a family bike ride!


samson’s new bike seat and eleanor’s new helmet arrived last weekend so we took the bikes out for an early morning family ride on memorial day! we finally have four seats and four helmets for the davis family! summer, you may officially begin…

living in new york city keeps us pretty active and on the go, especially during the summer when we like to live outside all day long playing hard in the heat. if anyone loves it, we do. we were pretty excited when our sponsor blue diamond almonds first approached us, because eleanor can often be a picky eater.  we can’t tell you how relieved we’ve been the last few months to discover she enjoys snacking on almonds (and has even asked for them over ‘ice cream cones’ as of late.  ok, it only happened once. but we’re making progress!).  josh and i are also trying to snack smarter and healthier so we have been relying on things like almonds as one of our go-to snacks at the house and when we’re out.

so we grabbed our helmets as soon as the littles woke up last monday and took off on a little ride around the city. we had most of the roads and bike lanes to ourselves (thank you, holiday!) and enjoyed a peaceful morning together.  we got off our bikes at columbus circle mid-ride for a break and a quick snack. it made for a pretty great start to our holiday!


^^^”hey samson, are you ready to feel the wind in your hair?”^^^


^^^”gosh! i swear that skyscraper wasn’t there yesterday….”^^^




^^^best friends. we are pretty happy about it.^^^


^^^columbus circle.^^^


^^^taking a break to eat a snack with papa…^^^





^^^this little mister claps his hands and kicks his legs as we take off! i think he likes his new bike seat.^^^


^^^thanks for the bike lanes, new york.^^^



^^^welcome, summer! the davis family is ready for you!^^^


this post is sponsored by blue diamond almonds. as always, thank you for reading our blog and for supporting our sponsors!


  1. cassie

    the photo of eleanor kissing Samson’s cheek is priceless.

  2. Happy birthday to Samson. He has changed A LOT over the past few weeks.

  3. the two of them together! LOVE that they love each other :)
    thanks for sharing! beautiful pics–as always :)

  4. Emily

    the picture of eleanor kissing samson will someday make a really cute picture to redo when they’re older!

  5. Heather

    beautiful photographs! I really like your bag! Where did you get it? It is so bright and pretty.

  6. okayyyy….i think i just died with all of these photos!!

  7. Samira

    lovely photos!! I too need to start snacking better and almonds are the best!!!

  8. camille

    Oh my darling! That photo of E kissing S is TOOOO CUUUUTTTEEE!!! Thanks for having the cutest babies in the whole wide world so I can oooo and aaaa over them since I don’t have any of my own yet :)

  9. Rebecca

    I just liked at this post five times. I love them so much!!

    Please share where your bag is from?????
    Thank you in advance! And happy weekend!

  10. Amelia

    My heart! The two of Samson & E telling secrets are the cutest photos in the world.

  11. Alanna

    The pic of E kissing S is too much! Can’t wait for baby number two for us so I can get in on that action!


  12. Dalia

    Cutest photos!
    You always say thanks for reading & supporting, I say thanks for sharing! :)

  13. sarah

    Yes- I need to know where that bag is from!

  14. Molly

    Where is your bag from? Also, where is your helmet from? I am having a hard time finding a safe and stylish helmet to wear for biking.

  15. Bea

    I love cycling!!!I think it’s the best way to stay fit, and to help nature!!!
    Buon venerdì!!!

  16. Peg

    i love the love between eleanor and samson…it just makes every thing in the world feel okay. thank you for sharing!

  17. Your little ones are adorable! And as always I love the vibrant colors and crispness of your photos. We also have a thing for almonds in this house. It’s my go to snack, the bike riding thing, we are still working on :-)

  18. Katharine

    Adorable photos of a beautiful day! Love the colorful helmets! May I ask where your lovely red bag is from? Looks like the perfect summer tote!

  19. the CUTEST family – I love the picture of Eleanor kissing Samson.

