my best friend’s wedding (part II)

a few more photos from the wedding day in chicago…


^^^chased after this cute flower girl for a bit before dinner…^^^


^^^oh eleanor, you are such a joy.^^^


^^^and being asked to wear matching dresses for the day? mama’s dream come true, really.^^^


^^^my monkeys were obsessed with climbing the little archway where the bride and groom were standing when they were married. part adorable and part oh-my-gosh-how-did-you-get-that-high-come-down-now!^^^


^^^after all the climbing, eleanor turned one side of the archway into an ice cream truck (naturally.) she even swiped credit cards of guests who didn’t have cash on them. this child!^^^


^^^so great getting to spend the week with brett! have missed him.^^^b24

^^^great friends and pretty flowers.^^^


^^^sarah is so good with my kiddos. eleanor keeps asking if we can go back to sarah’s house.^^^


^^^i love them.^^^


^^^juilliard ’08!^^^


^^^towards the end of the evening, josh put the littles to sleep in the stroller and we hung out inside where the music wasn’t too loud so we could talk while the babies slept. it was nice winding down together after a long day. we talked about our own wedding and marriage in general and holy cow how are we celebrating six years next month?!^^^


^^^the beautiful couple!^^^



congrats again to the beautiful couple! so excited to see what’s in store for you both! just don’t leave nyc. ok?!

part I of this post, HERE.

  1. Flora

    What a ridiculously good looking family you are! I love yours and Eleanor’s matching dresses (ps Eleanor is my absolute favourite name…plotting and planning ;)!)

    Beautiful wedding – this post has made me very excited to attend my friends wedding next summer.

    Flora x

  2. hanna

    So cute that you and Eleanor matched. Love it Hanna

  3. Beautiful dresses, both mummy and daughter! E’s smile is just precious xx

  4. Oh my goodness I am literally lost for words with how adorable your children are!
    Your hair is absolutely magnificent! I want to style my hair like that!
    Congrats on your 6 year wedding anniversary coming up next month!
    Lots of love,
    Kate xo

  5. The one of you with the kids in your lap is like, the paradigm for “motherhood”. It’s perfect. Also, I’ve spent way too long trying to crack the code to your hairstyle….I’m going to figure it out.

  6. Samira

    I love your hair!!!

  7. what a sweet post! thank you for sharing all of these wonderful memories…i especially love the little makeshift ice cream truck!

  8. bridget

    what a beautiful wedding with such beautiful people. my college friends are some of the most dear to me – glad you have so many you’re still close with. it’s the best.

  9. Jocelyn

    You are totally at the Redfield Estate at The Grove, aren’t you? I grew up in that town (Glenview) and took their Little Explorers class every Saturday as a kid. That place is such a gem and so incredibly historical too!

  10. So fun! :) hehe, so cute to see you and Eleanor with matching dresses. I’m QUITE impressed that she kept on her crown to go down the aisle. :)

  11. What a great looking wedding party & crew! Are the dresses J Crew? I love them. Cheers to the happy couple

  12. s.

    the bride is so beautiful! such a pretty smile!

  13. Marijke

    Looks like a perfect wedding to me! :)

    What i’ve been wondering for quite some time now, do you still dance? Take classes or give classes or are you planning to? Because i’m a dancer too and sometimes i do regret choosing regular education instead of focusing on dance only but then again having both is quite nice too :).

  14. These photos are so lovely. Looks like a dream! Love the matching dresses on you two, too cute! It must have been so nice to be reunited with all of you Julliard friends! So fun!

    Juliette Laura

  15. Mathilde

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Speaking of these fotos … If you happen to come across some spare time. Would you like to tell us what your classmates frome Juilliard are up to these days? Perhaps we can get so see them somewhere on stage. Would be great to know.
    Thanks, Mathilde

  16. Lisa

    Yours and Eleanor’s dresses are amazing!

  17. Amanda

    Love these pictures – Samson’s outfit is adorable!

  18. Elaine

    Hi! I was wondering if you made the cap sleeves on your dress? I remembered you did that at another wedding, and was wondering if you did so here? Either way, the cap sleeves are adorbs here, and if you did make them you should totally do a tutorial. So hard to find summer dresses with straps, let alone sleeves! xo

  19. April

    Stunning Naomi

    Where are your shoes from???? Thank you!

  20. Lola

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Such beautiful wedding !

  21. Teresa

    Dear Naomi,thanks for your inspiration every day. Your colourful pictures, smiling friends, loving atmosphere. It inspires me deeply. Thank you.

  22. Rachel

    The colors she chose for the wedding are so soft and beautiful! All of the pictures are so wonderful!

  23. Sarah

    Hi. I thought I’d mention that I just saw a picture of you on Pinterest (in a pin about swimsuits).
    The link is:
    The pin says the pic is from:
    I don’t know if you know the pinner or the owner of that website…but, if not, I figured you’d want to know they are using your pic. Best, Sarah

  24. kendall

    such sweet pictures!! especially love the matching dresses!! x

  25. Your kids literally have the sweetest pictures in the world! You can tell how full of joy they are :)

  26. what a charming wedding … what you had at the end of the day my husband and i call mini power dates :)

  27. Jessica

    Gosh your littles are so dang cute! And you look beautiful! I love the braided hair and lipstick!

  28. Sarah

    I’m loving Monica on Chicago Fire! :) as a dancer myself, it’s cool to know she’s not only an actress, but a dancer too!

  29. Anni

    These are adorable – and I love your & Eleanor’s dresses!

    Hope you loved Chicago – it’s a great city, so much fun.

  30. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like such a fun time. Those suspenders & bow tie are too precious.

