a good one.


yesterday was one of those days where i kept telling josh at the end of it, “today was so good!”   i think the weather had a bit to do with this. and a picnic in central park. and kids that are just happy and content when they are outside and free. and spending time with good friends (we got to see meg yesterday.) also, comfortable shoes (i managed to walk six miles around the city, it was so beautiful out.)  we stayed outside all day.

we played in a few different parts of central park.  the kids took turns napping in the stroller. we found an ice cream stand. and a wafels and dinges truck. we ended up at josh’s office at the end of the day and walked all the way home together as a family. when we got into the apartment, we carried the kids straight to the bathroom and plopped them right into the bathtub. when you’re scrubbing multiple layers of dirt off your toddler, i think it’s safe to say the kids had a good day, too.


^^^eleanor’s new bag which pretty much consists of a few coins and a few rocks. i have a feeling that bag is gonna go everywhere with us this summer.^^^


^^^”hmmmm. which ice cream cone do i want?”^^^^^


^^^”this one!” (which was nice cause it was also the cheapest one!)^^^


^^^before it dripped all over all of us and all of central park. we were sticky for most of the day.^^^


^^^eleanor, you’re the best.^^^

b12 b16

^^^and these are sort of the greatest.^^^


^^^and meg, you are the prettiest.^^^

b31 b17b9b10

^^^a trail of drool everywhere we go. meet samson.^^^

b30b32 b24

^^^these umbrellas. such a sweet site.^^^

b27 b26 b29

^^^can you see those two top teeth in samson’s mouth? and can you believe in less than a month we are celebrating this boy’s first  birthday? how scary that is!^^^

have a great weekend!

  1. It does indeed look like an amazing day. Love the photography and colors! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Peyton

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I so admire that you make something like going to the park with E and S such a fun and new experience. Makes me want to move to New York immediately. Thanks for sharing! Xx

  3. This post made my heart happy… and made me wish I lived in New York… and had darling babies… Don’t tell my husband!

  4. Meghan

    Such great pics of your kiddos and Meg! Love your style, where is your maxi skirt from. It looks soo comfy!

  5. SUCH lovely photos. My, oh my, that family of yours.

  6. Mandy

    I love your blog! That coral maxi skirt is beautiful! May I ask where it’s from? Thanks!

  7. Arika

    Your blog makes me so happy!

  8. amanda

    ohmygosh! those pictures! STUNNING! your talent kills me. and makes me loooonng for nyc:)

  9. Nadia

    What brand carrier is that?

  10. I know these kinds of days! All too well. They are perfect. So perfect. The photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Eleanor is a doll.

  11. Eleanor is such a stylish little thing! So cute. These photos have made me smile. You can’t beat getting outside in the sunshine.x

  12. I wish Kuala Lumpur was as accessible and fun as New York city!
    Eleanor and Samson are such adorable lil bubs!

  13. Carie

    Oh wonderful sunshiney days! We haven’t quite got the temperatures for spending all day outside just yet. But a girl can dream, and hopefully it’s going to be a wonderful summer!

  14. Billie

    You make my heart melt! I’ve been following your blog for years now, and I still find with each new post you make me want to be the best Mama, and I’m only 18!

    I know the internet can be a tough place, thanks for always sharing your sweet little corner of the world.
    Love to your gorgeous family.

  15. Sophie

    J’adore le petit sac d’Eleonore, so cut, il me rappelle le mien quand j’étais petite…

    Les photos sont magnifiques et reflètent la bonne humeur et une telle joie de vivre !

    Très belle famille

    Bisous de France :)

  16. Cutest kiddos ever! So glad it is finally warming up in the city – hope it’ll stay : )

  17. Belen

    Love your blog! I am sure Eleanor will say one day: What a great mama do I have!!
    All the best from Spain!,

  18. Lex

    Love little Eleanor’s outfit! so very stylish :)

  19. Adele

    Such a beautiful post, I could almost feel the sun’s rays here in cold Australia! Keep it up!

  20. Karen

    Oh I Miss You New York Oh I Do! Cannot wait for the day when I can take my 2 year old there!