  20. I can’t stop thinking about how ‘chill’ you said Samson is in yesterday’s post…because he looks the chillest here :) Happy Friday!!

  21. love how your photographs always manage to capture the love your family has. so cute! I’ve been trying to snack on almonds rather than chips lately, too.

  22. Ashley

    Another post with amazing pictures! Speaking of almonds – their wasabi ones are super addicting!

  23. Amanda

    Love the pic of the Eleanor kissing Samson. Too cute. NY in the summer is amazing, enjoy!

  24. Julia

    You are so sweet and funny family! :))

  25. I love how you capture your family. You and your husband are beautiful photo storytellers. I look forward to your posts and always feel inspired by them.

  26. Rebecca

    The step photo is just the cutest x

  27. Jaclyn

    this is the cutest of pictures!! love the one where E is kissing S :) adorable and priceless!!

  28. Lidia

    Mmmm. I love almonds. This was seriously my go to snack when I was losing weight, and early in my pregnancy before I threw my hands up and was like, “I need a Butterfinger.” and such great pictures! As always!

  29. Damaris

    What a sweet pic E kissing S’s cheek! and what a great idea to snack strawberries & almonds, I will try as well ;)


  30. The picture of Eleanor kissing Samson, too cute :)

  31. Your littles make me so excited for my daughter and son to get bigger! Having them close isn’t as crazy as everyone makes it seem, huh? Your blog is such an encouragement! I love keeping up with y’all!

    Also, the wasabi flavor of blue diamond almonds are delish! Might be too spicy for E though?

  32. Sinead

    Aw the kids look so adorable in their helmets! I used to love family bike rides when I was little :-)

  33. melissa

    Why do you guys dress up to ride bikes? Your husband is wearing a blazer? Seems a bit odd.

  34. amy

    love this post!
    would you mind telling me the brand of your baby bike seats?
    i’m currently trying to find a seat for my one year old and it isn’t as easy as i assumed!


  35. hanna

    Your bike ride looks like so much fun! Hanna

  36. Suzie

    You reading comments on tour blog ? I love family Davis . You’re very beautiful. Where you made your braid ?

  37. Anja

    Those photos like you had a lot of fun! Cycling is one of my favourite things to do, so two thumbs up for that! :) Your two little ones are just the cutest!

    XO, Anja

  38. kendall

    that picture of e kissing sampson is the cutest!! x

  39. what great pictures! love the fun snacks and everyone sitting and enjoying them!

  40. Karen

    Beautiful photographs; thank you for sharing your life with us. Your family is gorgeous. And yes, please share where your bag is from :)

  41. Taty

    Hi you :)

    sparkle kiss – love your nail polish! which brand and name of the color is it?

    Your blog makes me happy :)
    Keep smiling!

  42. Oh. My. Goodness. How do you not frame every photograph you take?? The ones of the two of them on the sidewalk, the kiss, Samson’s closeup in the helmet and Eleanor admiring the skyscrapers..lol adddorable. Looks like a perfect morning in the city :)

    Lynden Laundry

  43. Marissa

    How in the world did they grow up so fast??!! They’re so big! Beautiful photos as always!

  44. Kelsey

    I always love reading your blog and seeing all the fun/comfortable/safe products you buy for the little nuggets. If you don’t mind sharing, I’d really love to know what bike seat and helmets you use for the babies. My little one is only 2 weeks older than Samson and I would love to get a helmet on her and head out on our bikes more often.

    Thanks for always keeping life upbeat!

  45. I want a helmet like Eleanor’s! It’s so cute.

  46. I love how you guys are not ashamed of wearing helmets – safety first! You have the most adorable family.

  47. Kristen

    Your hair is so cute in pigtails! And I’m loving that nail polish color.

  48. Ella

    NAAWW! Those two are so cute together!

  49. Dani

    You just won the cutest family of the year award!

  50. Paris

    Are you wearing Reebok Freestyles!? Too cool :)

  51. Bikes and I do not get along at all (I’ve crashed into stationary bikes before… while my bike was parked as well…) – but I kind of want to go and ride mine again after seeing these pictures!

