photographing my children.


for part III of our series with Canon, i wanted to talk a little bit about photographing children! like we mentioned in the first post for this series, we are still learning when it comes to knowing our camera, but if it isn’t already evidenced from this blog of ours, taking photos, and especially photos of our children, is kind of our favorite thing to do. ;)

i like to make a habit of taking my camera with me everywhere when i’m with the kids. i know it can be easy to only bring it out at ‘big events’ like a birthday, or holiday or special outing of some sort, but sometimes those best and most candid moments happen when you least expect them. one of the things i first noticed about Canon’s new EOS Rebel SL1 camera is how super small and light it is. it definitely makes bringing it out on a day to day basis much easier.

something that’s important to me is that my littles never feel forced to “smile” or “pose” for a photo. heaven help me if they look back on their childhood and are like, “ugh. my mom and her dumb camera!” there are plenty of great moments when i want to pull it out and start shooting, but it’s fun to enjoy moments with my children without a camera in hand, too.  i also try my best to put my camera away if my littles are being shy or aren’t feeling it. i know they’ll want to ham it up later, so i’ll put it away and wait patiently. i have learned to keep an open mind when it comes to taking pictures of little ones. saying, “can you come sit here and hold this and smile?” has never worked at our house. but when we play and just have fun together as a family, letting our kids be kids and do what they want to do, that is when the real smiles come, and our best moments are captured.

we also like to take several photos at once over just one when taking photos of the kids. they blink and spin and turn and move so quickly, we’re more likely to get that perfect shot if we take a few! we also like to keep different angles in mind.  we’ll crouch down to their level and really move around with them.  they tend to move so fast that we end up moving quickly too! it’s a workout whenever we’re with them. ;)


^^^tiny feet! i’m such a sucker for my littles and their saltwater sandal tan lines.^^^


^^^this little chapter of E’s life where she insists on pigtails each day, it’s been one of my favorites.^^^




^^^this was one of those moments where the kids and i were playing together and they were crawling all over me. it might not have appeared as the most ideal moment to whip out the camera but my husband is smart and did anyway.  these next few photos are so dear to me… with eleanor pulling on my shirt and both of them tackling me down… it’s moments like this where i feel most blessed. and so glad to have these moments documented.^^^


^^^a moment before she decided the bunch of grapes would now be her phone.^^^


LoveTaza_canonContent3_540x360 (1)

what tips or tricks have you found helpful when taking photos of children?

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  1. I have a canon too and I love my camera!! the pictures has a so good quality!!! your pictures whit your babies are so cute and lovely!!


  2. JM

    All useful tips. I also tend to take a load of pictures in one go, it really makes a difference to getting that perfect shot. I love this camera, it looks amazing, I wish I could afford it. Will have to save up :)

  3. Sharon

    Hi Taza!

    I recently just discovered your blog and I stayed because I love your photos and I love all the snapshots you and your husband take of your little family. :)

    Would just like to know, what lens are you using with these pictures here? Thanks!

  4. Damaris

    Love your kids’ pictures, they always look so fresh. As you said the best thing with kids is not asking them to pose, get down to their level to compose pictures and always think about little details.

    My hubs has that “ugh. my mom and her dumb camera!” memory of his childhood :P so you made me laugh a lot!! :)


  5. Amy

    Totally agree with your tips… I prefer candid shots of children as well when they don’t realise or care if the camera is there which leaves them to just be themselves. For me, they are the moments to capture. Love your pics as usual xx

  6. Eli

    Thank you Taza for great tips.

    I’ve been photographing my little girl for a while and couldn’t put up the post better myself!

    And of course looking at the photos of your children not surprisingly is also kind of my favorite thing to do ;) xx

  7. R

    These are great tips! I love how you photograph your kids and it truly seems that they like it that way :) I love the bokeh background, it makes the photos way more beautiful!

  8. Lucy

    Beautiful photographs!!! Such memories!!!

    Absolutely love them all, but especially E’s cute pigtails, the littlies tackling you to the ground and the grapes!!!

    My 21 month old loves using anything as a phone… his own hand… a car…!

    X x x

  9. Sophie

    So gorgeous. Plus the promotion is working, I’ve been considering a Canon…!