    I just launched my own blog!

    xo Molly

  31. Chona

    Where are the bridesmaid dresses from??? They’re gorgeous!

  32. hannah

    the kiddos at my wedding (also last saturday!) LOVED playing around our backdrop after the ceremony. we strung ribbons up between two step ladders, and they ran back and forth through the ribbons with their arms out. it was so sweet!

  33. Kelly

    Your kids are honestly two of the most adorable children I have ever seen and I am sure E was an ADORABLE flower girl!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. Ana

    Looks like a gorgeous wedding! And I’m dying over Samson’s outfit! SOOOO cute!!

  35. What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful set of photos!

    I’ve been an avid follower of yours for the last few months (both on here and on instagram), and every week I’m so elated to see new posts and photos about your adorable family! As a wife/mother/blogger/fashionista (how do you manage it all!?), you provide so much inspiration and are the heart and soul of such a sweet family! And as newlywed myself (married this last July!), you’ve been one of the reasons why I’ve started my own personal blog! Please always keep posting and know that you’re a great example and inspiration to many! <3

  36. Thanks for sharing this. I actually have a wedding to attend in San Fran this September and I’ve been thinking about how I will manage it all with my one year old. It looks like you stayed at the wedding all night with your babes and it worked out well. Maybe you could write up a specific post with some tips for weddings/night time events with an infant (or two in your case, you magician!)


  37. Lea

    Your children integrate so beautifully into your circle of friends. The photograph of Samson forehead to forehead with Sarah is pretty magical; what more could you want from a child and a friend?

  38. heather

    Is it a requirement to be dropdead gorgeous to get into Julliard, or what?! What a lovely bunch :)

    I can’t get over those first couple pictures of Eleanor. She is SO cute.

  39. Jen

    Hey!! I am somewhat new to your blog! And you and your family are super cute. I love your style ! My question is how did you do that hair style? Is that braid part of your hair or a headband?

    Thanks and hope to see you around the city!
    Jen :)

  40. Mae

    Awww! What a joyful day! And I love how full of viv and vim and cheer your family is. It’s really inspiring and makes for gorgeous pictures.

    I’ll agree with the above commenter: your group from Julliard (and your family) are absolutely gorgeous. Your entire life is beautiful. Probably enhanced by the fact that you are all radiantly happy!

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx //

  41. Just. So. Beautiful. Love how the pictures capture the happiness and goodness of it all. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Jamie

    This wedding seems absolutely breathtaking! The colours and flowers were so nice! Best wishes to the couple!

  43. Janice

    Such sweet pictures!

  44. Jenn

    I have the same bridal gown in the halter version!!!! Would love to see more pictures!

  45. liz

    New to your blog. I love it. Im a mom of two on uws as well. Gorgeous family you have, but my jaw is literally dropped to the floor that you were able to put both your kids to sleep in a stroller at a wedding. You must have super powers. Incredible. xo

  46. Brittani

    Beautiful wedding. Seriously, y’all make the cutest children! Your pictures always put a smile on my face. Thanks for that!

    Tasteful Texan

  47. Anna

    You all look so stunning. I’m especially loving your hair- if you could do a tutorial on that particular braid, I’d be so grateful!!!

  48. As always, amazing photos and your hair is fabulous!! Love it.

  49. Mónica

    The first pictures are beautiful. Your children are adorable. And I want to know how you get that I love hair. Kisses and happy weekend.

  50. Ruth

    I love it all…these photos are A-dor-able!!

  51. Samantha

    Can we get a tutorial for your FABULOUS hair??? Wow…looks flawless! As always, your family looks great!

  52. grace

    ahh your joy is bursting from these photos & made me so happy just to read :) thanks for sharing about your friendships & family !!

  53. T

    DEM ARMS. Nice arm muscles!!

  54. You have such gorgeous friends!

    Also Samson’s little outfit is just the cutest thing ever! :)

  55. Sinead

    The matching dresses are adorable! Gorgeous colour for a wedding too

  56. Yelle

    The flowers are totally beautiful, your lipstick looked flawless all night, and I love a bride with a sash! (I had one too..)

  57. This set of pictures of E & S is dreamy…And the wooden aisle ones? Totally frame-ble :)

  58. Kelsey

    I have been reading your blog for a few years and never have commented. First, your family is so adorable. Second, I have always wondered if you ever shared or would share your Julliard story. I have danced since I was three and Julliard was always such a dream. I’d love to hear about your journey.

  59. monday

    I really like your children outfit. . . it’s so cute

  60. Alice

    She is such a gorgeous bride, and Meg looks beautiful too! And your children just look SO happy- you should be so proud. I’m going to stop gushing now before you think I am a MASSIVE CREEP. Sorry…!! xx

  61. Chelsey

    Where did y’all find these bridesmaid dresses? They’re gorgeous!

  62. Louise

    oh how i love these pictures!!

  63. Toriade

    Hi Naomi! Where do you buy Eleanor and Samson’s mocassins? I love how
    versatile they are. I have a one year old and would love to get her a pair.

  64. Rachel Hagen

    cuuute, cute photos. I don’t think there is anything cuter than a little boy in shorts, suspenders and a bow tie. Looks like a beautiful wedding.

  65. Amanda

    beautiful!! Where is Samson’s outfit from? I have a vintage wedding and a 2 month old.. would love to dress him similar!! Absolutely beautiful, please advise on where to get similar outfits.. :)

    Thank you,

  66. Haley

    Hi !

    I follow you instagram and absolutely love your blog, the front braid you have in these shots looks amazing and suits your face so nicely! I was just wondering how you accomplish this look? I would love to try it! The top knot you normally have your hair in is so handy when im running around or out and about!

    You have a lovely family! Thank you for sharing!

    – Haley