samson’s birthday cupcake!

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here’s a little video of samson enjoying his birthday cupcake! it was kind of the most adorable thing ever.  gosh, do i love this boy.

“happy birthday” beatles cover by the fab four.


  1. louisaflorence

    This is how a birthday cupcake should always be enjoyed! What a sweetie. x

  2. Damaris

    Cute video!!!!! Love Samson’s face when Eleanor blows the candle! :) :) So cute watching him playing with the cupcake. Very precious moment! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. Anna Spilekr

    Ah! So adorable! I love your little family. The dynamic between Eleanor and Samson is so cool to see. I think they will be the best of friends. Have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dana

    thats not possible… how cute this. wow. my heart has melted.


  5. Gégé

    Quelle jolie vidéo! Samson’s happiness is contagious and just made my day! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Iva

    Samson, little mister sunshine & E une vrai coquine !!

  7. Megan


  8. Marta

    This must be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages :-)

  9. Emma Richards

    What an adorable video and a beautiful family you’ve got xx

  10. Bea

    Oh my God!!!
    He is so sweet!!

  11. Anna

    Oh my god!! so sweet and funny!! i just couldn’t stop smiling!for my next birthday, i think i’m gonna give a try to eat my birthday cake in Samson’s style! :)

  12. Rayani

    Aaaah, so adorable!!!

  13. Holly

    Great music!

  14. Lucy

    Oh my!!!! Cuteness overload!!!!

    Love love love the video!!!

    Love E saying Happy Birthday to start!!!

    Love the mess, the fun, the music…. oh man!!! Looks like a fab Birthday he had!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    X x x

  15. Melissa

    That is too cute! What a sweet little boy! And Eleanor’s ‘happy irtday’ was too much!!!

  16. Erica

    So sweet! My son turns 1 in July and can’t wait to give him his cupcake for the same reason.

  17. Dalia

    He has the cutest smile! 0:16/17 omg it’s like he has never been that happy before! Cutest little boy. & E saying happy birthday! cutest thing

  18. Lea

    Oh my goodness, the adorable baby pudge! I love his happy dance to cupcake eating; so infectious.

  19. Oanh

    oh my god, I was smiling while watching the whole video because of the cuteness aww.

  20. so. stinkin. adordable!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Emily

    Um. Did he lean in for a forehead kiss around 30 seconds? #hekillsme #waytoocute

  22. The fact that he held in his hands the ONLY cupcake… I mean his poor little heart could barely handle the happiness! That sweet precious face!

  23. OK… cutest video!! Such a great birthday treat for him :)

  24. Aweee, the cutest little Munchkin! That’s how it should be done :)


  25. Dee

    what a darling little boy! happy belated 1st birthday samson!

  26. oh this sweet little boy!! melted at the part where it looked like he was offering some cupcake to josh

  27. Leticia

    Oh little squishy! Darling video! Eleanor’s “Happy Birthday!” was the perfect beginning. So fun!

  28. sol

    This is so sweet!!
    Awe, Samson <3 you're growing up too fast.

  29. Dillan

    This is precious! How a first birthday cake ought to be done ;)

  30. JM

    Aaaah, The Beatles, well, a version of their song at least. That’s a birthday staple in our household.

    Love this video, good for you for letting home go a little nuts on his birthday. I wish I was still young enough to get away with what he is doing to that cupcake! :) Such a little cutie!

  31. Jocelyn

    You officially have the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, this is adorable!

  32. emily warner

    SO CUTE! What a sweet video. I was wondering if you could please share what video camera you shoot your family videos with? Is it an app on your phone or a separate video camera? I love the feel. Thanks!

  33. Ahhhh. I can’t even stand the cuteness in that video right now! His sweet little smile and bouncing around, and Eleanor’s little intro. Ridiculously sweet and the music was the perfect touch! Lol loved it!

    Lynden Laundry

  34. Mays

    your little boy is blessed with so much adorableness and the most joyful smile ever!! i’m sure it has a lot to do with his mamma and pop. truly beautiful. God bless him and your little family!

    xoxo Mays

  35. hanna

    This is so cute! Hanna

  36. How adorable! I thought that I was always overjoyed to see a cupcake, but it’s nothing compared to Samson’s reaction! :)

  37. Sarah

    Oh my! Was he listening to that music bed while he ate the cupcake? ;) His body shaking with excitement is darling!

  38. KC

    That’s too adorable! I have to do a video like this for my little girl’s first… in two more months!


  39. I’d say he enjoyed it! So sweet!

  40. Ashley

    He is adorable! Such a fun video!

