my best friend’s wedding (part I)

here are a few photos (some with the real camera, some iphone photos) from carolyn’s wedding day in chicago last saturday. you may have seen a few of these already if you follow josh or me on instagram, but i wanted to share the rest here. i took so many photos (surprise surprise) that i broke them up into two posts.  i wish i would have grabbed more photos of carolyn in her dress! she was just breathtaking! i didn’t want to bother her too much through the night though as she was busy celebrating with guests. but from the few photos of her here, you can tell she looked absolutely gorgeous.

i am beyond grateful for carolyn. she is one of my dearest friends and has been since that first day of orientation at juilliard back in 2004. she’s always *always* been there for me and i certainly hope to be the kind of friend in return that she is to me.  i can’t wait to watch this next chapter unfold for her. love you, girl.


^^^getting our bride ready the morning of!^^^


^^^uh oh. eleanor discovered how to use a compact mirror.^^^


^^^flower girl.^^^


^^^while she happily kept the flower crown on her head while walking down the aisle with her flower basket (a miracle!), it came off the minute the ceremony ended. the shot on the left is the only one i have with her flower crown. haha.^^^

b30^^^cutest cake toppers known to man.^^^


^^^samson enjoyed taking all of the candles which lined the walkway out of their mason jars before they were lit. if anyone knows how to undo a job already done, it’s samson.^^^


^^^i think we found samson’s dream car.^^^


^^^hey, let’s try to get a good shot of the family. (this is impossible.)^^^


^^^kinda sorta…^^^


^^^this will do. (love e’s fake smile.) thank you, sarah.^^^


^^^samson and aunty chanel!^^^

^^^josh snapped this while hanging out with samson at the back of the wedding during the ceremony.^^^


^^^carolyn and her bridesmaids! ps. her mama did all these flowers. can you even believe it?!^^^


^^^all night long we kept asking to take jumping pictures. i guess that’s what happens when you get a bunch of dancers together. ;)^^^

more to come! (felt like i was scrolling for ages when they were all in one post. so part II coming at you later!)

  1. AM

    looks like a beautiful wedding! and i love the bridesmaids dresses!

  2. heather

    I absolutely love the color of those bridesmaids dresses. How sweet! These pictures are so beautiful and special. And E as a flower girl?! Oh mah gahd :)

  3. Dawn

    The bride, the bridesmaids, E. and the bouquets… Everyone and everything is so beautiful and matched! The perfect wedding!

  4. Rebecca

    Those matching dresses are just too cute!

  5. Janice

    Lovely color on you!

  6. Jess

    Can you do a hair tutorial of that crown braid? It’s so interesting!!

  7. That is one beautiful wedding! So much joy! And your kids are so adorable… look at Samson & his concentration on this candles – kid knows how it’s done!

  8. Lucy

    What an absolutely beautiful wedding!!!!!!!!
    The bride is beautiful, her dress is just stunning!!!
    The cake toppers are crazy cute!!
    E did so well wearing her flower crown on her head in the ceremony!
    E and S look soooo gorgeous!! Love braces on little boys!
    I think Samson’s car is my kinda car too! ;)
    Beautiful family photo’s of you all!
    Love the outdoor ceremony! Looks like the weather was great too!!
    Those bouquets are out of this world!!! Stunning colours
    And you just *have* to have jumping pictures… it’s the rules!!
    X x

  9. Can I just say that I love, love that she had a guy as one of her bridesmaids? People who don’t follow every rule make me happy. Go her!

  10. what a darling wedding! those cake toppers were so cute, and an outside wedding! beautiful!

  11. Kelly

    You looked beautiful and it sounds like it was a really special day!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. i’m so absolutely in love with this wedding. ahh! everyone looks gorgeous. your hair…i can’t even girl. like wow. it’s all just so beautiful, and i’m glad you got a jumping picture in haha! how cute :) so happy for them!


  13. Crystal K

    Absolutely Beautiful shots! Love the one of your adorable son next to the car! Super cute family you have!

  14. Betsy

    Are those the j.crew chiffon dresses in sage? That’s what we wore for my best friend’s wedding last summer, and they look the same. I love love love those dresses. So beautiful. I especially love the sleeves on yours.

    So many beautiful pictures!

    • TAZA

      i think they are in dusty shale. not sage.

  15. hanna

    These photos are great The wedding looks beautiful Hanna

  16. Betsy

    Sorry, not sage, dusty shale. whoops.

