a few photos from the weekend (the weekend before last…)


^^^papa said, “point and smile at mama!” and eleanor of course points to the ice cream truck just out of frame. i have a feeling it’s partly why she smiled at all. ^^^


^^^i have been dying for months now to happen upon a street fair that is happening on a saturday (instead of a sunday). this one near union square was just perfect. perfect in the over priced and terribly crowded kind of way where the food smells so good and the atmosphere was so wonderful it doesn’t even matter.^^^

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^^^my kids and their obsession with corn on the cob! i swear it’s all we eat at the house these days. ^^^


^^^he is my cuddle bug and i love him for it.^^^

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^^^watermelon in a cup! and somehow, none of it on her shirt! a saturday miracle, for sure.^^^


^^^trying out the new citibikes! or…actually just sitting on them for a while, which is just as exciting.^^^

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^^^i love this picture because it sums up both my kids on the playground so well. eleanor wanting someone to help her down the itty bitty kiddie slide, and samson just going for it. it’s interesting to see how their personalities differ.^^^


^^^we grabbed sandwiches and pasta from one of our favorite italian spots in soho, pepe rosso. always delicious.^^^


^^^and this would be my daughter thinking the diana mini camera has a self timer app. she totally stepped back a few paces and posed for the photo which she set up. we were dying.^^^

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and a few things not photographed but worth noting:

eleanor has 5 or 6 tiny freckles forming on her nose and cheeks! my sun kissed baby girl, welcome to the freckle club! it is the best club. no question.

the other night over dinner, josh said to me, “i feel like there could come a time in your life where you could be a “runner.”  he must have forgotten how that one time in our marriage where i tried to go running with him, i only made it half a block.

and, it’s my birthday today. 27! i’m so excited!

  1. dee


  2. Marta

    Lovely pictures as always Taza :-) And hey, Happy Birthday Mama! Bet it’s an awesome one :-)

  3. Mariana

    Es que de verdad no puedo con el nivel de ternura!
    Translation: I seriously can’t handle the cuteness of this!

    Greetings from Mexico :)

  4. Ana

    Happy Birthday! Your family is lovely!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  5. Katie

    Happy, happy birthday!

  6. The freckle club..love it. My little red head is beginning to join also and I kinda die for them. So cute! Also, My 27th is in a couple weeks and I love seeing our lives as wives and Mama’s so parallel and yet completey opposite too.

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you a lovely day with your hubs and littles :-)

    Lynden Laundry

  7. Mary-Annez

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day with your family :)

  8. Sarah

    Happy birthday! Ps I see lot of your sisters who are twins in the first two photos of Eleanor!

  9. Leticia

    Happy Birthday Naomi!! I just turned 28 and I have to say 27 was one of my favorite years thus far! I hope your 27th may be full of lovely memories, fun family milestones, and lots of good food! ;)

  10. All of the photos are adorable, as always! Happy happy birthday! I hope it is absolutely wonderful. p.s. I agree with you on both of those things– the freckle club is the bomb & running is awful.


    xo Molly

  11. eeny

    happy birthday, naomi.
    have a wonderful day

  12. Veronika

    Happy happy birthday from Germany!!!

    Have a wonderful day filled with cake and presents! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Naomi! I’m turning 27 on Saturday – birthday week buds! Hope your day is awesome and that 27 is the most special year yet. Xx

  14. Happy birthday Naomi. I hope your day is filled with laughter and smiles from your little ones. :)

  15. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! (from a fellow 26, almost 27 year old with 1 and almost 2 little ones!) Have a wonderful day!

  16. Rayani

    Happy, happy birthday the cutest mother of the world!!! ♥
    Welcome to the 27 club ;p


  17. Becca

    Happy Birthday, Naomi! I hope your day is wonderful and full of love and kisses from your littles!

  18. Arti K.

    Happy birthday!
    E is so cute with the diana mini- thinking of getting that camera, how do you like it?

  19. giulia

    happy birthday naomi! mine was yesterday, 17!
    i hope you enjoyed your wonderful family and that they were all super sweet to you:)

    ps. eleanor will be the cutest when she grows up and has all those freckles. i don’t know if we readers are going to be able to handle the cuteness overload!!!

  20. JM

    Aw, happy birthday!

    I would have loved to have seen Eleanor posing for her timed pictures, that must have been so cute! I love that she and her daddy have matching bows :)


  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) May this be your best year yet! Eleanor is hilarious, I cannot deal with her!!

