bits of the weekend.


how was your weekend? ours was pretty busy, but the good kind of busy… days spent with family and friends, the beach, a date night with my love,  running all over the city saturday morning prepping for someone’s first birthday party, church on sunday and an evening family bike ride too.  josh and i even caught 20 minutes of SNL on hulu where kristen wiig hosts! (we’re behind but we love her…) all i know is when we have time for tv at the end of a long day, and i don’t fall asleep 5 minutes in, then it’s a success!

on friday morning, the littles and i went out to long island and enjoyed a day at the beach with friends! you should have seen us all hauling 7 strollers through the sand! it was a workout, but totally worth it! plus, i can’t be the only one who loves when my arms are sore. i feel like i’m living life right when my body is working hard…


^^^samson’s first beach trip! considering he tans so well (i promise i slather him in sunscreen everyday, i do!) and braved the cold ocean waves with a smile on his face as he splashed around, i don’t think he’ll mind that mama has made plans to go back every week.^^^


^^^just me, my blinding white legs, and my littles.^^^


^^^i like this picture, but it’d be a lot better if we had papa in it, too.^^^


^^^on friday night josh and i grabbed dinner together in nolita (north of little italy). we had tacos at tacombi and they were delicious. the grilled corn in a cup is enough to get me back there soon! the company wasn’t bad either. ;) ^^^


^^^on saturday we threw our big boy samson a little party in the park to celebrate his first birthday! i’ll share a few more photos later in the week, but these iphone shots are some of my favorite. thanks to all our good friends who helped haul all this stuff to central park and for celebrating with us!^^^


^^^oh you know, for a girl who doesn’t like getting dirty, somebody just had to get right in there with brother and have at  that birthday cake, too!^^^


^^^sunday evenings are reserved for family bike rides at our house. last night we did all the loops in central park and eleanor captured the entire ride by taking photos with my diana camera. can’t wait to get that roll of film back. i have a feeling most are going to be double or triple exposed (she forgets to wind the camera…) but she had the best time clicking away so we just let her do her thing. such a budding photographer!^^^

have a great monday!


  1. Robyn

    All gorgeous, but it’s the cute polka dot swimsuit and shnglasses on your little one that makeshift heart swell.

  2. Crystal

    E snapping pictures is priceless!! Love it! These are all great shots. Happy birthday Samson!

  3. Amber

    Long Island!? That’s where I live! Some of my favorite beaches are Overlook, Cedar Beach, Gilgo and the beaches out in Southampton and Montauk Point. I’m always hoping you’ll explore Long Island more in the warmer months, it’s so beautiful. I live out east in Suffolk County and its pretty amazingly beautiful. You can go strawberry picking, to the farmers markets, little towns, wineries, farms and the beautiful beaches. It’s right you your alley. The coastal towns are great. Sag Harbor, Port Jefferson, Amagansett, East Hampton, Northport Harbor.

    Happy Travels & Happy Summer!


  4. heather

    It’s impossible to decide which of these pictures is the cutest. Oh mah gosh :) Also, I am seriously impressed at your ability to throw such an adorable birthday party in the park. Tables? Balloons? Flowers? You really are supermom!

  5. It’s always a treat to stop by your blog! Those kiddos are getting bigger each day <3 May the Lord keep blessing you and providing you with wisdom to raise your family.

  6. mara

    could your kids BE any cuter together??! srsly. ;) love all the pics – looks like a super fun weekend!

  7. Sarah

    “i feel like i’m living life right when my body is working hard…” Love this! I feel the same way.

  8. lo

    aw. one of my first ever memories was when my mom let me use her film camera on a bike ride (nearly 20 years ago)! and kristen wiig on snl is too good. happy birthday to your samson!

  9. Bea

    I love the yellow on Samson’s party!!!
    And even your dresses!
    Where can I find the yellow dress you wear during Samson’s party?

    • TAZA

      thank you, it’s from ASOS.

  10. Lisa

    Oh! Swooning over E snapping photos with the Diana! Happy belated birthday, S!

  11. Nicole

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. We love the beach too, which is why we live in Santa Barbara, not because it’s cheap. Ha! Also, Samsons birthday party is so fun and cute, I love the yellow, black and white. i will admit you make city living look easy, but I know from friends that we have who live there, that it’s not, sometimes.

