1. Bea

    Naomi, your kids are really growing fast!!!
    And I love your yellow flowers!!!
    Have a nice day!!
    Un bacio dall’Italia!

  2. A mom

    Your children are so beautiful and I love seeing their little smiles in these pictures!

    I hear my mom’s voice ringing in my head and as a new mom myself now can’t keep quiet – she was a pediatric intensive care nurse and used to get frantically upset whenever she saw kids riding, and especially standing, in the baskets of shopping carts because every few months she’d take care of one with a terrible head injury from falling out, tipping over, etc. It looks so fun but is very dangerous! It is only safe to use the seat where you can clip them in.

  3. Lisa

    Busy, full, happy, blessed…That’s what I see in those pictures.

  4. such beautiful pics! We definitely need to take our children to NYC! You always look so lovely & happy :) Holly from Champagne & Wellington Boots xxxx

  5. Eloise

    Oh my word your, iPhone pictures turn out so beautiful, you capture the moment so perfectly
    x Eloise

  6. Cindy

    When I see your photos, I think , ” maybe I could have another little one. It would be hard, but it would be so worth it.” You really capture the joy in being a parent.

  7. Bailey

    Oh goodness. That Sammy is the CUTEST with his little double chinned smile!

  8. Sally

    BEST!! And bagel cravings!

  9. Hannah

    Beautiful photos!! I love your coral skirt, it’s so pretty!

  10. Kirsten

    your kids are seriously the cutest.
    looks like you’ve had some fun times lately.


  11. Natalie

    Summer in the city; beautiful.
    Your kids are just gorgeous; E is growing up so cutely and can’t get enough of Samsons cheeky little face. I love the pictures of just you and Josh though- can definitely see the love between you two, it’s so nice to see ♥


  12. Alia

    I love that picture of the two of them in the swing! I saw that on your instagram and I died laughing. So cute!


  13. It’s fun to look at your iphone picture just to see all the wonderful color that surrounds you on a daily basis! Actually, Naomi, since I started peeking into your little life on the east coast you have inspired me to surround myself with more color, in my wardrobe and in my home! Sure it’s all material changes, but it’s so nice coming home and loving these inspiring changes and pops of color! Thank you for this inspiration. Sometimes we just need to see it done right in the lives of others to help lend the hand our way creatively speaking… and you did just that for me.

  14. kendra

    Such adorable kiddos! Always happy :)

  15. abril

    Love. Love E’s leggings with the hearts. Where do you get their clothes?

  16. Taylor

    SUCH fashionable children you’ve got! Love it!!

  17. Isn’t this the sweetest set of them rocking together?! I must admit, I was a tiny bit jealous when Samson was born and afraid that the attention would shift from E’s unique personality. But watching those two together is double the dose of cuteness :) Is Samson walking yet or just standing?

    P.s : E holding the mannequin’s hand…omg !!

  18. Cassie

    I cannot get over how cute your kids are!!

    PS- have you heard of the twitter account The Honest Toddler? I remember you saying something a looooong time ago (like maybe way back to happy lists? can’t remember) about liking the Preschool Gems feed, so I think you’d get a kick out of this one too! :)

  19. it’s really been such a pleasure following your family even though i only started reading this blog like 6 months ago. i really hope you keep this blog going until your babies start developing into kids and even teens. i would love to follow eleanor’s childhood and what sort of girl she will develop into being! she just seems like the most amazing little girl ever and your blog is truly one of the reasons that have made me realise that i want to get a little family of my own one day :) you’re a great, mum, taza! you keep on rocking and being the best mum there ever was. just wanted to let you know that because your blog gives me so much joy every day <3

  20. Julie

    Oh, Eleanor and Samson! You are the only children I have never met that make me want to have my own!

  21. Amanda

    Love the pictures, especially of the one of Eleanor holding the mannequin’s hand – precious!

  22. Vicky

    Samson & E sharing a swing seat is the cutest ever! Where are your jeans (the blue floral printed ones) from?

  23. hanna

    Your family photos are adorable. Love them all. Hanna

  24. Joy

    Ooooh, these are the sweetest photos everrr! lovelove

  25. I just love your (and Josh’s) instagram streams! Makes me want to move to New York! I love that you are always out an about, even with two littles!

  26. Bagels! If only we have access to great bagels in Malaysia!

    Your babies are just tooo cute!

    Holla from Malaysia

  27. Such a busy family!
    I love how you’re always out and about, making the most of beautiful New York :)
    I hope you and your family have an amazing Tuesday
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


  28. Mónica

    What you doing things with the kids and well as you pass. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  29. lots of loving, smiling, playing, and eating!! :)

  30. Dana

    That´s really funny and lovely pictures.
    A lot of smiles!

