field trip! a little film

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a few months ago (back when it was cooooold outside!) the ladies from the small fry blog visited new york city and we made a little film together for their series on mamas and their littles with the talented jenner brown. we spent the morning out and about in new york city, doing some of our favorite things together.  nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary for us, just a chance to capture our time spent together on a weekday morning. i am certainly one lucky lady to have the chance to spend my days with these two beautiful babies of mine with this magical city as the backdrop. and feeling extra lucky today to have this special film to remember this time in our lives where we spend the days together, just us three. a million thank you’s to the ladies at small fry and to jenner, too.  i will cherish this little film forever.

music by holly maher, hiding place.


  1. Lindsay

    That is the sweetest video!

  2. So, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. olya

    my pregnant hormones are our of control :) so beautiful – everyone : you , babies, the place. i miss it so terribly right now! and home too… you are so very right to take those moments to yourself. and wonderful and blissful as dance is, i so regret that i spent first 8 years of my children’s lives busy at the rehearsals and performances. i do love it, i do, and every mom needs her sanity and “me” time and her personal development time… but there is NOTHING that is worth more then the time with your little ones when they ARE little. i wish i could turn time back, i would have changed a few things , i think. thank you for this. xo, olya

  4. I am not sure why, but that totally made me tear up a little. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is not far off, and we are working on her 2 year video that we show at her party. I am just not ready for her to be 2!!! When I look at you and E, I think of me and Amara :). Don’t want this time to go away :(. Such a sweet video!

  5. Ana

    Sooo beautiful!!!!!

  6. Kelsey

    Oh, I love this! Your positivity is so contagious!!

  7. Sarah

    I love how you capture and treasure your everyday moments, and appreciate the little things.

    I feel inspired to make my own videos of trips with my husband and just our ordinary weekends.

    Would you ever blog about your editng process? I’d be very interested.

    Thanks Naomi xxxx

  8. Abeer

    Your little family is very special. I dont know why but they movie brought tears to my eyes.

  9. Double stroller in NYC! You can plow people with that ;)

  10. ana cristina

    lovely!! you made the live of your children be happy for ever, youre such a great mama. xxoo from spain!

  11. Jessie

    I am floored by how beautiful you are! The look on Samson’s face reminds me of my own dear little boy’s face as i carry him around. It pulled at my heart strings. What a precious movie, you’re right! Definitely wish I could have our daily life made into a video like this one. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ashlee

    okay, i literally burst into tears during the little segment when you were flying with eleanor. how amazing that you have this video! I’m a mama of 2 boys and really admire the way you mother your children. where do you find all of that energy girl? so sweet.

  13. Olga L

    Gosh, what a sweet little movie! I love living in San Francisco, but watching you enjoy the city makes want to be in NY!

  14. Emma

    I loved this! It’s one thing reading about your daily adventures with your littles, but getting the chance to see a tiny bit of them it makes it seem even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Naomi, this is such a special treat for you as a mom, but even more so, your kids are going to cherish this forever. When they are in their 20s, 30s, and beyond, I’m sure they will watch this video and be overcome with nostalgia and love. Plus, it’s so well done and accompanied by a perfect song.

  16. Lindsay

    my heart is so happy after watching that! can’t wait to see what’s in store for those two!

  17. Wendi

    Such a magical little story of you and your babies. I love how it captures the beauty in the small things. I’m expecting my first little one this fall and this video just makes me even more excited to share those kinds of moments with ours! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Sophie

    I wish I were a great mother just like you… at the moment I am full of doubts on my role of mum and asking me how I could change to be better for my kids…

  19. grace

    just us 3? are there news on the way?????

  20. Donna

    This little video is just too cute!! I love it, what a special thing to have to share with E and S when their older and eventually with their own kiddos.


  21. Jenn

    I love your hair in this video!

  22. meredith

    gosh, i just cannot get over how adorable your little family is. :)

  23. Oh my goodness… does it make me a total sap that this video made me tear up? I don’t comment to often Naomi, but I just had to. You are an absolutely beautiful and inspiring mother. Thank you so much for sharing your family with the world through this blog.

  24. jesse

    omg, bless. your family inspires me!

