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one of my dearest friends from juilliard is getting married this weekend in chicago! so the littles and i have been here since tuesday to get this party started and spend time with old friends who also flew in early! we’re kind of counting it as our 5 year juilliard reunion too, because it is that time of year. ;)  we have been having the greatest time catching up and spending time together. i was a little nervous to make the trip on my own with the kiddos (josh doesn’t fly in until friday), but they have been such great sports and even slept the entire flight out.  of course it doesn’t hurt to have so many helping hands around here, people who eleanor and samson just adore. as i am growing older i am noticing how many friends tend to come and go, even friends who you once thought would always be there. makes me extra thankful to still have these good people in my life. i feel like we’re bonded in some weird way after all we’ve been through during our time at juilliard together.  i am just really proud of them and the things they are accomplishing. really good people.



^^^can’t wait to explore this city more over the weekend with josh. my parents are from here, and i was born here! but haven’t been back since i was little so there is much to see and do. can’t wait!^^^


^^^a whole bunch of beautiful faces.^^^

chic9 chic10 chic11

^^^it began as a cute game of sticking his finger into sister’s mouth and laughing really hard. it was cute and we laughed along with him until sister bit it. and can you believe it, i totally got a photo of it happening!  i don’t have a photo of the tears that followed, however. but there were many. and i know, i know, as a mama i should have seen that coming.^^^


^^^at the bean!^^^


^^^weird distorted angles and reflections at the bean.^^^


^^^samson likes the bean. and chicago. and now, wedding time! :)^^^

  1. Have a wonderful time in Chi Town! I grew up in Evanston. (just north of the city) This is a wonderful time of year to be in Chicago. Enjoy the food, the nice wide (and clean) sidewalks and all the sights. Go to Navy Pier for sure!

    xoxo From San Francisco

  2. Amanda

    We need to cherish good friends, as they are definitely harder to come by as we get older. Love the pictures – Chicago in the summertime is perfection. Have fun!

  3. Bea

    I have the same opinion about friends and friendship…I thank everybody who is still in my life!but when someone comes, someone goes….anyway!I can’t wait for other photos of Chicago!!!
    Have a nice time!!

  4. tiffany

    can you please share where your white t-shirt is from?

    awesome photos!

  5. Jamie

    Samson is one of cutest babies! So photogenic!

  6. you guys look like you are having so much fun in chi town!

  7. hanna

    It seems that you guys are having tons of fun in Chicago –Hanna

  8. Wow so beautiful, you seriously take the BEST pictures ever. I love visiting your blog. And poor Samson but very cute photos :)


  9. Anlyn Carbonaro

    I have been a follower of your blog (and twitter) for quite some time now and I passed right by you in the city today! I really should have said hi, and I so wanted to, but after passing you, was when I realized I recognized that sweet family and I just thought it might be weird to turn around and chase you down the street. ;) I am from Atlanta and was visiting NYC recently and thought, wouldn’t it be weird if I saw someone randomly in the city that I follow on the Internet? How weird is it that we were both visiting Chicago and I saw you there instead?! :) Small world sometimes… I really should have said hi… I was toting my two littles as well. Lucy, 6 and Jack, 3, who would have loved to meet your little E and Samson. Have fun in the city!

  10. Rachel

    You must come to Logan Square!!! Longman & Eagle is amazing! All the shops like Play for the littlest and next door a great little French treat..Have fun. Also my friends cheese and wine shop Provence….

  11. Rachel

    Oh and PS Kumas burgers!!!!!

  12. Vanessa

    I love Chicago! It’s such a down-to-earth city. There is great food, good music, lots of art, beautiful parks/beaches (in the summer), good shopping. We are planning a move there, back to the States from the UK, this winter :)

  13. Mónica

    Why did you come to your origins and share with your children is great. Paseis it very, very well and congratulations to love. Kisses and happy Friday.

  14. Fabulous!
    I have never been to Chicago, but have always wanted to visit!
    Definitely on my travel wish list
    I hope you have a wonderful experience and your friend’s wedding goes well :)
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

  15. Mani

    I absolutely love those last shots underneath the bean! If anything, I’d visit Chicago just to see it :)

  16. Certainly looking forward to travel to Chicago, thanks to the beautiful pictures that you captured.

    Greetings from Malaysia

  17. Lucy

    You look like you’re having an awesome time in Chicago with the littlies and your friends!!
    Bless Josh having to work, but not long until he’s coming over too!!
    I’d love to go to Chicago (and New York…and… lol)
    Enjoy yourself, and congrats to the happy couple!! X x x

  18. JM

    I would love to go to Chicago! So many places in America I would love to see. Looks like you’re having great weather there too. Lucky you! Enjoy your trip!

  19. Oh my word. I have two babies the exact same age and this biting thing is a problem! Harry sticks his finger in Leila’s mouth and as you say, there’s giggling until there’s tears. But the next day they do it all over again. WHY?

    I have to fly by myself sometimes as my parents live in France, snacks are the way to go!!!

