1. Love Samson pushing Eleanor – even though I follow you on IG I always love these round ups :)

  2. Your kids just get cuter as they grow up! You’ve been eating some seriously delicious looking food lately; that pizza that E is planting her face into looks epic!

  3. Sarah

    The photos from that rain installation are gorgeous! I like the contrast with the umbrellas too. I love Eleanor’s very satisfied/mischevious little face on the scooter. She looks so independent!

  4. These pictures are so good to say they’re from your phone! x


  5. My favorite picture might be Eleanor at Pinkberry. The vine you posted of that little situation? I nearly died from cuteness overload!

  6. Sarah

    I remember when I my honey on her first ice cream date. I didn’t realize how much joy a simple stop at the ice cream shop could bring! The best!

  7. Tiana

    That picture of you at the moma?

  8. samson’s hair is almost long enough for pigtails too! ;)

  9. Love these posts! So much fun to look at :) Oh, the rain room looks sooo amazing, so disappointed that I can’t make it up there in time to sneak a peek!

  10. lovely pictures as always :) would love to run into you guys in the city one day.

  11. I have absolutely LOVED that top picture of eleanor since i first saw it on instagram. she’s such a beauty.

    i also cannot get over backlit shots of you guys in the water.

    so serene.

  12. Isabella

    Your photos at the Rain Room are mesmerizing (And the rest are fun too)!

  13. Nicole

    Love the rain installation photos! Looking at your pictures makes me want kids someday ;)


  14. Kelly

    Ugh your family is just too cute to be true!

    And super random…but I love the hanging lights at that outdoor wedding you went to. Such a beautiful Pinterest-esque touch!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  15. Abby

    Love the photos taken at the rain installation. If I lived in NYC, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

  16. Mary

    Those rain installation pictures are absolute magic.

  17. Mariana Seoane

    Hi Naomi, i just love your blog! You are such a lovely lady and your kids are really rockstars!
    I have two boys same age as your kids
    Why don t you tive us ideas of kids meals?
    Love from Brazil!

  18. Jaclyn

    awww your children are just adorable!! love seeing your pictures!!!!

  19. kendall

    beautiful pics!! makes me want to visit NY! x

  20. Erin

    Love the picture of the rain room! How fun! Your kiddos are so lucky to get to do so many fun things!

    Happy belated birthday to you and Samson!


  21. I love your prose, but these round-ups are just the greatest. They’re like a total shot in the arm of cuteness and happiness. Thanks for that!

  22. You always capture great moments and facial expressions of your children… a real talent! x

  23. Carie

    Love the umbrellas and the backlit shots. Are you still doing any dancing at the moment, or do you just have fabulous muscle memory to pull those positions?

    • TAZA

      i’m not dancing right now but the muscle memory is always there, even if the muscles are screaming the entire time. ;)

  24. Eli

    I love seeing your everyday ramblings on Instagram, on your site or anywhere you upload them to. xxx

  25. Dani

    Summer suits your family so well.

  26. Esther

    Good stuff. I’m glad you had a good birthday. 27 is a great year. But for real, i’m gonna need to know where those overalls are from ;) they’re too cute.

  27. all these photos scream fun!!!! and summer! love it :)

  28. heather

    I can hardly stand all the cuteness. Seriously ladybug. You are one lucky gal :)

  29. Arti K.

    Ditto Esther- Where are those adorbs overalls from?

    • TAZA

      from anthropologie! scored them on sale, too!

  30. Cathy

    So lovely those pictures you guys are always having lots of fun :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  31. Shannon

    These pictures are so fun! I’m totally loving that yellow color blocked, striped sweater!


  32. I have been noticing lately how much I love how you dress. I love how covered up you are. It is very classy.


    Jen from San Francisco

    ps A recent post from our little weekend in Yosemite

    • TAZA

      thank you! that means a lot!

  33. Joy

    Geez, your Life Lately photos are getting better and better!

  34. So beautiful as always, Naomi! Your little ones are growing so quickly! Life looks good for you :)

    ♥ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  35. Rebecca

    I love these posts! The photo of you holding Samson with the rain falling! Goodness!

  36. Sam

    I love it. Especially that picture of you with the rainfall in the background! Beautiful. Hope you had a great birthday. New post on my blog all about my Mom’s birthday. We celebrated by staying over night in Cape May, New Jersey!

  37. Bea

    I love the photos with the umbrellas!!!
    And Eleonor is bacaming a little girl!!!

  38. Lucinda

    Beautiful montage of your latest happenings!

  39. Jazz

    What cute pictures! I especially liked the group shot with you guys and Eli and Julie and their baby :)

  40. Summer

    I can’t believe how quick Eleanor is growing! She is growing into a little lady. It is a blast watching your family grow. Thanks for sharing!

  41. JM

    You know, your kids are going to be so grateful when they’re older that you took all these photos. What a lovely way to look back on their childhood.


  42. I think that this has to be my favourite ‘According to my iPhone’ post. So many incredible pictures, looks like you’ve been on the loveliest of little adventures.
    E and S are such an adorable pair, especially with that pushchair, oh gosh!


  43. Love the orange umbrellas installation!

  44. G

    Nice review :)

  45. It looks like your iPhone has had a lot of fun lately! Lovely pictures!

  46. definitely in ♥ with your style!!!!