  17. Rachel

    Naomi, can you give a hair tutorial? That braided up-do is gorgeous!

  18. Reena

    What absolutely adorable photos! The wedding looks so intimate and romantic. Your dress is beautiful!

    Love this post and love Love Taza!


  19. JM

    What a lovely wedding, you all look like you’re having so much fun. Look at E and Josh smiling like pros in that family picture :) And I love Samson’s wedding outfit, so cute.

  20. kendall

    such gorgeous pictures as always!! your hair looked beautiful!! x

  21. juni

    gorgeous wedding!! congrats to your beautiful friend :) it really is amazing to have a friend like that.

  22. Laura G.

    Can you please note where your kids’ clothes are from on each post? They always look adorable!

    • TAZA

      eleanor’s dress is from jcrew wedding. samson’s shirt i got several years ago in france and his shorts/suspenders are from zara. both are wearing freshly picked moccasins.

  23. I really hope round two includes a close-up of your hair. It is stunning! As is this wedding.

  24. We love scrolling through your photos! There’s never ‘too many’ :)

  25. eli

    gorgeous. and can i just say that you guys are GOOD AT JUMPING.

  26. all those family pictures are perfect because they capture your happiness!! gorgeous wedding. :)

    rachael @ peach dreams

  27. Love the colors and the flowers (wow, the flowers!) in these photos! I’m in the early stages of planning my own wedding, so seeing these has helped spark a few new ideas! :)

  28. Freya

    Lovely photos! It looks like you had such a fun day. And I really love the design of your dress! Can you please do a post about how you did your hair?xx

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s an inside out french braid and just wrapped around the head! i pinned the remainder of the braid around my head once more after. youtube “inside out french braid” to learn how to do the braid. i am sure the tutorials there are far better than anything i’d ever put together. :)

  29. Melissa

    Love those pics and everyone looks amazing! Those flowers are to die for.

  30. Sasha

    Such good hair! I have to learn how to do that.

  31. Gorgeous pictures, looks like a beautiful day :)

  32. cloudy

    ooooh wonderful!!!

    and can you please teach us how to jump like a dancer??? that would be sooo cool!!!

  33. Erin

    beautiful. I love that she was fine letting you wear sleeves– my sister let me do that at her wedding last year even though I was the only one, and I was so grateful.

    also.. if I ever have a little boy, I am dressing him in bowties and suspenders. where do you find suspenders in baby boy sizes, anyway?

    • TAZA

      thanks! the suspenders and shorts were from zara. $10!!!

      the nice thing about the jcrew wedding dresses are the wide selection, so we all got to pick our own. i think the fits are strange but was thankful there was one with sleeves for me!!!

  34. Annie

    Love it! You must divulge your hairstyling secrets!

    • TAZA

      haha thanks! i just did an inside out french braid around my head (and carolyn, the bride!) helped me with the back because i always get lost when i’m doing the back… then i just pinned the remainder of the braid around my head once more!

  35. Isabel

    Beautiful pictures! Love your famíly…where can i found the shoes that eleoner and samson are wearing? Só cute!


    • TAZA

      they are freshly picked moccasins!

  36. Carie

    Oh what a beautiful wedding – it looks like such a happy and relaxed occasion, and your photos are lovely as always.

  37. Just wait until E discovers how to really master that camera of yours! She will always want to be just like Mama and Pop! Just the way it goes. I mean I’m 27 yrs old and my Dad’s still my hero and my Mom is the most beautiful woman in the world! Just the way it goes :)

  38. Marie

    Love the 2nd family photo! Your children are so well-behaved during the wedding, must have been a huge relief and happy moment for you. :D Congrats to your friend once again!


  39. Kirsty

    yes love the hair! would love to see it closer

  40. Angela

    Where are those bridesmaid dresses from? I’d love to know! I adore them! Your family is so precious!!

    • TAZA

      thanks! from jcrew!

  41. Your dress is gorgeous and the braids!! THOSE BRAIDS ARE KILLING ME. They have been killing me since the first picture you posted on Instagram. I want them so bad.

  42. Cintya

    you always take such great photographs that they literally take me into an adventure, as if i was there.

    eleanor and samson look adorable in their outfits.

  43. Lisa

    amazing pictures!! <3

  44. Saba

    Hi Taza ! how can I contact you regarding advertising on your blog ? i couldn’t find any email address !

