book reading!

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josh and i had a lot of fun last saturday reading a few of our favorite children’s books at strand bookstore. it was also so much fun meeting many of you and your cute kids! thank you for coming out! it always means a lot to me to have the chance to meet readers or ‘online friends’ in person.

for those looking for a few new children’s book recommendations, josh read “i’m a duck!” and “day out with daddy” (we always change the ‘daddy’ part to ‘papa’) and i read “i love it when you smile” and “we’re going on a bear hunt!”.   these four books seem to be on constant rotation at our house with eleanor and samson but fortunately we really enjoy them too, so we don’t mind.

thank you for inviting us out, strand! and hopefully we’ll see you all again later in the year at another reading!

(photos provided by strand.)

  1. That’s awesome that you guys got to do that. And thanks for the book recommendations. Love watching my boy learn to love books as much as I do.

  2. Morgan

    I’m just curious- why do your kids call josh “papa” instead of “dad” or “daddy”? it’s so unique!

  3. I wanted to go so badly! love both the strand and you guys, but I had to stay home for the exterminator hahah. glad you guys had a good time though!

  4. Kendra


  5. Kendra

    Apologies for that being all in caps! It looks like a very enthusiastic person wrote it ;)

  6. Sure it was great! Hope to read some attendees comments! Thanks for the book recommendations I love to give books as gifts to all our friends kids :)

    Love that you changed daddy to papa. Our Spanish word for daddy is papa (or papá, with the accent).


  7. Ida

    is it for a special reason you choose to be called Mama and Papa and not Mommy and Daddy? I am just curious, in Austria, where I live, it’s Mama and Papa, too, but isn’t it in America usually Mom and Dad?

  8. LaTonya

    Love how I am photo bombing!! Such a fun time


  9. Bea

    It seems the children had a lot of fun!!!

  10. Emma

    What a great opportunity! I love reading “we’re going on a bear hunt” to my little one! We walk around the house acting out the story too! So much fun xx

  11. I think it’s so great of you two to do this. With ipads and e-readers becoming so popular, people forget about real books. I still have my entire Dr Seuss collection from when I was a kid and my kids love them.

  12. R

    This seems to be so lovely! I remember when I was little I wanted to listen only certain stories. Later when I started reading I wanted more and more books because everything was so new and interesting. Books are something that last!

  13. so funny all those comments on the fact that your kids call Josh”papa”…ok that’s the french name(I am french)….maybe you have french relatives :-)…anyway this is kind of cool and I like it!!!!!….if you ever feel like coming to France somedays, would be glad to let you stay at our place!!!!!….and I must tell you that I love your hairdo on those pictures ♥

  14. Britt

    I just discovered your blog, and it is beautiful! I love the love for family that emanates from your posts. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. What a lovely activity! So great for the kids! You two are awesome together!

  16. Jamie

    I feel like you should publish some children’s books. You’d be amazing at it!

  17. adie

    I wonder if you guys will ever post videos. I’m always so curious on how you guys are live. Too weird? I hope not :P

  18. sarah

    where did you get your shirt?

  19. Lizette

    Looks like your day was so much fun! I absolutely love reading to my son. It’s great to share the books you loved as a child as well…and of course, new books are exciting too :)

  20. Kristen

    You should check out the Maggie B by Irene Haas. It is the sweetest book! And it about a brother and sister!

  21. how cool that you got to read for all the kids there!
    I love taking my baby boy to the library too “)

  22. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun. Reading really should start early –Hanna Marie

  23. what a great way to spend your time it looks like you all had a great time

  24. Meg G

    It was so cool to meet you guys and your littles! My brother’s girlfriend and her nephew and my daughter Avery and I had such a fun time. I bought “We’re going on a bear hunt” since it seemed Avery knew all the hand gestures from the local storytime she goes to. We have read it at least 4 times a day since! I can probably repeat it word for word now. You and your family are just as beautiful in person as you are here and your sweet spirit is so very genuine and endearing. Thank you for sharing your time with us! Much love, The Gibsons from Philly.

  25. Rebecca

    An Intern at work did the “We’re going on a bear hunt” with the kids! In Dutch, I had no idea it was an English book. We did it as an interactive moving store (the kids had to do things while the book was read, like act like they were walking through the mud or swimming through the river). It was a huge succes. I can imagine you little ones really enjoy this book too!

  26. Mónica

    These kinds of activities seem great, children learn a lot through books. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  27. JM

    Looks great, would have loved to have been there, alas, I am an ocean away :)

    I was also wondering why your kids call you mama and papa? I call my dad papa but that’s because that is what all kids call their dads that where I’m from. I have never heard that in the US before.

    Great book choices too, lovely to see Eleanor roaming around your feet as you read :)

  28. What a lovely thing to do! I actually just posted today about books and generations to come, So its so nice to see things like this are still happening.


  29. sue

    what a great gathering!

  30. olya

    I wish we could be there too! I had a love/hate relationship with Manhattan while there with kids, but the more time passes since we left, the more it is a definite “LOVE”. I miss it… Love these events too – no place like a city to offer them :) The books are so important for a child . You are beautiful :) as always :) xo

  31. I missed it! Hope you can do this again. I would live to go with my boy.

    Adri –

  32. Quiana

    This was such fun! Thank you again for doing this event – my Lil Lovebird really enjoyed meeting Eleanor!

  33. That’s a really great thing to do, book reading. :) Will also look out for the books you recommended. My daughter just started actually listening to bedtime stories. Thanks for this and more book recommendations, please!

  34. Holly

    This is so cute. Bookshops should arrange readings more often I think!

  35. really nice place to enjoy :)

  36. Rosie W

    What a cool thing to do! I used to read Bear Hunt when I was little too :)

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  37. Bear Hunt was like my first thriller. I got scared every time.

    This reminds me so much of my childhood. My parents used to always take us to things like this <3

  38. Flora

    I admire your guts, guys! I love reading children’s books to the kids I babysit and I can’t wait to read to my own kids one day – putting on silly voices and all! I just think I’d have struggled in front of a crowd of people because I’m soooo not good at being the centre of attention in public. But I guess when you get into the swing of it, it isn’t so bad!!


  39. I am glad that your book reading went so well. Thank you for posting all of those book recommendations. I am not that familiar with what to read to any children in my family so it is helpful for me. Getting children interested in reading, and yes actual books, is a great thing in my opinion.

  40. Rose

    How fun! I spy LaTonya! Wish we would have been there!