on full blast yet the family is still sweaty? it’s fun waking up with damp hair in the mornings. hiiiii, new york city summer. but is it crazy to say i’m enjoying it? not the hot humid sweaty part so much but the cooking part. also, our landlord is putting a dishwasher into our kitchen (!!!!!!!) so i’m starting to think that might become my new favorite room in the house. and who knows what i’ll do with that extra half hour each night where i’m usually scrubbing all our dishes from the day. i can’t wait. dishwashers are the biggest luxury to me and my city life and i am just over the moon with excitement.

hope you have an awesome day! the littles are i are off in search of a splash pad and maybe some frozen yogurt. cross your fingers no one hurts themselves and mama doesn’t lose her keys. :)

  1. Hiroko

    I love your blog! And your babies are so much cute. In my house , we have 4 month baby who my fiance’s sister’s baby. Your post teach me what will might happen for us so I am so much interested and excited to read your blog!

  2. Sharon

    Hi Naomi, I wrote you an email recently about baby leggings for your little ones. Not sure if you’ve received it. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!

  3. hahaha! i totally relate to you having mini-heart attacks every time i can’t find my iphone.

  4. Jasmine

    I love all your little stories.
    I am a mom of three my oldest is 11.5 ( she thinks shes 18, too bad for her right? lol) and two boys 8 and 3.
    My 3yr old Da`von sounds like your samson ;).. I totally understand your pain and JOY!!
    these wonderful critters can bring you. no one else could make us scream and cry tears of joy at the same time lol.

    It s wonderful to see a you and your beautiful family.
    It inspires me to use my experiences to connect with other wonderful women.

    Its always refreshing when you can relate to someone, thanks so much and please continue.
    Wishing you and your family wonderful Blessings!!