  52. How stinkin adorable are those two?! It makes me want another one so they’ll be close.

  53. I can’t ride a bike, but I definitely want to learn, because I would love to do this with my future children! Seems like a wonderful experience.

    Juliette Laura

  54. Reelika

    What a beautiful day and incredible family! :]

  55. April

    What a gorgeous day in the city! The children look super encouraged :]

  56. AJ

    Your kids are so cute it’s stupid.

  57. alex

    My dad and husband both farm almonds for Blue Diamond! Thank you so much for the support!! And as always, such a beautiful, sweet family.

  58. Haley

    I absolutely love your photos. I so hope that when I have kids, they are best friends like yours:)

  59. V

    Lovely photography, This post reminds me of bike riding with my parents when I was a child. Its not seen too often where I live anymore except for maybe around lakes. The roadies (lycra wearing cyclists) take over our cycle lanes.

  60. Ana

    Gosh your family is the cutest!!! E & Samson are the cutest!!! And I love the color of your helmet, you couldn’t look cuter riding the bike!

  61. The picture of those sweet babes of yours sitting side by side? Priceless. I hope if I ever have children they become that close…

  62. Liz

    Have you tried their wasabi almonds? They are absolutely divine.

  63. sabine

    Love your blog…but too many sponsored posts lately :-( Kinda loses the authentic touch of what you done in the past…

  64. Aweee, I know how it is to have a picky Eater and then finally find something that they really enjoy eating :) It’s so good, that she loves Almonds, they are so healthy :)

    Happy Weekend!

  65. Kasia

    I love your blog, And your sneakers ;)


  67. Looks like a wonderful daytrip! Strawberries and almonds (and a little ice cream) are my favorite summer snack too!

  68. Rayani

    Lovely pictures!!!

  69. Macy

    As i sit here, being the normal teenager eating ramen noodles and drinking a cup of tea, i look at your beautiful family and think how wonderful it may be. I have many years ahead of me before i even think about marriage or children, but i hope to have a family as beautiful as yours. Have a blessed June. – Love your Tennessean reader

  70. Hannah

    What a perfect day! Lovely photos.

    Also, I’m obsessed with your beautiful red lipstick! If you have a sec, I’m curious what brand/shade it is?
    Thanks so much! xo

  71. Elena

    Almonds are great! But a big big danger for children under 4!!! I didn’t know either, till a doctor told me it’s like giving them alcohol; can cause big problems in the future.

  72. Joanna

    There is something so special about bike riding in NYC on a beautiful day! I love both of your bikes and the babies helmets! They are both so sweet.

  73. savannah

    Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate oven roasted almonds are a must!

  74. Taylor

    I love the picture of Eleanor kissing Samson’s cheek! You’ve got the most beautiful family, ever! Love how close your kids are!!!

  75. Afton

    I love your sneakers! Can you tell me where they are from?

  76. They are so darling! E and I have the same helmet. :) My daughter (2 days younger than E) loves almonds too. :)

  77. Autumn

    What brand are the kids bike seats?

  78. Anne

    Seriously the picture of E & S in front of the bikes together is so cute! Looks like it was a beautiful day for a bike ride!

  79. As a larger blogger who many of us look up to, it disappoints me to see you not using the proper disclosure that the FTC requires (i.e. before the content.)

  80. Mónica

    To me it’s a little scary to go around the city by bike is probably the small matter of getting used to, I’ll try ….. I love the photo of your children giving himself a kiss. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  81. How fun!! Looks like such a perfect day. I love bike riding, yet I rarely do it!! xo, Julie

  82. Jess

    Eeeek their helmets are the cutest!! Oh my. I don’t know how you got any cycling done!

    Jess x

  83. What a great little family date! Yay for bike lanes!

  84. ahhh how cute is that! I cannot wait to make use of the bike lanes. I want to try out the new citibike program. Too bad they don’t have them above central park.