celebrating six years of marriage with food, the met, and a little trapeze…


a few weeks ago (i’m behind with my posting, i know. but goodness how anyone can keep up with a daily blog after chasing their babies around all day beats me! hats off to you legit bloggers!) but anyway, a few weeks ago josh and i celebrated six years of marriage.  i am so very proud of us. i know that six years is not ten years, or twenty or fifty. and i’m not naive enough to say there won’t be challenges and trials down the road that may try to weaken what we have going on right now, but i’m particularly proud of us to make it to six years especially because i feel like nowadays we live in a world where marriage isn’t valued the way it once was or could be….nowadays it seems like a contract you can get in or out of depending on what you want at that very moment (of course this depends on circumstances and some marriages shouldn’t go on, i know that) and the significance, the sacredness, the commitment, all the hard work… i think a lot of that is lacking in society’s idea of marriage these days. and i think that is so sad. and unfortunate.  i love being married. i am thankful for a husband who values me and our marriage and makes our family his first priority everyday. our marriage is not perfect and we often have a lot of “do overs” throughout the day (have you ever tried that? you say something stupider than stupid and you’re like oh man. that so didn’t come out right. and you ask for a do over? yeah. i am usually asking for a lot of do overs throughout the day.) but i am thankful for a husband who has a lot of patience with me, is never sarcastic (i think sarcasm is terrible for any relationship) and understands the power of forgiveness. i’m thankful he comprehends what a significant role he plays as a father to eleanor and samson and when i see him with them, i can’t even deal i just wanna go make more babies with him right then and there. ;)

so, six years! we celebrated by having breakfast at sarabeth’s as just the two of us and biking across the park to the met where we spent the morning at the museum. we met up with the littles in the afternoon and took samson to the pediatrician for his one year check up (he’s a few weeks late on his routine schedule. already told you, i’m not a particularly punctual person and it’s carrying over to my family.) after he received a few gold stars on his tiny baby card (hooray!) we took the family to south street seaport where my friend natalie was filming a segment for her new show which she asked me to be a part of. we did a little private  trapeze lesson for the show, and i have to tell you, it was so much fun!  i am such a wimp and didn’t even think i’d be able to climb up that ladder, but i really surprised myself by how much fun i had. josh and i can’t wait to go back. despite the fact that my abs (or lack thereof if we are being completely honest) hurt for over a week after the class, if i could, i’d go every week. i loved it that much.


^^^at the met.^^^


^^^on the rooftop of the met. best views of the city right there. love that rooftop.^^^


^^^i climbed to the top of the platform! at this point i was like, “ok. i climbed the ladder! this is good enough for me. i’m done now. someone please help me down! can i climb down now???”^^^


^^^that photo on the right is of me doing the catch with the trapeze instructor! this is a big deal. i can’t even do a somersault on the ground. i don’t know how to dive into water. or do a flip on a trampoline! i have to hold my nose underwater. and i’m deathly afraid of heights. so being able to let go of the bar and hang upside down and have someone else catch me, was kind of huge. and so cliche to say, but seriously, i feel like i can do anything after doing that.^^^


^^^letting go of the instructor after the catch and falling into the net! so.much.fun.^^^


^^^the first time josh goes up he does a flip into the net perfectly! the man has no fear. i love that about him.^^^


^^^i wasn’t kidding when i said i really surprised myself with how comfortable i got up there. trapeze is so fun. in my next life i am so joining the circus.^^^

josh, happy six years. can’t wait to see what the next year, six, and sixty after that, have in store. i love being married to you.

  1. congratulations on your beautiful love and wonderful family! looks like you celebrated in such a special way.

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary to you guys! It looks like you had a wonderful day spent together. I think one of the reasons I love your blog so much is that you set an example for what family should be like, and that’s something that hasn’t always been in my life. So thank you for that.

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  3. happy anniversary! we’re coming up on two years this month. i’m so jealous you got to do the trapeze! it looks like so much fun!

  4. Ash

    Happy (belated) Anniversary! I’m coming up on five years with my hubby, with one babe who’s coming up on her first birthday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. And without sounding totally creepy, we love your family. For someone who was referred to as a “scared little girl” in a previous comment (SERIOUSLY?!), you sure are brave for putting your life out here to be scrutinized. I admire you for that. And I am so sorry. Hopefully some of us give you enough love to keep on going. I sure do pray you never stop sharing the story of your love, faith, and family. You are an inspiration to many.