  21. Lydia

    Your style is so amazing – the outfits are so cute :D “a trail of drool everywhere we go. meet samson.” Hahahha, adoreable..

    – L

  22. Elisa

    You guys make such a gorgeous family!

    I just love Eleanor’s hair, I used to make Stella’s that way too when she was that age! Ah, so incredibly adorable.

    (Though I love Central Park too, and I have to admit that these beautiful shots triggered one of those “OMG I really miss New York” pangs that almost made me cry, but seeing your kids’ beautiful smiles perked me up :-))

  23. Julia

    a good one, indeed!! cannot wait to bring my boy to manhatten one day, to play in the park. our kiddos are just beautiful x

  24. Julia

    *your, not our. Although our kiddo is pretty darn cute too ;)

  25. Maddie

    Thank you for the beautiful post of your family. We will be visiting NYC in June from Australia. Our darling daughter born at the end of May last year is coming with. We lived in NYC for years but without a little. Do you have any places you’d recommend for us to go in addition to the parks of course? We would LOVE any advice- I’m so used to traveling NYC sans little lady and want the trip to be extra fun for her.

  26. Oh my! That picture of you & Eleanor! Her little pose is just the cutest. Love to your adorable family. xoxo.

  27. Hi Naomi, I discovered your blog 6 months ago and am addicted now! I love each and every one of your posts ! Your photos are always stunning and your children have got the be the cutest I have ever seen. Also, the writing is brilliant! Thanks for sharing! Love, from South Africa

  28. Sara

    I recently ran across your Instagram and instantly fell in love with all of the pictures you took.. your Instagram is like a story line to me! and when I found out that you have a blog I was very excited to see what was in store since your Instagram already catches my attention soo much! I cannot believe I’ve been missing out on all of this! I found out about your blog last week and have been checking back everyday for updates! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing!

  29. Mun

    Samson is such a happy baby!

  30. Sarah Byler

    Love your blog! I just wondered what brand of stroller you use. We just recently had our second child and now I’m looking to get a double stroller. Do you like yours?

  31. Leigh

    That picture of you and E is so super cute!

  32. Sheila

    Your daughter looks so stylin’. I just love her outfit!

  33. Sara


    I can’t tell you how much “a good one” rings true! Those are the days that help the “so so ones” slip farther from our memories.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Sara | http://www.late-afternoons.com

  34. Ashley

    These are my favorite days. Hands down! So glad you were able to enjoy a wonderful day with your family!

  35. Such beautiful photos! The first one of E is so precious. And the two of you together. And Samson’s smile. And the waffles, ha. Maybe I should just name every single photo in your post. Really, really beautiful.

  36. Lily

    You’re a babe Naomi, and your fam is beaut :) Feel proud everyday & raise kind hearts.

  37. Louise

    ohhhhhh awwww cute these littles are absolutely wonderful!

  38. Lea

    The “Eleanor you’re the best” photograph is simply the best. You ladies are cute cuddlers!

  39. Alicia

    Love your kids-Samson is the smilest baby!!! You mentioned comfy shoes, def wear shoes(I wore kicks) that you can RUN in. One day they will take off in separate directions and you will will need to move quickly. I always wore shoes/clothes I could move in and be comfortable in . Save the fancy stuff for date night.

  40. Kelsi

    Such a sweet blog post! Love days like these! kelsisandefur.blogspot.com

  41. Renee

    omg! where did you get Eleanor’s bag from! I want one! x

  42. Laura

    Eleanor looks like Shirley Temple. I’m sure it’s been said before, and will be said again. This time, she’s definitely got the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm denim vibe. Tres cool.

  43. Dawn

    Where are E’s pants from? Adorbs! I am always searching for cute but comfy for my little girl- her muscular thighs are hard to buy for!

    I don’t know how you do it with these two- but keep it up!


  44. Jane

    Love this. Where is your long skirt from?

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  47. Rachel Hagen

    I’m glad the weather is warming up. New York in the spring/summer looks magical.
    PS just read the article in Pregnancy. LOVED it!! To be featured by the amazing Kerri jennings is awesome!