birthday recap.


last monday we celebrated my 27th birthday. i was excited to turn 27. 27 just sounds really nice. i feel like you can dish out a little bit of advice with that number backing you. sounds a little more legit. ;)

we started celebrating on saturday, when josh took me to see once on broadway. this was a really big deal because i have been wanting to see it forever and that man of mine has had no desire to see it. so seeing it was a big deal but seeing it with josh was even bigger. and it was glorious.  although when we left the theatre i was embarrassingly preoccupied by the fact that they left out my favorite song, or at least i thought they did. i kept telling josh, ‘they didn’t play cold water.  i’m so sad! i wonder why they left that out!’ we got out the once soundtrack at the house when we got home and cold water wasn’t on the list. and i was SO confused! then we looked up cold water in the itunes store. come to find out – it’s a damien rice duet that i somehow grouped into once. hahaha. that’s embarrassing.


^^^josh took the day off work and woke up with the kids on my birthday morning. he took them out while i slept a little bit longer. he came home with levain cookies and flowers! you know it’s going to be a good day when you start a morning off with a little extra sleep and a levain cookie.^^^


^^^and then we had birthday cake for breakfast!^^^



^^^we took off on our bikes for the day and biked to brooklyn as a family. we biked all through manhattan to cross the brooklyn bridge and then biked home along the manhattan bridge. besides getting caught in a quick rainstorm while we were right in the middle of the brooklyn bridge (we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it! oh no…….!!!!!), it was such a good time!^^^


^^^josh and eleanor are usually lightyears ahead of samson and me when we’re biking. but every once in a while we catch up at a red light or corner and i get to look over at these two adorable faces and i’m like, oh gosh. is this my life?^^^


^^^more thoughts like that when moments like this take place.^^^


bday36 bday33

^^^we biked to grimaldi’s (um. new location?!) for pizza.^^^

bday46 bday49 bday50 bday52bday22 bday23bday38

^^^peek a boo underneath the pizza!!!^^^


^^^my kids know how to put away pizza. it’s incredible.^^^


^^^we hung out by the bridge and enjoyed taking in the beautiful view while watching for boats!^^^


^^^if there is a puddle of dirty water somewhere, chances are my kids will find it.^^^



thank you for a beautiful day, family. so grateful for the chance to spend my days with you three in this exciting city. can’t wait to see what you have in store, 27! 

  1. ccttkops (Crystal)

    Looks like a magical birthday! Happy Birthday!

  2. Gorgeous – that must be a Kate Spade Saturday jumper…! Happy birthday, girl!

  3. Ariel

    These pictures are beautiful (like always!) My faves are E’s shocked face at your birthday candles, E & S side by side in their bike seats, and you and Josh together :) (I adore your freckles!!!) Looks like you had a beautiful birthday, you lucky lady! XO

  4. Man, I could really go for a slice of that cake right about now! Happy (late) birthday :)

  5. What a lovely birthday!
    I’m so jealous you saw once. Just adore that film, falling slowly was the song my husband and i walked down the aisle too.
    Oh and the pic ofnthose two little ones in the bike seats….adorable!!

  6. Rhianne

    I’ve loved 27 so far (though our lives couldn’t be any more different, but that’s part of the fun right?) It looks like you started it the right way :)

    p.s. Love the photo of you and Josh, you look lovely

  7. These might be some of my favorite photos you’ve ever posted (and that says a lot!) The face E is making at your birthday cake is priceless, as is the photo of your kiddies holding hands! Happy Belated Birthday! 27 is a fun year!

  8. Lucy

    Looks like the perfect Birthday!! :D
    Love all the photo’s!! Especially E’s face at the sparklers, The cutie littlies on the bike ride, your beautiful freckles, playing in the mud… All of them!!
    Also love the part about you thinking the song got left out… I do that constantly!!
    X x x

  9. Ragna

    Hi Naomi! Congratulations on turning 27! It looked like a great birthday, indeed.

