happy mother’s day!

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happy mother’s day (weekend) to all of the women in the world! but especially to my sweet mama, and josh’s mama, who i know have personally gone through so much yet happily and courageously give of themselves entirely to their role as mothers. i’m so thankful for all you do, and love you both.

hope everyone gets a back rub or homemade card or a chance to sleep in!!!!!! ;)

happy mother’s day!!!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too :)

  2. happy mother’s day! i’m sure just seeing your lil cuties sunday morning will be enough “mother’s day satisfaction”, but hopefully you at least get a few extra hugs and kisses ;)

  3. Carie

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mama and Mama-in-law! I love the baby pics – ah the joys of being children of the 80’s!

  4. happy happy day!
    lovely photos, so much love

  5. Precious memories/photographs! The world be nothing without our dear sweet mothers! I’ll miss mine this year and the distance between us for the first time ever… but I thank God I’ve been blessed with his mercy and I have not only a Mother but two wonderful Grandmothers, and amazing Aunties, cousins and girlfriends who fill my life with such joy! God is so merciful to us let’s not forget to thank Him for our Mothers as well :)

  6. kim

    Happy, happy day to you too! :)

  7. Aarean

    Happy Mothers Day to you Naomi!!! Im still getting use to the fact that Mothers Day is for me too haha–hope it’s a great weekend! P.s. I am doing a Kate Spade Tote bag giveaway (camel and hot pink!!!) on my Color Issue blog! (hey just sayin’) :-)

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I have learned so much about the type of mom I want to be from reading your blog, thank you for that. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  9. Stacy

    I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day too Naomi.

    I think I need to see more baby Taza & Josh photos!

  10. Dana

    i wish you also a very happy mothers day!

    i hope the sun will shining.

    xo from berlin

  11. Julie

    Love these old school pictures. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  12. hanna

    Happy mothers day to you! Hanna

  13. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Weekend!


  14. Jaclyn

    Happy Mothers Day!! xoxoxo

  15. cesia

    So sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  16. kassi

    I’m still trying to figure out how you looked so fab right after giving birth! ;) Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. Elle

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too! My husband already told me that I will be sleeping in on Sunday and that him and my babies (2 and 3 years old) will be making me breakfast! :)

  18. Kelly

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all of the wonderful mothers out there!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. erica

    Happy Happy <3 Mothers Day Weekend to you too Naomi!!!! Its an extra special one for me being 7 1/2 months pregnant with our little guy & having my exceptionally awesome daughter at my side. <3 it! Enjoy this gorgeous East coast weather!

    <3 http://www.somethinglikeafairytale.com

  20. brooke

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! My two kids are almost exactly the same ages as your two kids – can you believe how fast the time has flown by? Motherhood is truly a miracle.

  21. Sarabeth

    Happy Mother’s Day! Have the best one yet.

  22. Cintya

    Happy Mothers Day!
    You sure are a great mommy.

  23. Hi,
    happy mother’s day to you! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great pics you put up! I really love the picture of you and your kids you included in this post. I recognize you are wearing a nursing tank, and I just think that’s such a endearing little thing! I like to read your blog because I have a girl born in January 2011 and another girl born in August 2012, so a lot of what you post really resonates with me. Sometimes when I read your blog I just say “Awwww!” sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry!

    thanks for sharing!

    -Linnea taylor

  24. Happy Mother’s Day!!! =)

  25. djw

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Btw, do you license your photos to other sites? I saw some familiar faces here: http://elitedaily.com/category/life/wellness/ and wanted to make sure you were ok with that :)

    • TAZA

      i don’t. thanks for letting me know!

  26. Valentine

    Oh, goodness. The top picture (I don’t know if it’s you or your husband) looks JUST like Samson to me. So adorable. :)

  27. Linda

    Happy Mother’s Day! Love reading your blog and the beautiful photos of your family!

  28. Leticia

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  29. Happy mother´s day for you and your family aswell…

    Hope you find some sleep…
    Hope I find som sleep :)
    My only wish for this day ;)

  30. Kasia

    One day I want to be a mama just like you. You are great with your kids and you still look so stylish and perfect.

  31. Louise

    this is a beautiful sweet mothersdaypost! Love it!

  32. happy mothers day girlfriend! have fun rockin’ out with the fam ;)


  33. A very Happy Mother’s Day to you, Naomi! Have a wonderful time with your lovely family!

  34. Hannah

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family. Hope you enjoy it!

  35. Paola

    Happy Mother’s Day ! I hope you are having an awesome day !

  36. happy belated mother’s day to an inspiring one! xo