  41. Sinead

    Ahhh he’s such a little cutie! Hope you all enjoyed his first birthday :-)

  42. Jessica

    haha that was awesome! love that!

  43. heather

    Oh. My. Gosh. Too much cuteness for one video.

  44. Putri Natasha Adnan

    How adorable! Looks like Samson sure had the best day. And Eleanor with her ‘Happy Birthday’ at the start? #cantgetanycuter


  45. Zhenechka

    So sweet!!!!So adorable!!!!such a lovely family!!!

  46. kendra

    so cute!! Happy birthday, Samson!

  47. Maseeda M

    I just watched this with my 3 year old, and her reply was “mommy loves him right? and he’s so cute” and i agree completly. Happy Birthday Samson!

  48. Emily

    So this is the cutest thing I’ve seen today. He’s so happy! replay =]

  49. Stacey

    This is sooo adorable. Love the Happy Birthday from Eleanor and Samson’s overjoyous reaction to his cupcake. I’d love to see a tutorial on how you create home videos like this that have a somewhat vintage feel to them! Great job!!!

  50. Anne

    He is THE CUTEST! And I love that you let him just smear it ALLOVER the place :D wonderful wonderful!!!! Such an inspiring and lovely family!

  51. Jean

    awww. melts my heart! i can’t wait to have kids someday. <3
    and i love the beatles.

  52. Kelsey

    Absolutely adorable!!

  53. Kym

    hee hee! So funny. He looks like he’s loving it! and eleanor saying happy birthday is too cute.

  54. I don’t know who is cuter in this video, Eleanor or Samson. LOVE IT!

  55. Ariel

    LOVE E’s intro! and of course Samson smashing his cake. precious! have a great weekend. I’ll be by the pool and enjoying date night with my hubs!

  56. Corinne

    SO CUTE!

  57. Hannah

    dude! you should totally do a tutorial on how you do that top knot! it is fab every. single. time.

  58. I love this! So much fun, love and laughter to be had on a baby’s birthday! Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us!
    Warmest regards from my sunny seaside home to your city life.
    Bella @ Sea and Salt xx

  59. Oh I forgot to link!

    Thanks for sharing the birthday cupcake. It looked delicious!!

    Bella @ Sea and Salt xx

  60. Hina

    Love it love it love it!!!!! Happy birthday Samson! That’s really a rock’n’roll diaries type of post! :-)

  61. R

    This is adorable! I love to see how you enjoy every moment of your lives! Hugs to you all!

  62. Joanna

    ” happy urt-day” Eleanor is so adorable with those little pig tails. Samson looks like he is having the best day of his life with that cupcake!

  63. Joanna

    “happy urt-day” Eleanor is so cute with those pigtails! Samson looks like he is having the best day of his life with that cupcake!

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  65. eeny

    oh my goodness, this sure is the cutest ever.
    can’t believe samson is 1 already. time is flying so fast.

  66. Kathryn

    he is beyond cute, so happy and smiley. :) Happy 1st to sweet Samson!

  67. Kristie

    Oh my goodness, he has to be the most cheerful baby on earth!

  68. Sarah

    This is absolutly adorable!!

    The best birthdaywishes (belated)!

    Greeetings from Germany!

  69. Samson, you are just amazing.
    This video made our day!

    B & B

  70. Raya

    eleanor’s face when she says “happy birthday!”
    and samson tearing up that cupcake.

    great vid. xx


  71. Lydia

    Such a cutie! Love how you’re letting him do like -whatever- he wants with the cupcake :D

    – L

  72. Happy Birthday to the adorable lil cupcake conquerer!! So cute!!

  73. Sam

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. Check out my blog, new post today! I have the same camera as Taza!

  74. Mun

    I love his somewhat ‘evil+mischievous’ laughters!

  75. Keelin

    Thanks for the smile this morning.

  76. Evie

    Happy Birthday Samson! Love this video of your adorable little guy! The all over body shake chuckles and giggles is infectious – can’t help but giggle along with him.


  77. Emily

    That is quite possibly the cutest video I have ever seen! Samson’s little happy face is so darling. He looks like he had a blast with that cupcake!

  78. Linda F

    hey naomi! I have got to know, how do you manage to take such lovely videos? they’re always so NOT shaky and have a certain essence to them that makes me yearn to start filming again! any tips for the novice filmmaker? :D <3 Linda

  79. Happy Birthday Little Man!

    xoxo from San Francisco


  80. Amy

    What an absolutely precious video! Happy 1st birthday to Samson!