  12. Lucy


    What a fab time you’ve all had!!!

    Oh how I long to go to Long Island!! Love that you are all going back many many times and sad that our men have to work and miss out!!

    Date night looks a fab place!!!

    I love that Samson’s Birthday partay was at Central Park… couldn’t of been more perfect!!
    My 20 month old also doesn’t like getting messy bless E!!
    Looking forward to more pics of his Birthday soon!

    Love love love the bike ride!!!
    Love so much that E had your Diana…. so much fun!! Can’t wait to see her photo’s!!!! :D
    Man I want your peachy dress!

    X x x

  13. Adore those pics of E with the camera. Can’t wait for bike rides like that with my Lili. Which baby seat is that? I’m currently vacillating between a seat and a trailer…

    • TAZA

      both our baby bike seats are by schwinn. we found them on amazon. great reviews and a decent price for a bike seat. the kids love them.

  14. Riccarda

    Naomi believe me or don’t, but you are a super hero mama!!!!! it’s those little things, like you let eleanor make photos while your bike ride, this things your children will never forget!!!! and woooowwww what a beautiful 1st birthday party for mister samson!!!

  15. Your little family is so beautiful! I love the fact that you go on regular family bike rides. I hope to do the same. Happy 1st Birthday to Samson!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  16. I love your effortless style! You make planning parties look easy! I’ll be planning my baby’s first birthday party in less than 5 months. can’t wait!

  17. Freya

    Stunning! Are you using any special filter to edit your photos? I love the pink tint :)

    • TAZA

      thanks! all of these are iphone shots, and i used either the vsco cam app or after light app to edit them.

  18. bri

    oh gosh those bike ride photos are adorable! i can’t wait till my little man is big enough for bike rides. just a couple more months! ah!

  19. Oh how lovely! This seems like such a lovely weekend! I can’t wait to see photos from the camera E used! How fun!

    Juliette Laura

  20. What a fun-filled weekend! I’m delighted to see you went with the picnic blankets from K.S. Saturday! I knew they looked like you :)

    • TAZA

      yes, thanks so much for sharing that link on twitter! fell hard for them after i saw them.

  21. Reelika

    I can say by the pictures that your weekend was really joyful and lovely! These two little rainbows are the best! They seem to smile and laugh almost all the time (which is soo cute). You are great parents. I’m sure that E&S will be very thankful for all the memories in the future. That is just amazing.. And the outfits. I just want to cry of happiness!

  22. beach days are truly the best :) and what a cute little party! it looks like they both enjoyed it. i love that eleanor is snapping photos haha that’s so dear!


  23. hanna

    The beach looks so fun! Hanna

  24. Amber

    I’m so in love with sampson’s birthday party!! Love the details. Good job, mama! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  25. Irela

    Wow, he is 1 already! I remember I began reading your blog back when E was born. Time sure goes by quick. Happy Birthday!

  26. Ashley

    Wow! Such a fun weekend!! What do you use to edit your iphone photos?

  27. Rachel

    What kind of bike do you have?

  28. Rosie

    Oh SO with you on the achey arms thing! I’ve been aching loads recently (one/two dog walks per day plus a workout is what’s doing it) and it feels SO GOOD! I was a dancer too, and miss that post-class burn. It used to make me feel so glowy and alive. I swear all dancers move the same way after a class, because it’s the most all-encompassing kind of ache. Kind of like everyone used to shuffle, and roll their hips so as not to use any muscles!

    Anyway, ramble over. Gorgeous pictures lady, as ever! :)

  29. Julianne

    Hi Taza! What a beautiful family you have. Happy 1st birthday, Samson! I was wondering, where did you find that adorable pink sleeveless chambray? It’s the perfect beach cover-up! :)

  30. Your pictures always give me so much joy :) And Eleanor w/ that camera – looks like she’s taking after mom!

  31. what a great, FULL, weekend!! Love all of the photos :)

  32. Sarah

    Where did u get your picnic blankets?!

  33. you’re so adorable!! and i know what you mean about sore arms. best feeling ever.

