last week, on national donut day, a few of my girlfriends and i decided to wake up at 4:45AM so we could be first in line for dominique ansel’s new cronut. if you haven’t heard by now, it’s pretty much a croissant + donut, combined. and yep, it’s out of this world delicious.  apparently, the cronut is incredibly time consuming to make, so only 200 are made each day at the bakery (with a limit of 2 per costumer), so you have to get there early if you want one. fortunately for us, we are all crazy, so we were first in line (go big or go home, right?) but the line ended up wrapping around two city blocks by the time the bakery opened.


^^^the line started forming around 5:30AM. even in the rain, new yorkers will stand in a 2 1/2 hour long line for a cronut. do you now see why this city has my heart? ;)^^^

cronut1^^^a new flavor of cronut is made each month. this month is lemon. i feel like you have to really love lemon in order to love the cronut. (i do.) heard a rumor next month is salted caramel something or other… so yes, we’ll probably be back in line next month, too.^^^

^^^a bunch of news reporters and journalists from all over (i think even france and spain?) asked to interview my cute friends standing first in line. we also made a very embarrassing cameo on IBTimes which you can watch HERE. it’s also a good two minute clip all about the cronut if you wanna hear more.^^^


^^^with dominique ansel himself! he was the sweetest. he opens his own bakery door every morning and greets the crowd. i liked that.^^^


cronut8^^^best part? we were all home (or relatively close to home) before the husbands had to head to work! i met up with josh and the littles on the street corner before he caught the train to work so we could exchange a cronut for some babies and stuff like that. since i know josh isn’t terribly into lemon-y things, i also got him a chocolate chip cookie from ansel’s bakery and yes, he did not want to share the cookie. it was a really really good cookie. (but he did let me eat the rest of his cronut!)^^^

such a fun morning. thankful this city is crazy about good food and trendy stuff and long lines. where else can you find people buying and reselling something like a baked good on ‘the black market’ craigslist for $40 per cronut? this place! i mean, really! also thankful for the great group of women in my neighborhood that are simply rockstars. it was a good morning. happy national donut day! (last week!)

  1. bridget

    so i didn’t know a thing about cronuts until i saw your instagram last week and now i want one. the cupcake craze was not really my thing but i stand behind both donuts and croissants so… yes, i want a cronut. also, you are lookin’ good for a 4:30 am wake up.

  2. Holly

    These are nowhere even to be heard of in England but I’m keeping my fingers crossed — they look so good!

  3. Re

    They look amazing!

  4. OMG I am so jealous! I was on the line that day as well but got there at 730 and could not believe how long it was so I gave up. I’m really happy you posted this because I was dying to know how early the people at the front of the line got there (aka you guys). I will try again some day when the craze has died down. I work right around the bakery so hopefully one day the line won’t be as long!

    I’ve tried twice already to no avail haha

  5. Bea

    mmmmmm….they look so yummy!!!!

  6. ..still ashamed of myself that I didn’t have a donut on nation donut day..

  7. Sarah

    On the craigslist???!!!!! That thing must have been kissed but the heavenly father himself!!!!! That sounds fun though. Kind of like waiting in line to get tickets for a concert…. but donut style.

  8. Oh, yum! I just learned about cronuts and have been craving one ever since. So glad your morning worked out!

  9. Noella

    That looks realllly tasty! I have got to figure out how to try one of those!

  10. Dana

    ahahaha, thats really, really crazy. but a good way. i love so much passion. and you girls are sooo adorable.


  11. Josh’s face cracks me up with that cronut!

  12. Dana

    oh, one comment more. i remember.
    in germany we have this things also. we call it “spritzring”.
    its so delicious but sobody is so crazy after that like you. Perfect!


  13. Amanda

    Donut plus a croissant equals perfection! I would definitely wait in line at 5:30am for that!

  14. Urban Lines. So true. I love urban lines.

    xoxo from San Francisco


  15. heather

    I think a donut + a croissant is enough of a reason to hop on a plane to NYC right this minute. Yum!

    Eating a cronut has officially been added to my Bucket List :)

  16. you guys are a little bit crazy – but now i need to find myself a cronut :)

  17. amanda

    LOVE that you ladies did this. Not gonna lie, I’m thiiiiiiisssss close to doing the same thing (Especially now that I know this month’s is lemon!!). Was it worth it?