  10. Maria

    I absolutely love your colourful photos and seeing how many many pictures you take day after day I am getting quite excited about having my own babies and taking looooads of photos of them one day!

    I think it’s great – especially for THEM, as I know how happy I am to have albums and albums full of photos from when I was a little girl!

    Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  11. Emily

    Even though I already have a Canon EOS 1000D that I got 3 years ago for my 15th birthday, I’m really considering updating it! I absolutely love photography, and I originally followed your lovely blog because I was taken in with your wonderful captures of your family.

  12. Eleanor with the grapes, too cute!

  13. Cris

    I LOVE your blog ! I’m a photographer and I feel
    Inspired by images….
    I also love your top Naomi, could you share where you got it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks, from madewell.

  14. Jelena

    I noticed a realy nice improvement in your photos recently. Would you share what lens were using in these beautyfull photos please?

    • TAZA

      i like my portrait lens, the 50 mm.

  15. Rosie

    That photo of Eleanor with her grape phone! So adorable. If I was smart enough, I’d make a joke comparing her grape phone to Apple iPhones but I’m just not…

    On a side note, another good trick for photographing fast-moving subjects (children, animals etc.) is to turn your shutter speed up a notch, to 1/500 or something. You have to adjust the ISO and stuff to let more light in to compensate of course, but the faster shutter speeds help to capture kids mid-jump/shout/spin/run! It’s the only way I can get good photographs of our super-fast moving dog!

  16. Cris

    ” your” images

  17. Emma

    I love those photos of your children climbing all over you! So cute.
    I love photography and these are great tips. One I would add is: Don’t always worry about getting the “perfect” photo. Some of my favourite photos of my daughter are a little blurred, or not composed quite right! It’s the memories they capture that matter most! xx

  18. Sini

    These tips are nice! I love that your kids aren’t camera shy, or that you don’t need to ask to pose. In my family cameras where just for special occasions, so I am camera shy and tend to pose and result is awful.

    I prefer to take the photos than be in it.. Do you have tips for camera shy persons? So I could relax and be myself when camera is there!

    • TAZA

      i think you just have to get in front of the camera! everyone is always a little shy in the beginning but just get out there and smile and be goofy or whatever! you, or your friends or spouse or children or even future children will want to see you in photos as the years go on! just do it! ;)

  19. You’re right! Those shots of you playing with the kids are to die for. I love un-set up pics like those. Everyone standing in a straight line saying “cheese” is so boring!

  20. I like these photos although I now feel compelled to match my nail polish and lipstick to my watch and boys’ shoes. Is it wrong that I love that so much? ;-)

  21. These are such lovely Pictures!!! I have a Canon as well and am still trying to figure it out :) Your Kids are the perfect little Models :)

    Happy Thursday!

  22. Hi Taza
    Great tips for a new mom! My question is, any tips for photo management on the downloading end? I end up with loads of photos between my camera and iphone, and don’t know what the best software is for viewing, editing, and general photo management so I can delete the bad ones and save the good. The way I’m doing it now is so manual, and can take hours to sort through it all (time that i don’t have with a 5 month old!).


    • TAZA

      i download everything to aperture via my hard drive. and i always just keep/edit a handful of photos. it takes time to get into your own rhythm of doing it how you feel is best/works best for you, but i am finally very quick at uploading, sorting, editing. i recommend aperture and photoshop and a couple of awesome hard drives!

  23. Sor

    I always love your pictures :-). Please do share where your beautiful yellow striped top is from, it’s such a pretty pop of colour x

  24. lindsay

    Beautiful pictures, as always! I love E’s little pigtails too :) Would you mind sharing your favorite lens that you use right now?

    • TAZA

      the 50 mm 1.8 portrait lens!

  25. G

    Yes, we have also CANON :) And, yes, you have to make a lot o photos, when you will photography small childs :D Very nice photos.

    Best wishes
    with recomends to

  26. Afton

    Taza! I have to know where these high tops are from — I’ve been searching high and low!

  27. jane

    thanks for the tips! i don’t have kids yet but i love your photography!! AND your styleee.. i hope i can be a hip mom like you ;)
    BTW where did you get your sneakers?? hehe

  28. Carling

    Hi !
    Cool tips by the way :)

    I like taking pictures from far sometimes, it really shows whats going on and you can see all the scenery!

