a birthday wishlist with fab!


i asked eleanor the other night if she knew how old mama would be when my birthday arrives next week. she didn’t know, so i told her. “twenty seven!” i said. her face lit up as if i just surprised her with a strawberry ice cream cone (her fave) and she pushed my shoulder back playfully and exclaimed, “GET OUT!” hahaha. i don’t know where she gets it from, but i sure do love her.

i’ve put together a little birthday wishlist for FAB of some of my favorite things they have on sale this week in their design shop. 1: a red striped canvas tote for the weekend! 2: adorable sunglasses for summer. 3: neon yellow make up brushes. 4: love this maxi dress. 5: simple times craft book, by amy sedaris (love her.) 6: black and white buildings map print of manhattan.  7: popsicle maker and quick pops recipe book! 8: a living wall planter for inside or out.

*this post is sponsored by FAB. thanks for reading the blog and for supporting our sponsors!

looking forward to seeing you, 27!

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