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with mother’s day approaching this sunday, we have teamed up with our sponsor rebecca minkoff to giveaway a $500 store credit to one lucky reader to go shop away at!

while i think it’s safe to say most mama’s are happy with getting to sleep in come sunday (i mean!), who doesn’t love getting to pick out a little something for themselves, too?  in order to enter, please visit rebecca minkoff’s mother’s day shop, then come back to the blog and comment below telling us what you’d use your $500 store credit towards! the winner will be drawn this coming friday! good luck!

ps. HERE’s a little feature on the rebecca minkoff site about me being a mama and my mother’s day plans if you’d like to read. thanks for having me!

  1. Oh my, that Cupid Rose Gold bag is fantastic. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  2. Chelsea J

    I’d love the Andie Dome bag! I’m already jealous of whoever wins this giveaway!

  3. Sarah

    I love the pink Dylan tote!

  4. Diane

    I love the black and white MAC clutch! perfect item to go with my summer warddrobe ;)

  5. Gretchen Freihofer

    I would definetley get the Pyramid Phone Case & Earrings to match!!

  6. Simone

    I would love to have a mini M.A.C. So pretty!

  7. Emelie

    I’d love to get a new bag for summer! The M.A.C. Clutch is my favorite. Springy with an edge!

  8. Kristy

    Love the mint Andie dome bag! And I love your blog! Happy mum’s day to you and me!

  9. ethel

    can i have it all?

  10. Tiffany

    LOVE the brett brief or the mini m.a.c.! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  11. ELLE

    Cupid-Rose Gold! Without a doubt. Thanks TAZA!

  12. MF Miller


    Love the Lorimer sunglasses and the pave ID necklace!

    Ritzy little accessories that I would live to splurge on.

  13. Stella

    I would give my mom the black dylan tote, and get the craig camera bag for myself :)

  14. Brittany F.

    I would get the cupid bag!! And I love all of the dresses and shoes! I love everything…so beautiful!!

  15. The cupid in rose gold has my name ALL over it – and my mom would love it too!! We could share :)

  16. Sarah

    I’d probably make myself HIP with that hot pink studded Dylan tote! Could that me cool?

  17. Stephanie

    I’d love to win the Cupid purse!

  18. Jordan

    In love with the skylar mini!!

  19. Erika

    I want to buy my mom the Illy tote or the Covet. Perfect for any mommy!

  20. Danielle

    Love the Mac Minis! I’d get a bright color — perfect for summer!

  21. Brenna

    I may not be a mama yet. but I would loooove to rock the tortoiseshell Lorimer shades from the RM Mother’s Day Shop! I’d feel so Mad Men chic. Ugh, I just love ’em! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  22. Maggie Converse

    I would definitely get the Rogan and the Bliss boots!

  23. Tina

    I would love love love to get my hands on some Lorimer sunnies and the gorgeous Andie Dome bag. I’ve been rocking my mini mac for so long that it’s maybe three wears away from retirement – the Andie Dome would be quite the replacement!

  24. Samantha

    So hard to choose wich one! Everything is so fabulously beautiful! That Dylan tote might be my favorite!

  25. Jenny

    I would definitely choose a piece of jewelry…I just can’t decide which one! :)

  26. Ellen

    I would get the small enamel leather clutch and the vincent minaudiere!

  27. Kristie

    Holy moly, the M.A.C. clutch is gorgeous! *crosses fingers*

  28. Krystal litt

    Love the pink Dylan bag and Baxter sunglasses!

  29. Sara

    Definitely that mint green Andie Dome bag. That is GORGEOUS!

  30. Vicki

    I would love the black Dylan tote!!! Amazing

  31. Amber

    Mother/Daughter Dylan Totes!

  32. India

    I’m loooving the Bettina sandals, Z shorts and Cornelia sunglasses! X

  33. Paige

    I would love the barista shoe! just great!

  34. Natalia

    I would love the MINI 5-ZIP Clutch in sea green and the MINI M.A.C. Clutch in almond!
    Thank you!

  35. Ruth

    the navy wallet on a chain is so chic! gimme.

  36. Jenny

    Matching mini macs for my mum and I…

  37. Deb

    I LOVE that Nilson skirt too!

  38. Erin

    I would pick up a pair of her lovely sunglasses…maybe the Baxter or Lorimer. So very pretty!

  39. Tatjana

    I love the Mini M.A.C. in navy. :)

  40. Melissa

    Absolutely the M.A.C. clutch! so cute!

  41. Odile

    I love the Brett and the Baxter sunglasses. Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  42. Mariana

    The Lorimer sunnies and the Brett Brief are killer awesome.

  43. Jen

    I love Rebecca Minkoff! I have always admired the Mini M.A.C. from afar – but the Dylan Tote is pretty gorge too!

  44. Abby

    I love the “Topez Dress”!

  45. Dani

    Huge minkoff addiction so I’d spoil myself. The mint dome and Mac clutch would be mine. The mint is perfect for summer and spring with a touch of sweetness. The Mac clutch is edgy and the reason I love my minkoffs!

  46. Sera

    I’d give my mother the studded ID bracelet!

  47. Sue Park

    I would pick one of the glorious bags!!! Nothing screams mother like a diaper bag. And a new bag would be a great transition to a more put-together look. Always trying to look pulled-together with all the craziness around! =) Thanks for the give-a-away chance, even if I don’t win! And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to ALL!!!!!