  20. Sinead

    Aw Chicago looks amazing :-) have a great weekend!

  21. Loulou

    I’ve only been to Chicago once and since then, it’s forever been on my list of places I really want to go. Thanks for sharing these charming photos. Looks like it’s been a great time.

    Enjoy your friend’s wedding!

  22. Meg

    Love Chicago! If you get a chance, head to the Chicago Cultural Center. It used to be the public library, but is now a free museum of sorts. All the lighting and marble work was done by Tiffany, it is absolutely divine and gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  23. so true about some friends coming and going. i think even though you don’t want it to, having kids can have an effect on some friendships unfortunately. but also it brings you new friends and strengthens your bond with some existing friends too! such is life!

    looks like you’re having fun!

  24. true friends are a treasure :))

  25. Carie

    Well done you for attempting a flight on your own with two tinies! And congratulations to your friends, it looks like they’re going to have a wonderful week in which to start their marriage.

  26. christian

    Where Did you Find small suspenders and pans ti Go With Them for s?

    Enjoy Yourself! As Always- pretty pics

  27. LaTonya

    Naomi, I’m so happy you are having fun with old friends. I think the hardest time I have is keeping up with my relationships I had before baby. But when I do I still feel like me, the me I was before mama. So I know how incredibly gratifying it is to hang with your old Julliard friends. Enjoy the wedding and exploring with Josh.

    See you around the city!


  28. Marie

    i love your hairstyle! enjoy the wedding!

  29. Magen

    Since you’ll be exploring this weekend- there is a festival in lakeview called mayfest you might want to check out! Have fun here in Chicago!

  30. lo

    glad you’re enjoying this city. we love it here. :)

  31. Marie

    a big pat on your back for flying solo with your young kids! This shows that you’re a great independent mama and your kids will sense that from you too. Can’t wait to see more photos of you and your friends! :)

  32. Welcome to Chicago, Naomi! It looks it’ll be beautiful weather here for your visit. Be sure to stop by and do the boutiques on Damen Avenue in Wicker Park! Might I recommend Francesca’s Forno for brunch tomorrow? They have amaaaaazing homemade donuts in a variety of flavors. Enjoy your trip!

  33. Oooh! So exciting! Congratulations to them. And I have realized the same thing, friends come and go, and the ones that stay, those are the ones to be so thankful for. Lovely photos!

    Juliette Laura

  34. Some of my best friends live in chicago, too! Have the best time, I love that city so so so much!

  35. Casey

    Samson’s suspenders are awesome! Where are they from? H&m? Thanks!

  36. Dalia

    Hope you and your family have lots of fun! :)

  37. Good friends are hard to come by! Such a sweet post. I’m celebrating my birthday today and it is definitely reminding me to count my blessings!

    xo Molly

  38. Great pictures, all your pals are gorgeous! My best friend is flying in from Chicago tomorrow (to Philly) and I can’t wait. Enjoy the time with your friends!

  39. Sami

    Your pictures are so great! Would love to hear about the places you visited in Chicago. I have only been there once for a day and would love to go back and visit again. Pass any good Gluten Free restaurants?

  40. kendall

    what a fun weekend!! enjoy chicago!! x

  41. taza, i’m so impressed that you traveled alone with your little beans in tow! what a wonderful band of friends it looks like you’ve kept up with well, and what a fun glimpse of chicago you’ve shared with us :)

  42. Kasia

    Please, share with us a hair tutorial! Please! :)

  43. Mindy

    Love this post. I was in Chicago in April and absolutely had a ball. Looks like you guys got great weather too. Enjoy!

  44. So fun to see you guys in our city, Chicago! ha, and so funny because we aren’t there. We’re in Europe (and blogging about it) for the summer! We are missing Chicago summer but having so much fun! And you know, seeing you guys in Chicago reminds me that we really should take more photos of our little guy in our city! :)

    If you’d like to see what we’re up to in Croatia (right now) stop on over:


  45. Beverly

    Love love Chicago! Went a few years back and fell in love with that charming city! Try Garrett’s Chicago Mix (Cheese & Caramel), it’s perfection!!

  46. How amazingly awesome! I live in Chicago and love reading your posts and updates! I’ve always wished that Eleanor and my daughter Aria could meet but I seriously doubt we’ll see you while you’re here since you’ll be busy with the wedding. It would be awesome if we bumped into each other!

  47. what an amazing trip! love all the fun photos!

  48. so fun!! chicago is one great american city i haven’t seen yet, so I hope to explore it sometime soon! the series of pics of E in the stroller are so sweet… even the chomp! hehe Olive has bitten me a few times too; when it hurts, I have to remind myself that I really need to stop putting my finger in there! ;-) Hope you have a great weekend!

  49. Ana

    You’re so brave for flying with them by yourself! We went to Chicago last year and had so much fun!

  50. Lisa

    Ah, my husband’s favorite town. He was born and raised in Chicago..

  51. Jaclyn

    aww what cute pics!! sorry e bit s.. but it’s going to happen :( kids bite each other all the time..