  47. Lovely pictures as always! Your family is amazing and is truly an inspiration for young adults who would like to have it all. Love. Family. NYC. Although there are obvious hardships that come with all those things, its so nice to see the good shine through in your photos.
    Just lovely.


  48. Melissa

    Samson is looking so grown up! Also, I was wondering if you still love the double stroller? I am looking at a new stroller and was thinking of getting one with the kickboard instead of a double. Wondering what you thought of that system??

    • TAZA

      i do love my double. i think it depends on your kids regarding kickboard or double seats. sometimes E doesn’t want to ride, only walk. other times she only wants to sit in the stroller and will go a few days without touching the kickboard. sorry i am not very helpful!

  49. ashley

    How cute does Eleanor look in the black and white photo? That girl is cool!

  50. Jamie

    Where is the umbrella installation?

    • TAZA

      it was at madison square park but i believe it was only for the weekend. they were promoting skincare and shade for summer!

  51. ESA

    Your photos capture the fullness and joy of life!

    And as an avid smoothie maker, I’d recommend adding avocado to mix. Avocado adds creaminess and protein (and, er, good fat) without altering the flavor. Happy summer fruit and vegetable smoothie making!

  52. julie

    how do the kids ride wihtout the back of the bike seat pushing their helmets forward the whole time? Any tips?

  53. Valerie

    Hey! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and I must say I’m already completely hooked! I love your pictures. It must not be hard to have so many great pictures when your family is so beautiful and looks so happy. I’m reading old posts now and can’t wait for the new ones! Thanks for this more-than-welcome interruption to my day!

  54. smei

    my goodness, those kiddos are the cutest!

    and it looks like they’re getting to enjoy some seriously delicious summer snacks :) box of giant cookies? yes, please!


  55. RoselyC

    Lovely photos. NY looks like such a magical city.

  56. Melanie

    That shot of you in a dance pose with the light shinning is awesome! Your life looks fabulous and your kiddos are just too cute! You make NY look like all it’s cracked up to be!

  57. Lovely photos–as always. ;) I keep seeing photos of the MOMA exhibit and I want to go SO bad! Lucky yous guys. I’m also loving your clothing. I’ve always loved it, but there is something that has been jumping out at me…

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons

  58. I know it’s obvious, but you have such beautiful children. They always look so happy and cute :)

  59. Jane

    the littles are looking so grown up! e’s little topknot – too cute! and so wishing I lived in NYC right now to go play in rain room at the MOMA – your photos from it are lovely!

  60. All you NYork kiddos are def. settling into summer easy!! Being from NY City and currently living in Dallas-Texas I miss the Northern heat waves to pieces. These summer heat “tidal” waves we experience in Texas are something out of record books! Given we all blast the a/c to no end… it still makes for ridiculous summers. We live for summer nights out and about, and our weekends poolside, (albeit the pool water remains a scorcher, we make the best of it!). Soak up your breezy mornings, cool sprinklers with the kids, easy lunches on the patio, and barefeet in the grass bc some of us only get to experience those beautiful days come Spring/Fall! Love to all of you – Steph

  61. I really love your smile Taza. It makes me feel I have to smile more and more and more every day, no matter what

  62. Naomi! I was watching my tv this morning, catching up with a little Kelly + Michael [gosh, isn’t he dreamy! ;)] and I swear I spotted you in the audience!? Am I crazy?

    Either way, you looked great or your doppelganger twin did!


  63. sharon

    Hi Taza, I was just wondering if you’d mind sharing how you make the diptych for your instagram pictures. Is there an app for it or do you just have to make it manually? Also, is it time consuming to get your photos ready for your blog? You’d have to get all of your pictures on your computer first, right? Anyways, I hope you have the time to answer my questions. Thanks so much!

  64. Davina

    your family is too picture perfect adorable! i always enjoy seeing all of your little and big adventures! :D

  65. i’ve been dying to go to the rain room…too bad i didn’t live closer!! :)

  66. naomi….they’re growing up so quickly, it’s crazy!

  67. The Rain Room — SO COOL!!

    Your photos and stories always make me want to live in the city.

  68. Miya

    I’m pretty sure that if your family were any cuter you all would spontaneously combust. I really enjoy reading about your adventures in NYC.

  69. i just love instagrams and the gorgeous way we can capture our lives.

    cheers for an awesome round-up!!

  70. Heather

    Eli! Julie! Zara!!! Blog stalking at its best!

  71. Lisa

    encore de belles photos, merci de nous les partager :)) !

  72. Lisa

    I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest – but in your case, that might actually be true!

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  74. Siobhan

    I LOOOVE that picture where you’re posing with your son in a dancer pose. So pretty!! You seriously have the most beautiful family.

  75. Richele

    Looks like such a wonderful time- beautifulllll photographs! I love how we are able to capture such special moments with our handy dandy iPhones :)

  76. Hi. I stumbled across your page on Instagram a few weeks ago. It was the rain room picture that caught my eye. I am not a Juilliard dancer (although that is amazing) I’ve only accomplished highschool Drill Team. Lol. Anyways, I notice your form and Immedialy knew you were a dancer. So I followed you and feel in love with your sense of simple yet very fashion forward style and adorable children. I just noticed that you had a blog though. I’m rambling but this whole website is cute. Just thought ill share that with you.
    Follow me on insta if you want @oohboyd
    I’m a 20 yr old Broadcast journalism major in Houston and your blog is really inspiring.