    Could you tell me what nailpolish you’re wearing? It looks great with your jumpsuit.

    Thanks and greetings from Belgium.

    PS: I love your blog. I’m a mommy to be (due 14th of november, can’t wait!) and I think your blog is very inspiring.

  10. Looks like a gorgeous day! Your kiddos are so cute. Happy 27!

  11. amanda

    this is like THE ultimate perfect new york summer day. and every birthday should start off with a breakfast of cookies from Levain!! happy birthday naomi!

  12. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy Belated Birthday Naomi :)

  13. Sarah

    Happy birthday to you! I felt the same way about turning 27 and am still thoroughly enjoying my age.

    You guys really outdid yourself with these photos and that romper you’re sporting is gorgeous!

  14. this looks amazing :) happy birthday again! love seeing all these pictures of you and your beautiful and happy family :)

  15. hanna

    In the second to last photo you look fantastic. Happy Birthday. Hanna Marie

  16. happy 27, sweet naomi! you look beautiful and radiant :) i think those “is this really my life” moments are bringing out your happy glow!!

  17. sara

    looks like you had a wonderful birthday! those bike ride photos are so sweet!!

    just curious as to what color lipstick you’re wearing? that pink is gorgeous!! (i just bought some hot pink lipstick…still working up the courage to wear it out beyond my kitchen, ha!)

  18. Damaris

    What a wonderful birthday! It’s great that you got to see Once with Josh, I love the movie, sure the musical play is great as well :)

    Wonderful pictures in the Brooklyn bridge, my heart melted with the one with E and S holding hands and laughing.

    Hope you the best with the 27! :)


  19. giulia

    oh it looks like the most wonderful birthday day! these pictures are incredible… you and josh should be so proud of how well you are able to document your family:)

  20. Coco

    Everything about this post looked wonderful! Looks like you had a really lovely day! :D
    Such a warm and happy post :)

  21. Sarah

    Love it. This is one of your best posts that really captures the fun you guys have. Very happy birthday to you! 27 is good, you are still well into your twenties, have some years on you, but not too many yet. 29 isn’t as awesome, but it’s still not too bad ;)

  22. so glad you had such a lovely birthday! E’s hair looks so cute in a bun :) it’s awesome to see how nicely your kids interact together. even if they do go after dirty puddles haha. have a great week!

  23. JM

    Happy birthday! I am so glad you had such a lovely day, and hopefully a lovely 27th year to come.

    On a side note, I love that you let your kids mess around and get dirty and not worry about it. That’s how I plan to be with my kids. It’s so liberating.

  24. Natalie

    Happy 27th Birthday- again, Naomi!
    By the looks of it the day was great, and you look fabulous! You’re very blessed with a beautiful family and I’m glad everything is working out for you :) ♥

  25. Nicole

    I love love love your overalls! You definitely can pull them off. I’ve said it a million times, but those kiddos of yours are so cute!

    Happy belated birthday.

  26. Julie

    As usual, gorgeous photos!! Your kids are absolutely adorable. Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

  27. Laura

    Hey! It seemed like an amazing birthday, all your photos are gorgeous like always.
    I have a question, that shoes that you’re wearing are avarca sandals? Because they are originally made in Menorca, Spain (my grandfather’s was born there) and I live in Mallorca It’s funny because I used to wear it a lot and now I’m seeing it on people in the u.s!

    Have a good day, Naomi!

  28. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful day:) And, where did you get your adorable outfit?! LOVE. :)

  29. Kelly

    It looks like you had such a great day and your kids are adorable! I think I need one of Josh’s shirts too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Rosie W

    Looks like you had a really fab day. Sunshine, cake and pizza. Don’t think a girl can ask for much more n her birthday ;) Happy 27th!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  31. alison

    Happy birthday! I wish I could eat pizza and stay as skinny as you! Goodness girl, what’s your secret!?

