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hello! our sponsor, stickygram, is giving away 5 sheets of stickygrams to 5 lucky winners today! that’s 45 photos each!! if you aren’t familiar, stickygram turns your instagram photos into magnets the same size as in the app.

we have covered our fridge with some of our favorite stickygrams we have collected from the last couple of years and it’s become a spot where eleanor loves to stand and say things like, “oh, there’s samson. there’s papa. look! there’s samson again, he’s so funny!”

to enter to win, leave a comment below. the 5 winners will be drawn at random and emailed directly this friday.  good luck!

  1. Erin

    yay! yay! yay! this is my favorite giveaway that i always hope to win!

  2. Eli

    What a fun idea! I’d love to have a mini portfolio on my fridge for our little daughter to constantly rearrange images. Have a lovely day, Taza!! x

  3. Bethany m

    I just had a daughter 3 months ago and I would love to have magnets of some of my Instagram photos of her and my family!

  4. Sarah N.

    I would love to win a set of stickygrams!!! Instagram is my favorite avenue for social media and I’d love to treasure those pictures awhile longer by keeping them on my fridge!

  5. Justine DK

    Would love to have some stickygrams to decorate my new appartment ! Pick meeee!

  6. Alina

    Pick me! :)

  7. Katie

    Would LOVE to win! I have SO many pics on my iphone that I would love to have printed out and put on my fridge!

  8. Hannah Kelly

    Holla! Please let me win :) love you taza and your beautiful family xxoo

  9. Mary

    I love stickygram!
    greetings from Berlin

  10. Joy Yim

    love sickygrams!! thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Kelly

    I’ve ordered a few sheets before and they’re just gorgeous, Would love some more sheets to add to my growing collection!

  12. Yes please!!! I need me some stickygrams :)

  13. Monika

    These stickygrams are so cute! I’d love to win some sheets!

  14. Ms George

    Ooh yes please!

  15. Rachel

    Whoa, that’s a lot of entries! I’d love to fancy up my fridge with these, and I know my two-year-old would love them too! What a great giveaway ; )

  16. J'aime

    Hi Naomi & Family!
    Been living out of boxes & bags for nearly 4 years, finally moved into a new house, & found out we can’t put pictures up…….aghhhhh! Been looking for something like this for my fridge so I can at least have some photos of loved ones somewhere…….what a great idea! x

  17. Joana

    love them :)

  18. Kristy

    Wow I had to scroll down so far to enter. I better write something witty so I stand out and you’ll pick me. Hmmm, what can I write……. Let…me… Think…… Oh no I’ve drawn a blank. How sad :( what could possibly cheer me up? Oh I know, Stickygrams!! Haaaa

  19. oooooffff!!! i didn’t even know about stickygrams, i’m a nyc girl but have been living in bordeaux and now cologne germany for like the last yr and half. i looooove instagram (@vinodorado) and my fridge is oh so bare…..


  20. Celeste

    i’d really love to try these out!

  21. Rebecca

    Love stickygrams! <3

  22. Becca

    Great giveaway, would love to have these filling up my fridge! :)
    Becca xo

  23. Love your blog.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. Daantje

    Would love to win these! Have considered ordering them a few times..
    looks cute,

    have a good day,


  25. Whitney Orgain

    I’ve always wanted to start my own stickygram collection!

  26. Amy Fjerstad

    How awesome!!

  27. Ashley

    Would love to win this. LOVE LOVE LOVE stickygrams

  28. Terryn

    Those stickies are soo cute!

  29. blythe

    how fun! these have been on my to-get list!

  30. Gina

    I love Stickygram!! Such a cute way to dress up the fridge & makes a great gift! Thanks for sharing!

  31. nathd


    love the idea!!! thanks

  32. jaclyn mayes

    love these!

  33. Holly

    Love these stickygrams!

  34. Pakou

    I hope I get the stickygrams to share!

  35. would love this!!!

  36. Susan

    Would love to win!

  37. Annie

    Oh I would love these! They would be perfect to show off the ridiculous amount of baby pictures amounting on my instagram account.

  38. Angelica

    Love Stickygram and love your blog. The blog help me to improve my English and I get ideas from all of your lovely pictures.

    Love Angelica (new in New York)

  39. mindy

    isn’t that what we’re here to do… collect memories? would love these

  40. Lou

    love these bad boys :)

  41. Meghan

    I LOVE stickygram!! Also, your family is adorable. :O)

  42. Amrita

    I’ve been itching to try stickygram for a while now, would love the chance to give it a go!