  22. Happy Birthday!!!

  23. Hannah

    aww these photos are adorable! Looks like you had a lovely weekend :)

    Hannah xx

  24. Shannon

    Beautiful pictures and happy birthday! My daughter is also in love with corn on the cob, watermelon and ice cream- the joys of summer!

  25. Stella

    Happy birthday!! I used to think that I absolutely hated running, but I just ran my first race last weekend. It was a 10k, so nothing too crazy! but still, I was totally surprised at myself. Maybe Josh is on to something ;)

  26. Gabriella

    Wishing you a happy and blessed 27th birthday, Naomi! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful day filled with lots of cuddles from your family :)

  27. Happy 27!!! I hope it’s a wonderful birthday & year!

  28. Natalia

    Happy happy birthday, Naomi! You and your family always inspire me! Let your life be full of joy, love, happy moments and lots of smiles( like in your beautiful, juicy and always positive pictures) !!! :)

  29. Yay!! Happy birthday! Adorable pictures today, as always! :)

  30. a very blessed birthday naomi!! enjoy your special day super mama :)

  31. Cassie

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I’m with ya on the running… never make it very far.

  32. Paige

    Happy Birthday dear! I hope you have a wonderful day and another amazing year! :)

  33. ashley adams

    oh my you all are adorable as always :)
    where are you & samson’s tops from!?

  34. leah

    you have me craving street fair food now! it looks so good!

    i couldn’t run for the life of me… until i was pregnant and worked a shift that ended at three in the morning. my pregnancy insomnia and any anxiety left over from my shift was perfectly channeled by running on a treadmill… which then turned into running off a treadmill… up until i was about 8 months pregnant and people started to give me looks. ha!

  35. Karen

    Happy birthday! May your 27 be Great and full of blessings; you and your beautiful family are such an inspiration :)

  36. Justine

    As always you capture your family life so well. Hope you have a fabulous birthday Naomi!

  37. Anne

    happy birthday! and i am dying to know where E’s tank is from as well as that gorgeous pink sweater with the lace/doily that she wears often. thanks! (oh…and we have mutual friends in monica and matthew harrison).

  38. Hanna

    HAPPY 27TH BDAY!! Love all of your wkend pics, they all seem so eventful & yummy. And the way Eleanor is with the camera, you know she’s going to be a star ;)


  39. Happy Birthday Naomi <3 i hope it was an awesome one {filled with cuddles and kisses from your little ones}

  40. Abby

    Happy birthday! Have another wonderful year with your family!

  41. Tina

    Happy birthday to the chicest mom!! 27 never looked so good!! Your family is so beautiful makes me appreciate my very own. You have a beautiful soul that shines on!

  42. A very happy birthday to you !!

    Loving all the Mama-son pics. they are adorable !!

  43. Renee

    Happy Birthday!!! Blessings!

  44. sarah

    happy, happy birthday. i hope you’re having an amazing day. but since your family seems to know how to enjoy a day, celebrate and have a great time, i’m sure you’ll have lots of perfect moments.

  45. Robin Washburn

    Happy Birthday!!

  46. Sara

    Lovely photographs, what a sweet family! Happiest of birthdays to you!!! :)

  47. RO

    Happy birthday!!! kisses from Uruguay

  48. Happy birthday, wonderful Naomi!

  49. Ella

    Happy birthday!:-)

  50. Greta

    Happy belated birthday, Naomi! I enjoy your blog very much – you and your family are so sweet! Greeting from Belgium!

  51. Helen

    happy birthday, Naomi! you are soooo lovely!
    thank you for sharing your wonderful life moments!

  52. Justine

    Happy Birthday! Many sweet wishes for you and your family!!

  53. Joy

    Happy birthday Taza! I never comment but I am a faithful reader and had to say, on your birthday, I appreciate you and this blog! Your beautiful photos and beautiful heart of gratitude are inspiring to me on a regular basis. I hope this is a fantastic year for you!

  54. Susan

    Hey lovely lady!
    I so much love your blog, always makes me want to visit New York, or D.C if i read older posts. you have such a beaut family! Praying for you guys an all that you do!
    One question really from this post, where are Eleanor’s shorts from?


  55. Alix

    Happy Birthday Naomi! I just can’t get over how cute E looks in the pointing picture. Big cheesy smile! Also I am so not a runner either but my husband is always saying I could be…not!

