a family bike ride!


samson’s new bike seat and eleanor’s new helmet arrived last weekend so we took the bikes out for an early morning family ride on memorial day! we finally have four seats and four helmets for the davis family! summer, you may officially begin…

living in new york city keeps us pretty active and on the go, especially during the summer when we like to live outside all day long playing hard in the heat. if anyone loves it, we do. we were pretty excited when our sponsor blue diamond almonds first approached us, because eleanor can often be a picky eater.  we can’t tell you how relieved we’ve been the last few months to discover she enjoys snacking on almonds (and has even asked for them over ‘ice cream cones’ as of late.  ok, it only happened once. but we’re making progress!).  josh and i are also trying to snack smarter and healthier so we have been relying on things like almonds as one of our go-to snacks at the house and when we’re out.

so we grabbed our helmets as soon as the littles woke up last monday and took off on a little ride around the city. we had most of the roads and bike lanes to ourselves (thank you, holiday!) and enjoyed a peaceful morning together.  we got off our bikes at columbus circle mid-ride for a break and a quick snack. it made for a pretty great start to our holiday!


^^^”hey samson, are you ready to feel the wind in your hair?”^^^


^^^”gosh! i swear that skyscraper wasn’t there yesterday….”^^^




^^^best friends. we are pretty happy about it.^^^


^^^columbus circle.^^^


^^^taking a break to eat a snack with papa…^^^





^^^this little mister claps his hands and kicks his legs as we take off! i think he likes his new bike seat.^^^


^^^thanks for the bike lanes, new york.^^^



^^^welcome, summer! the davis family is ready for you!^^^


this post is sponsored by blue diamond almonds. as always, thank you for reading our blog and for supporting our sponsors!


  1. Li

    This is my first time leaving a comment here… so nervous! I still can’t believe I bumped into you and the family in Central Park on Memorial Day. It was the first time I traveled to NY! It’s like winning a lotto chance!
    I’d like to ask your permission to post the picture that my husband took for us in my blog. It’s just so exciting to share.

  2. Eleanor’s swimsuit is so darling! Amazing pictures, they just spill love!

  3. Rachel Hagen

    Beautiful pictures!! Good for you for riding in the city with your kids. I was terrified. Now that we’re out in the burbs, we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring and taking the kids. There’s no better feeling seeing them with big grins and the wind in their face.

  4. Cristina


    What brand is your bike?