  48. The cupid rose gold bag is divine, Perfect for a girls night out, though with two little ones those are too few :)

  49. Laura CG

    Love the baster sunglasses!

  50. Tanya

    i would get the andy dome bag. i need a new bag badly! also the studded id plate bracelet. happy mother’s day to you!

  51. Mt

    So hard to choose, so many beautiful things!

  52. The Brett Brief!

  53. kaylin

    love the rose gold cupid bag!! So pretty!

  54. Loving the Dylan tote and the stacking heart rings!!!

  55. Mollie

    The Lorimer sunglasses and the heart stack rings!

  56. Sophie

    Love skylar mini!

  57. Mindylyn

    The Andie Dome Bag in Mint seems to be a favorite for a lot of us! It’s fantastic! I also love the rubber + cord crystal tri bracelet!

  58. Breeski

    I have to go with a lot of the above in saying that the Andie Dome bag would be a keeper and while we are at it the Lorimer sunglasses would be a nice addition as well. Gifts or not Happy Mothers Day!

  59. Raquel

    I love the Dylan tote!

  60. Delia R

    I’d love to win the cupid rose gold bag! Thanks for the giveaway!:)

  61. Lauren N.

    Oh I love the tan crossbody! I’d probably get my mom a nice bag on account of Mother’s Day and it’s fitting since she bought me my first and only Rebecca Minkoff bag a few months back, just because… Are moms not some of the most selfless people ever? Love.. :)

  62. Joanna Capriola

    I love the Rose Gold Cupid bag!! My choice for sure!!!

  63. Courtney M

    I would kill for ANY Rebecca Minkoff bag. They are all so gorgeous.

  64. Allyson

    I would get a nice sophisticated tote (the Dylan perhaps) to replace my sad, sad diaper bag!

  65. Kate

    I am in desperate need of a new bag! I can haz the andie dome in mint?
    Would be a wonderful Mother’s day present! Thanks for all your fun giveaways!

  66. Ria

    I would LOVE to win the Rebecca Minkoff store credit! I own a mini mac and have been wanting another of her bags (such as the mini 5 zip) to add to my collection! I also love the Topez dress – it would be perfect with a leather jacket as the weather warms up. Hope I win! :)

  67. Carly

    I’d buy new shoes! One of the fun side affects of pregnancy is growing feet. woof!

  68. chris

    The Brett Brief (black) looks good!

  69. Martha

    I adore the Dylan Tote!!

  70. A.Co

    I would easily choose the Cupid – Rose gold bag (eep!!). I never, ever, EVER have spent a hefty amount on a hand bag but have dreamt of the day where I could own one.

    As I get a bit older (29), I think about how it would be nice to have such a classic, timeless and beautiful piece that will last me for years and years to come. There is something to be said for a woman with a beautiful bag. I think it’s easy to wear low pieces, and make them look expensive with the right accessories, or pairings, but with a bag, it’s almost impossible. A quality, beautifuly made bag, like the Cupid, really adds that perfect touch and completes an outfit.

    I could see myself wearing the bag to work, out for drinks with the girls and then on the weekends while I’m out shopping or running errands (hello cross body strap! So convienent!).

    Additionally, i’m a rose gold fenatic! As someone with very fair skin, I love gold but gold doesn’t often love me; rose gold on the other hand completely flatters my skin tone (and many others), which is so great. And seriously, how often do you find THE PERFECT bag for all walks of your life?! Um. NEVER! (Until now ;)

  71. Aidan Miolano

    Love the kelly green Ellie shoes! Very Gatsby! Thanks for the lovely giveaway and have a happy mother’s day yourself.

  72. Sarah

    I adore the andie dome bag.

  73. chani

    The Dylan Tote would be PERFECT for summer!

  74. Monica

    So hard to choose… I’d have to do things I don’t normally get, like shoes and accessories. Like the Baxter sunglasses, the Ellie or Jura shoes, or the Cupid handbag.

  75. Jennifer Dysart

    A mint or periwinkle MAC Clutch!

  76. Jen Pendleton

    I just recently became a mother and am celebrating my very first mother’s day this year!! feeling very honored to be a mom. I absolutely love the cupid hand bag. That’s where i would put my money

  77. Lindsay

    Love the collin camera bag!

  78. jenny

    I love the harley mini!

  79. Lauren belcher

    Cupid rose gold! I could use a stylish hands free purse having two kids. My husband has to work Mothers Day so, it’s just me and the kids for some snuggle time :)

  80. alex

    lorimer glasses for my mama! so cute!

  81. Courtney

    Oh so many beautiful things, but I think a nice tote would be great for bringing along all the diapers and wipes!

  82. kristine

    my goodness- what an amazing give away! i’d adore a cupid bag <3

  83. kristine

    my goodness – what an amazing give away! i’d adore a cupid bag <3

  84. lea

    I love the lorimer sunnies!

  85. paige

    love the andie dome bag! and the matching fiona sandals!! :)

  86. Kelsi

    There are no words for how much I love the Cupid. I’d use that bag FOREVER!

  87. jessica

    anything and everything!!! xo

  88. Loren

    Love the Brett Brief- it would be fantastic for Mom and more!

  89. Jasmine

    those Baxter Sunnies and Dylan Tote look like the perfect combo! happy mother’s day!

  90. Kimberly dillon

    Dylan tote and heart stacked rings. So cute!