a few photos from the weekend (the weekend before last…)


^^^papa said, “point and smile at mama!” and eleanor of course points to the ice cream truck just out of frame. i have a feeling it’s partly why she smiled at all. ^^^


^^^i have been dying for months now to happen upon a street fair that is happening on a saturday (instead of a sunday). this one near union square was just perfect. perfect in the over priced and terribly crowded kind of way where the food smells so good and the atmosphere was so wonderful it doesn’t even matter.^^^

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^^^my kids and their obsession with corn on the cob! i swear it’s all we eat at the house these days. ^^^


^^^he is my cuddle bug and i love him for it.^^^

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^^^watermelon in a cup! and somehow, none of it on her shirt! a saturday miracle, for sure.^^^


^^^trying out the new citibikes! or…actually just sitting on them for a while, which is just as exciting.^^^

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^^^i love this picture because it sums up both my kids on the playground so well. eleanor wanting someone to help her down the itty bitty kiddie slide, and samson just going for it. it’s interesting to see how their personalities differ.^^^


^^^we grabbed sandwiches and pasta from one of our favorite italian spots in soho, pepe rosso. always delicious.^^^


^^^and this would be my daughter thinking the diana mini camera has a self timer app. she totally stepped back a few paces and posed for the photo which she set up. we were dying.^^^

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and a few things not photographed but worth noting:

eleanor has 5 or 6 tiny freckles forming on her nose and cheeks! my sun kissed baby girl, welcome to the freckle club! it is the best club. no question.

the other night over dinner, josh said to me, “i feel like there could come a time in your life where you could be a “runner.”  he must have forgotten how that one time in our marriage where i tried to go running with him, i only made it half a block.

and, it’s my birthday today. 27! i’m so excited!

  1. Olga

    Happy Birthday, Naomi! Wishing many wonderful adventurous!

  2. tiffany

    hooray!! twenty seven! happiest day miss love taza, thanks for always sharing your life and photos with us! xo!

  3. Suheiry

    Happy birthday!

    Oh, my word, Eleonor is hysterical and adorably precocious. Exactly what I would expect my daughter to be if I had one. :)

  4. Molly

    Where is your top from?! Love it.

  5. cintya

    happy birthday!
    and like always, what great pictures.

  6. tilly

    happy happy birthday to you naomi!
    every time i comment on your gorgeous blog i always say how cute your family is! but its true! they are simply adorable. i love that photo of eleanor and samson at the slide too. its heaven! :) hope you enjoyed your day xxx

  7. Mónica

    It shows that you spent great what you would call a weekend well spent. The girl is very pretty and blonde has not. Kisses and happy Tuesday. Oh and congratulations

  8. Elena

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  9. Laura

    Feliz Cumpleaños!


  10. Laura

    Feliz Cumpleaños!

  11. esw

    happy birthday!!

  12. Pagitta

    Happy birthday! Have a great wonderful life ahead.

  13. annton

    happy, happy birthday & lots of sunshine from berlin!

  14. Rhianne

    Happy birthday Naomi, I hope you had a really amazing day :)

    That second photo, the ones of you cuddling Samson and the one of E with her diana mini are killing me with cuteness.

  15. Morgane

    Lovely! Really!!

  16. Kelly

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was at the same street fair and even thought my clothes smelled so terribly afterwards it was great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Kenz

    Happy birthday, Taza! Thanks, as always, for sharing priceless moments of your beautiful family’s day-to-day activities with us! Hope you all had a wonderful day together!

  18. monkey

    Happy birthday! And you really have the two most adorable kids!

  19. Agnes

    Happy birthday from Germany, dear Taza! And thank you so much for your colurful (in so many senses of the word) blog! I enjoy reading it and seeing your pictures so much. Thank you for the time you are putting towards it. I hope you had the best birthday! A.

  20. mara

    could eleanor’s shirt with that bowtie be any cuter? absolutely love it. and happy birthday!! woohoo, 27 looks great on you :)

  21. Jaana

    Happy Birthday, Naomi! Hope your day is wonderful! :)

  22. Lou Binns

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naomi. Such a sweet sweet family you have :) Lou xx

  23. Rosie

    SUCH darling photos! I love the one of Eleanor and her little camera set up especially! So hilarious! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)


  24. Lonka

    Happy birthday, super mama!

  25. Happy (belated) Birthday! And totally hear you on the running thing. I wish it could happen, just…no.

  26. Happy birthday!!!!! E is looking so much more like you and your sisters as she gets older. So cute!

  27. Mere

    Adorable pics, as usual! I’d love to learn the name/brand of your nail color (the coral/red color) in these shots. Thanks!

  28. Karen

    I love your patterned jeans! I would love to know where those are from… And also, I used to only be able to run like a half a block at a time too:) But with my husband being my crazy-intense “personal trainer,” I eventually made it up to six miles or more… And even enjoyed it! You can do it if you want to bad enough!:)

  29. Meghan

    Gorgeous pictures you have such a beautiful family.

  30. Laura

    I was at the same street fair! So much fun! I am new to the city (living in brooklyn heights, working in midtown), and your posts give such beautiful insight to NYC!

    Happy Birthday!

  31. Kate

    So many Geminis in your family, how awesome!

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

    Happy birthday Taza!

  32. Fanny

    Joyeux anniversaire from France !! I love your blog

  33. Iva

    Happy birthday to you Naomi! You Rock!!!

  34. Happy belated birthday!


  35. Em

    Happy birthday!

    E & S are such happy kids. Always showing the biggest smiles.

  36. Vaya

    Hi Naomi, I follow your absolutely beautiful blog and I always smile with your gorgeous family’s pictures. I’m a mum of 2 little ones too, almost 20 month twins and I can relate to so many of your posts. I read and find myself smiling or nodding or even getting chocked up as I have probably felt the same exhaution the very same day. I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, may this new year in your life bring nothing but more happiness and joy. I got so exhited when I realised that we share the very same birthday. Go 17!
    Cheers from Athens-Greece!

  37. Elena

    Happy bday!

    Love Samson t-shirt, where is it from?

  38. That one of E and S showing their playground personalities is the BEST.

    It is also the cutest thing ever that you have a tiny little photographer on your hands!

  39. Laura

    Lovely pictures and family full of beautiful colors!
    I really love your kids sandals… could you please tell me….”where are they from”??
    thanks from spain for sharing!

  40. I adore your little happy family. Makes me so damn jealous. Really. Wanna have a cute family like this, too! <3

  41. Delaney

    Happy belated birthday, you beautiful woman! Josh is one lucky hubby!

  42. Happy birthday! I love these little glimpses of your family, especially seeing the special relationship between E and S. I was just a little older than my brother (by 13 months), and we were best friends at that age and for much longer. <3

  43. Michelle L.

    Where is Samson’s romper from? Love it.

  44. I love the freckle club! i am a proud member :)