bits of the weekend…


hope you had a great weekend! this was one of the first in a while where we didn’t have much on the calendar. and tried our best to keep it that way. we took eleanor to get her first hair cut (ever!) on saturday and unfortunately, it is a total botch job. i couldn’t even believe it as it was happening. if you live in nyc and are looking to get your kids hair cut, come talk to me and i will tell you where NOT to go. i know it’s just hair, but it really had me bothered for the following few hours. and then i was just getting more bothered with myself for being so bothered in the first place. you know how that goes? anyway, just crossing my fingers it grows. because it looks really silly down right now and barely fits into a pony or pigtails or anything. awesome.  samson also got a hair cut over the weekend but josh and i ended up doing it ourselves. i miss his tiny curls in the back but it was time. now he can see again without all that hair in his eyes!

a few other things that went down this weekend—


^^^josh and i went out on a date friday night. after dinner we tried to go see a movie but the one we wanted to see was sold out. so we walked around the city and ended up at josh’s office building where we gave me the tour. we grabbed insomnia cookies afterwards and tried to start the arrested development series on netflix when we got home (he’s a big arrested development fan. i really can’t get into it.) after maybe 15 minutes of watching, we went to bed. sometimes you forget that when both of your kids are sleeping, you should stop being an idiot and go do the same. 2 1/2 years later, we are still learning this. ^^^



^^^we grabbed some tortas, chips and guac and churros on saturday together as a family. after eating out with children our kids ages, all you can do is high five one another afterwards as you walk away. it’s a complicated game of juggling one child in one arm as you try to eat with your other while not disrupting anyone else around you. i’m not sure why we do it. (maybe because we can’t make churros that delicious at home? or we like rolling our eyes at ourselves.) ^^^


^^^we also took papa to our favorite fountain spot.^^^


^^^E’s favorite game is always anything to do with poking or tickling papa.^^^


^^^and these faces! sure do love them.^^^

  1. Summer

    Looks like a fun weekend! We’re headed to NYC tomorrow with our 4 year old and 4 month old and am wondering if you can offer any specific spots (ie splash park, playgrounds) We plan on seeing the sites but also need places to burn little one’s energy! Thanks!!

    • TAZA

      the fountains on the roof of the american natural history museum are our favorite! and AC inside the museum! there are a number of great playground in cp. we just went to the one by the central park zoo the other day and they have the greatest granite slide! we also love the carousel at bryant park if you find yourselves near there. enjoy your time!

  2. Lottie

    I know about enjoying those weekends with less scheduled. We are booked for the foreseeable future so can’t wait for an empty weekend.

    E’s hair will grow back before you know and we ate out on Sunday with our little one and there might have been quite a lot of juggling and eye rolling at ourselves too :)

  3. I just LOVE your weekend recap posts. Such a beautiful family you have living it up in NYC :)

  4. Rosie

    Oh, so feel your pain for E’s bad haircut! I always find myself absurdly upset if I get a bad haircut, or it’s shorter than I expected! I’m sure it’s not so bad though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it grows super quick :)

    Also that photo of Samson standing up and holding onto the red chair?! He looks SO grown up! I didn’t think it was him, and read the caption expecting you to have explained why you’d taken photos of a stranger’s child! ;) Your family look gorgeous, as ever!

  5. Torri

    Samson looks so grown up with his new ‘do!

  6. Nikki

    such a cute little family you have. makes me smile :D

  7. hair grows back! so don’t you worry! We cut our baby’s hair too and missed his long bangs bit is growing back again hehehe
    looks like a fun family weekend

  8. camille

    Samson is looking like a little man!!!

  9. Nicole

    Your children are absolutely adorable. I love the last picture where Josh and the kids are making funny faces, priceless.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  10. I love the faces in the last couple photos. The best!

  11. Faith


    What a handsome little boy Samson is becoming!! I didn’t even recognize that was him standing up in those two photos.

    So sorry to hear about E’s hair :( hopefully it grows fast and that adorable little top knot she was sporting returns soon!