  5. Carley

    Karen L and others, you need to be careful how you write things as comments; they may not seem harsh in your head but they come out sounding very ‘lecture-y’.. Naomi is sharing what she feels is within her scope of privacy concerning her family and no one needs to read her blog if they don’t want to.
    Concerning her views on marriage..she never once said anything judgmental about those who divorce. She is stating a fact; that marriage is not viewed the way it used to be.. she is praising her union because its her anniversary.. she is a great role model to women i think.. that marriage should be fun, loving, committed and hard work is involved.
    and i completely disagree that she is portraying herself as ‘scared little girl’ she is simply trying to edify her husband in a world where man-bashing is becoming second nature.
    I don’t mean to rant..I hate internet rants…just this is getting my goat!!! lol
    Naomi, I love your blog..I’ve caught myself talking about ‘my friend in new york” when talking about blogs with my friends lol…

  6. karen L

    Carley, you are right, I apologize if my comment came out harsh. I can see how thats true. I was merely attempting to express how Naomi sounded judgmental of people that choose divorce, that is all. I have been reading this blog for quite a while, and while I sometimes don’t agree on the oversharing of their children, I respect that Naomi connects with her readers. Again, I apologize for the tone.

  7. happy anniversary once more! you & josh are beautiful examples of what it means to protect, honor & delight in marriage. i echo your sentiments completely… here’s to a lifetime of wedded bless!! and kudos for conquering your fear and getting on the trapeze — it looks like a blast!

  8. Nicola

    Karen L …’merely attempting to express’ ?? I am reminded of the quote: rudeness is weak people’s imitation of strength.

    Thanks Naomi for your example!! xx

  9. Natalie

    I don’t think divorce cheapens marriage at all. Better for two people to end things and find new partners they can be happy with than stay together because otherwise they’ll be shamed by society. Now, when we see a couple celebrating their 10/20/30 etc. anniversary, it’s more likely a sign of a happy marriage than it was 50 years ago. The institution of marriage should not be protected and celebrated for its own sake, but rather because it genuinely reflects something good.

    That being said, congratulations Naomi and Josh on 6 years!

  10. Joelynn

    Congrats on six years! I completely agree along with understand with what you had to say about marriage. You’re doing a great job and I admire the way you put your family first. I just love reading your blog, especially because of your little ones! They’re so darn adorable and super cutie pies!

  11. You laid everything out in this post that I have always thought about you and Josh. You two are so devoted and it is amazing seeing it so public on your blog. Your family is such a blessing and you don’t take it for granted.

    Also, you look so beautiful on the trapeze. Obvs a born dancer. :)

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons

  12. Beth

    Emily, are you kidding me? ‘We Believe’ and this is nothing but about product placement. If it’s not 100% about consumerism, then it’s about insecure 20-somethings flattering Naomi and worshiping her unrealistic lifestyle. ‘I (do) believe” that these successful, as a like to call them deal-or-no deal (vs. jeopardy) no-skill based blogs, bear a certain amount of social responsibility as they are being looked at when even purchasing toilet paper. Advertising is evil, we all know that. But let’s at least be realistic here. All these blogs contribute to is to downfall of our civilization – buy more more more, compare yourself to all others and feel bad for not having such great moments ALL THE TIME in life… There is nothing Jesus-like here, It’s all rich folks trying to make their mark on larger demographic. And the internet, sadly, makes that possible. This cannot be what we look up to. This is opposite of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, anyone who ever stood up for or meant something worthy of emulating. This is Jcrew, madewell, ruche, bullshit that doesn’t fill you up with happiness, but leaves an empty void, and an even emptier wallet.

  13. Beth

    And to that I will add: have you ever come to this blog and not wanted to buy something you probably don’t need? Wanted to ‘improve’ yourself as a person, mother, friend, sister, wife… be better! As if you’re not good enough. Good job, LDS!! Genius!! This strategy beats the non-fashionable door-to-door-knocking black-suit-wearing uninvited folk. I mean, hell, we all want to be you, Naomi!! Get me to that, I don’t care how!!

  14. Lauren

    How do you have such perfect extension after having your two babies? :) Seriously beautiful. You should try out for So You Think You Can Dance.

  15. KaraJ

    This post was hard to read. I support you 100% Karen L. Naomi should be proud of herself and what she has does, instead of being self-depricating. No one is perfect, not even Josh. We are all trying our best in this thing called life.