  43. Jackie

    I love stickygram!!!

  44. Marnay

    They are adorable!! I would love a fridge covered in our ridiculous family photos!

  45. Love this idea! Such a cute way to have copies of your photos around the house!

  46. kelsey

    what fun! : )

  47. Morgan

    These would be so fun in our new home!

  48. Denise Martins

    Oh yes please!! xx

  49. Sarah Pejeau

    Love these!!! So want to fill up my fridge with my cuties pictures!

  50. Sarah

    Would *love* to win some stickygrams!

  51. dana shanley

    pick me pick me :)

  52. nan wu

    what a great fridge decoration!

  53. Britta

    Love, love, love!

  54. Amanda

    I love stickygram! Crossing my fingers :)

  55. Shanna

    I love your photos Naomi and your words they are so positive and inspirational. I can’t thank Instagram enough for putting your picture up on the popular page! xxx

  56. stephanie

    i love stickygram! i only have one sheet so far but i would love to cover my fridge like yours. so fun!! thanks for the giveaway! xo

  57. Bre

    Oooh!!! Pick me :) I’d love to win!

  58. Megan

    Love these!

  59. Anna

    Ooooohhhhhhh I hope to win this time!

  60. Becky

    Love these

  61. Kendra

    I’ve been wanting to try out their product! I’d love to win!

  62. Lydia

    Oh yes! :D

    – L

  63. -C

    i love these!

  64. Love Love Love these!

  65. Ellen

    I have discovered your blog a couple of days ago and just can’t stop reading! I saw your post from the last time you did this giveaway and I couldn’t help but thinkin ‘How cool!!’ i was already thinking about buying them but it would be nice to win them!
    I’m going to pick the cutest pictures of our little girl (she’s 2 months old today) so that i can watch the way she grows every day. it all happens so fast..

  66. Selena Hodge

    I love these!

  67. Loren

    Another reason why I will love to go to the fridge!

  68. natercia

    love these, i have many and would love more :)

  69. Rose

    These would look great in our new home. :)

  70. emily

    been wanting to order some of these for a long time!

  71. Kyla

    yes, Please!! We don’t have enough pictures up of us or our friends at the house because I’ve only been using my phone. It would be a treat to get 45 stickies!!

  72. Kylee Maddux

    Get at my stickygram! I love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. KC

    Great giveaway! I have so many ideas I want to get materialized for my new house, so these would definitely help!

  74. Jessica

    I’d LOVE to win! I’m quite obsessed with instagram pics and would love to cover my fridge with my beautiful kids!

  75. Im a new mama to be and would love to document my journey. CBx

  76. Alisha


  77. Julia

    I absolutely love using Instagram to document small moments of my life and sharing them with my friends and family, and stickygrams are the best way to continue to pass on those moments. Would love to win some!

  78. Elizabeth

    PICK ME! PICK ME!! hehe I would just love to cover my fridge with my 8 month old pictures. what could possibly be better!!

    P.S. I follow your blog and instagram and am just in love with your beautiful family! Hope to have a successful blog as yours one day :)

    Lots of love! xoxo

  79. Ali

    Would love these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. My husband loves taking instagram pictures so these stickygrams would make a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

  81. Jennifer

    I’d love this so much! :)

  82. MFree

    Love stickygrams! They make such perfect gifts too! Thank you!

  83. Rebecca

    Is commenting more than once cheating? I hope not! I love this blog and I REALLY want this!

  84. Adeline

    Would really love to win this!! been wanting them since I saw you posting about it!

  85. Gracie

    Stickygrams would look good on my fridge!

  86. kaylan

    Love the stickygrams !

  87. Grady

    Stickgrams are the best!! xx

  88. Sarah

    Would love to win this!

  89. Katie

    these are seriously the best invention! such a fun way to display memories!

  90. Kelly

    I would love to win this!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  91. Karen

    i love stickygrams!

  92. Mindy

    So great! I would love some of these!

  93. Bianka O

    Hi! I love these!!!

  94. kim

    sweet!!! just like your blog! :) i absolutely love your photos!

  95. meghan

    i just love your little blog! thanks for the chance to enter the contest :)

  96. Nicole Wingate

    I would love to win this giveaway! I love looking back on all of my instagram pictures.