    Lovely photos as always, I so enjoy the little peaks into your life. You are such a wonderful inspiration :)

  12. AHh! So frustrating about the hair. I totally would have cried. Hopefully it grows back super fast!

    Happy Monday, beautiful friend!

  13. kendall

    an agenda-free weekend is always the best! x

  14. Leelee

    Don’t worry hairs grow fast!
    I can’t wait to take my son to NYC. The first and only time I went in october 2011, I was pregnant!

    Btw, I love your blog, it is really refreshing and lovely! Your family is adorable :)

    Greetings from France!

  15. I totally understand the Arrested Development thing! I couldn’t get into it for the longest time, and I only got through the first few episodes at the insistence of my man. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but I can definitely see the appeal now.

    Also, bummer about E’s hair! It seems like such a silly thing, but it’s such an important part of THEM, especially since they will only be little and have their cute little baby curls for so long. Fingers crossed that it grows out soon!

  16. Ana

    Their faces are so adorable! Looks like a fun weekend!

  17. Carly

    Yay for date night!!!!

  18. Kelly

    I am sure the haircut will grow out fine and it sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don’t forget about the switch to BlogLovin’

  19. Hanna

    Eleanor is so cute! Your weekend looks great. Hanna Marie

  20. Andrea

    My mom let my grandpa give me my first haircut and it was a total botch job! Don’t worry her hair will grow quickly and it will be a funny memory in a few years ;)

  21. bridget

    i love these printed trousers you’ve been wearing lately. they look darling on you. and so sorry about e’s hair — i think it’s totally rational to get a bit upset over it…i’d be, too. but it will grow back! and probably faster than you imagine. ; )

  22. Ha, those facial expressions… so priceless! And hey, every kid has to have a bad haircut at some point, right? It’s a rite of passage into life – and at least she got it over with!

  23. Jazmin

    Fun! I went to NYC in May, and I can now understand how you are so skinny! I was there for 5 days (work related) and walked a ton! So, much I lost 3 lbs! I’m like, what the?! I don’t know how you do that… WITH KIDS! You are super woman!


  24. jessica

    ok Samson has gotten SO big! He is definitely not a baby anymore! Wow! He is so darn cute! The pictures of E teasing papa are SO cute!

  25. Looks like a super-fun weekend. It must be hard to just sit and relax when you are so used to running around! I adore Samson’s haircut, you did a great job. And I’m sure Eleanor’s hair will grow just fine. When I was a little one, my mom took me for a haircut and I bawled my eyes out and then my mom got very upset…I feel like it’s part of the process. She seems pretty carefree about it! Don’t you worry yourself :)!

  26. cortney

    hey girl, sorry to hear about the haircut. it sounds silly but it’s so upsetting-you have the right to be wrankled.

    you and josh are probably more capable than you think of cutting the kid’s hair. maybe youtube a few videos and go slowly. i won’t let anyone touch aurora’s hair-but i am former hairstylist so that helps a little.

    headbands and hair clips,


  27. Meg

    This is such a sweet post – family time is so precious, and you guys seem to pack a lot of it in! Sorry about E’s hair…sad. I hope she’s doing okay with it! Might be a little frustrating to be without her favorite pigtails for awhile :(

  28. i can’t get over all your happy smiles – so genuine and heartwarming!

  29. Ana

    Your babies are adorable and you look like you have so much fun together. I am not a mommy yet but I can only begin to imagine what is like to go out to eat with two little ones, I give you props for looking amazing while doing it. I will probably look like a crazy lady :)

  30. nora

    Samson’s facial expressions are priceless. too cute.

  31. Deana

    You have such a cute family! Have a lovely week!
    Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  32. vivian

    that last photo kills me! such great smiles!

