helicopters, rocks, shakes, sculptures, and mamas.

planes1 planes2

^^^watching a helicopter up in the sky! i gotta tell ya, having a toddler in tow really helps you take note of things you’d probably miss otherwise. it’s been fun to slow down and  take the time to notice things like cracks in the sidewalk and clouds in the sky! we also tend to fill our pockets with every rock we come across these days. that part we are trying to work on a little bit, because heavy rocks in their pockets? it’s hard enough carrying just the child. ;)^^^


^^^we met up with friends who were visiting nyc on saturday for some shake shack in madison square park. shake shack has teamed up with no kid hungry for the month of may… so for every $2 you donate this month towards the cause when you order your food, you receive a card for a free shake of your choice on your next visit! totally awesome. learn more about the cause HERE.^^^



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^^^the new art installation in madison square park has over 1.4 million feet of painted nautical rope from artist orly genger! it’s so colorful and fun, you kind of feel like you’re in candy land, or a dr. seuss book!  the installation will be up through september so go check it out!^^^


other exciting things not photographed here:

samson has started standing on his own for a few seconds at a time! the look on his face when he realizes he’s actually standing and not holding onto anything, oh goodness! it’s pure magic. i cannot get enough of that baby of mine.

speaking of babies, the other night as i was sitting down all comfortable and relaxed on our sofa, when eleanor came up, poked my belly and said, baby in tummy?  nope. there’s no baby in there right now, but shoot! my toddler has picked up on how mama’s tummy is kind of not ready for swimsuit season. that was embarrassing. truly, so embarrassing.

i tried all weekend to put together a mother’s day gift guide for this blog of mine, but to be honest, at two and a half years into being a mom around this holiday, when i really think about what i’d want come mother’s day gifts, i think of things like sleeping in. or a loooong afternoon nap in a very quiet and still apartment. perhaps that is just me (and a kind nudge to myself to give sleep training another proper go), but i don’t think i’m too off base when i think gifts like these are kind of the best gifts for any mama.  if you’re trying to find a gift for a mother in your life, maybe give her a second set of hands for an afternoon so she can go do something *anything* she’d like– from grocery shopping on her own (oh it’s such a luxury!) to going to a matinee movie to taking a nap…. i think she’d appreciate it. and if you live close to your own mama, maybe give her some face time. what i wouldn’t do to be able to take my own sweet mama and mother-in-law out to lunch this weekend. living far away is such a bother sometimes. and don’t forget about all of the women in your life who aren’t mamas just yet but are mothers in so many other ways. so very thankful to be surrounded by inspiring women on a daily basis here in the city, mothers or not. i love them so much. anyway, just a few thoughts.

happy wednesday!

  1. it must be so wonderful to have your children help you notice the small stuff. that art installation is INCREDIBLE! i know a girl who recently completed a similar looking project where she knitted an entire house! i was sad i didn’t get to see it in person.

    i gotta say i’m a little disappointed there’s not davis baby no. 3 in your tummy, but wishing you a very happy mother’s day! if anyone deserves one it’s gotta be you!


  2. amanda

    Awww, her little purse is so adorable. I saw a pretty awesome big girl version at Bird in Williamsburg last night that I totally want to get. Well, more of a wristlet, but super cute regardless. Isn’t the entire city so magical right now? This time of year is just like, wow, NYC, you’re kind of awesome. You know, before it gets hot enough to get stinky and such…

  3. Amanda

    Her little purse is the cutest thing, and that art installation looks incredible. I am going to have to check that out. I second your thoughts on Mother’s Day – it is a day to celebrate all the inspiring women in your life, mothers or not.

  4. Emily

    Such a good point about Mother’s Day gifts, I’m glad you said that. Thank you for sharing your family with us, they’re so sweet I can’t take it!

  5. in the words of bill cosby, “kids say the darndest things…” haha

    cheers :)

  6. lo

    the art installation is so cool. ill have to go when in nyc this summer. im not (yet) a mother, but i think mothers day is one of my favorite holidays! i love celebrating my mother/grandmother. happy *early* mothers day to you!

  7. Holly

    Yup – I too ask for sleep for mothers day! Or a ‘lion’ as Oscar calls it. Things money can’t buy for Mummies (or I suppose they do in the form of nannies!) xxxxx gorgeous pics!

  8. Your Pictures are always so beautiful!I love her little Outfit with the Kitty Purse, such an adorable little Lady :)

    Happy Wednesday to you and your beautiful Family!

  9. Haley

    First (and again) I so admire your family. Y’all make such a beautiful group. Second, I appreciate that you always focus on the positive sides of life and really get out there and embrace the world around you. There’s so much good and happy out there, and you do such a nice job capturing it. It is always a treat to read your posts and see your photos.