  32. Julie

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
    I dreamt about you moving to San Fransisco with your little family! How fun (and weird)?


  33. Rachael

    I love everything about this post! Especially the “we’re going on a bear hunt” reference… So cute!

  34. Abbey

    Happy 27th, Naomi! I love your blog and can’t believe how big your babies are already! Hope you have a great year!


  35. you have such a beautiful, beautiful family, naomi. looks like you had a wonderful birthday! happy (belated) birthday! :)


  36. kendall

    such beautiful pictures! sounds like a magical way to start your 27th year off right! x

  37. Rayani

    Everything is so lovely here!!!
    Happy birthday again, Naomi

  38. Lynn

    I love your jumpsuit (is it a jumpsuit?)! You look gorgeous!

  39. Kathryn

    Wow, what a wonderful day! Your photos and family are just lovely. 27 was a good year, enjoy and HBD! xo

  40. Looks like an absolutely perfect day Naomi! Hoping this year is your best year yet! I’m turning 27 on my next birthday and I think I feel like you: it’s going to be terribly exciting.

  41. Gabriela

    Que lindo esse macacão!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Charity

    I just don’t think a little family could be any more precious. a very happy late birthday to you, and congrats on those gorgeous littles :)

  43. Emily

    aw this is one of my favorite posts of yours! It’s been an honor to watch your family grow, and I hope someday that I have that same love in my life. happy birthday girl!

  44. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time with your sweet family! Oh how I love NY! I have family that live there and I would love to move there one day! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  45. oh my goodness. that photo of the two of them holding hands in the bike seats?! too precious.

    happy birthday, lady! cheers to many more happy ones!

  46. That honestly looks like such an incredible birthday! Levain cookies, pizza, cake for breakfast, and those darling smiles you get to see everyday? Perfection! (Also, LOVING Josh’s shirt!)

  47. Holly

    I love your sunglasses!! Looks so fun and your cake – oh my goodness.

  48. giedre

    Oh. My. GOSH. Those babies are so CUTE! And it looks like you had an amazing birthday! I agree with you that 27 sounds way awesome-r than 26…but then I’m just an odd number fan. :D Happy birthday!!

  49. Perfection! I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday!
    Happy Happy!!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  50. Jaana

    sounds like a great way to ring in 27. those kids are darling. well your whole family is! love the bike ride (and the husband’s tee)

  51. Absolutely love the jumper/onesie thing you got going on. I’ve been looking to get one, and this might just be the push I needed. Happy birthday, I’ll be 27 in July, so here’s to hoping it’s the best one yet (which, of course, it must be!)

  52. Carie

    Happy Birthday, looks like it was a wonderful way to celebrate!

  53. Marie

    Oops I meant your*

  54. Lisa

    I love Once! Which IS your favourite song from the movie?

    And happy birthday! 27 is great ;)

    • TAZA

      oh gosh, i love them all so much. probably Leave or When Your Mind’s Made Up… but they are all so beautiful. i used to improv in a dark studio late at night to those songs when i was dancing (and a few damien rice songs, too! haha!) all of those songs are incredibly special to me.

  55. Shelby

    What a great way to spend a birthday, with family! That photo of you and Josh is so sweet- lot of love in it. Happy belated birthday!

  56. Kelly

    Happy Birthday!!
    What beautiful photos…it looks like you had such a wonderful birthday. And THAT PIZZA!! That pizza looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

    Ooh I also love the sparklers on your cake!!!

  57. Frederique Poirier

    Hi Naomi, looks like the perfect way to spend your birthday! Your jumpsuit is beautiful, can you tell me where is from?

  58. lea

    Oh my goodness, the picture of bike hand holding!! That photograph alone is a present. I hope you had a lovely day.

