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hello! our sponsor, stickygram, is giving away 5 sheets of stickygrams to 5 lucky winners today! that’s 45 photos each!! if you aren’t familiar, stickygram turns your instagram photos into magnets the same size as in the app.

we have covered our fridge with some of our favorite stickygrams we have collected from the last couple of years and it’s become a spot where eleanor loves to stand and say things like, “oh, there’s samson. there’s papa. look! there’s samson again, he’s so funny!”

to enter to win, leave a comment below. the 5 winners will be drawn at random and emailed directly this friday.  good luck!

  1. elouise

    got my fingers and toes crossed. x

  2. Anne

    I love how bright and happy they make your fridge!

  3. Paulien

    This would make my fridge the most attractive one on the block! ;)

  4. Beatriz

    I love them! It would be great to win this giveaway!

  5. Sara Jakobs

    Oh I love Stickygram, been on my way to order them for ages!

  6. I would love to get some honeymoon pictures printed from the ones we took on our phones! Great giveaway!

  7. Kacy Leung

    It’s so tiny n convience that can make Instagram photo become a magnet!! It would be great if I can give some of my instaphoto to my fds n grandmum!
    Support this idea:)
    Btw Naomi u a such a beatitful lady:)

  8. Janica

    These would be great for our new place!

  9. وردة


  10. sarah r.

    ihave something like 545 instagrams and i’ve printed zero of them… i need to get on that.

  11. Marina Sitonio

    I would love to win this. :)

  12. tRiSh

    i love stickygram!

  13. My hubby would love these to cover his magnetic cabinets at work with pictures of his kids!

  14. Erin S.

    I love sticky grams!

  15. Christine

    Our lonely fridge needs some dressing up! And Poppa needs something for Father’s Day!!

  16. Jelena

    I would LOVE to win these!

    p.s. happy birthday to your beautiful baby!

  17. Ohhhh, me me me! :)

  18. lydia

    i would adore these!

  19. Ashley Clark

    I am in LOVE with StickyGrams! I want them all over my fridge!

  20. Zita

    I love StickyGrams!

  21. Kristine D.

    Stickygrams look so cute, I’d love to win them! :)
    Oh! And Happy Birthday again Samson!

  22. Ohh how I love these, I have been wanting to get some forever. i hope I win. :)

  23. lina

    yes, please!

  24. Sharlee

    I am new to your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  25. sammi

    i was planning on buying some for a father’s day gift, so this would be perfect!

  26. kim tjin

    our son just turned 1 month old and I would love to surprise my husband for Father’s Day :)

  27. Anni

    What a cool idea and giveaway! I’m quite active on instagram.. this would suit my family perfectly :)

  28. Asala Zreik

    You have a great family!!! your kids are AMAZING ! i wish i will have a family like yours in the future!!
    if some day I will go to NEWYORK i would love to meet you all!! <3

    I will be happy if you are gonna choose me guys !!
    Thank you, thank youuuu :*

    kisses for Eleanor and Samson

  29. Nikki

    i would love to win some stickygrams! great giveaway!

  30. Brittany Hughes

    I love stickygrams! I have been so tempted so many times to purchase them. They look so cute and even cuter with E checking them out!

  31. Lucia

    Stickygrams pleeeeeaaaaseee!!!!! :D

  32. Tiphaine

    I am moving out of my home and country to move into my boyfriend’s appartment in Germany! I would love to keep memories and add some more by sticking them in my frigde ! And of course smile some more when eating!

    best wishes from France !

  33. Jen Klein

    Would love to fill my fridge!!

  34. Rebecca

    Ohhhhhh….pick me pick me!!
    thanks for always brightening my day, Davis family.
    love from DC


  35. brandy

    eeee i hope i win!!!!! these are too cool!

  36. Emily

    I would love these for our refrigerator!

  37. Emily

    This is a wonderful idea — I’d love to send them to my closest friends and family to have reminders of fond memories.

  38. emily

    i love stickygrams!

  39. Stickygrams are the best!

  40. Charla

    OBSESSED with Stickygrams! We have them all over our fridge!

  41. Wow! How fun! I would love to sneak these onto my parents’ fridge to surprise them each time I visit….

  42. Gioia

    Would loooove to win this!!!

  43. Sarah

    I love these!! I got some for my mom and for my grandma on mother’s day and they were such a hit. Now I need some for me! :)

  44. Daniella Veres

    This is such a fun giveaway! I would love to get sticky grams!

  45. brittany pugh

    omg really!? I’ve been wanting to order some stickygrams of my babyboy but can never reason the cost with myself. Id be so honored to win!! please please please?!

