bits of the weekend.


how was your weekend? ours was pretty busy, but the good kind of busy… days spent with family and friends, the beach, a date night with my love,  running all over the city saturday morning prepping for someone’s first birthday party, church on sunday and an evening family bike ride too.  josh and i even caught 20 minutes of SNL on hulu where kristen wiig hosts! (we’re behind but we love her…) all i know is when we have time for tv at the end of a long day, and i don’t fall asleep 5 minutes in, then it’s a success!

on friday morning, the littles and i went out to long island and enjoyed a day at the beach with friends! you should have seen us all hauling 7 strollers through the sand! it was a workout, but totally worth it! plus, i can’t be the only one who loves when my arms are sore. i feel like i’m living life right when my body is working hard…


^^^samson’s first beach trip! considering he tans so well (i promise i slather him in sunscreen everyday, i do!) and braved the cold ocean waves with a smile on his face as he splashed around, i don’t think he’ll mind that mama has made plans to go back every week.^^^


^^^just me, my blinding white legs, and my littles.^^^


^^^i like this picture, but it’d be a lot better if we had papa in it, too.^^^


^^^on friday night josh and i grabbed dinner together in nolita (north of little italy). we had tacos at tacombi and they were delicious. the grilled corn in a cup is enough to get me back there soon! the company wasn’t bad either. ;) ^^^


^^^on saturday we threw our big boy samson a little party in the park to celebrate his first birthday! i’ll share a few more photos later in the week, but these iphone shots are some of my favorite. thanks to all our good friends who helped haul all this stuff to central park and for celebrating with us!^^^


^^^oh you know, for a girl who doesn’t like getting dirty, somebody just had to get right in there with brother and have at  that birthday cake, too!^^^


^^^sunday evenings are reserved for family bike rides at our house. last night we did all the loops in central park and eleanor captured the entire ride by taking photos with my diana camera. can’t wait to get that roll of film back. i have a feeling most are going to be double or triple exposed (she forgets to wind the camera…) but she had the best time clicking away so we just let her do her thing. such a budding photographer!^^^

have a great monday!


  1. As always, love your photos and your super adorable family! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to keep all of your great finds (nolita) on file for when we take our next trip out!

  2. shayla

    such darling photos :)

  3. What a lovely weekend! I’m so jelous! The beach, the sun, the cake…
    Oh! I’m super pale too. In fact I’m so pale that nobody believes I’m Spanish! Once someone told me that my skin was so pale I looked Icelandic!!! Whaaaat????


  4. Lacey

    love, love, love, samson’s suspenders…where can I buy them?

    • TAZA

      thank you! from zara.

  5. Love love love all the pictures and your beautiful little family :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Your children are absolutely adorable!

  7. Li-Sha

    I love giving my nieces and nephews free reign over my camera, looking at the pictures afterward is the best!

    • TAZA

      thank you! they are indeed using it without permission and have not replied to my request to remove it or credit source. happens a lot these days. unfortunately there isn’t much we can do. oh well. thank you for sharing though! i appreciate being notified when this stuff happens!

  8. Gem

    Such cute photos!

  9. MissBoho

    Hey Tazaa! You used to dance ballet sure?? please let us see pictures of you dancing, i’m waiting to see them since long time ago :)

    • TAZA

      i haven’t taken a ballet class in ages! i’d like to though, i always loved it.

  10. your little one in her polkadot bathing suit and amazing sunnies… so stylin! i adored this post. so much light and love and joy radiates from your photos.

  11. Rachel

    Would you mind sharing some of your sweet Samson’s clothes sources? I’ve got an 8 month old little guy myself and find it so hard to keep him looking as trendy as his older sister!

    • TAZA

      zara, baby gap and h&m often have great things. bit’z kids on upper west side is my all time favorite. and i buy a ton of children’s clothing on gilt. they have great brands that pass through there each day and it’s always a great price.

  12. Looks like an amazing weekend! Those beach pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I’m missing the beach right now. Hope you’ve been having a lovely week!

    xo Molly

  13. Love the last picture of you on a bike!
    You really make parenthood look effortless!

    Lots of love from Malaysia

  14. Emily

    LOVE these beach pictures =]

  15. Britney Shryer

    I love the processing of the beach images. What did you use?

  16. I really love your photos! I wish my photos would be half as good as yours. ;)

  17. megan

    cutest post! absolutely love the birthday party, the beach, and the bikes! would you mind sharing where your fabulous beach cover up/shirt is from? it’s unbelievable!

    love your blog!

  18. Jessica

    Goodness gracious your posts always make me smile. Thanks for sharing your weekends with us :)

  19. Rachel Hagen

    Fun!! There really is nothing like going to the beach with kids.
    Happiest birthday Samson boy! How are our babies one!? You’re so good to throw fun parties, I really dropped the ball with our kids this year. The move and getting adjusted has really thrown things off.

  20. Melissa Herrera

    Hi! I am in LoVe with Samsons swimsuit at the beach. Where is it from?