we are so sleep deprived, but we are still laughing. thanks for being my best friend, josh. the years with you just keep getting better and better and better and….

i love you. happy six years!

  1. isyana

    happy anniversary my favorite couple!.. love is all around you’s…

    by the way, i find it very hard to load all of you picture on the blog, after you change the blog layout. i sometimes just have to be satisfied with half or a quarter of your images, i don’t know whether it’s because i’m in indonesia or anything else… :)

  2. Holly


  3. Damaris

    Congratulations! Happy 6th anniversary!

    Love your face expressions in the picture, You are such a wonderful couple (and make the best family!).

    Lots of love!,


  4. Bea

    Happy anniversary!!!
    you’re an example to me!!!
    So congratulations for your 6 years together!!!

  5. wow! happy anniversary! fascinating to compare your picture from this post with the one below (from your book-reading)… a looooot was going on in the past 6 years, right!?
    keep on going!
    take care,


  6. sara

    Happy anniversary!!

  7. Carolin

    Congratulations :) this is one of my favourite photos from the blog and you have a lot of them ;)

  8. Dana

    Happy Anniversary for you both. It´s really lovely to see two people so in love.


  9. Happy Anniversary! You are such a beautiful Couple to look at!And you make gorgeous Babies :)

    Happy Wednesday and Happy Anniversary!!!


  10. Awww, congrats to you two love birds!!! Enjoy this wonderful day :)

  11. Phellice (phellicity)

    You have such a beautiful family. You guys are so happy all the time and every post or photo of you guys makes my heart melt. I think you come pretty close to perfection!

  12. Happy anniversary! ♥

  13. Valentina

    Happy anniversary!!!

  14. Nicole

    Happy Anniversary!!

  15. Nicole

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  16. I’m so glad I browsed your archives for more photos of your wedding. You both look so happy and beautiful and alive. I think your story is such a gorgeous vignette about love. happy anniversary!


  17. D.

    congratulations!! you two are my inspiration :)

  18. Kavya

    Happy Anniversary!!! :-)

  19. happy anniversary!

  20. so sweet! you guys are a really inspirational family :) happy anniversary!!!

  21. Nathalie

    Happy anniversary beautiful couple! You are such sn inspiration!

  22. hanna

    Happy Anniversary. This is so sweet. –Hanna Marie

  23. Ariel

    It’s been such a privilege getting to read your blog over the years and watch you life grow from just the two of you to now with two little ones in tow everywhere you go! The way you look at each other there is no denying what you have is the real thing. It’s a beautiful beautiful thing.. I hope you have a fantastic anniversary. Lots of love to you both.

  24. Hanna

    Happy sweet sweet 6 years anniversary!!

  25. Mary Hayes

    Congrats! You two are such an inspiration. You both look so great in this picture!

  26. Laurie

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  27. Nora

    You two look like babies! Congrats!

  28. Your freckles are the cutest! Happy anniversary!

  29. Happy Anniversary, here’s to many more years :)

  30. Jamie

    You are such an adorable couple. Seeing your family life just warms my heart – you really have your priorities straight!

  31. mara

    absolutely adorable picture, you two! happy anniversary :) cheers to many more.

  32. happy anniversary to you lovely people! i enjoy getting glimpses into your guys’ lives, enjoy celebrating today!


  33. Jaclyn

    Happy Anniversary!!! xoxox

  34. Look at those baby-faces! Love sweet love.. I can’t believe six years strong and two babes down the road you kiddos celebrate 6 years!Enjoy the blessing of each moment together, your babies, your home and the glorious future you have yet to face hand in hand :)

    May He be with you four (PLUS MORE) always !!!

  35. Happy Anniversary!!! I see so much family resemblance in this photo of you – your sisters’ smiles are shining through yours. :)

  36. Andrea

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Here’s to many more!!!

  37. RoselyC

    Happy Anniversary!!

  38. vicky

    Felicitaciones !!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day

  39. Ashley

    Happy anniversary you two!

  40. kristen

    Look how young you guys look! Happy Anniversary!

  41. rachel

    Awe! Happy 6 years!! That’s amazing!! Congrats!


  42. Ana

    Happy 6 years to both of you! You are truly an amazing example for young married couples, may you have many more wonderful years filled with love and laughter :)

  43. Renee

    Congrats to the happy couple!!

  44. kaela d.

    congrats on your anniversary! your family is the sweetest. also, you look identical to E in this! love it.

  45. Heather

    Happy Anniversary! You guys are definitley a true inspiration to me. Just adoreable!

  46. Marie

    enjoy your special day!!! Btw that’s a very lovely photo :) I can’t wait to celebrate my 9years anniversary with my hubby this Oct ♥♥

  47. Jaana

    Happy Anniversary! The last couple pics I’ve seen of you with an updo make me think you would look AMAZING with short hair. Just saying ;)

  48. Leith

    Happy anniversary! I would love a relationship half as fun and full of love as yours!

  49. Amoreena

    Today is my anniversary, too! Happy Anniversary to you – what a beautiful wedding day picture!

  50. olivia

    You guys inspire me. Adore you both! Congratulations! :)

  51. Cheryl

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  52. Happy Anniversary, you two cuties! Thanks for being such an inspiration – you’ve shown me that true, real love exists and that I should never settle!

  53. R

    Happy Anniversary! It’s so lovely to see how much people can care about each other and how happy they can be. You two are a miracle!

  54. kendall

    HAPPY anniversary!!! enjoy your day!! x

  55. Stella

    Happy anniversary! (And your freckles are the cutest!!)

  56. happy anniversary! enjoy your day:)

  57. Erika

    Happy Anniversary to one of the sweetest couples… I hope you feel such an abundance of blessings + joy today!

  58. Sinead

    Aww congrats! :-)

  59. Shay

    Happy Anniversary!

  60. Birdie

    Congrats! Heres to many more years!

  61. Quiana

    Beautiful! My 4 year’s in a week. Hooray for June brides =)

  62. Maryn

    This is the sweetest thing! Happy Anniversary.

  63. Dani

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Naomi and Josh! You make me so happy.

  64. Congratulations you two! My husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and 6 years together. You’re right: it just keeps getting better and better :)

  65. Heather

    What a beautiful smile!

  66. You’re adorable x

  67. Laura

    happy anniversary! x

  68. I’ve only recently started following your site, but I wanted to thank you for a glimpse into your amazing life with your family. In a day and time where the concept of family seems so distant, your family truly gives me hope towards the future of my own, whenever that may be. Life is all in the simple pleasures, and I love the way you capture every single moment of it.Thank you, and congratulations on your recent anniversary! Here’s to the next 50 years!

  69. Rachel

    What a beautiful family!

  70. calla

    happy sweet anniversary!

  71. a little bit late…but happy anniversary!
    i’m really happy for you two, thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us, even if we are strangers in real life i feel like i know your family, you inspire me everyday with the love and simplicity you show in your life.
    I wish you many many many more happy years and adventures together.
    Big hugs to your beautiful family

  72. happiest anniversary to you two lovebirds! this pic is one of my fav of all i’ve ever seen you post — pure, sweet, innocent joy! love it! wishing God’s continued blessings upon your beautiful family!

  73. Happy anniversary to one of my most favorite couples that I’ve never met. :) The two of you always look so happy and I have to say, this photo is heartbreakingly beautiful. Enjoy your month of celebrations!