1. Laura

    lovely pictures:-) this is a bit random, but is kingsley alright? haven’t seen pictures of him in ages! x

  2. Lovely photos! So glad I follow you!

    Juliette Laura

  3. Sarah

    I love your site. It’s so uplifting! So much positivity has got to be a good contribution to the world. :)

  4. Dani

    Samson’s smile is pure gold.

  5. Amanda

    Love these pics. Make me want to be a kid in NYC. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jenna

    You’re such a beautiful mama! You’re smile brings one to my face. I love the matching saltwater sandals as well :)

    xo, Jenna

  7. Rachael

    So cute! What brand is your stroller? I’m in the market for a double!


  8. You seriously have the best instagram photos. Those kids kill me with their cuteness! Also, pictures of bunches of flowers always turn my frown upside down. :)

  9. Hannah n

    Same as the first commenter- how is Kingsley? :) I started following your blog way back in the day because of my love for that pooch.

  10. Pippa

    what a sweet little family!
    thank you for sharing it with us
    P xx


  11. Amy

    Pics of smiling and sleeping babies are the best! xx

  12. you look so cute on that bike, sister! was thinking the other day how long i’ve been reading your blog (5 years?!), and how much your beautiful family has grown! love following along your nyc adventures via IG. xo

  13. hanna

    I love these photo updates! Hanna

  14. Rachel

    You guys are all too cute. Seriously, I hope I meet you in real life one day and we become fast friends.

  15. I want your family to have a reality show so I can watch you guys do cute and fun things all day long!

  16. alia

    That picture of E in the party hat with her little purse is the cutest!

  17. Taty

    Hello again!

    I keep wondering how you assemble the pictures like that. Which program do you use for that?
    Thank you for the hint :)

    And I absolutely love checking base with you/your family!
    xx Taty


    • TAZA

      in photoshop!

  18. Lisa

    Some people take pictures ALL THE TIME ;) Seriously, though, I wish I took more pictures to document the every day life. You take great pics.

  19. Jessica

    Such a hilarious photo of you with the camera & tripod haha. I love it.

  20. heather

    Yeah yeah yeah, so we all know that bloggers tend to share only the good, sparkly, happy moments of their lives. …And we’re supposed to keep in mind that even the happiest of bloggers has a bad, gloomy day once in awhile. But, damn girl! You sure don’t make that easy to believe. These pictures are SO sweet and full of joy – it’s hard to imagine that you have too many bad days when you’re always surrounded by such special people, and in such a special place. SO cute :)

  21. Bea

    Love them!
    Thank you for giving me a litle piece of happiness!
    Have a nice day!

  22. Mónica

    I love the little pictures with this gorgeous hat and she looks so happy. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  23. Emilia

    Love these photos. Gosh, do they make me miss NYC! Seeing the beautiful images, smiling faces and fun times certainly puts me in a good mood for my day, thanks so much for sharing these little moments of happiness with us! :)

  24. Ester Sparkles

    Cuteee as always!I love your iphone pictures!
    And your braids!!How do yo do them?

    : )

  25. Kate

    I am addicted to You guys! :)
    Your my inspiration :)
    Great family, amazing pictures!
    You are very popular here in Poland :)
    And i am your fan number one :)
    Best regards from our family :)

    http://cacynkaa.blogspot.com/ :)

    Kisses and hugs
    It will be really awsome to see u in my blog one day :)

  26. you are blimmin’ gorgeous, as ever xx

  27. Awweee I love your matching Saltwater Sandals!!! Such beautiful Pictures with beautiful Smiles!!!


    Happy Tuesday!

  28. Fabulous photos,
    Looks like you’ve been extra busy lately (as usual!)
    I hope you and your family have an amazing Wednesday
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


  29. Lovely photos! Samson is getting so grown up :)

  30. These photos are all so summery! love it!

  31. Laura

    What an amazing place to raise kids! Eleanor & Sampson are twins, too! :) You’re kind of like super mom.

  32. I spy shake shack!!! Love that place so much, I’m there all the time

  33. Flor

    I follow your life and your babies growing up….it´s really nice.

    From Barcelona with Love.


  34. i love your lipstick in the photo where you’re wearing a blue maxi skirt with eleanor! great color on you :) looks like you all have been busy busy busy!


  35. Sinead

    Beautiful pics as always! The kids in the birthday hats are too cute :-)

  36. Natalie

    What a beautiful blog! Your family, photos, and site are really fun to look at. I have to start taking more pictures of my family. Thank you!

  37. Sally

    A-fricking-dorable as always! And look how big they’re getting!!

  38. stop it. seriously, your family is too adorable. I can’t take it. haha!

  39. Taza,

    I LOVE your blog. The positivity shines through and always brings a smile to my face, thank you.

    If you have the time in the near future, I would love to see a tutorial on that rockin’ braid you wore to the wedding and in some of the photos above. It looks like it would be a great Summer do’!

    Big hug from Reno,

  40. Paola

    Lovely pic, lovely moments…
    Thanks for sharing all that joy! Love from France!

  41. Sarah

    Lovely and awesome pics – especially the way your red sandals match – I really would love, if you could let me know, where you get them from, would love to wear them together with my little one, too – are they maybe online available?

    Thank you so much in advance
    Best regards from Berlin!

  42. clare

    Hi Naomi. I know you get a ton of blog comments, but I hope you take a second to look at and think about mine. I really do enjoy your blog and being able to see the sites in NYC from my computer in Boston. I also understand that blogging is a business venture, especially for one as popular as yours. However, the ads are getting to be a bit too much. I get the need for ad revenue, but the pop up ads that I need to X out of are frankly obnoxious. This is a blog, not a major for-profit web site. Banner ads are one thing, but the ones that take over the page make me not want to visit your blog at all.

    Thanks for considering this feedback.

  43. Megan

    Where is your adorable trench coat from?

  44. Patricia R

    Excited that you were able to experience my city! Isn’t it fabulous!? I must say, I love yours, too. ;)

  45. aly

    Taza how do you braid your bangs like that!? Any tips or tutorial recommendations?:)