happy father’s day!


between my own loving father, my father in law, and the father of my children, i am grateful to have such great men in my life who understand the importance of their roles as fathers and, by doing so, are blessing the lives of those around them every single day.

i love you all very very much! happy father’s day!

  1. Hannah

    Lovely photos! I feel so blessed to also have such a wonderful and inspiring Dad :)

  2. R

    What a beautiful collage! I’m pretty sure that my Dad is one of the most hard-working men in the world. This is just incredible.

  3. erika

    I’m in love with your blog! Love your style !Oh and , Happy Fathers Day! :)

  4. Happy Father’s Day!!! :)

  5. Haley

    Such a sweet photo of Josh and the babes. Have a great day!

  6. hanna

    This is a really sweet post :) –Hanna Marie

  7. Emma

    Lovely photos. have a great father’s day! xx


  8. Bea

    Happy father’s day to Josh and your and Josh’s father!!
    As always, nice nice blog!
    In Italy father’s day is on March!!on St Joseph!
    Have a nice Sunday!!!

  9. Kelly

    How cute! Josh is such a good father and I love these shots!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Taty

    So sweet and endearing!

  11. Love this! Happy Father’s Day to the papas in your life!

  12. marie

    I grew up without a father, and I’m glad that my partner is a great dad to our child, unlike my own. So happy father’s day to all the fathers out there, who selflessly love and devote their time to their own kids! :)


  13. Rahmania

    hi :)

    I landed on your blog and found it interesting ;)
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  14. So glad we celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day in the US – such worthy holidays! And ha, I asked my dad why we didn’t have a “Daughters’ Day” or a “Kids Day” and he said “because every day is Daughters’ Day!” Touche!

  15. It appears that your husband has a very important job that would keep him very busy. I’d love a post from him on how he balances being at work and spending time with the kids. My husband just seems to always be consumed by work and will go in for hours on the weekends…it drives me bonkers, because it’s not like he’s making a ton of money to make it worth it.

  16. Rayani

    The last one picture is very adorable!!!
    Happy father’s day

    Hugs from Brasil