    Happy early mother’s day! I hope you get that nice long nap :)

  10. heather

    I love that you and your kiddos spend so much time outside exploring. What an incredible place for them to grow up :)

    And that art instillation is amazing! Yet another reason to get myself to NYC as soon as possible.


  11. Could Eleanor’s concerned expression about the helicopters be any cuter?! It’s so true – I think we can all learn from a child’s view of the world. We should be more curious about the little things that surround us! Happy early Mother’s Day to a mom we all admire.

  12. Such a sweet post. I can’t wait to spend lots of quality time with my Mom on Sunday :) Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms out there!

  13. Looks like you had a magical day in the city. I would love to walk around that installation, it looks amazing! I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day. I know your sweet kiddos will treat you right!


    xo Molly

  14. This is an amazing post, I love the idea of helping out your mother on mother’s day instead of all of the materialistic things. It is so much more rewarding to make a fuss of your mum and show that you really do care instead of just giving a present and then not really doing much.
    Thank you for sharing these inspirational ideas, I will definitely keep them in mind for next year’s mother’s day (in Britain) as it’s already been :(
    Loving the photos as well & also how you’re promoting a good cause (no child hungry) … it’s really great!
    Thanks again for sharing the love & inspiration,
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


  15. Katelyn

    Such a sweet post! That art installation is incredible! Wish I was closer to NYC. My mama’s babies are all out of the house, but I am going home to give her a present and take her out to lunch. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  16. Arti

    I think that is a good idea for Mother’s day- our gift to our mom is a clean house, breakfast in bed, and a gift card so she can pick out a new handbag (she’s in desperate need of one). :)
    Also, if it hasn’t been said a million times already- E is so cute! Do you ever get tired of hearing that ? :P

  17. Lauren

    Since when did Eleanor stop looking like a toddler and start looking like a little girl?! Stop stop stop! :) So beautiful.

  18. jamie

    I love Eleanor’s facial expressions! The look of complete awe is so precious.

  19. Janice

    Lovely post- and thank you for mentioning those is us that aren’t mothers yet. This holiday can be tough for those that want to be so much.

  20. Katherine

    Your sweeties are so cute! I would love to hear more about your experience with sleep training/sleep or just generally sharing a small space with young kids. How do you do it? I’m always so curious about how other people do it, it’s a struggle for us!

  21. kendall

    such a sweet, sweet post! i hope you enjoy much sleep & relaxation this mother’s day! X

  22. Sweet kids and some fantastic photos! Makes you feel happy it’s springtime :)

    Chase Miller
    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Surf Lifestyle Blog

  23. I have been feeling guilty the past few days knowing that I haven’t gotten my mother anything for mother’s day- one of my love languages definitely is giving gifts. But, after reading this, I realized that gifts on mothers day is really the last thing I should be worried about. I should be giving my time- and isn’t that the greatest gift of all ? :) So, thank you for this.

  24. That art installation is crazy insane! I love it when installations are public and part of the surroundings – what a daily treat! And speaking of treats… SHAKE SHACK! It’s crazy what I would give for a chocolate milkshake right now…

  25. Such a lovely post! Happy early Mother’s Day :)

  26. Samira

    I love reading about your days with your children! quite refreshing!

  27. I just LOVE the photography on your site. You make me want to leave the SF Bay area and move to NYC! :-)


  28. Oh my gosh, aren’t you right on point with the mother’s day gift ideas. Seriously. I should give sleep training another go too. Love all the fab pics. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I couldn’t have said it better myself. SLEEP!! Just what every mother needs…especially one of little ones. I love that you chose to share that rather than a gift guide because it reminds me that just as far apart our lives seem to be sometimes, they’re really quite similar after all. Life with littles, right? Tomato, Tomato! ;)

    Oh, and great photos!

    Lynden Laundry

  30. What a cool installation. I love when stuff like that goes up. It brings people together in a weird, awesome way.

  31. Amen to the simple mama’s day gift like a nap or shopping ALONE!! No roses or candles that are going to die or burn away soon – I just want to relax:) Recharging my mommy batteries so that the Monday after Mother’s Day I’m ready to go again:)
    Loving the purse she’s still sporting…

    Hugs, Jennifer

  32. Taza, I so appreciate you mentioning being sensitive to women who aren’t mothers necessarily, but have giftings that flow out in how they care for their community. Especially when your life today is acute to the sacrifices (and of course joys) of being a mama, it is beautiful that you have those women on your mind this week- and a great reminder for your readers. I think your words are a gift to mamas in transformative and re-aligning ways and I am grateful for how God has used them in my life!

  33. my goodness eleanor look so grown up in those first pictures!

    it’s funny how little ones open your eyes up to the simple, everyday things in life. there we are thinking we’re the ones teaching them and at times it’s completely the opposite. my son is a year old now and i feel like i’ve really noticed the seasons change this past year. it’s been beautiful watching the bare trees and the gardens start to bloom. it’s like my son has given me fresh eyes which makes me love him all the more if that is at all possible.

    hope you’ve had a lovely mother’s day! ours has been and gone here in scotland.