  16. Mlou

    I read all the above with great interest.. Some of the people above are quite harsh, but I think if you make a blog of your life -with pictures-, you expose yourself to all sort of reactions. Anyway…
    The first thing that stroke me is that some interesting debates came out this post.
    So I would like to add my opinion, which hasn’t – hmm? – been expressed yet. I can understand marriage if you are religious. It makes sense. But I am not, and so I am strongly against the idea, mainly because I believe you don’t need to make a big ceremony to feel serious and commited to someone. (and also, because marriage is a very sexist institution).
    My point was though, that there are two things here: the marriage, and the fact that because you put work into it, your relationship is lasting. I like, Naomi, that you acklowedge that there might be difficulties later on and you’re determined to face them when they come. To me it’s not at all about marriage – because I totally agree with you, and as I said, I’m against marrying. It’s more about deciding to make it work with someone you love. It can work forever without marriage.

    Finally, I would like to point out that you didn’t say, Naomi, what your views on gay marriage were. I like reading your blog, but because the issue has been raised, I’m wondering now what your opinion is.. To be honest, it would probably make a difference, whether I keep reading this blog or not.

  17. Ash

    Wow, Naomi. I’m so sorry. Some people really must just be miserable.

    Stay strong, girl.

    A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. (Proverbs 18 : 2 – ESV)

  18. mLou

    Please Ash. I’ll be a fool again and express my opinion (like you did, and everybody else here, including Naomi.. I guess we are all fools according to your Bible quote :)
    As I said, I really like this blog. I am not a blog person and I read just this one, probably for the same reasons you do. But I happen to think sometimes, and I really thought there was some interesting ideas to discuss here – in a debate way, not in a nasty way. Don’t you think?
    And I don’t see why you should be sorry to Naomi?
    Surely, if there’s is a ‘comment’ section, it’s also to exchange ideas and ask questions. Not just to say ‘your family is beautiful’. No? And I think Naomi can choose whether to enable comments or not.
    I saw your other comment higher up and you say to Naomi ‘you sure are brave for putting your life out here to be scrutinized’…
    I fail to see the logic of that. Surely, if you don’t want people to scrutinize your life, you don’t make a blog of it? I don’t agree with the nasty comments, nor think that scrutinizing people’s lives on blogs is good, but it’s what happens… (and also, you do know that bloggers earn money – sometimes a lot – through their blog, right?)

  19. Mlou

    One clarification (English isn’t my language. I find it hard to express sometimes). I guess my point earlier was just whether the society today has a problem with the sanctity of marriage.. or with the “sanctity” of long-lasting (loving) relationships.. ? :)

  20. Olivia

    Congratulations! You two are one of my favorite blog couples. You guys seem so happy and do such interesting things with your beautiful family. Heres to many more years!

  21. LeeLee

    Naomi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now but have never commented. I just wanted to say that your posts and photos are great to read and look at. Your family is adorable. I have never for a moment thought anything negative. Even after reading this post, I did not feel the need to start talking about what you meant by the sanctity of marriage…jeez. It’s not like you were looking to argue with anyone! I just wanted to say that I’m really offended by the things that other people have posted and I hope you don’t take anything to heart. Your like seems beautiful and happy, and that’s what’s important, right? :) Keep blogging!

  22. LeeLee

    Oh and wanted to add that as a dancer, I am so jealous of that gorgeous extension IN MID AIR. So cool!

  23. Andy

    Leelee, those of us discussing the sanctity of marriage are discussing it because it means something. Yes, there are some people who have said some hurtful things and shouldn’t have, but others of us are trying to discuss something very real and important. We aren’t trying to argue, we’re saying that a week ago something very important happened in the US and this post vaguely discusses the “sacredness” of marriage and how people don’t seem to respect it anymore in a way that can be perhaps misconstrued (or perhaps not). Naomi’s life IS beautiful, and her blog is fun, but equal rights mean more than that – you can’t just dismiss a very important conversation some of us are trying to have by stating that “what’s important” is a beautiful and happy life. We all deserve to have the same shot at a beautiful and happy life.