  56. I love E’s “bow tie”

  57. Have the happiest of all birthdays! You’re my favourite blogger and I can only hope to be as good a mama as you are (and as beautifully dressed, too.) never change, keep your heart happy and your mind open! it’s the secret recipe for eternal youth, for sure. xo

  58. Happiest of Birthdays! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

  59. Happy Birthday girl! All the way from the heat of Dallas, Tx! Actually it’s raining cats/dogs today in downtown Dallas so most likely headed your way ;) Hoping for a bright sunshiny day on your BIRTHDAY!!

  60. R

    Happy Birthday, Naomi! :) I really loved this post ( like all the others!). So many beautiful pictures, it seemed to be a wonderful weekend for your family! E & S are growing up so fast, they are such a cuties! Hugs!

  61. Dalia

    Happy, happy birthday!
    Hope you’re having a great time w your babes and your husband today and hope Heavenly Father blesses you with many more years of happiness.

  62. Adriane

    Lovely photos as always!
    And Happy b-day!! Wish you a wonderful and full of good surprises year!

  63. We were almost twins; my bday is tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

  64. Lexsa

    Happy birthday!!!! Where is your adorable shirt from?

  65. Megan

    Happy birthday!!

  66. Sinead

    Aw Eleanor is so cute with her camera! Have a wonderful birthday :-)

  67. Cassie

    Greetings from Minneapolis! Happy Birthday to you! I know you will have a great day.

  68. Gemma

    Wishing you a very happy Birthday! I hope my children love photography (I’m a photographer) I love how you have got E and S to love vegetables, amazing!! We have those city bikes in London, they are amazing!

  69. Lisa

    Happy Birthday <3

  70. Happiest of birthdays to you Naomi!! I just know that beautiful family of yours is going to treat you extra special.

    I too am part of the freckly club. I never really thought much about it until I met my husband and he would always comment on how much he loved them.

    I hope Eleanor’s shirt comes in my size because I need it…

  71. Lisa

    Heeey lovely!! I wish you all the best for your birthday beautiful lady! I wish you luck, sunshine, happiness, friends, long sundays on the couch, health, summer rain, freedom, family fun, fairytales that come true, wet baby kisses in the morning from your two cuties, romantic dinner nights, success, a life full of colours, friendliness and that all your dreams and wishes come true!! I hope you had the best day ever and celebrated!! Big hug from Germany, Lisa :)

  72. Tina

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! I just wanted to let you know i love reading your blog (even though i never comment :/ ). you take beautiful photos and your kiddos are stunning (as are you). Hope you have a beautiful day! :)

  73. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a great day :D Love the colours in your shirt, and that street fair looks tasty!

  74. jen

    happiest of birthdays! i am so jealous of your freckles! how awesome e is getting freckles too!

  75. adie

    Such. a. beautiful. family. Happy Birthday!

  76. Joanna

    Happy all year, birthday girl! :)

  77. Oh to have your life, even for just one day …

  78. Julia

    I’ve been a silent reader for these last 4 months but today I’ll leave a comment because E’s smile in the 2nd photo is PRICELESS! Somehow it brought me so much happiness :) Oh and happy birthday to you!!

  79. What beautiful photos! I definitely need to get to Union Square one of these days… I love the atmosphere of that area in the summer!

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Enjoy the day with your family :)


  80. Leith

    Happy birthday! I am sure your gorgeous family made it extra special!

  81. These photos are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I love the fact she set up the camera and waited for her “shot”! That is THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! A professional in the making :) xx

  82. Vixenlibra

    Happy Happy Birthday chica!! Love those two lil ones they are just the cutest!!

  83. Ariel

    Happy birthday Naomi! :)

  84. Julie

    Happy, happy birthday!!

  85. Katie

    What sweet pictures! :) I love the one of Eleanor kissing the seal (?) statue! And happy birthday!!


  86. Ashley

    Happy birthday!!

  87. Lea

    Happy birthday lady! I might be a few months older, but you make me feel so behind when I consider our near nonexistent age difference. My husband and I most definitely need to get on the adorable children train. Cute kiddos were the glaring exception at my birthday celebration this year.

  88. Jenn

    Happy Birthday!

  89. meghan

    happy birthday, taza! i love your blog, and your adorable little family. i hope your day was blessed and full of smiles :)

  90. happy b-day girl! I’m sure you’re having a blast and lots of cuddles…best wishes!

    love E’s blouse…cute

  91. Julie

    Happy Birthday!!

  92. Leigh

    First off, Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Second, totally laughed at the running comment! That would be me with my husband too… But I bet you could totally parawet around Josh all day!
    And third, omg Eleanor!!! Posing for the self timer is ridiculously cute and hilariously adorable!