  25. Jennifer

    It must take you forever to get your destination when you are out and about with your kids – you must get stopped constantly by people and told what a beautiful family you are! The video made me cry…..

  26. Naomi, I wish I could convey how much we (your readers) enjoy reading your blog and watching snippets of your life. Maybe it’s the music playing behind a segment of your life in NY that makes me nostalgic, but I believe you’re so very blessed. I’m sure you experience “bad “days” – you’re only human. Doting two little babies through New York City during the week MUST be hard. That video clued us in. Pushing strollers. Catching subways trains. Maneuvering through the sidewalks. Chasing babes. But they way you look at your children – looks like pure, unconditional love to me :) That’s the way to raise a family. And when your husband joins you – wow.
    I hope you and the fam have a wonderful week!

  27. caitlin

    so sweet it almost made me tear up.

  28. Hayley

    this is so beautiful and inspiring. thank you for being such a shining example of showing others what life can be like if we let it.

  29. Taty

    New York New York. City of joy.
    I check your blog every day. It makes me so happy to see that there are people that love to add a little sparkle to every day in their life.

    love the videos!

  30. Carolyn

    This absolutely warms my heart :)

  31. Taza, this little video is adorable! It is going to be so great to have this whole blog of pictures and videos to scroll back through as your kids grow up! Especially this adorable little video.
    There is so much love in your little family.
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  32. Britney

    Seriously, I keep falling more and more in love with your sweet family. I honestly find myself saying, “watch this video my friends made.” Thanks so much for letting us into your lives–your sweet and optimistic take on motherhood is so inspiring and makes me a better mother every day. :)

  33. kw

    what a dear sweet little video. it’s going to remind e and s when they’re all grown that they had a wonderfully loving mother. <3

  34. crobbins

    Wish my kiddos looked so glorious as yours do – our trip to Target today and the tantrums that followed left us all in tears! So glad though to see your happy, cheerful faces! Makes me hope for a more cheerful tomorrow! I guess everyday can’t be rainbows and butterflies, but I do appreciate that yours looks so beautiful….like every single waking hour! How do you guys do it?!

    Good for you! High fives all around!

  35. Lori Bertosa

    Such a touching video. You are a beautiful mom with beautiful children. XoX

  36. I’m sure you have hard days as a mamma, but when you get moments like that to cherish you make me, someone that is yet to start a family, really believe that I want those moments too. Your little family radiates love and it’s such a pleasure that you share these with us. xx

  37. Mónica

    As I liked the video especially your kids in the castle with those wings and shield and sword that had to be fun. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  38. Ashley

    What a gorgeous video. Something I’m sure you will treasure forever.

  39. Really enjoyed this post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

  40. megan

    Such a sweet film!

  41. magical… the music and this city which I adore…..and those two kids of yours……so cute ♥

  42. Really! Could that be anymore special!

    What Momma wouldn’t want to be captured with her babies just like that… how very special you are to have the connections you do. What a life Naomi… God in his mercy has blessed you and Josh a million times over :)

  43. this made me cry ;) such a beautiful memory – and you are such a beautiful and inspiring mother. xoxo

  44. I rarely watch videos, but this one was definitely worth it. I love the vibe of it, how you three are happy and energetic and never seem tired of exploring. Congrats once more for being a great mama to these two happy cuties :)

  45. Lora


    PS I just searched the artist of the song and wanted to let you know her name is spelled Holley :)

  46. Kristie

    First, you are an incredibly gorgeous mama! And your babies are just adorable. What a beautiful family and wonderful moment to capture and share :)

  47. sara

    you guys get sweeter by the day! :)

  48. Nikki

    I know it’s not all the time, but you make life here in our shared hometown so effortless. You are such an inspiration on so many levels, and you and your family are such a bright spot to so many!

  49. Isabel

    I adore your blog.
    it makes me smile, your family is pure joy.
    I admire how you are not ashamed of your faith!

    just a little note to let you know the artist name is Holley Maher not Holly.. no biggie. I just looked her up and that’s what I found out. anyways.. thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures :) xo Isabel

  50. Lexie

    WOW. Naomi, you always look lovely, but nothing compares to how a mother’s beauty when she is looking at her children. You positively radiate love! Those are some lucky kiddos you have.