  18. Megan

    If you don’t mind sharing, where is your trench coat from? It is adorable! Thank you in advance! :)

  19. Cronuts sound ridiculously delish – I can (but can’t) believe they limit each person to only two. I’d have to bring the whole family with me to score enough to hoard.

  20. Nicole

    That is awesome! I’ve never had a cronut, but they look amazing. I’ll have to go search one out, now.

  21. Damaris

    I’ve also heard for the first time of the cronuts via your Instagram! It looks like the perfect combo. Maybe the Spanish tv interviewing you girls spreads here the news and we can soon find them in Barcelona.

    Of course now I can only think about cronuts mmmm XD.


  22. what a great post! i’ve never heard of a cronut but they look delicious!

  23. Rachel

    Haha! I love that you and your friends did this.

  24. What the.. a CRONUT?? I’m just imagining… and dreaming. Why do you guys have so much amazing food??!

    Although I’m not sure if I’d wake up that early for it.. hehe

    Love from London x

  25. eeny

    mh yum. cronuts sound and look like something i’d love. i’d totally stand in line for one. ;)

  26. Gwyneth

    I’d seen your cronut instagram, and then heard an item on BBC Radio 4 in the UK and half expected to maybe hear an interview with you! It was amazing to hear the people interviewed describe the deliciousness of a cronut. Excited for them to come to Wales…!



  27. …exchange a cronute for some babies…!!!! hahahah
    looks delish!

  28. Kristyn

    Oh man! I don’t think I would pay $40 for a ‘black market’ Cronut (yikes!) so maybe I’ll just have to make a trip to NYC – although I’m with J on this one. Next month’s flavor would work out better for my taste buds :)

  29. Emma

    Haha! I love the sound of the Cronut! 4.45am is about the time my little one is up and about for the day, so it doesn’t sound like a crazy time to get up to me! xx

  30. Ashley

    The things we’ll do for food! This is awesome.

  31. Sarah

    Cronuts??? Oh I am so on board with this idea. Although I’d probably have to buy the sketchy craigslist cronut, as I am just not a morning person, regardless of pastries.

    Your friends really are the cutest!

  32. Ana

    haha you people REALLY like donuts!! I bet it was out of this world :)

  33. kendall

    such a fun little adventure!! x

  34. K

    Reminds me of the hoopla over cupcakes at Magnolia bakery. Is this the new NYC fad now? Because I love it.

    Cheers! from,

  35. JM

    Ha, this sounds like fun. Not sure I would like it as usual donuts are too sweet for me, but I do like croissants and it looks like they have lots of other great stuff at the bakery. Sounds like you had a good time :)

  36. Erin

    Are you for real? Get a hobby.

  37. this is so awesome! they look delicious. and could you be any cuter?! agh! ;)

  38. marie

    would love to try a cronut one day! $40 for a piece of it? Wow.. It must be really out of this world good and delicious ;)

  39. Jessica

    Oh my gosh that sounds amazing.
    Can’t wait to go to New York City one day and try one of these bad boys!

  40. Oh goodness. You have me craving croissants, donuts and NYC all in one post! Also, I recently just found a great lemon cookie recipe and ill tell ya, I just mighty have to bake some. If only it were a cronut…

    Lynden Laundry

  41. Um…Sounds amazing. I loveee donuts and about anything lemony so it would be right up my ally, Seems like you know a great group of girls, considering what time you all got up for this outing.

  42. Jess

    I mean…this is spectacular and so awesome that you did this with your friends. During the height of the cupcake craze friends of mine and I actually made a road trip from Boston to NYC for a cupcake so I’m with you! =)

  43. Oh wow, now I really really want to try a cronut! I’d never even heard of them before. Lemon is my favourite, I’d definitely enjoy one of those bad boys x

  44. “Trading babies for cronuts and stuff like that” hahaha, you are a hoot! :) Fair exchange!

  45. Jen

    My friend and I were in line the day that you were and actually saw you there!