  33. mindy

    i love reading about all your adventures! so fun & what memories your kids will have!!

    and i always question why we try to go out to eat. even though my son is pretty good, it’s always a lot of work & i feel like i am eating just for the sake of getting the meal over with rather than enjoy my meal. haha..someday i will thought right? :)

  34. Marie

    Reading your post on E’s bad haircut reminded me of the time when my son had a really bad haircut too. The hairdresser snipped off a huge chunk of hair at the back, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she actually made a small cut at the back of his neck!! Tiny droplets of blood starting dripping on his back and I was mortified! I grabbed my boy from her and immediately rushed to buy a plaster. Needless to say, we NEVER went back to that hairdresser. o.O

    It’s not easy finding an experienced hairdresser for very young kids. But once you find one, it’s really an exciting and relieving moment. Hope you find a good hairdresser for Eleanor soon! All the best! ;)

  35. My husband and I stay up later than we should, to watch a movie or whatever while the kids are sleeping. We have to remind ourselves to go to bed early sometimes!

  36. Anne

    Hi! I live in NYC and my little girl is still a bit young for a hair cut but I wanted to know where not to go. I keep checking out places as I walk around the city that seem fun for kids etc. She still looks adorable so don’t worry too much!

  37. Lindsay

    Samson is just too adorable! Love his smile.

  38. mari

    I follow your blog since her daughter was a baby..why your photos are so perfect? what a beautiful family you have..i wish all the sucess for your blog and hapiness to you and family! :D


  39. Cams

    I too have the hardest time taking advantage of the time when I have a sleeping child…we could be doing so many other things other than sleeping! haha. :)

    Looks like you had a blast. Cheers.

  40. G

    Great weekend :) We had also a great weekend. Thak you for asking :)

    Best wishes
    and with regards to

  41. Eleanor still looks adorable….she really is a cutie no matter how her hair looks!!!!!

  42. Bea

    Lovely photos!!!as usually!!!
    Samson is growing up so fast!!!

  43. Joelynn

    You look so darn cool in your date night outfit! And ahhh!! Samson & Eleanor!! I love them, they’re always so cute and just too adorable!! They have the coolest parents ever, with awesome style!

  44. Aleksandra

    Hi,Naomi! <3
    I love your blog.I'm from POLAND.I found your blog I don't know how but I don't regrets.You have a beautiful family and you have wonderful hair…How do you take care of your hair?

  45. Lucy

    I feel your pain with the self guilt trip problem!

    I love following you on Instagram but also love that visiting your blog is like getting an extra slice of family life.

    Lucy xo

  46. oh that is so frustrating about Eleanor’s hair, that would really bother me too. at least, as they say, it grows back.
    you made me laugh about the eating out with little ones, we too refuse to give this up, at our own peril at times!

  47. Gosh, Samson is a very, very handson little boy!

  48. I just came across your blog :)

    What sweet photos! I love the one in the elevator especially, you two look great! You children are absolutely adorable!!!

  49. ingrid

    samson looks so grown up with his new ‘do!

  50. You are not alone about stress over girls cuts. I took my oldest who has blond ringlets when she was a little older than your daughter. Hack Job. I lost it. SOBBING. They cut off so much.

    You weekend looks lovely. We had a slow weekend out here in SF. My little baby girl is recovering from quite the scare last week.

    xoxo from San Francisco

  51. Lucinda

    Yeah, new parent here and always hearing how ” mama should sleep when baby sleeps”… RARELY happens!

  52. amanda

    you always capture the best photos of your family!

    silly question: where did you get your white t-shirt? i can never seem to find good ones and that one looks perfect.

  53. Natalie

    Samson looks so grown up with his new haircut!

  54. meghan

    your family is the sweetest. looks like you had a blast this weekend :)

  55. kendra

    Dear Samson is just morphing into a little boy! Those 2 photos of him by the chair – so big! That haircut really aged him :)

  56. Emilie

    Those adorable faces! You all look like you have a lot of fun. And you are so pretty! :)

  57. Kristen

    Hi, Love your sunnies. Where can I get myself a pair? Gracias, K

  58. Gabriela

    Hello Taza!

    I know my comment is not totally related to the subject of your post, but I do read your blog constantly and I always curiously wonder: What do you do to keep so fit?? Do you still dance?

    Kisses from Brazil,

  59. Oh have I been there with bad haircuts, its really a trail & error unfortunately. Some people shouldn’t cut hair.
    But what a beautiful weekend + the last photos is just beautiful.

