happy memorial day!


we’re excited for memorial day to be here! for a lot of people, memorial day is the official beginning of summer: beaches, bbq’s, sandals, lots of melted ice cream cones…

we’re also grateful for the chance memorial day gives to think about and pay tribute to all of the people who have done so much to preserve those values and ideals that we all strive for, especially those who have given their lives like some of our own family members have done.

happy memorial day!

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you and your beautiful Family!


  2. Ellen

    Happy Memorial Day! E’s ice cream matches her cute top!

  3. Alice

    Happy memorial day! Here in the UK, we’re having the Spring bank holiday today- but it’s definitely not the start of summer here. Enjoy your day! xx

  4. Sophie

    to “preserve those values and ideals” costs a lot of innocent lives also on the side which may in your point of view not share the same values and ideas. in my opinion it is still not a reason to celebrate.

  5. Marie

    We don’t have such a day in my country.. Anw may God bless those soldiers who fought for freedom and rights. Rest In Peace.


  6. Happy Memorial Day! Your little monkey looks too cool for school in her very Nicole Richie style sunnies – I’m jealous of them! xxx

  7. Love these pictures of Eleanor & her ice cream!! Hope you have a fabulous memorial day!


    Notes from Natalie

  8. Bea

    Happy memorial day!!!!
    And have a nice summer beginning!!!

  9. Have a wonderful Memorial Day with your family! And enjoy the weather :)

    Danielle @ A Writer in Love

  10. KATHY

    Happy memorial day! eleanor is rocking those shades. She’s definitely one cool kid ;) I would love to be in Spring right now! i wouldn’t mind basking in the sunlight. back in melbourne, we’re welcoming winter in a few days :( lol i just realised eleanor’s ice cream matches her top :)

  11. Happy memorial day!!
    Eleanor is so cute!!!! ;))

  12. hanna

    Happy memorial day! Hanna

  13. Happy Memorial Day! As you move into Summer, I am moving into Winter.
    Have a melted ice cream cone for me (as I reach for hot chocolate) – it looks so good!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  14. hello this is adorable!!! happy memorial day to you as well! i just stumbled on your blog and i am so excited to be here! have a great extended weekend! looks like so much fun!

  15. Anni

    These are beyond adorable, Eleanor is a rockstar.

  16. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family :)

  17. Awesome pictures! E is just too cute! Also thanks for the reminder to remember those who allowed us our rights.

  18. Julie

    Such cute photos! Now I want some ice cream! ;-)

  19. Katrina

    Hi Sophie, Yes, each life is precious. There are times though, when true “values and ideals” must be defended. Freedom is a innate human desire and true principle, The ideal of liberty which you and I have come to take so very much for granted came at great cost. People throughout the world have given throughout history and still today, given everything for the chance to come to America, for the chance have a chance at the abundance of freedoms not available anywhere else on earth, These principles are worth defending. And I, and likely you, and sooo many others pray for the day that we will no longer have to defend these principles in this manner. But until those that would and seek to take away these freedoms wish no more to do harm and kill and oppress, captivate and suppress these freedoms (as we have seen even very recently) see things in a peaceful way and cease to wish to cause harm to others it is sadly necessary to be willing to for something greater. And those that sacrifice their own lives so selflessly for me and for you to live in a country where we can so freely express differing views should be honored.

  20. Sharon

    First of all; Love your blog, style & photography! Are these photos also taken with the canon SL1? I ‘ve got a canon 550D, but is it worth to replace it for a canon SL1? I love to travel and I would love to have a ‘lighter’ camera but with the same qualities. Hope you can tell me something more about it.
    Xx Sharon


  21. Irela

    Happy Memorial Day! I love her little sunglasses, they are precious ♥

  22. I’m grateful for both as well, especially for those servicemen/women who allow us to enjoy this beginning of summertime so freely and wonderfully!

  23. Lauren

    looks like you guys had some amazing weather! i’m jealous over here in rainy seattle. i love e’s sunglasses, i want a pair in my size!

    happy memorial day!


  24. Mónica

    Well around here do not know when will come the summer because the weather does not seem to be the winter please get good weather and. The pictures are very graciosas.Besos and happy Tuesday.

  25. very well said, and awesome sunnies on E! hope you had a great holiday!