  29. LOVING these posts!!! Thank you!

  30. Hanna

    Ditto on being a sucker for little ones’ feet :) Can’t get enough of those cute cute red sandals… & I like E’s shirt with the tigers on them!

  31. Nicole

    I love your photos! You definitely have an eye. Oh, and those kiddos of yours, are amazingly beautiful.

  32. Jessie

    I love this blog and all its sweet photos. Always captures my attention and makes me smile. Will you tell us in your next addition, if you have one, how you focus? Do you spot focus with that wide aperture or just let the camera choose it’s focal point?

  33. Laura

    Thanks for such great tips! I love youy hi-tops, too. Where are they from?

  34. I really loved this post! My communications professor was talking the other day about how the youngest generation is growing up constantly photographed and Insta-grammed, so it’s really interesting to see how they develop just from knowing that a camera is on them and knowing to put on a smile… That makes me really happy that you don’t ask your kids to pose or say cheese! Not that it’s a bad thing, but it must be so different from our own childhoods, when cameras were mostly used for special occasions! Eleanor and Samson are lucky to have these pictures to look back on when they’re older!

  35. shayla

    these photos are adorable :)

  36. Lovely color in your photos. You all always look so super fab! Love the photos, love the tips. I also shoot several shots per moment I’m trying to capture. Usually I end up with hundreds of shots and only end up with about 30 that are good and only 4/5 that I’d post. I’d love to get better though, it’s on my to-do list. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  37. Gemma

    It takes brilliant snaps with you behind it, I love the colour and DOF in your pictures. It’s one of my favourite things about your blog. You always inspire me, I can’t wait to have children and capture these moments too xx

  38. Jaclyn

    these pictures are amazing!! love love love them!!!

  39. Analese

    We love our Canon T3i, but I find myself always changing the settings while taking pictures and end up missing some moments. Do you typically keep you camera on the same setting and just go with it? If so, what setting do you use because I love how your photos turn out? PS…I realize this might be a very in depth answer, so any guidance (big or small) will be appreciated. Thanks!

  40. Katie

    Love these pictures! Your blog has inspired me to take better pictures:-) I also love the sandals. So cute

  41. these are fantastic photos and great tips! i would certainly cherish those ones with them playing as well. so cute!

  42. maggie

    These photos are so gorgeous. I have always been a fan of candid photos versus posed photography. Thanks for the tips!

  43. Deepa

    Wonderful tips and fabulous photos! I see too many posed kids and forced cuteness, so I totally agree with your viewpoint. I would love to know how you post-process your photos to get them so vivid and crisp :)

  44. kendall

    love the shots of you being tackled!! so sweet! what a great memory to have captured! x

  45. Katie P

    Hello! Just wondering if you edited these photos at all? The colours are so nice and bright!

  46. Flora

    What lovely photos! You’re right, these are exactly the kind of photo’s a big expensive camera is for. The real ‘in the moment’ ones where you’re all having genuine fun are the best ones and E&S will look back in mannnny years to come and enjoy them! I wish I had photos like this with my parents.

    Also, I love the matching red shoes. So cool!


  47. Kelly

    Your kids are adorable and I love the ones Josh took when they were pulling you down. So precious and I love E’s pig tails!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  48. marie

    Love these photos, especially the ones whereby your children are playing with you on the grass! I agree that it’s good not to force children to smile all the time in front of the camera, they will hate us one day for that. Haha. Anw cute photos and it’s lovely to see that your children love each other so much! No silbing rivalry at all. :)

    Our family adventures:

  49. marie

    ooops i meant sibling *

  50. Sinead

    Aww Eleanor with her grapes phone is so cute and hilarious!

  51. Jean

    I love my 50mm 1.8 lens, too! So affordable for first time lens (second to the kit lens).

    And Josh is so wonderful for these photos! Love. Love.

  52. Hilary

    I LOVE these pictures and the tips you included. I personally prefer the more candid pictures and you always seem to take the cutest!

