dinner is served.

this summer, we have enjoyed cooking and eating more big meals together at home.  it might be 100 degrees in our kitchen and our air conditioning window unit might not be anywhere near said kitchen, but we’re still enjoying it.

a couple weeks ago we had friends over for dinner. josh whipped up a crazy good orecchiette pasta dish (so good we ate 10 pounds of it) with sweet sausage and broccolini topped with fresh ricotta salata… that’s a type of cheese apparently.  ...

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moab, utah!

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we spent the last few days with josh’s family in moab, utah! i was a little bit nervous to bring the babes out when our itinerary was filled with rock climbing and repelling, 4-wheeling and hiking and dirt bikes… you know, stuff that isn’t really baby friendly.  but they are such troopers, these littles of ours....

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jane’s carousel.

while we were in dumbo a few saturday’s ago, we rode jane’s carousel. i started to read a little about the carousel while we were there, but didn’t get very far (which tends to be the case with everything these days) as samson has discovered the power in speed walking (with zombie arms extended front, naturally.) but anyway, i read more about the story behind it once we returned home and it is just the sweetest....

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sweet green comes to new york city!

if you followed along with this blog of ours when we lived in Washington DC, you’ll remember how much our family enjoyed going to sweetgreen.  somewhere between fulfilling my every pregnancy craving while carrying samson (that little dude sure loved his greens in utero), the salad from last july that we’ve made 5 billion times since, and one too many cucumber limemade’s later, we have become big fans.  ...

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