  34. Emma

    You seem to have such perfect times with your children! I can’t believe Samson is one- I remember reading the post when you announced you were expecting him. I so look forward to your posts- your children are so lucky to have parents who stimulate and educate them so much, and document it for them to look back on in the future! x

  35. Kelly

    Your kids on the beach are SO cute and it looks like S had a great first birthday!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  36. kendall

    love these shots!! looks like such a fun packed weekend!! x

  37. Katia Xiong

    Hi Naomi! I spent my whole entire weekend bundled up on my fav couch reading all of your blogs from current to your first post! I’m so in love with you and your little ah-dorable family! You’re so beautiful inside and out and I love, love your lipstick color! Your husband is so cute! And I can’t get enough of your children! looking forward to your daily posts!

  38. RoselyC

    What a lovely weekend. Happy Birthday to Samson, he seems to be enjoying his birthday cake!

  39. I love that you let the littles do “grown up” things, like explore with the Diana! Kids can always do more than we give them credit for :)

  40. April

    Wow, these pictures need to be in a magazine or something! What a beautiful summer weekend! I’m loving the little black polka dot swimsuit too–super cute. :)

  41. Allison

    Taza, where did you get those pink sunglasses in the picture with your littles on the beach? I am in love.

  42. Evelyn

    Love it!! What app did you use for your beach photos? :)

  43. Alison

    Eleanor looks like a mini Jackie O !! What a beautiful family you have.

  44. Damaris

    What a fun weekend! Love the picture of Eleanor, Samson and you in the beach:)

    Absolutely adore your outfit with the bike, the green helmet with the salmon dress, where is it from?

    Such a great idea to have E taking pictures with the diana, i would love to see the results :)


    • TAZA

      thanks! the helmut is bern. the dress is vintage.

  45. Looks like a fun weekend Taza! Your pictures are always gorgeous.

  46. Christine

    It looks so fabulous! You are such an inspiration. I love to check in on your blog, Instagram and Vine to follow your wonderful family :)

    , Christine

  47. Heidi

    Hello, I had a little question! I ride my bike a lot and sometimes it’s a close call on exposing the underclothes, depending on the skirt length or type of dress I have on. I noticed you ride, too. Does it just come so naturally and easy to you, or do you ever wear something underneath or use those little clippies or anything? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      i don’t use clippies or anything. i just usually tuck my skirt into my legs when i hop on. haven’t had any issues yet!

  48. Anni

    I’m dying to hit up the beach, but it’s been ridiculously cold here (it’s June! What is this nonsense?) – looks like you had fun!

  49. Jaclyn

    aww what a great weekend!! friends and family that is what life is all about xoxo

  50. Aline

    Your shots are great! It seems you all had a wonderful weekend.
    Regards from Brazil!

  51. Delaney

    Happy birthday, beautiful Samson!

  52. All lovely photos but Eleanor’s sunglasses and polka dot bathing suit? So cute!

  53. Aline

    I know you used iphone for the photos on this post, but what camera do you normally use for your photos? Do you use photoshop or some other software for filters?

    • TAZA

      i normally use my canon rebel t2i. i use photoshop to lift the color a bit. but no actions or filters. for my iphone, i use the vsco cam app or after light app.

  54. Marie

    Where do you take your Diana film to be developed?

    • TAZA

      i use 35mm film so i take it anywhere. most all placed develop it.

  55. Tisse

    I saw that first photo of all the babies on your instagram and I think my ovaries about burst over the cuteness overload (and hopefully showred me with lucky baby dust ;)

    Wishing a very happy birthday to your sweet Samson, he seems to have to most lovely little spirit!


  56. Terri Ledbetter

    Please- where is the dress on the bike from? Love it!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s a vintage dress.

  57. Lidia

    This looks like such a lovely weekend. And how are you guys always so fashionable? Really, your whole family.

  58. Lorena

    I love your children’s attire wish you would add links or mention where you got them.

  59. emilia

    Your bike is just darling! What make is it, if you don’t mind me askingt? It would be perfect for dashing down English country lanes!

    • TAZA

      thank you! they are linus bikes!

  60. Nellie

    Where did you get e’s camera??