  51. Gina

    I love this! It’s was done very well. Your kids have a beautiful film of them with their mommy. Love when Elenor is riding her scooter. So very sweet. XOXO

  52. i’m always so insanely inspired by what a fabulous mother you are and how easy you make a very very tough job look…and its so wonderful that you have so many great photos and a sweet video like this to document these fleeting moments—i just keep thinking how sweet it will be to share with samson and e when they are older :)

    i am so terrified of having children and messing everything up by being a terrible and insufficient mother but you just inspire something within of what a sincere love a family can exude, what a special family you all are.

  53. Tiffany L

    Taza. You’re just the happiest mother ever. I loved the video. Little memories that will always stay so special and true. These kids will only be little once. And they will always know how much their mama loves them

  54. Cherie

    Just beautiful! I need to know more about Holley Maher! ❤

  55. ana cristina

    i dont know why, but your smile,always makes me feel peacefull. thank you for that feeling.

  56. Gemma

    I don’t know what it is, but reading your blog and watching your films makes me so happy. I actually cried watching this, because you are so likeable and your family is so beautiful.

    You make me want to create memories and capture my entire life just so i don’t miss a second. You make me want to be a better person and aspire to be a great mother one day.

    I can honestly say, they only other person that has ever done that is my own mother.

    Thank you for sharing your life, it’s inspiring.


  57. Natalie

    This is so genuine and beautiful! Love.

  58. Shannon

    what a ray of sunlight. really gorgeous.

  59. aboleyn

    I’m crying, this is beautiful.

  60. Ludivinep

    I love the atmosphere! A lot of love <3

  61. Lydia

    Besides the fact that you have the most wonderful kids: I love your style and your face (and hair) is so beautiful :D

    – L

  62. kirsten

    this is absolutely precious! definitely something you will treasure in the years to come.

  63. Adi

    You are so lucky to have this lovely memory that you’ll see in a few years and smile and remember. Love the blog, im a fan :)

  64. jaimey

    ok, this made me teary, it was so precious. you and your family are so beautiful, on the inside and out, and it is so sweet of you all to share pieces of your lives with us, your readers. this video reminds me how special each day is with my little girl, and it reminds me to cherish every moment. lovely, lovely, lovely. thanks for sharing! :)

  65. Noell

    I watched this without volume (my two sleeping babies within earshot at the moment) and saw so much more than I would have I am sure. There is a whole lot of energy and planning, and sheer work, that goes into loving two littles so much and helping them experience the world in just such ways. Thank you for sharing and creating such a wonderful life! You are brave, strong and an artist – you are an incredible mom! (wife too)

  66. Lauren

    I’m in tears! This is beautiful!

  67. Amy

    You have such a beautiful family. Your blog is one of my all time favorite blogs. Thank you for sharing this lovely video.
    Also, quick question. What font do you use for your comments section? As I’m typing this, I noticed how much I loved the font!

  68. Tisse

    This is so lovely. What a beautiful to keepsake to have of you and you’d babies!

  69. Emily

    This video is lovely and so is the song. Seeing you push your double stroller through the subway station brought back a bittersweet memory though.Those double-wide strollers are seriously scary to me now. Recently, a lady literally rolled her’s onto into my leg from behind almost knocking me over while I was waiting for a train. She was behind me and was trying to push past me/push me out of the way as I was attempting to board the train. When she didn’t acknowledge or even say sorry, I looked at her and said “excuse me?” and pointed to my leg. She screamed at me “I’m a mother, you should yield to be polite. What do have going on that’s so important?!!”…little did this “mother” know that after catching a red-eye flight and failing to hail a cab I was getting on the subway for something extremely important… my own mother’s funeral. I just shook my head at her and walked away at that point.., Bruised leg and all. Before walking away I looked at her adorable children and felt sorry for them that their mother was so self-centered. I told her “I hope you have a nice day” and left it at that. This NYC can be pretty darn mean sometimes… for all of us :(

    • TAZA

      i’m so sorry to hear about your experience! and about your mother. and that woman who was unkind. strollers in general can be tricky but i always try to be polite when i am out and stay out of people’s way. we’re all in this together. i sure appreciate when others are kind to me. thanks for reading this blog! have a good one.