  53. Just got my H a 5omm for Father’s Day. I love it so so much. Now all I have to do is remember to bring the “good camera” with us when we go out…

  54. Oh, I totally ADORE your photos and your blog! You seem to be such a sweet little family! I have been looking to buy a Canon Camera and now I’m definitely getting one! Take care x

  55. Your photos are so beautiful and fun! I was just looking at the Canon Rebel SL1 display at Sam’s Club 2 hours ago and wishing I could afford one. My photos are all point-and-shoot or iphone pictures…..gotta start somewhere you know.

  56. Rayani

    I want a grape phone too!!!


  57. jennifer

    This is wonderful advice. I just got this camera and am looking forward to using it on holiday next week!! Where is your picnic blanket from!? I LOVE it!

  58. Maria

    I was in NYC these past few days and saw you and Josh outside of the Met yesterday morning. I was going to say Hi but got a little bit shy. It was kinda funny seeing your faces and thinking I knew you guys.

  59. Carie

    Definitely taking your camera around with you means you take more photos and capture the everyday ordinary. My biggest reminder to myself is to get in front of the camera more; I’m usually taking the pics but the girls will want to see all of us together when they look back in years to come.

  60. Angela

    I would love to know how you edit your photos. Specifically the ones with sweet E only in focus.

  61. Emily

    I love reading your blog! I have been searching it for so long looking for who your red leather sandals are made by.. Please help! Thanks, Emily. P.S. I love all of your shoes, I had to buy the red Zara boots!

  62. sandal tan lines are the beeeeeeeeest!
    gorgeous photos

  63. Shannon

    I’m loving these tips! Your kids are going to appreciate all these beautiful pictures so much when they grow up!


  64. Sam

    so cute! i love these posts! just posted some pictures from a day trip i look to a topiary garden the other day. check it out!

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  66. I love these ideas — while I am not photographing my own kids (don’t have any) I have been traveling for years and volunteer with children all over the world. The idea of angles has always proven really effective, especially with capturing shy kids or other people’s. I love hands and fit doing things — little fingers coloring, or digging — they make for some of the greatest moments. :)

  67. Rosie

    Thanks so much for the tips. Im interested to see how much smaller the new Canon is compared to my 550D!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  68. Shanna

    Seriously E is a mini Drew Barrymore!

  69. Beautiful babies! I love your photos. Love from Spain xx

  70. Erin

    Naomi- your family is beautiful. I recently purchased a Nikon and have loved my results. However, after played around with my sisters cannon, i’ve realized how user friendly cannon’s are! It’s so fun to be able to see such beauty through a lens and then be able to produce that picture as well! I love love love your blog. :)

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  72. Anahi

    Hello Naomi, and happy birthday!
    I am a long time reader of you blog. I would like to ask you about your carrer as a dancer because I found really interesting. Think resume your career as a dancer? Or its something that was left in the past?
    Would appreciate if you could answer and excuse me for my poor english…

    Anahi xx

  73. Your family just looks utterly gorgeous! And most importantly it looks like you all enjoy one another. I have just found your blog, and am very quickly making my way through your older posts because I’m addicted! You take beautiful photos, and post lovely posts.
    thank you x

  74. E and S are just so beautiful. So heart warming, they never fail to bring a smile to my face when i read your posts.
    Great photo tips, definitely have to take my camera every time i leave the house. Never want to miss beautiful moments. I’d have it permanently attached to my hand if i had a life as stunning as yours.


  75. Valerie

    I LOOOOOOVE the pictures of you and the kids “rasslin” on the ground. I think I need to hire someone to follow us around with a camera. Those are the moments that are just so precious to everyone involved. And they came out amazingly!

  76. laura

    I don’t normally wanna bug you with the “wear did you get…” questions but I have to know where those adorable sneaks?

  77. jet

    Exploiting the children is more like it. Your life is posing with the kids for what? Income off this blog? Gag.

  78. Whitney W

    Hey Taza. I just found some dresses online this weekend and they made me think of you. It’s a fairly new business so I wasn’t sure if you had heard of them. The company is called Sonnet James. So, is the website. The tag line is “play dresses for playful moms”. They are doing a kickstarter right now, which is great. I don’t work for them or have any personal interest interest in the company or even know anybody that owns a dress (besides myself because I just bought one), I just appreciated the dresses so I wanted to pass the word along to you, because I thought you might too. If you don’t nbd. Best wishes, girl.