    -britt pugh

  46. Virginia

    I would absolutely LOVE to add some stickygrams to my fridge! :) ♥

  47. Danielle

    stickygrams!! :)

  48. Jen F

    Oh I would love this!

  49. raven

    these are the BEST!

  50. Melissa H

    I would love these for our new house!

  51. Dana

    I would love some stickygrams! They would definitely help liven up my office cubicle :)

  52. Crystal Rose

    just moved in to a new place, and it needs some SERIOUS decorationg ;) love your blog by the way! and your little family. i hope one day, i am lucky enough to have a family as beautiful as yours.

  53. Hilary

    Oh I just LOVE these. Fingers crossed. xo

  54. Cheryl

    These are so fun!!! :)

  55. jamie

    love these & love your blog! adorable!

  56. Alison

    Yay for Stickygrams! Love them!

  57. oh my gosh, this would be PERFECT for my husband’s FIRST Father’s Day!!! love this idea!

  58. obsessed with these! would love to win :)

  59. Aidan Miolano

    What a lovely idea! Fingers are crossed :)

  60. annie

    would love to give sticky grams away as a favor at my wedding this september :)

  61. Shelby

    Me me me! These would make the best gift for loved ones :)

  62. Mallorie

    We love these too!! Would love a few more. We are working on filling up our fridge!

  63. Kristina

    Worth a shot! Would love some.

  64. Crystal

    Hot Diggity Dog

  65. Lizzy

    Storybook fridge, get excited!

  66. GABA

    Love your photos! :)

  67. Melissa T

    So love these!

  68. Rachel

    Some of my favorite photos EVA are my instagram photos! I love this :)

  69. Alex

    Love this giveaway!

  70. Tricia

    I would love some Stickygrams! My son’s first birthday is next week and would love to relieve the memories on the fridge throughout the whole year. Thanks!

  71. Anastasia

    Those are super cute! Love them!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway :)

  72. Andrea Quezada

    These rule and so does the Davis family! Thanks for making things like this available for little readers like me!! I would love to print some of my instagrams out of my college friends and me and hang them all aorund my apartment!

  73. Maira

    I’d love to win :)

  74. Dana

    W A N T !

  75. Krystal

    These are so neat! Definitely would be hyped to win some!

  76. Sandy

    What a great giveaway! My little toddler would love this too :)

  77. bri

    oh these sticky grams are so fun! my goal this summer is to send one to my son’s family members from his first birthday, this June 6th! btw, when did our babies turn ONE?! I’m so happy yet so sad.

  78. April

    Love those! My baby turned one just last week, she’s so close in age to Samson! I know how tough that day was…even though it’s great. She’s my first, I can only imagine how fast it goes by with number 2.

  79. Steff


  80. court

    I would love to win these, how fun!

  81. Kristie

    Whipee, stickygrams! I would love this :)

  82. Marek

    Your blog is fantastic!!! Would love to win the stickygrams.

  83. Emmi Lähteenmäki

    Oh, I love those magnets, what a great idea!

  84. Tamara

    I NEED these stickygrams!!! And happy bday Samson :)

  85. Andrea

    What a great idea! I love it :)

  86. Laura

    My fridge would love to be covered in stickygrams!

  87. I would LOVE to win a set of Stickygrams. I think they are the cutest — what a beautiful way to display sweet memories! :)

  88. Marisa

    Love Stickygrams!! Would love some more :)

  89. Kate

    These would be so fun for decorating our fridge! Not sure if it’s too late to enter – I hope not!

  90. Carmel

    What beautiful memories to look at each morning and evening before/after long and often testing days!

  91. Erin

    Would love to win! Thank you for a great giveaway!!


  92. Heather Gray

    Your family is adorable, and the pictures on instagram just make my day sometimes.

    I’d love to be considered for the sticky gram give away!


  93. Olivia

    (*sniff sniff* excuse me while I wipe away my tears after watching your “elanor meets samson” video…)

    I love sticky grams as well! I had them on my college dorm room fridge, and would love to buy some for my little sister who is about to leave for college in a few months!

  94. Lindsey

    Need these!!

  95. I would LOVE this so much! We live in hotels every summer and so I don’t get to bring any pictures along. These would be perfect to just stick on the fridge and remind us of home! <3

  96. Jaci Madalena

    I would love some of these! They are so cute:))

  97. Iza

    I would really like to have so cute fridge like you! Especially, when I have the sweetest object to taking photos ever – my little baby girl Antonina :-).

  98. nydia

    Aaaah…I’m obsessed with these things and would love to win this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  99. Jocelyn Chung

    Sosososoooo fun!!! Love your sweet family!