  24. Amy

    Hi Naomi – your position on marriage is probably a religious one, so you may not agree with me, and mean this comment to be completely positive, not attacking in the slightest. I personally think we are living in one of the healthiest and most progressive times for marriage in history! This generation, unlike our parents and grandparents before us, aren’t marrying for security or convenience or expectation. Most women are educated, most men can cook. Instead of marrying to be ‘looked after’, we are now in the beautiful position of making a choice and marrying someone we adore, and who has the same world view as we do. Celebrities will always be marrying and divorcing at what seems like the drop of a hat (Elizabeth Taylor made that cool a long time ago), but the real people of the world are getting married for the best possible reason: LOVE! They are crossing rivers and oceans to do it. They are crossing previously uncrossed social and language barriers to do it. They’re fighting for the rights of others to do it. And so far, we’re mostly all still married to one another so I’d give it another 20 years to see if we got it all wrong. I’m happily married, surrounded by happy marriages of all shapes and sizes, all with unique stories to tell. I hope that you have lots of positive and inspiring examples around you, and please don’t get too caught up in the rare few who don’t take it seriously. They are no reflection on you, your generation or your culture :)

  25. Wendi

    I can’t understand how anyone would believe that Naomi expressing her own happiness and joy in celebrating her marriage is come kind of conveniently-timed political statement. It’s her anniversary! No matter what you believe, when someone else expresses his or her opinion, it’s not always a passive-aggressive dig…even if our society is slowly teaching us to believe the opposite.

    Happy anniversary Naomi and Josh! Thanks for sharing the beauty in your life with us!

  26. Jessica

    I agree with those who’ve pointed out that, while you see your marriage as a sacred institution, you aren’t protecting your family life as sacred. I honestly feel bad for your sweet children whose childhoods are being plastered all over the Internet. Someday they will realize how widespread this is. I’m a mom myself, to very little children, like yours, and I can’t even bring myself to make my very insignificant instagram account public because I can’t stomach the thought that ANYONE can gain access to my children and watch them through my pictures. Their childhoods are sacred and private and THEIRS. Not to mention all the pedophiles who use photos, such as the ones you post of your kids, to their sick benefit. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and how you justify all of it. Clearly your making A LOT of money with this blog. Does that outweigh the exposure and the risk? I’m genuinely interested to hear your perspective.

  27. Gemma

    Congratulations you guys! xx

  28. GreenieWeenie

    You know, it’s also good to realize just how much help you two have had in your marriage from your backgrounds. I don’t know anything about them, but if you are both from two-parent families that earned a decent wage and weren’t plagued mental/emotional issues, you’ve had a huge helping hand.

    Not everyone has that helping hand. And sometimes, no matter how badly we might want a marriage to work or how much we value the institution, we don’t have a say in when or how it ends. No one can force another person to stay in a relationship if they don’t want to. Of all the divorces I know, personally, none were due to a lack of seriousness about marriage. Most were due to the fact that one person was broken. Divorce was a means of protecting the children involved.

    I see no fault in taking pride in marriage longevity and wish you many more years together; at the same time, pride shouldn’t be taken from a place of comparison against others. Until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes….

  29. ashley

    ut oh… I’m as sarcastic as they come… Until now, I thought we would get along great… I’m being sarcastic, of course. I’m still a fan. Congrats on your anniversary.

  30. Kate

    As someone getting divorced, I find this post pretty offensive. Perhaps divorce rates are higher these days because finally women are more able to leave abusive marriages? Perhaps people are now comfortable leaving men who aren’t the husbands they promise to be?
    It’s great that you have a happy marriage, but you have to understand that other people aren’t as privileged as you. You have a husband who is thoughtful and earns good money. Not everyone is as lucky. Try to think how your comments affect others.

  31. Ryan

    Love Taza, hate gays. Logic: you’re doing it wrong. Equality is never going to undermine the sanctity of your marriage. People obviously value marriage because so many are fighting for the same rights that you have. Marriage is a contract–did you sign your marriage license? Are you contractually obligated to your spouse? Yes, marriage is a contract. Whatever you do after that is of your own accord. Marriage is personal, so leave it to the privacy of couples to decide the specifics of their union. I believe you have been granted that same right. If you truly believe that marriage is threatened by triviality, why aren’t you fighting for laws against adultery and divorce? And who will be the one to judge these offences? You? No. It is up to oneself to make a judgement call on their future of love and commitment. The transparency of this argument is obvious. You have rights, while others don’t. “As I have loved, love one another.” You have the right to express your opinion, just as I have the right refute it. This is what makes our system churn–equality.

  32. Sammi

    I think you should just stick to pictures Naomi because once you start to actually ‘write’ it comes out all wrong.

