birthday recap.


last monday we celebrated my 27th birthday. i was excited to turn 27. 27 just sounds really nice. i feel like you can dish out a little bit of advice with that number backing you. sounds a little more legit. ;)

we started celebrating on saturday, when josh took me to see once on broadway. this was a really big deal because i have been wanting to see it forever and that man of mine has had no desire to see it. so seeing it was a big deal but seeing it with josh was even bigger. and it was glorious.  although when we left the theatre i was embarrassingly preoccupied by the fact that they left out my favorite song, or at least i thought they did. i kept telling josh, ‘they didn’t play cold water.  i’m so sad! i wonder why they left that out!’ we got out the once soundtrack at the house when we got home and cold water wasn’t on the list. and i was SO confused! then we looked up cold water in the itunes store. come to find out – it’s a damien rice duet that i somehow grouped into once. hahaha. that’s embarrassing.


^^^josh took the day off work and woke up with the kids on my birthday morning. he took them out while i slept a little bit longer. he came home with levain cookies and flowers! you know it’s going to be a good day when you start a morning off with a little extra sleep and a levain cookie.^^^


^^^and then we had birthday cake for breakfast!^^^



^^^we took off on our bikes for the day and biked to brooklyn as a family. we biked all through manhattan to cross the brooklyn bridge and then biked home along the manhattan bridge. besides getting caught in a quick rainstorm while we were right in the middle of the brooklyn bridge (we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it! oh no…….!!!!!), it was such a good time!^^^


^^^josh and eleanor are usually lightyears ahead of samson and me when we’re biking. but every once in a while we catch up at a red light or corner and i get to look over at these two adorable faces and i’m like, oh gosh. is this my life?^^^


^^^more thoughts like that when moments like this take place.^^^


bday36 bday33

^^^we biked to grimaldi’s (um. new location?!) for pizza.^^^

bday46 bday49 bday50 bday52bday22 bday23bday38

^^^peek a boo underneath the pizza!!!^^^


^^^my kids know how to put away pizza. it’s incredible.^^^


^^^we hung out by the bridge and enjoyed taking in the beautiful view while watching for boats!^^^


^^^if there is a puddle of dirty water somewhere, chances are my kids will find it.^^^



thank you for a beautiful day, family. so grateful for the chance to spend my days with you three in this exciting city. can’t wait to see what you have in store, 27! 

  1. Happy birthday!! Beautiful photos- it seems like it was an amazing day. :-)

  2. Amanda

    Happy Birthday! Oh gosh, 27 was my scary number. In fact 27-31 were all scary numbers. 32 is starting to feel OK ;) Oh my goodness, I would love to see Once. My favorite songs are The Hill and If You Want Me! May I ask, where did you get those lovely white sandals?

  3. Jackie

    What a lovely day. You must feel so blessed with the love around you :)

    I love your dining table. Where did you get it as I’m looking for exactly that for our dining room!

  4. Star

    is it just me or does E look a bit grownup with that pretty bun? and Happy birthday, Naomi! wishing you a happy happy happy happy life ahead!

  5. happy birthday :)) make your all dreams come true :)))

  6. R

    What a beautiful day! I love the emotions in the pictures! You have such an amazing life! Hugs!

  7. Ashley

    Happy birthday! It looks like you and your family had a beautiful day! Those are the best days when the only thing on the agenda is FUN and you bounce from one activity to the next :)

  8. Shanna

    Happy blessed birthday Naomi! i just don’t think i can get enough of your beautiful pictures and the words you shared, so much love in them! i wish i can give you a hug for all those inspirational posts..happy 27th!


  9. Jemi

    These photos are so lovely, so full of love and joy. You have such a beautiful, happy family. Reading your blog gives me so much hope to have a family this gorgeous and happy some day, I have recently broken up with someone I cared for but I know that there is something and someone amazing waiting for me in the future, there has to be. Your family gives me so much hope, and makes me dream of having a family.

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog. It really brings happiness to people to see how happy you guys are! :)

    Much love! Jemi

  10. Anna

    Thanks for sharing these photos and these moments with your family. By watching them and reading it I’ve felt so full of joy and happiness! You are a pretty amazing family! ;)
    Happy birthday to you! Love,


  11. loulou

    Happy Birthday to You. It really looks and sounds like you had a splendid day. Everyone looks so cute and hap-hap-happy!

  12. happy belated birthday! it looks like it was a perfectly splendid day. i love following you here & gazing into your joyful life. thank you for sharing! xo

  13. Kari

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t heard a Damien Rice reference in years! I used to be his BIGGEST fan! I listened to his “O” album (the one with Cold Water) all the time on my way to class at the University of Kansas. Those were the days. I even got to see him in concert in Lawrence, KS back in 2002. Happy birthday! Looks like a great time!!! Looks like 27 is going to be a great year:)

  14. Emily

    Oh my goodness, are your kids ALWAYS smiling and so happy!? Do they EVER give you any trouble? I can’t sense even a hint of it in any of your posts. I am a 26-year-old Mormon mommy of almost three kids (in UT) and I feel like our lives are always out of control- nothing like yours! You guys seem to be living a fantasy/fairy-tale. Like you’re always doing fun stuff, always happy, never a bad day. It is fun to read your blog… It does make me feel more optimistic and renews my desire to be a better/more fun momma! Thanks!

  15. Viry

    Happy belated birthday! You’re absolutely inspiring and I cannot wait until I have a little family of my own to love so much! Where is your lipstick from? Adorable!

  16. alisha

    happy birthday naomi! i love your blog and your cute family! E’s cute bun and sunglasses just about killed me! she is certainly adorable and you all look amazing! have a great day!

  17. Liz

    Man, you guys are just too much… Reading your blog puts a smile on my face every. single. time. I really do hope you are as happy as you seem!

  18. Birthday cake for breakfast is the best! So happy to see you had a lovely day, what a stunning pictures. Love your jumpsuit, hott mamma.
    Happy belated birthday, i hope you have the most glorious of years.


  19. Happy birthday! Loos like a really special day!

  20. Happy belated bday Naomi!! Love the sparkler-like candles and E’s red nails:)

  21. Carolyn

    Gosh, I absolutely adore these pictures of your family. I think they are my favourites in a long time!

  22. carol eva

    … reading your blog makes me feel good, that’s it!
    kisses from brazil <3

  23. kayleigh larkins

    We have a few grimaldi’s here in AZ too! So yummy!

  24. Sounds like a perfect Birthday day! That cake looks delicious!

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  26. Happy birthday from one Naomi to another! :)

  27. Brett

    Happy Birthday!!!

    ps. both your too cute kids helmets don’t fit right…. just looking out for their safety!!!

  28. Denise

    Hi Taza,

    I’m absolutely in love with the joy and happiness of your blog. And I love your pictures. They are so colorful und lightend. I am a photographer and I want to ask you how do you edit your pictures? I know, that you use photoshop but do you have actions or something or do you can tell me how I get so high contrast and colors in my pictures like you have?

    Hope I get an answer. Thank you <3

    love from germany!

  29. Sarah Ray