strolling in a city of performers.


one of the things i love about where we live is how we can head out on a simple walk and happen upon such incredible talent on any given block.  people doing such interesting and beautiful things. people sharing art and creativity on practically every corner…and occasionally a lucky subway car, too. have you seen this yet?

eleanor and samson are usually mesmerized with this city of street performers and i’m so thankful for all the culture and art it exposes them to each day.

  1. Sinead

    Sounds amazing, you’re so lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

  2. Emma

    That’s exactly what I love about living in London too! Always something fun and interesting happening xx

  3. R

    This is lovely! Some folks say that raising kids in a big city isn’t possible but that isn’t true! It’s more about how parents raise them. I would go for a walk in every possible moment. The city is huge and there is so much to see and show. You are a great mother, Taza!

  4. thats so wonderful – my children don’t have that at all (unless we go to see family in London) but not on a day-to-day basis.

    I want to move to NYC!

    Holly from Champagne & Wellington Boots

  5. Damaris

    Live performances are one of the best things I experienced during our trip to NYC, you live in such an amazing city!

    Here in Barcelona we are also lucky to find live perfomances in the streets or the subway. They can bright you a day ;)


  6. We live in a very creative city also, and the kids love wandering around listening to the awesome music and watching street performances. It makes me very grateful to live in an area where creativity is appreciated, and hopefully my kids won’t be afraid to be creative adults too! Loving your blog!

  7. JM

    It’s the same here, always so many interesting things to see. Although festival season is about to start here and that can get a little crazy. Apparently the population of the city triples during festival time here.

  8. Bea

    This is one of the biggest gift you can give to them!!!

  9. Jenna

    I love living in the country, but this is one thing that makes me sometimes wish I lived in a city. I love the idea of being able to expose my children to such creativity and talent on a daily basis.

  10. Ashley

    Thanks for sharing that video – such amazing talents out there!

  11. Shayna

    one of my favorite things is taking our little out on the town to see life being lived all around him. the talent, the differences, the variety. thanks for sharing! love the video :)

  12. I can just picture your littles standing front and center dancing along. At least that’s what my three guys would be doing for sure. Visiting the city is so fun for kiddos, I imagine living there would be a trip. Quite the stretch for our dead end street in the burbs!

    Lynden Laundry

  13. hanna

    New York is amazing. I would love to live somewhere where something is always going on. Hanna Lei

  14. That’s one of the things I LOVE about living in a big city! In Barcelona, Spain there are street performers everywhere and I love love love it!

  15. That’s one of the things I LOVE about living in a big city! In Barcelona, Spain there are street performers everywhere and I love love love it!

  16. Sarah

    This is exactly what I love about living in Toronto. Well, this and the spectacular wealth of every kind of delicious food imaginable! Your kiddos are so lucky to get to experience so much creativity and talent from such a young age!

  17. Marie

    how I wish I have such performances at my neighbourhood park too. That would be lovely. :)

    Our family adventures:

  18. This is a great reminder! Every once in a while I worry about raising kids here in D.C., but then I remember that things like museums and performers can help alleviate lack of big yards a bit :)

  19. amanda

    When I lived in Greenpoint, Zach Orion from Mountain Animation was playing in the Greenpoint G subway most mornings. Such a great way to start the day. I’m getting sort of tired of the kids in the subway though. It’s like, it’s awesome when they’re good and when they’re polite but so many of the ones I’ve seen lately are just… not.

  20. This post is making me crave a trip to a big city <3 Street performers are kind of my favorite thing since sliced bread.

  21. i really need to get myself and my banjo over to nyc.

  22. Mikaela

    One of my favorite things about big cities! I lived in Russia for a semester and there were performers everywhere. I especially remember one time in the metro there was a just married couple that started dancing to a string quartet and it was beautiful.

  23. I too love that about where we live in Berkeley/SF Bay Area. You have to deal with some crazy too, but it’s all a part of the deal. Just walking the streets brings such surprise- we’ve run into goats, clowns, performers, poets, street art on buildings etc. Sometimes I think nothing will ever surprise me again!

  24. My city (Nottingham, England) is known for this kind of thing too.. every corner has someone new performing on it. I love it x

  25. Ana

    Sounds fun!

  26. Definitely one of my favorite parts of NYC – there’s just so much art and culture, everywhere!

  27. Kate

    Art in the streets is one of the best things about big cities! I always wish there was more in DC. That video about the subway dancers is fantastic – thanks for sharing. One of my favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Show, was discovered playing on the street – it’s so cool to think that your local street performed could make it big!

  28. eeny

    it’s like going to an open air concert on any random day.
    that’s something i love about the city too.

  29. Kelly

    I absolutely love street performers, one of my favorite things in NYC!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Carly

    When I lived in Paris, the metro stations were always loud with music. I found out that the performers actually had licenses from the government to play for tips in the stations (however the people playing in the actual metro cars weren’t legal). I came to love needing to make a connection at certain stops because they always had that big Russian string group or that one guy on the accordion or those little girls drumming together.

  31. This is what I love about living in San Francisco as well.

  32. Leith

    Awww I love this! Growing up around street performers is the best. We had a bunch in Santa Cruz (where I grew up) and I think it really, really helped me appreciate all the diversity in our community and just how wonderful it is when strangers come together and just appreciate each other.

  33. Lonka

    I like her dress. And adore your blog.!

  34. Kristyn

    It’s pretty amazing how accepting and considerate children learn to be when exposed to art and culture. Those little punkins are precious.

  35. Samara

    This is my absolute favorite thing about New York City.

  36. Carie

    You’d love London for the same reason, especially the South Bank at the weekend, there’s always something going on! Loved the subway ballet too – those guys have some serious talent.

  37. seyda

    what is your happiness secret naomi? YOU LOOK HAPPY EVERYTİME and I love this :)