  33. Alice

    I hope to goodness you don’t raise Eleanor and Samson to believe that they have to stay in marriages whether or not they are happy, simply because “it’s what you do”. My husband and I spent years working on our marriage only to find that we would be happier if we parted ways. I’m happier, he’s happier, and our respective families and friends are happy for us. If Eleanor gets married and years later realizes that she’s not being fulfilled in ways that she needs through her marriage, I hope she has a family that is supportive — and Naomi, I hope that you understand that while it’s a great thing that you and Josh have been together for six years, perhaps those people who you think aren’t valuing marriage are considering the happiness and well-being of themselves.

    Valuing yourself is important. People sometimes have to make a decision between their happiness/wellbeing and marriage, and when you have family/friends/religion saying, “divorce is so bad!” it can put people in a horrible situation. Divorce happens for a reason. It’s not hurting you, Naomi. Be happy in your marriage and do not pass judgement on others by saying that they don’t value marriage. I worked REALLY hard on mine for years — through parents dying, job re-locations, a miscarriage, and we fought to make things work, so do not tell me that because I got divorced, I didn’t “value” marriage. Thank god I am surrounded by people who supported my decision. My heart goes out to those who have families/friends/religion who say that staying in a marriage is more important personal wellbeing.

  34. Britta

    Gag. This post was terrible. Glad you’ve been able to make it work, but stop judging those that can’t.

    Add me to the “followers lost” list. You were a much better blogger before you started exploiting your children. i’ve been annoyed for a while with the consumerism, picture perfect lifestyle and disconnected posts, but this was the nail in the coffin.

  35. Marge

    First of all, we know that 6 years of marriage isnt the same like 10 / 20 or 30 years. I appreciate your value of marriage as well as i try to keep my marriage work.
    But your statement

    “because i feel like nowadays we live in a world where marriage isn’t valued the way it once was or could be….nowadays it seems like a contract you can get in or out of depending on what you want at that very moment (of course this depends on circumstances and some marriages shouldn’t go on, i know that) and the significance, the sacredness, the commitment, all the hard work… i think a lot of that is lacking in society’s idea of marriage these days. and i think that is so sad. and unfortunate. ”

    are very disturbing for me. You cant generalise all marriages in the whole world based on your experience. What do you know about hard work and effort in marriage? You just mostly walking around the park or staying at home, taking pictures of your kids, put in on your blog.

    People say you are fortunate enough, that you have a good life, branded stuff and such. But in my opinion, i think you are sad. You don’t use your talent and degree you got from university and just monetise your kids.

    Congrats on your 6 years, and dont worry about your followers list. I wont open this blog anymore!

  36. CNW

    Wow. I don’t want to misconstrue your writing unnecessarily, but I think for women everywhere it gets a little sickening to constantly hear you bash yourself and praise your husband about how wonderful he is for being oh-so forgiving of you and your mistakes all the time. Have some dignity. Also, from someone older, marriage is very hard for all kinds of reasons and I wouldn’t dream of leaving mine but take a STEP BACK.

    Been reading for years and I hate to say it, but this blog is a little too fantasy land of pretty clothes & product placement and very little substance….

  37. Whit

    Naomi has just as much of a right as anyone else to believe whatever she does about the sanctity of marriage, divorce, gender-roles, DOMA, religion, finance, etc. etc. If you read this blog you need to respect her beliefs as valid whether you agree or not. This is her blog, not yours, and it is your choice to read it and support her.

    Congrats on six years, Naomi.

  38. Jess

    Ugh. This post. Josh might be a really great guy and a wonderful husband, but the more you describe your relationship with him and his perfection the more I seem to dislike him. I think you guys are taking this blog too far, you seem to have lost a bit of perspective. Time to give your children and marriage some privacy and come back to earth.

  39. Hannah

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read all the comments on a blog post, but these have been interesting.

    I’ve been married for almost two months (in a same-sex relationship) and I can tell you right now that marriage is hard work, fantastic, and so much fun. And that my wife and I have the utmost respect for our union, since we had to work (even fight) so hard for the legal recognition.

    Marriage is communication, silliness, companionship, devotion — all these things and more for us, but not for everybody. I love my marriage and love being married, but it’s not the golden ticket to life, either. Plenty of people find satisfaction, love, and safety in all kinds of relationships (or no relationship at all). We should all respect one another’s choices.

  40. Nicole

    I find these comments hilarious. As someone who has been divorced for two years, I didn’t find your post offensive. You said, “of course this depends on circumstances and some marriages shouldn’t go on, i know that…” Yet everyone is still getting pissed. Guess you should have listed out all the reasons because the commenters have no imagination.