  60. Jackie

    Your experience with getting Eleanor’s haircut is one of the biggest reasons I can’t bring myself to get my 3 years old daughter’s cut. It just so perfect and wild and curly. I love it. Besides someone totally botching it, I just don’t want her to lose the curls once it’s cut! I know we should probably just bite the bullet but I justify not getting it cut only because she says she doesn’t want to cut it. So it’s not completely selfish, right?

  61. Paulina

    You have the cutest family. I think what I like the most is how you guys can have so much fun with simple things.

  62. JM

    Wow, Samson’s haircut suddenly makes him look a lot older, I love those not so busy weekends where you don’t have to rush around to places.

  63. Love, love, love your outfit in the date night picture! Also, E and S’ faces in those fountain pictures are adorable! Such sweet little ones!

  64. G K

    How is it possible that two kids look so much alike? Sheesh!

    Love you and your precious family.

  65. Erin

    You have such a beautiful family! I adore reading about your little New York adventures!

    xx Erin

  66. Marina

    Hai you wonderful family,
    I have been following you for some time.
    It’s wonderful to see your grow of your family / First eleanor and than samson (so amazing children)!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog and your daily updates!!

    Greatings from munich
    xx Marina

  67. Brianne

    samson’s huge cheesy smile kills me! he’s so darn cute!

  68. lisa

    really love your pants and top!! please tell me… where can i get it?

  69. Meryl

    Your sweet Samson suddenly looks like a big boy! The pictures of daddy + son making the same faces are simply adorable. It is the best capturing moments like that!

  70. My son was born with a full head of hair. So, we were having to cut the bangs at around 4 or 5 months. And every time, we would butcher it. The poor little guy. We finally got it professionally cut, cutting the mullet (and gorgeous girls *tear*) away… he finally looks like an adorable little boy. And I’ll let it grow out as much as we can get away with. Babies, and their hair (or lack of!)

  71. The second to last photo… TOO CUTE. Thank you so much for sharing. I say this a lot, but you and your precious family always put a smile on my face. That means a lot.

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  72. Danielle

    Haha I’m going to say what everyone else did…Samson is growing up in the blink of an eye!! Holy Cow!! His hair is also getting so big :)

    geez louise!
    What cuties you have!!

  73. Sam

    I was thinking of your family last week when my boyfriend and I visited DC! XOXO

  74. lea

    The synchronized mouth gaping is adorable! Your family certainly knows how to entertain.

  75. Emma

    That looks like such a fun weekend! I hope that when I’m a mom I do as good a job as you xx

  76. Angela

    Hi Taza! I know your blog is not about fashion, but can you please recommend some websites where you shop for Eleanor and Samson. Thank you truly.

  77. Taylor

    Those kids are just too cute! I can never get enough of your pictures of them. It seems like they’re always smiling! Although, who really wants to take pictures of their kids crying? haha. I love your messy hair and outfit of the elevator pic! So cute!


  78. Sophie

    hi Naomi. I m french, and I love to followers your blog. I was just wondering How you did when you were having dates with your husband? Do you havé a baby sitter? Does she come when your kids are asleep or do you let her put the babies to bed?
    I myself have a baby and I need some Time with my husband! But my girl si a bit shy with people she doesn t know and I fear things could go wrong!

  79. Gena

    You’re pictures are adorable! You and your family are darling.. p.s. where did you get your striped top from? It is so so cute!

  80. Amalia

    Where oh where is your gorgeous pink and white bag from?

  81. Jessica

    I LOVE your yellow shirt! Where is it from?

  82. Jenn

    Dearest Taza, where are these AWESOME PANTS FROM???!!!! Want/need. xo

  83. Vanessa

    Love these photos. All the daily little things you do with the kiddos is really what it’s all about. I know what you mean about restaurants. It’s a juggling act. We do it with our two little ones and definitely roll our eyes at ourselves…and usually leave the restaurant exhausted. We’ll keep doing it though! Great post.

  84. These pictures are so great and your kids are so adorable! I honestly look up to your family and hope to have what you guys have one day in the future. So precious! <3