  34. Wow! Love the art installation, that’s so cool! Your photos make me want to visit New York so badly. My boyfriend and I do home exchanges all over the world… let us know if you or any of your friends want to swap apartments… we have a great little flat London :) xx


  35. I think your “gift suggestions” are right on…I’m not a mother yet, but my own has told me forever and ever that the best present is time with the people you love. I’ll be taking her up on that this weekend!

  36. Dalia

    Great photos, as always!
    Reading your posts is a good reminder to stay positive, enjoy the little things and be a good example to others.


  37. MAYRA


  38. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    What I like more of evenings is sitting on my sofa after a day spent working and finding that you wrote a new post!
    So thank you!!!
    That’s so true! kids make us remember to notice little things!

  39. Leone

    I’m so in love with your blog, it’s so pretty and all pictures are so lovely, wish I could just put the whole blog on my wall. That’s how pretty it is!

  40. April

    Those photos are amazing. It makes it feel like summer is just around the corner. :]
    Oh, and I *love* the Shake Shack! Whenever I go to NYC that’s the first place I go to. Best burgers ever.

  41. Beautiful pictures, as always…

  42. Marie

    I’m looking forward to mother’s day with my family, esp with my son! The best mother’s day gift is just spending time with family and knowing that they are always there for you and love you 101%. The feeling of being loved is the best gift ever. ♥♥


  43. Kelly

    I will have to go check out that installation, how cool!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  44. Such a lovely post! Beautiful photos! I made my mother a bracelet for mothers day :)

    Juliette Laura

  45. Awwwwww don’t worry “baby in tummy” u look smokin’ as a mama of two!!! seriously!
    I can only imagine how sleepy you must be.. so maybe you could have ur fam make you breakfast in bed and ask for a bit of quiet time? And then watch a movie with the littles later on? :)

  46. Great photos as ALWAYS. I’m so impressed that you guys are always so timely. I find that I let my pics sit and it takes me so long to go through them once they pile up! It’s fun to share the moment with you guys.

    ha, and speaking of letting photos SIT, I finally got around to going through out photos in VENICE with our little guy. I think you’ll enjoy. Love for you to visit :) http://hennablossom.com/?p=2649

    So funny that I finally got around to posting about our trip to Venice last year…we’re already setting off on a new trip in less than a week!

    I love that you guys are also a family who isn’t afraid to travel with little ones!


  47. Dani

    The look of wonder on Eleanor’s face is priceless. It is pure gold. Oh the joys of being a child. I really love your insights on Mother’s Day gifts. Those really are the lovely things that moms want.

  48. Lydia

    Hahhahaa, “fwend” <33

    – L

  49. Sally

    A Happy Mother’s day to you, those little babies of yours are just so precious!

    Im not a mother yet but an Aunty and Godmother, thanks for writing such lovely words about all of use!


  50. Mums are the best, aren’t they? Even when I was a kid I wanted to live on the same street as mine, so that she would always be close by. I still do.

  51. This has been a hard week for me. There are so many gifts for mom posts and emails in my inbox, and all I wish is for my mom not to have died from cancer so I could spend this Sunday with her.

    For so many years Mother’s Day was about me giving to my mother. I have three children and I still feel like it is more about what I should give others rather than receive myself.

    This is the last time I wrote about my mother… I think I should do another post about her for this mother’s day. That should help.

    xoxo from San Francisco,

  52. Mel

    The best thing about kids is getting to notice those little things :)

    This will be my first mothers day with my baby I’m so excited to spend the day with her :D
    But a nap would be nice too.
    And someone else washing the dishes.

  53. Mun

    Your photographs always put a BIG SMILE on my face ;)

  54. carli

    this post made me smile from start to finish. precious!

  55. we’re taking my boyfriend’s mom to the newest florida shake shack on sunday for mother’s day lunch. she’s never been to one and she is STOKED. :)

  56. Sarah

    Yay! I work for Share our Strength and the Texas Hunger Initiative down here at Baylor University! I’m going on a trip to DC to learn more about hunger in America next week. Great cause! thanks for spreading the word :D

  57. Rian

    Your children are beautiful! LOVE the pictures!! This blog makes me very happy! Always read it when I’m down.



  58. Mónica

    With kids life is totally different you look at things that went completely unnoticed is incredible. I found it fascinating art exhibition. Here in Spain the day of the mother was the May 5th I received a lot of gifts but what say you …. a good nap, a relaxing bath without children involved would have been the best of the best. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  59. Any

    I absolutely love E’s face in response to the helicopter! It always amazes me how raw children’s emotions really are and how you can always see their emotions, so accurately too. It’s fabulous! She’s adorable, both of you children are lovely.