  52. I’m in college right now, and seeing these pictures got me really excited for our futures & the hope of staying great friends like your group of good people over there! I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with joy!

  53. Donna

    Chicago is the top of my “Must Visit” list! I heard its such a fun, friendly town. Not to mention, they supposedly have amazing pizza ;)


  54. Patricia

    Do I spy two dancers from the Trey McIntyre project from right here in Boise, ID?

  55. Kelly

    I am glad you are having such a great time and I can not wait to see photos from the wedding!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  56. Gina Russell

    I need to know how you do your hair braid. It’s perfect!

  57. Esther

    My city! How exciting! Looks like you’re having a ton of fun already and I hope you get to see a lot the of the awesome stuff the city has to offer. I love it, and summer here is the best.

    If you like tacos you should check out Antique Taco (or Big Star). So tasty! And Doughnut vault is legendary but you have to make sure to get there early as people line up outside and they just go until they sell out of donuts.

  58. Katie

    Have a great time in my hometown!

    Love your sunglasses. Where are they from?

  59. Yeay! Welcome to chi-town! <3 I agree, friends may come and go, but I'm thankful for the ones that stuck.

  60. Robin W.

    welcome to chi city!

    you must try the little goat diner…the food is life changing

    i hope you have so much fun here is the second city!

  61. Shannon

    So fun! I wan in Chicago a few months ago on business, so I didn’t really get to see very much, this looks like such a great trip!


  62. Candice

    How fun! :) I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago. Hope you have a great time!

  63. Anne

    Awesome! It looks so sunny and nice out there. Hope you continue to enjoy your time!

  64. Melissa A. Metoyer

    I was born in Chicago and live in Evanston and your blog is one of the few I check on the regular! I am so glad that you are in my city! I hope you have a blast! I wish I could meet you hahaha

  65. SusieQ

    Enjoy this city! I own a small little house in south Evanston and actually live in Rogers Park currently while I’m remodeling it, which is the northernmost Chicago neighborhood. And I work at 30 W. Monroe, downtown, so I may have passed you and the kiddos while grabbing lunch this week, who knows?

    Have a *great* time! Can’t wait to see how your photos capture this place!

  66. Old friends + Chicago. What could be lovelier? I’m looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous photos.

  67. Riccarda

    @taza from where are your sunglasses?? i love them!!!!

  68. I love Logan Square. It seems you are having fun and it looks so sunny and nice out there. xo
    – Vinnie

  69. Regan

    How fun…Chicago is a great city! We were there with our little ones in March. We enjoyed the Shedd Aquarium and the children’s museum! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  70. Annie

    Yes, definitely tell us where that amazing white t is from!!! Enjoy my home city! ;)

  71. Jennifer

    Amaze. Moved to Chicago last year,and while pregnant and dealing with insomnia, stumbled over your blog and dug straight in. I identify with more than a few of your life experiences so thanks for writing about it and being honest;)enjoy your trip and definitely hit glazed, the donut shop mentioned above. Life.Changing. xxxx

  72. Lisa S

    My daughter is serving as a missionary in the city right now, teaching in Spanish. It is her second time there. I love your beautiful pictures of downtown. I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago. By the way, your children have such happy smiles. Their eyes smile when they smile…so cute. :)

  73. K

    Love your blog! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your family from the wedding!

  74. The hubby and I visited Chicago last Christmas – sans children – and it was one of the best cities I’ve been too. So much to do, see, eat, drink, shop, it was amazing. I want to go back now in the summer when it’s warm and do it all again!

  75. Sarah

    Welcome to my city! I hope you had a wonderful time!:-)

  76. Olivia

    These photos make me want to check out Chicago! Looks like such a cool city!

  77. T

    You are so beautiful and so are your littles! lovely family you have x

  78. amanda

    This looks so fun! Chicago is super high on my list of places to go, and to go soon.

  79. Dani

    Friendship often does not survive the distance, children and life, but when it does, old friends are forever.

    Enjoy chicago! ;)

  80. I’ve been insta stalking the wedding photographs, full of love and fellowship! Guess it’s not stalking if they are shared! I shouldn’t say that ;)

    But I can’t help it since they are such beautiful and joy filled photographs! My all time favorite, by far, the samson photo by the antique car!!! He’s the man :)

  81. Dana C

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip through amazing pictures! Your family always looks so beautiful!

  82. Lauren

    Going to Chicago this weekend!!!! i’m so excited. And how true about friends coming and going. The older I get the smaller my best friends group gets, which I think can be a good thing. The important people will always be there regardless of how often you talk or see each other.

  83. i love chicago! after dc, it’s my favorite (although, it’s moving up!) i’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be moving there this fall! looks like you had a fun time :)

  84. Emma

    I love you blog so much. Every post lifts my heart, I hope to one day have such a beautiful happy family as you.

  85. I always love to take a peek here, always something fun and pretty to see :)

  86. Faith

    Looks like such a fun time! Love all your pictures!