    And I appreciate the way you talk about your husband. You make a great team. I was out with a girlfriend just the other night who bashed hers endlessly. I felt sorry for him. I wish more people were kind and respectful when they talk about their spouse with others. And I wish more people were kind and respectful in comment forums.

  41. Jen

    Days later, and I still keep coming back to look at that last photo. Beautiful!

    Thank you for your bravery in writing here. Its an inspiration and a support to me, and I think many others. I keep coming back, day after day for a moment of light, even when you are writing about challenges you are facing.

    Congrats on your anniversary, and i wish you many more!

  42. jessica

    naomi, i have never felt you exploit your family or children. the way you post and share about them has always been tasteful and respectful. it’s the reason i come back to your blog and why i don’t read many other oversharing mom blogs. plus, this is the generation of sharing what you’re up to! i think everyone has a facebook and my feed is packed with photos of children. welcome to 2013! and contrary to what another commenter voiced, i have never felt a void after reading your blog. always inspried and happy. keep on posting!

  43. Ashley

    Happy anniversary! It’s refreshing to see you two cherish your marriage so much – that’s what it’s all about :)

  44. Just now catching up on your posts after being on a family vacation w my hubs and 3 kids, which confirmed the fact that when it comes to finding the right partner in marriage, I’d never want to be doing anything or having kids with anyone else but him! We have so much fun together.
    And who can keep up a daily blog when you have little ones running all over the place – totally agree – I was a bad bad blogger while on vaca but enjoyed not being tied to the computer and being completely all in with my kids!
    Happy Anniversary girl, you two should definitely have more babies:) And keep up this blog no matter what – it’s most inspiring!

  45. Dayle

    Wow. Can not help but roll my eyes at so many of these comments on this post. If these people commenting truly liked and followed your blog they would 100% understand where you are coming from.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on marriage. Marriage is wonderful and it is sacred. Congrats on your anniversary! Here’s to many years to come.

  46. sarah

    anyone who follows along with your blog and life should know you are one of the least judgmental and least controversial bloggers out there. your posts are always full of love and respect for others. happy anniversary josh and naomi!

  47. Naomi – I don’t believe I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I’ve been reading for years. I just wanted to say thanks for writing so wonderfully about marriage, and about yours. I agree with what you wrote and I feel so glad that there’s others out there who think the same.

    Thank you for being a great example, and for always talking so highly about your partner. I’m sure there are good days and bad, as there are with anyone, but I especially appreciate that you always look on the positive, and you work hard at what you do. Thank you for sharing that with us. All the best to you and Josh. :)

  48. Ophira

    Yah I think you need a “do over” on this post. You sound like you are bashing same sex marriages and its disgusting. You didn’t clear it up with your comment when many people asked if thats what you were eluding to. Never reading your blog again even though I have been for years. You get more and more preachy with your perfect rich lifestyle and hateful church, and we who read your blog are actually giving money to them. Its gross. Have fun in your little bubble.

  49. Marie

    Wow these are some of the most interesting and intriguing comments I’ve read in a long time. Everyone has different views on love and marriage, and since this is your blog, I guess you’re entitled to your own views.

    However I do believe that everyone values their marriages and r/s, and no one actually divorces in a blink of eye. My mum desperately tried to stay married, but things didn’t work out in the end.

    Anw I hope your marriage with josh will last forever. :)


  50. Erica

    Your family is beautiful, and it makes me so happy to see you so happily married. Is that you in the last photo!? Beautiful! Do you dance?

  51. Claire

    Well, after seeing such charged comments I reread this post three times and I still can’t figure out at ALL how anyone could think what you wrote is associated with views on gay marriage…like I can’t think of how I’d ever draw that conclusion based on this post. I guess people actively wrack their brains for ways to stir up arguments. Anyway, you’re awesome, how you live your life is YOUR business, if people don’t like it they aren’t entitled to be rude to you and your readers…and people on the internet are just so silly sometimes. If they spend their free time trying to trash people online then they clearly don’t feel very loved in their lives, and we should probably just feel pity for them. Happy anniversary to you both!

  52. Andie

    What a great post…(i know i’m late since this post is some weeks old…need to keep up with reading the blog)… I’m getting married in September…sooooo excited! P.S the last picture is a.m.a.z.i.n.g…once a dancer, always a dancer! All the best for you and cheers to your marriage….