dinner is served.

almonds01this summer, we have enjoyed cooking and eating more big meals together at home.  it might be 100 degrees in our kitchen and our air conditioning window unit might not be anywhere near said kitchen, but we’re still enjoying it.

a couple weeks ago we had friends over for dinner. josh whipped up a crazy good orecchiette pasta dish (so good we ate 10 pounds of it) with sweet sausage and broccolini topped with fresh ricotta salata… that’s a type of cheese apparently.  i made a berry cake… from a box. :\ we also made a spinach, fruit, goat cheese and almond salad and tried out a new green bean and almond recipe. like i had mentioned here the other month when i introduced our sponsor blue diamond almonds, our family has been enjoying snacking on raw almonds a lot lately on the go, so it was fun to try cooking a dish together with them, too.



if you’re in the market for a new green bean or almond recipe, well, hello! here’s a good one! it’s incredibly basic (as recipes need to be when i’m the one in the kitchen) but absolutely delicious.

green beans with toasted almonds…

you will need:

2 lbs trimmed green beans

1 cup almonds (sliced or chopped)

1/4 cup olive oil

1/8 cup white vinegar

1 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup

1/4 teaspoon mustard powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

freshly gound pepper, to taste

what you do:

wash and trim the beans by breaking off the tips and breaking them in half. toast the almonds in a dry skillet and cook over low heat for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until the almonds are lightly brown and crunchy. boil the green beans in a pot of salted water for about 2 to 4 minutes until the beans are well cooked. drain the beans and set aside. whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard powder, salt and pepper in a large mixing bowl. once mixed, add the beans and almonds.


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  1. Amy

    Maple syrup in salad? Yes please – will definitely be giving this salad a go! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Sini

    That cake looks so delicious! Even from a box. I haven’t actually never made a box cake since its not that common here, but now our little store has some American products in and cheesecake box ingrediences, sounds funny!

  3. Food looks yummy! I love all your picture frames!

  4. YUM! Love this post, would love to see more recipe ideas from you!

  5. Jen

    Yummy this salad looks so good. Also that pasta looks dynamite. Recipe?!

  6. megan

    This all looks delicious, especially the cake!

  7. bliss

    you still did the icing and topping with fresh fruit. delicious & beautiful!! i need simple recipes, too. read: so simple a 4th grader could handle it. :)

  8. Mónica

    Getting together with friends is the best right?. That cocinasteis rich recipes. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  9. Sarah

    Those green beans and almonds sound delicious and your berry cake looks so classic and pretty!

  10. Sarah B.

    Everything looks delicious! What kind of icing or frosting is on that cake? Is it from a tub or is something else? Nothing wrong with box cake and this is coming from someone who’s in debt from having gone to NYC’s most expensive, if not one of the most expensive culinary schools ever.

  11. Dee

    will definitely have to give the green bean + almond recipe a shot!

  12. Emily

    What great timing! With an all-too-large pile of green beans on my counter, I was hoping to come across a new recipe this morning. ;) I’ll have to give this one a shot!

  13. Suzie

    Yum !! Naomi ! Please reply on my e-mail ! Please . Cake id beutiful ♥♥♥

  14. R

    These kind of huge-meal-parties are my favourite! Especially when they include amazing dishes and friends (who you haven’t seen for a while!). And those green salads and pasta.. I’m melting right here!

  15. Katness

    Wow, what a pretty table full of delicious looking dishes!

  16. Jill

    Sponsored posts – lame.

  17. Dani

    Naomi, don’t even be ashamed of that cake. It looks delish. Eat up sweet family!

  18. Wow – this looks easy enough that even I could (maybe) make it. What I would really want is that pasta recipe – it looks baller!

  19. Lea

    I love the green bean salad! I discovered the recipe 2 month ago and made it like a thousand times since ;) And I experimented with roasted almonds a lot, they’re SO good!

  20. Yes on the pasta recipe – that looks delicious! Nothing like a good home-cooked meal (and I definitely count food made from a box as homemade!).

  21. Ummm, a husband who’s a looker AND can cook? You sure won the man lottery! :)

  22. what an excellent looking meal! i am sure all taste buds and tummies were very happy.

  23. What a great recipe. Definitely something I’d try.

  24. cintya

    This sounds delicious! That last picture is adorable.

  25. Mealku

    Looks wonderful! Definitely want to try this for dinner soon.

  26. jaclyn

    awww i love the last pic of E and a friend with the cake :) soo soo cute

  27. just wondering where you order your white photo frames as seen in the top photo here? i’ve been on the hunt for some and those look like the perfect fit.

