a few weeks ago, kate spade saturday sent us on a little adventure doing things out and about in nyc to see what their new window-shopping-on-the-go-experience is like. in between shopping and getting our special delivery, josh and i went on a sailing lesson on the hudson river! josh grew up sailing in florida so he feels at home on the water but since i’ve only been one other time in my life (when we went in the DR a few years ago) i felt like such a wimp when we got onto the water and i was already like, “turn this boat around!”  ;) but i will admit that after a while i felt a little more at ease. and when you watch someone you love having the time of their life in their element, it’s kind of impossible not to have a little fun yourself, too. also, hey new york city–you sure are beautiful to see from the water!


^^^not a bad view.^^^


^^^it was fun watching josh run all around the sail boat putting up sails or shifting them or whatever it is you call all that sailing lingo. (i have already forgotten!) also, can i toot my own horn here and say that i steered the sailboat the entire time? because i did. i did!^^^


^^^when we finished josh was like, “i can’t wait to teach the kids how to sail” and then it hit me, i’m going to be such a fun mom in a few years when papa teaches the kids how to play tennis and snowboard and sail and i’m always standing right off the court, or on the shore or in the snow lodge yelling “be careful! be careful!” all day long. haha. i’m kidding. but seriously.^^^

  1. What a lovely/frightening experience! :)

    I’m going to be that off the court mum too… But I’ll be sure I make delicious sandwiches and treats for those tired little athletes. Everyone has tricks, right? ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Freya

    Yup. I’ll be that sort of mum too :) xx

  3. Bea

    I would be that kind of mother too!
    Nice adventure, Naomi!!!
    Have a good time!

  4. Amy

    I’ve only been sailing once and it was so much fun… to grow up learning how to do it properly would be amazing! x

  5. Erin

    This is a really fun post. I like seeing this side of you :)

  6. Yana

    I am that kind of a mum too….what is fun and not high for my man when playing with our 13 month old, is super ueber dangerous high in my eyes :-)

  7. Damaris

    It looks so much fun! And also the views from the boat are spectacular, what a gorgeous city at any angle NYC is! :)



  8. That looks like so much fun! Props to you for steering. And there always has to be a cautious parent!

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  9. i absolutely love sailing! (my parents sailed a lot!) but around NYC, that must be a unique experience!

  10. Nicole

    Your family, faith,and fun times are an inspiration!

  11. loulou

    This sounds wonderful. I love sailing although I too have done a lot less of it than has my husband Nick. We recently rented a catamaran when we were in St. Martin and has such a good time. I had the job of managing the front smaller sail while he steered and managed the main sail. So much fun!

  12. Carley

    where were your life-jackets missy!!! lol… looks like a great time! New York seems like a beautiful place to live! love reading your blog! xx

  13. in a few years? just wait until they’re learning how to drive… oldest has her learners permit and I’m totally freaking out lol

  14. meghan

    looks amazing! and there’s nothing wrong with wanting your littles to be safe ;)

  15. I think I might be that kind of mum too… I wish I could switch my brain off sometimes because I can’t help thinking of what bad things could happen! I suppose that’s a normal feeling for a mama. Especially a worry wart like me!

    I would love to sail around there, and be able to sail!

  16. Melissa

    Don’t worry…I love the water, love boats, etc and HATE sail boats. Why do they have to be so ‘tippy’ all the time? It looks like Josh had it all under control through and that view!!! Glad you had a good time.

  17. hanna

    Sailing looks like so much fun! Hanna

  18. Abbey

    Thats what moms are for! I’ve been wanting to learn to sail for a while, it looks so fun! And what a gorgeous view!

  19. Nicole

    Fun! I bet it was cool to see the city from out in the water like that. I love the Kate Spade Saturday stuff, it’s all so beautiful.
    Happy sailing!

  20. Gianna

    I will be as well! I cried kayaking the other day. I don’t love adventure lol

  21. Carie

    I think I’ll be the one teaching my girls to sail, but their Daddy can do all the other sports! Looks like you had great weather and a wonderful day!

  22. Sarah

    Oh man, I’m right there with on winning the “coolest mom” award… a lot of the things that made me swoon about my husband give me anxiety when thinking of my kids following in his footsteps! Love the photos. Totally looks romantic ;)

  23. lian

    oh this is so lovely! but i think i too would feel uneasy in the busy waters. i will just live vicariously through your more..adventurous adventures. ;)

    question — where did you get your sunglasses? <3

  24. Bianca

    Ha! I will totally be that kind of mom, too! Beautiful photos, sailing is one of my absolute favorites.

  25. kassi

    Look at those amazing skies! What a fun date for you guys! Maybe you can leave the dangerous activities for dates only for a while…or forever. ;)

  26. cintya

    i always get excited when i see a new post from you, because they seriously make me smile. and the last part about being the “be careful mom”, i honestly feel i will be like that too when i have kids.