    Greetings from Berlin
    Dana ;-)

  31. Ashley Lorelle

    I must say, you really inspire me for when the time comes to start my own family.

  32. Iva

    E with the corn!!!

  33. kotomi

    hello Love Taza,
    I’m Kotomi from Japan.
    I’m reading your great articles every day.
    can you please tell me which iPhone app are you using for photo edit?
    Thank you :)

  34. So pretty!

    That one of Josh in the swimming pool is funny.

  35. Am loving these iphone pics! Please share.. which apps do you use?

  36. Your photos are making me long to be in NYC asap! I miss it. You kiddos are so adorable!!

  37. carli

    beautiful photos! makes me want to run back nyc!

  38. Emily

    So cute! So happy, too =]

  39. Jaclyn

    aww too adorable!! love the pic of josh in the mini pool!! your family is adorable and always has the most fun

  40. you never fail to capture the most precious moments. lovely!!

  41. Summer is so close I can taste it! (And feel it!) Ahhhh the city looks like it’s come alive in the warmer months… so glorious! And those sweet kids of yours… can never get enough :)

  42. You take some of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen. Such a lovely family and such cute kids! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Enjoy your week!


    xo Molly

  43. Cams

    Man. What a life! Looks lovelyyyyy. Cheers.

  44. Vanessa

    I love love love those yellow flowers! And the shot of the Flatiron, of course. My all-time favorite NYC building.

  45. Marie

    Im obssessed with your pictures and your babies! Cute family! I really like your blog! I would love if you could check out mine and say what you think! http://www.thestyletographer.com/ THANKS

    Xo from Mexico!!!

  46. what are you doing on the first pic???
    is that a tent, teepee, kite…???

    precious as always :)

  47. rayani

    Lovely as always…

  48. Audrey

    Hi Naomi,

    You seem very complicit with your daughter, it’s a beautiful mother-daughter relationship to watch on the blog. Congratulations for this.

    See you,


  49. Jillian

    Hi Naomi, I was wondering what you use to edit your iphone pics? Do you use a certain app or do you use a program on your computer. They always turn out so nice!

  50. Alice

    The picture of Eleanor with the corn-on-the-cob is just too cute!!! Gorgeous pictures as always :) xx

  51. Your two babes are some of the sweetest little humans I’ve ever seen! –I’m sure you never get tired of hearing that :) I just love catching up with you four on this little internet space!

  52. yes! love these! i like too many of them to even mention this time.

    also, i’ve noticed that you’ve been taking your “big camera” out like you mentioned in a previous post that you wanted to. atta girl! especially with the little tykes. i think taking my dslr out for adventure more might become a goal of mine too this summer.

    also, i just got an iphone…for these kind of posts, do you just pic stitch them together then upload them? or what’s the fastest/most efficient way to blog iphone photos?

  53. Anna

    It’s always so lovely to see your daily life in some nice pictures!

    Have a look when my little boy turned 1 year old last week here:


    All the best to you!

  54. Sarah

    aw…. I always love your iphone pictures :) Makes me want to get on the smart phone band wagon haha

    P.s. were there like four pictures of you in pants!?

  55. Lindsay

    The picture of you and your little one riding on your back is too cute!! Love the pictures!

  56. Katness

    Ah, you went to my favorite candy store Sockerbit! They have all the good candies from my childhood in Scandinavia. Love that store, but my dentist tells me to stay far away from it… :(

    Much Love to all of you!!!

  57. Janice

    Eleanor mixes patterns so well :)

  58. Laura

    Hi Noami,

    I’m a french follower, ( excuse me if my English is bad :/)
    I work in a clothes shop in France and this morning I was surprised and confused because we received a T-shirt with a photo of your daughter and you.
    I thought you would want to know it.
    The T-shirt is not on the e-sho so if you want to I send you the photo of the T-shirt, contact me by email :)

    PS: I love your blog !


  59. Claire

    Your kiddies make me want kiddies! So frigging cute.

  60. Jillian

    I’m sure you’ve answered this 100 times but where are the moccasins from that your littles are always wearing?! My daughter will be walking soon and I want to get them for her!

  61. Paula

    Hi! I;m writing to You from Poland. Could You tell me where did You buy this amaizing little bag for Your doughter? It’s amaizing and I want to buy this for my doguhter.
    P.S. You have amainzin life and photos!

  62. ayo

    fantastic i really love this post

  63. Jen

    What kind of stroller do you have? The double and the sit and stand one? I have little ones the same age and I’m researching my brains out! Please help! Thanks!

  64. KATHY

    I haven’t been reading your blog for a few weeks and my goodness how your children have grown! aw eleanor’s contagious smile always makes my day.She’s such a bubbly kid. Haha love the photo of Samson pulling on Eleanor’s hair :)