happy father’s day!

between my own loving father, my father in law, and the father of my children, i am grateful to have such great men in my life who understand the importance of their roles as fathers and, by doing so, are blessing the lives of those around them every single day.

i love you all very very much!...

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a birthday party for samson!

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i am finally getting around to sharing a few photos from samson’s first birthday party from a couple weeks ago. we had the greatest afternoon in the park with friends celebrating our little guy. like we did with eleanor’s first birthday, i think it’s really fun to throw parties for our babies. i know they won’t remember it, but it’s their first birthday and in my opinion, it’s more about celebrating everyone in the family: we all made it!...

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last week, on national donut day, a few of my girlfriends and i decided to wake up at 4:45AM so we could be first in line for dominique ansel’s new cronut. if you haven’t heard by now, it’s pretty much a croissant + donut, combined. and yep, it’s out of this world delicious.  apparently, the cronut is incredibly time consuming to make, so only 200 are made each day at the bakery (with a limit of 2 per costumer), so you have to get there early if you want one....

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