  28. kendall

    love your photo wall! x

  29. maggie

    Love the green bean recipe – sounds pretty painless, I will have to try it soon!

  30. Chinta

    Love everything about this post! (I’ve enjoyed your recent posts much more with real writing like this. You have an interesting writing style..casual and adorable)

    ..but if the sponsorship thing isn’t so in the face like this, it’d be much more admirable. (why so in-your-face? subtlety would go a long way..) Just a friendly comment from a fan.

  31. Rachel

    This meal looks delish!! You can’t even tell that cake is from a box! You did a beautiful job with it!!


  32. mm

    Naomi, give yourself some credit. Cake from a box? Who cares? Did Josh hand-make his pasta? No? Then his dish is from a box too. Ease up on the self-deprecating–people read this blog because they admire you. Own it, girl.

  33. That looks delicious. I’m actually planning tonight’s dinner and I think I might add this into the mix. Thanks so much for sharing.

  34. The day I found out I was definitely, super allergic to almonds was the worse day ever…

  35. looks delish! I love the pictures on your wall

  36. Emily

    Oh man! Those green beans look amazing. Can you pleeeeeease post the pasta recipe too! And don’t worry, you’ll have time in a couple years to experiment making from “scratch” cakes, but for now yum! Cake is cake. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Marie

    your meal looks good! Love the last photo of E and her friend. They can actually pass off as sisters! Goofy and adorable girls. :D


  38. Sinead

    Naomi, that cake looks amazing! In fact, the whole meal looks really great. I’m allergic to almonds, other than that I’d definitely try out that salad :-)

  39. Sarah

    Any chance Josh will share his recipe? That pasta looks incredible!

  40. Looks so amazing! Could you post the pasta recipe on here too! I’ve been looking for a great summer pasta dish. :)

  41. Shannon

    That recipe l0oks great! And your photo wall is so cute…you should do a little tour of it for the blog!

  42. Kelsey

    OK that cake!!! Amazing!!! That orecchiette looks so yummy, I make it with broccoli rabe and pesto and it is hard not to eat the whole pound of pasta by myself :)

  43. Kaci

    ha ha.. laughing about the sponsorship being “so in your face” uhh yeah no kidding. do you ever think it’s weird how there’s thousands of people that are obsessed with your life? oh and is it weird that you don’t capitalize, like ever? just wondering?

  44. alex

    You should try a variation of this recipe with Green beans, almonds and pesto! So good!

  45. I love cooking a meal for friends and family, even if it’s crazy hot! it’s my favorite kind of “gift” both to give and receive ;)

  46. Bea

    I’m going to try this recipe asap!!!!
    It sounds really good!!
    Have agood day!

  47. This looks so good! Perfect summer dish. I want it now!

  48. Stacey

    Love the photo wall behind josh : )

  49. Erica

    That cake is adorable! I love the mismatched, whimsical look for cakes :)

  50. Taylor

    I love making big meals at home, even if it is ridiculously hot in the house (I have a window air unit as well that does not do central air justice) and everyone is sweating. We might be a little (a lot) warm, but we’re all together enjoying a healthy, home-cooked, and made-with-love meal.


  51. Iva

    Hello Naomi! I’m looking for a nice cake stand, can you tell me where do you get yours? Thank you !!

  52. deloom

    The green beans look scrumptious!

  53. Heather

    Oh that photo/ art wall is wonderful!


  55. ro

    Taza if you like ricotta I have a very quick recipe of gnocchi of ricotta! I love it! and it is easy to make it. love your picks!

  56. Céline

    Dear Taza,
    I have followed you and your family on your blog for more than one year now and I eventually take the time to comment on your post to tell you how much I love your blog and admire your work ! We have managed to find Blue Diamond Almonds (honey roasted) in a supermarket here in France and we were so thrilled ! We served them when we had some firends at home and we all adored them ! So, thank you for all the inspiration your blog gives us and thank you for helping us discovering delicious American products that we would never have noticed at our French grocers if we hadn’t seen them on your page !!! Félicitations for the blog !

  57. Nina

    I am a french fan and I love your blog. I think it’s very cute and you are a beautiful family. You also make me love your city and i think one day i will visit it with my husband

    I love your shirt, can you tell me where do you buy it pleassssssseeeeeeeee?

    Thank you. Have a nice day


  58. Mun

    I’m putting those salad ingredients on my list now! Yum

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  60. Nina

    booouuu, i am sad, i had no anwser to my first comment….

  61. Nina

    booouuu, i am sad, i had no anwser to my first comment….:)

  62. nicole b

    I know this post is about a recipe, but I couldn’t help but ask, do you have a special shop you like to find your prints (on the wall). I love them!

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