    Wishing all the beautiful moms out there a happy Mother’s Day! :)

  60. Anna

    Thank you for your post… there was something about it very inspirational. I really loved when you talk about how a toddler can help you slow down and notice mundane things. In the end, life is about this, right? Finding beauty in small details. And also loved your reminder about all those mamas that are not mamas. That was really beautiful. So… thank you!! have a nice thursday!

  61. JM

    Your words about living far away from your mother really hit home (no pun intended). My mother lives in another country and I am not exaggerating when I say i miss her every single day. I know it will only get harder when I have kids and she can’t see them as often as i’d like her to.
    Thanks for talking about this, sometimes just knowing many of us are in the same boat is comforting. A problem halved is a problem shared.

    Also, lovely springtime pictures. It really was a long winter wasn’t it? It’s about time we had some weather like this (it’s been sunny here too since monday, yay!)


  62. Oh gosh, that installation is absolutely amazing! I love work like that – site specific, textured, and gets the community involved.

    Aww Eleanor looks so afraid of the helicopter!

  63. so true what you say about mothers day gifts! i think the opportunity for some me-time is a winner for any mum of small children!

    p.s. i’m totally with you on not being ready for swimsuit season this year! it’s hard to make time for proper exercise when you are tired out from running around after a one year old!


  64. Naomi in E’s defense (which I mean totally as a joke!) I would say the silliest things as a little girl! Thinking back it must have started around E’s age (very innocently!), just picking up things I would hear and wanting to sound grown up… My mom would tell me later on as a teenager (probably for giggles!). But the funniest thing I think I ever said was when I was around three and a half when we went to visit my Mom’s younger sister in Del Rio. My Aunt had just gotten married and moved into her new house and they lived close to her inlaws. The inlaws watched me one night, and I suppose I wasn’t too fond on that idea because I actually told my Aunt’s new mother-in-law that “her purse was dirty and she really needed to buy a new one or clean it bc my mom’s purse wasn’t dirty”. Needless to say my Mom was mortified but my Aunt and her Mother-in-law still laugh about that to this day!! Kids and their thoughts … who knows where they come from ;) I would never ever say that or even think that now that I’m a lady and feel horrible about the entire thing. I’m glad we can all laugh about it :)

  65. Leigh

    Hahaha! OR… Eleanor wants another little sibling! The more the merrier right?! ;)

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  67. eleanor’s face is SO full of wonder at the sky. that’s the sweetest. i love the discovery age :) things start to make sense and they’re like, “oh so that’s what that is!” instead of staring at it puzzled haha.

    often the sweetest gifts aren’t the material ones at all :) here’s to hoping you get some extra sleep and alone time on mother’s day!


  68. I would wear her little outfit! The dress, the shoes, all of it! Is that weird? Ha! Those hamburgers look delish!

  69. Emily

    I think Eleanor has a better sense of fashion then I do :)

  70. Absolutely love the Brett Brief, looks like as a first time Mommy to a sweet 2 mth old I can fit a diaper,wipes and a bottle in there for quick ‘stylish’ trips! Thecupid rose gold is a close second though!

  71. You are beautiful inside and out! I may accidentally leave this post sitting up on my husbands computer with flourescent yellow arrows pointing to the nap thing. :)

  72. lili

    please please please post on sleep training! how????? how????? how??? (desperate)

  73. love the first photo… the wonder in E’s eyes is priceless. thank YOU for being such an inspirational mama via this blog. your love for your family is so encouraging and i always smile reading your posts, watching you relish each moment of motherhood (and life in general!). even with the lack of sleep and the tough moments, your joyful spirit is a blessing. xoxo

  74. Susana

    Eleanor’s cute little face is the first two photos is to die for. She looks so bewildered. Lovely post.

  75. “and don’t forget about all of the women in your life who aren’t mamas just yet but are mothers in so many other ways. ”

    this made me tear up. thank you. you are a very kind and sweet mama.

    love, a-g
    20 yrs old.

  76. Tilly

    Just love Eleanor’s shoes! How cute are they?!? would love to know where you bought them :) Love your blog and your cute family xx

  77. lisa

    I loved your post about mothers day, and I agree the best gift would be sleep. I’m in love with E’s purse…can you please share where you purchased it.


  78. T

    Adorable!! You are such a great family :)

  79. Caitlin

    Who doesn’t love a reason to visit Shake Shack? Even better if it’s for a good cause! That little purse is the cutest thing, my niece would love it!


  80. Damaris

    Absolutely looove Eleanor’s amazed face in the second picture.Such a beautiful family, congrats!. And yes, I adore E’s purse!


  81. Damaris

    I loooove Eleanor’s amazed face in the second picture! E is wearing the most adorable purse :) Congrats for your beautiful family.