throw back thursday.


i love when everyone puts up old photos on instagram on thursdays with the #tbt hashtag. i haven’t played along before, but today when i was organizing photos on my phone, i about died. i mean, can you even tell which baby is eleanor and which baby is samson in these photos above?  josh was maybe stumped for a little bit.



  1. Carla

    with photo #3, yes! But with the first two, I couldn’t tell! Wow, they looked so alike!

  2. Oh god!!!! I thought the second photo was E !!!
    your children are beautiful, I love your blog!!!
    greetings from Chile <3

  3. The first two photos stumped me! I bet your baby photos, as well as your husband’s, would be almost identical to your littles. I can only imagine how neat it is to see yourself in your babies :)

  4. J.

    So adorable! I need to start participating in these lol.

  5. stephanie

    You guys sure do make beautiful babies :)

  6. Rayani

    Oooh gosh, they are so cute!!!

  7. Daliana

    Two beautiful babies!

  8. Loulou

    I guessed right but they sure do look alike. Such cuties, always with those big smiles.

  9. Wow I couldn’t even tell! That’s amazing. Your kids (and you) are so beautiful!

  10. Lauren

    TOTALLY got it right. But they do look so similar. What cuties you and your hubby make.

  11. WOW! I can’t barely even tell your two cuties apart. I have to ask- who do you think they look more like, you or josh? I can’t get enough of their cute little smiles!

  12. Shal

    Haha! I could tell right away that only the 3rd pic was E. Samson has Josh’s mouth and their cheekbones are different Just realized that may sound creepy haha, I’ve just watched your kids grow up and feel like I know their sweet faces too well! :)

  13. Jessica

    Ahhh, super super adorable photos! They’re melting my heart, haha. Sooo cute!

  14. Libbi Nelson

    Hello, I love your blog and I think you and your kids are ADORABLE and I wanted to show you something we have in common.

    My oldest son – his name is Samson:)
    He is on an LDS mission in Argentina.

    I know one other boy with the name, and they call him Sam.
    We have always called our boy Samson – love it.

  15. They have the same beautiful eyes! And sweetest smiles. But after two years of following this wonderful blog (guilty pleasure), E’s got softer, more feminine face ;) So, E’s at the end!

  16. Alix

    I got them right! Your kids are just too cute! :)

  17. Hilary

    I guessed it right! They do look alike but Samson has a different smile. Both beautiful babies!

  18. OH my gosh! They seriously look like they could be twins! Wow! And throwback thursday is so fun! I shared a photo of my parents in hawaii on their honeymoon. My dad has a parrot on his head and it’s AMAZING:

  19. Brianna

    They are such cuties who just radiate cheer! Love Samson’s shirt in the middle photo.

  20. lo

    one of favorite memories of high school graduation was guessing which baby photo went with what graduation photo…. sometimes we play this game in my family, too. :) photos w mamas and babies, I think, are always so special.

  21. Bea

    thay look the same!!!

  22. Kelly

    I got it wrong, I guesses E, S, E adn I was wrong! Whoops!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. Oh my goodness they look so alike – Samsom and Eleanor as babies!
    I love it also when people post old photos on Instagram, I’ve never done it before with the #tbt but I definitely will be doing!
    Have an amazing weekend!
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

  24. oh my goodness, how darn cute! it would be fun to see TBT’s of your’s and Josh’s baby pictures to see the similarities there!

  25. JM

    I got it right but I had never noticed just how similar they looked. They have the same smile, which is somewhere in between yours and josh’s, funnily enough. So cute :)

  26. total twinsies!! you are one blessed mama! xo

  27. eksinads

    Samson drools while Eleanor did not! Hahahahaa :-P

  28. those sure are some similar siblings!

    i often gaze at my little one and wonder what her sibling might look like if we are blessed with another one day! :)

  29. So cute! I would wanna join TBT next week hehe <3 Happy weekend! x

  30. I love throwback Thursday, too! Those photos are so cute :) When I look at pictures of our boys when they were babies (they are close in age), I have to do a double take and figure out which one I’m looking at.

  31. Naomi imagine if you actually had twins! Good Lord we could have this debate every day and we would all go bonkers … LOVE THIS.. your babies … your blog .. NY.. America!! God bless us all :)

  32. Carie

    I could tell the outside ones but that middle photo had me stumped! Do you find you can tell them apart even when family struggle? I could always tell my Mum from her identical twin really easily when my cousins really struggled, I always put it down to the amount of time I spent with Mum because physically you had to check their wedding rings or know what they were wearing to tell them apart.

  33. Sarah

    So cute! Your instagram makes me so excited to be a mama. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  34. carli

    o my. don’t have kids yet but when I do, I’m hoping for a couple of ‘mini-us-look-alikes’ similar to the cuties you’ve got right there! precious.

  35. Natalie

    Ah I have been following your blog for such a long time I knew them all easily haha! I have loved watching your two little kiddies grow up, thanks for letting us all share the warmth and happiness their smiling faces bring!

  36. hanna

    Your Instagram is great. I love all pictures of your kids Hanna

  37. Sally


  38. Wow, I thought they were Pictures from your Little little One :) It is amazing how much they look alike!!! They could be Twins haha Both are cuter than cute <3


  39. Stella

    They are almost like twins! I thought the first one was E, but got the second two right. You and Josh sure do make beautiful babies.

  40. You seriously have the cutest kids ever. And I think I’ve been reading your blog too much because I got them all right ;) Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You certainly seem to deserve it.

    <3 Josephine

  41. Oh WOOOW – they looked so alike.
    When i take babyphotos of Zoe and Linus – the look so alike the same.
    Need to think “Who is it?”

  42. Kasia

    Wow, I thought E was on the first one.

  43. Alice

    Oh my goodness they look so similar!! That’s crazy. People will think they’re twins when they get a bit bigger I’m sure!! xx

  44. Shannon

    hilarious! so true.

  45. elena

    oooohh my! so much cuteness.

  46. Bailey

    Is it funny that I knew the third was Eleanor just based on that you had the time to put on make-up? :)

  47. I could tell who was who, but they really do look SO similar! I love throwback Thursday but haven’t participated yet, haha! Maybe this week!

  48. Ana

    haha funny how much alike they look!