  45. love the colours of this wedding and that cake is adorable!
    looks like it was a beautiful day :)

  46. Abigail

    I absolutely LOVE your bridesmaid dress (especially the sleeves). I was wondering where the dresses came from?

    • TAZA

      thank you! all of the bridesmaid dresses (and eleanor’s flower girl dress) were ordered from Jcrew wedding.

  47. Jocelyn

    So many wonderful things to say about these photos! Your photography is probably my favourite out of anyone I’ve ever seen, such beautiful colours and attention to detail. Such an inspiration! The colour of the bridesmaid dresses is gorgeous, and the bride is stunning! I can’t wait to see more of this day and your adorable children! <3

    • TAZA

      wow that’s so kind of you, thank you!

  48. Natalie

    I have been waiting for this post! Saw the beautiful photos on instagram lead up to this. You all look beautiful. Congrats to the stunning bride, Carolyn! ♥

  49. Kayla

    The kids looked even cuter than usual and Eleanor’s dress is the same as the flower girl dresses for my sister’s wedding next month! Beautiful wedding!

  50. I was also in Chicago on the weeekend and saw you and your family walking on Michigan Ave. I wanted to say hi but I got too shy· Beautiful family!

  51. These photos are great and I can’t get over that one with Samson and the car. He totally looks like he belongs behind that wheel… Some day!

    Also, did I read you reply to someone that his shorts and suspenders were just $10?!? Um, hi please dress my three little men in adorable AND addordable outfits for me? haha, or just share more tips like that one! Loving his style…

    Lynden Laundry

  52. What an adorable cake topper! The whole cake is so delightful! I love the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, too!

  53. amber

    LOVE your hair! And Sampson and Eleanor…they are just perfect!

  54. amber

    LOVE your hair! And Sampson and Eleanor…they are just perfect!!

  55. Lexie

    What a beautiful bride and ceremony! Carolyn is a lucky girl to have so many close girlfriends.

    I know that you don’t normally share this kind of thing on here, but oh! how I’d love to know how you do your hair in that braid! I’ve made several attempts recently, and although it doesn’t look terrible, it is nowhere near as gorgeous as yours!

  56. The second “family photo” that you tried to capture is PERFECT! Your little Eleanor’s smile in that one is heart melting ;) You guys look great….as always!!

  57. Arianna

    So beautiful! I love your family photos – so candid and sweet!

  58. Elle

    Eleanor has the most gorgeous smile ever!! She’s too cute! :)

    P.S. loved the photos!

  59. jamie

    Samson is adorable! Looks like a beautiful wedding!

  60. Louise

    love this beautiul pictures! Weddings are something so wonderful!

  61. Bille

    Very very nice pictures…I love the shoes which both kids are wearing…Did you buy them somewhere the moccassins or are they handmade by somebody ? Where can I buy them ?

  62. Mónica

    The children were gorgeous. What a beautiful wedding in the meadow this kind of dream weddings seem. The last photo is wildly funny. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  63. Em

    The first family pic is PERFECT. There is so much love and happiness in the pic.

  64. absolutely fabulous and colorful wedding! bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, your hair, and outfits of Eleanor and Samson…. everything is perfectly matched. and the pictures are great of course!

  65. there is literally no one better than you and your friends at jumping pictures—no lie, its hard to get that kind of height! you all look so beautiful, and i think you’ve got some great family pictures among those above :)

  66. Dalia

    E’s fake smile is the best! haha she is too cute! as is little S!

  67. kathy

    the photos are so beautiful, so many vibrant colours. The wedding looks so ethereal :) there’s so much happiness in this post :) eleanor’s fake smile got me laughing,and samson looks cute as a button with his bow tie :)

  68. Beautiful photos! Your kids look adorable (as usual) and I love the bridesmaid dress colours! What a great ceremony site, I’m getting married outside under an arbour too:)

  69. Kristie

    Oh my goodness, your babies are just too precious for words!!!

  70. It was a beautiful wedding. Fab flowers! x

  71. Yelle

    Tis the season for weddings! Looks absolutely beautiful.

  72. Alice

    This looks SO beautiful- and your family picture is beyond beautiful. It looks like such a perfect day! xx

  73. Crista

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous wedding! Where did the wedding take place in Chicago?

  74. Jamie

    Taza! Your hair is beautiful – how do you braid it like that?

  75. Rose

    I absolutely adore your blog and seeing all of the beautiful photos of you and your family. Very nicely done!

  76. Angela

    Where did she get those adorable cake toppers?