  46. I’ve never heard of such, but I’m totally jealous and hungry now. That’s awesome y’all were on TV for this! Those things MUST be the bomb!!
    Hugs, Jennifer

  47. This kind of thing is why I love New York. Why not just get excited about small things? That kind of energy makes life worth it.

  48. Irene

    I saw your friends on TV! I live in Spain and all I could think about was: why did he need to invent something like that?!! but I guess I’d eat it too, I love anything sweet!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  49. Noor

    Oh wow I have never heard of these but what a fabulous idea the owner had to create them. I really want to try one yummy.

  50. Noor

    By the way I would so wait in line for one lol.

  51. Oh, how awesome! I’m looking forward to moving to the city soon so I can stand in line for one of these…. commuting into the city from the suburbs so early in the morning isn’t really going to work out :-P


  52. whitney

    that looks absolutely amazing.

  53. You girls are crazy! Those cronuts look so delicious… and lemon flavored? whaaaaaa! I would have done the same!

  54. Leith

    That’s it, you’ve inspired to go out and get a cream-puff after work!

  55. Ashley

    Your style reminds me of my friend’s blog.
    Very cute

  56. hanna

    The doughnuts look great! Hanna Lei

  57. I have so much jealousy right now. I love lemon. I love donuts. I love croissants. At least I now “know” someone, who’s had one :-)

  58. Mani

    Haha, I love your dedication! That cronut looks absolutely worth it, by the way

  59. savannah

    Now I’m hungry :) Am I the only one who noticed a very striking resemblance (in the 4th pic down of Naomi’s friend) to Cobie Smulders of HIMYM? I mean, uncanny!I totally thought that Cobie was in line waiting for a cronut and that’s why she took a pic! ha

  60. This sounds AMAZING! Croissants and donuts = two of my favorite things!

  61. Kendell seers

    What a crack up! This was on Australian news channels this week. So the fuss and hype for these things must b real if it got mums out of bed at 4.30. Do u think if u posted 1 this way it would stay fresh. Lol! Imagine the money we could make.

  62. Caroline O.

    Oh, Naomi, your blog is the reason why all of my college applications this fall will have an NYC address. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures in the city. I have been following your blog since I was 15, and it is my absolute favorite. I haven’t commented before, but I am feeling rather grateful for your peeks into NYC life as a trendy young lady! xxx

  63. Amanda

    More than any other post, this one makes me really miss NYC!

  64. Connie

    Love your blog! Love seeing your cute family grow together! Where did you get your black & white striped blanket that’s always in your picnic pictures?!

  65. oh my goodness, one day i will make the adventure to get a cronut! they look delicious!

  66. Rachel Hagen

    This looks SO good! I saw this on GMA, and thought of you (saw it on IG). How fun!! I’m trying to think of a way to get my hands on next month’s salted carmel….

  67. Mónica

    That grace not if I lift as soon to buy a sweet, at least you spent some time very amused by what you see in the pictures. On the faces of happiness you have certainly deserved it. Kisses and happy Friday.

  68. Laura

    I follow your blog from Spain! Yesterday while we’re eating my mother told me “you know that in the U.S. have invented a new donut that is a cross between a donut and a croissant?, And, see where, now I hear!

  69. Paula

    There was probably some journalist from Spain cause I read about cronuts in a Spanish paper about two weeks ago. I just wish we could have some cronuts here too! Love your blog btw! :) Paula Madrid (Spain)

  70. Oh well, I think this ridiculously good little thing will never ever come here in France…

  71. R

    This is amazing! I really like doing fun things like waking up in the middle of the night and going biking OR waiting in the line in the early morning to get something! It’s awesome and these moments are the best to remember! Hugs! :)

  72. Sinead

    I saw that you got these last week and I was hoping you would do a post on them! They look delicious, you’re very dedicated to get in line so early :-)

  73. I am envy itself, croissant/donut sounds like the best combo EVER :)

  74. I wish we had these in France too! Sounds delicious!

  75. Anne

    what a fun outing! the cronut looks delish! I think it will need to go on my must eat in NY list

  76. Julie

    These sound delicious, but I have to make sure to not get one from the black cronut market.

  77. Chris

    Safeway here in western Canada has had these cronuts for years best donuts ever