    • TAZA

      it’s actually my camera. it’s a diana mini. i bought it on amazon. it uses 35mm film and i love it.

  61. jasmina

    Naomi, Where did you and josh get your bikes? My boyfriend and i live in the city and we have been searching all over the place for some affordable bikes. thank you!

  62. debb

    Soooo cute! where is Eleanor’s swimsuit from?

    • TAZA

      thank you, it’s eberjey!

  63. Shannon

    I just love reading all your fun stories! Your little mans party looked amazing!


  64. Becky

    Did you have a blog makeover recently? I love love love the design!! Your kids are adorable, happy belated to S! I love the exposure on your pictures too!!

    xo Becky

  65. What a great weekend! Is Eleanor wearing her BonLook sunglasses? What a cute look, paired with that polka dot suit! :) Samson looked like he really enjoyed his birthday (and his cake)! Wishing you all the best this week :)


  66. anilyn

    these posts are such happiness!

  67. HRO

    Oh my gosh! You watch SNL?? I just got into to it and it is the best thing ever!

  68. marie

    Cute photos of the babies at the beach! And I spot the same dress you wore when you were pregnant with Samson! :)

  69. Vickie

    The last photo is absolutely stunning! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  70. seyda

    your bicycle are very nice. and your children so cute :)

    is your facebook close for friend??

  71. sue

    what a great weekend!

  72. clari

    love it! ♥♥♥

  73. These pictures are so fun – they all have that vintage feeling! Love it!

  74. Ester Sparkles

    Hi Taza and family!

    Those pictures are so cute, thank you for sharing those beautiful moments with us!
    I love E’s swimsuit in polka dots, she’s adorable in it and with her sunglasses!
    Btw I love your oragne sunglasses, where are them from??
    Thank you!!

    Kisses from Paris : )

    • TAZA

      hi! from free people!

  75. JM

    It was a lovely sunny weekend here too with lots of activities. But you’ve made me determined to make it to the beach some time soon. We’re not far away from it so should really make an effort. These are lovely photos!

  76. Morgane

    Woah! Lot of babies!

  77. tRiSh

    Sounds like you had the best of time!
    So glad that you can enjoy the beautiful weather (please send some sun our way -Belgium).
    I love all of these captures.

  78. I see a budding blogger in E!!!

  79. Megan

    Your beach trip looked like lots of fun! Your little ones are so lucky to have parents like you and Josh. Fun family time is the best!

  80. What a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see E’s pictures :)

  81. Carley

    I just watched your video over at Small Fry! So beautiful! Seeing how great a mother you are to your babies is such an inspiration! I just had my 2nd baby and sometimes wonder how the heck this is going to work (they’re 18 months apart!). But you give me hope that this can be such a beautiful time, and not JUST a crazy mess ;)

  82. Lea

    Hauling the gear for kiddos to the beach AND an entire party to the park?! Biceps of steel.

  83. Carie

    Achy arms definitely mean a day living life to the max – or doing unmentionable amounts of laundry of course! You’re so lucky to have a beach so close, and it looks like you and the littles had a great time.

    • TAZA

      i have gotten really fast and quick with uploading/editing photos. this usually happens around 1 or 2AM though (like right now, it’s 1:27AM!) while my apartment is fast asleep. your comment is very kind though, because there is much more i wish to be doing with this blog each day but just cannot find the time. it’s a busy season of life! hopefully later on there will be more time to focus on this space again!

  84. emma

    you have such beautiful posture!

  85. Oh goodness! The bike pictures and Samson’s birthday party! Adorable!! You definitely look like an ad for something riding that bike with the little basket, perfect posture and cute outfit, I can’t take the perfection of this! lol and to think you just live that way…making me feel a little bit of a mess of a mother! haha But really, good for you for being so put together and outgoing! I would be the Mom trailing behind in yoga pants with my boys pulling my hair! :P

    Lynden Laundry

  86. Natalie

    Hello lovely! I am assuming you used your iphone for most of the photos. What app did you use to apply that great filter?

    Thanks and love your blog!

  87. Michelle

    I absolutely LOVE E’s bathing suit!Can you tell me where you got it? Please please! Love the pictures, as always. :)

  88. You looking great :D Kids are beautiful :)