a few weeks ago, kate spade saturday sent us on a little adventure doing things out and about in nyc to see what their new window-shopping-on-the-go-experience is like. in between shopping and getting our special delivery, josh and i went on a sailing lesson on the hudson river! josh grew up sailing in florida so he feels at home on the water but since i’ve only been one other time in my life (when we went in the DR a few years ago) i felt like such a wimp when we got onto the water and i was already like, “turn this boat around!”  ;) but i will admit that after a while i felt a little more at ease....

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birthday recap.

last monday we celebrated my 27th birthday. i was excited to turn 27. 27 just sounds really nice. i feel like you can dish out a little bit of advice with that number backing you. sounds a little more legit. ;)

we started celebrating on saturday, when josh took me to see once on broadway. this was a really big deal because i have been wanting to see it forever and that man of mine has had no desire to see it....

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photographing my children.

for part III of our series with Canon, i wanted to talk a little bit about photographing children! like we mentioned in the first post for this series, we are still learning when it comes to knowing our camera, but if it isn’t already evidenced from this blog of ours, taking photos, and especially photos of our children, is kind of our favorite thing to do....

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we are so sleep deprived, but we are still laughing. thanks for being my best friend, josh. the years with you just keep getting better and better and better and….

i love you. happy six years!

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