  27. So great to know that you can have such experiences even living in the concrete jungle :) You guys look like you had a blast!

  28. Julie

    Hahahaha! Love these pics and your sense of humor. You rock!

  29. what a beautiful mini escape from the bustle of the city!

  30. Too much class in one post. seriously.

    xo. m.

  31. Lisette Wolter-McKinley

    That is the beauty of having a Mom and a Dad; a cautious parent and an adventurous one.

  32. heather

    Sailing around NYC is such a treat. Of course when I did it, my hair was flying all around the place, it was freezing, and by the end of it I looked like I was half-crazy. You and Josh, of course, look like you just stepped out of a magazine. C’est la vie :).

    Looks like such a fun day! I bet E & S would have a blast doing this with you two.

  33. We are going this weekend! I grew up sailing and I can’t WAIT to teach my babies how to do it!

    Oh the life you lead! I WISH Kate Spade would call me up haha!

  34. My goodness, that view is beautiful. I love sailing. There is something so wonderful about being on the water and feeling the wind in your hair.

  35. Cams

    Ah! I’d be nervous too, but what fun!

    Beautiful too.


  36. Olya

    Hahaha! I AM that mama!! I sky-dived, hang glided and danced in pointe , but when my husband is trying to do something – what’s considered FUN – my first response is “how SAFE is it?!” So glad we have someone to counteract the mama-bear effect :)

  37. Flora

    What an amazing thing to do!!! I would be very impressed with my husband/boyfriend if he could do all that on a boat – I wouldn’t have a clue! kudos for steering the whole time; I’d have exaggerated that a tinsy bit and claimed to have done the whole damn thing ;)!


  38. hahaha so true! careful please!
    great shots!

  39. Hahahaha! I’ve never been on a smal sailboat, just HUGE ones so I can understand why you might have been a bit… uncomfortable. I’m happy it ended up being a good time though…

  40. toranj

    must’v been an amazing refreshing day ^^

  41. miriam

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  42. cate

    This looks like so much fun! I live in New York too and would love to do this sometime. Where did you take the lessons?

  43. Amber

    This is awesome. We love to take the little catamarans out here in Miami and go sailing with a view of our skyline. The only thing is we’ve never had proper training which led to us tipping over just outside the bay last time (with my two kids!!!…Coast Guard had to come get us) So…I still haven’t worked up the courage to go out again, but we’re getting there :). Luckily my son will start sailing next summer so we can have a proper captain one of these days :D.

  44. you might surprise yourself and in a few years, you could be whizzing down the slopes alongside Josh & the kiddos! i feel like motherhood has stretched me in so many ways, including my bravery (who else will kill the spiders now??). ;-)

  45. Julia G

    This post by far has been my favorite– I’ve noticed Josh wearing a navy blue regatta T shirt in some of your photos, and after seeing this post it makes sense! My boyfriend is from Clearwater Fl and was on St. pete’s sailing team for most of his life. What part of Fl did your husband sail in? Also, you two look so adorable and i can totally relate to this post. I always steer when he’s shifting around the boat and it is almost impossible not to laugh and smile even though your terrified! Seeing their happy faces makes you more at ease.

    p.s. I would LOVE to go sailing on the Hudson River! what a special treat! you are a very lucky girl :)

  46. jen

    how fun to sail around NYC! we sail all the time over here in Seattle and it took me a little while to be “calm” with all our babies on board! ha. but it is so amazing for them and we have a blast :)

  47. Melanie

    Love that dress! :)

  48. Sounds like a lot of fun :) (though I have to admit, the sight of that water leaves me feeling kind of terrified!)

  49. Ella

    Been spending my sunday browsing your blog – found it by accident today. Love it and your little family! xo

  50. Andy

    It’s so nice to read your blog, and be able to tell just how much two people love each other despite all their differences.

  51. What a lovely activity. I love sailing and grew up sailing with my family in Sag Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard and the South of France. I can’t get enough of it. It’s actually really fun to sail in New York Harbor- who would have thought…

    And you look so nautical chic.

  52. Taylor

    I’ve never been sailing myself, but I’ve always wanted to. It just looks like such fun and relaxation! And, if I were being completely honest with myself, I would just love to be able to dress the part of being a sailor girl! haha.


  53. Tasneem

    I have always wanted to go sailing. I was even invited to join the sailing team in college by a friend but wimped out because I didn’t want to be the only girl. As such your last sentence totally applies to me, lol! I will just be fun in other ways ;)

  54. Sarah

    If you can ride your bike on the streets of New York City, then you can really do anything you want. Maybe you just need to remind yourself that you are fearless.

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