  59. Anne

    Looks like you had a wonderful day Naomi. And what a beautiful picture of you and Josh. You guys look so happy and in love that just makes me smile a lot. During these days where it seems to more common getting a divorce then beging together (and in love) it such a joy to see you and Josh happily together. Looking at your family makes me believe in true love a bit more. Thankyou for that.

    Kind Regards,
    Anne, Denmark

  60. Donna

    Happiest birthday wishes!! So glad you had an amazing day with your family. I wanted to see where your romper is from? SO cute!!


  61. Noemi

    Happy belated birthday! Looks like such a wonderful time! I love your jumper, who is it by?!

    • TAZA

      thanks, it’s by kate spade saturday. :)

  62. Jaclyn

    aww what a great birthday!! happy birthday naomi!!

  63. Luz

    Hi, I am Luz from Peru. I always read you, and I really love your pictures and the concept of this page. I am a new mom so when I read your experiences i really indetify with you. Happy brithday from a peruvian friend!!!

  64. OK, so you guys are officially the most adorable. And that pic of your two little cubs giggling away at each other under their big ol’ bike helmets… oh my. Makes me want to have our second right away!

    Happy Birthday!

    Maria xx

  65. Happy birthday again Naomi! It looks like you had an absolutely amazing day. There are more than a few frame-able pictures in there. Thanks for sharing your special day and your beautiful family! p.s. My mouth is watering for that pizza.

    xo Molly

  66. Leslie

    Happy Birthday lady! When do your kids nap? :) I’m serious :)

  67. Isabelle

    Happy Birthday Naomi!
    I love your blog. You look so happy! Lovely family! Congratulations!

  68. having cake for breakfast is the best part of birthdays!
    lovely photos by the water, such a nice summer activity, to watch boats :)

  69. Rachel

    Cutest picture, ever, of Eleanor standing up on that fence.

  70. Kate

    Happy birthday! Where was your cake from? planning a party in NYC and looking for a good cake!

  71. happy birthday. eleanors face in the 4th picture is priceless. You have a beautiful little family. enjoy every minute and then some. xoxo, pam

  72. Happy birthday Naomi! You probably have everything you’ve ever dreamed of with these three amazing people by your side, so I am just wishing everything your sweet family has, to last and multiply…

  73. Mel

    Happy birthday!
    looks like you had a fab day with the cutest little party guests ever!

  74. Happy Birthday!

    It looks like the perfect day filled with blue skies, laughs, smiles and PIZZA! :)

    Lovely photos x

  75. Shayla

    Adorable family. Amazing photos. Where on earth did you get your jumpsuit?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from kate spade saturday.

  76. Paty

    Happy belated birthday Naomi !!! 27 definitively is your number, you just GLOW in these pictures !! And your little ones? to die for, I’ve been a follower of your site for a while now and i cant get enough of the many amazing pictures and blessings that you are willing to share here with us ( not to mention that NYC is my magical place ). Obviously you’ve set a great example for the kind o mama and wifey i hope to be one day.
    love.. Pat

    • TAZA

      that’s so kind of you, thank you!

  77. Not that beauty is everything, but Naomi, you look like you’re modeling in that perfect outfit! The kids are always so cute. And your husband is a night in shining armor.
    I absolutely love the last two pictures. You and your husband. E and S. What a wonderful family day. Happy 27th!

  78. We had our babies at about the same age. I am on my 3rd now at 34. You will love 27.

    xoxo from San Francisco


  79. Shannon

    Happy Birthday! Your cake looks delicious, and I’m loving your husband’s shirt!


  80. Jacque Weech

    I feel so inspired that life can be so wonderful and happy when I read your blog! thank you for that. <3

  81. Erin

    I am glad someone’s else’s children also have the bike helmet going up one side of their head problem! What is that??

    And Happy Birthday, it looked lovely. Anything with pizza and cookies and a lie-in is a giant win. x

  82. Welcome to the 27 club!! Looks like a fabulous family day:)

  83. April

    What a beautiful cake! Happy birthday!