a day in chicago with the family!

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while we were in chicago for my friend’s wedding a few weeks ago, we were excited to spend sunday together as a family exploring the city after all the wedding festivities ended saturday night. we had high hopes for a big day of adventure before catching our flight back to new york in the evening! after getting back to the hotel after 1am saturday night, it was tough having our two little alarm clocks wake up bright and early with the sun the following morning (gosh darnit, why can’t they have little snooze buttons?!)! we decided to take the day at a slower pace and hung out at millennium park before grabbing some pizza at pizano’s and heading to the airport. we like you chicago!


^^^these two together. always putting on a show!^^^

bean1 bean3

^^^and then they were bunnies hopping down steps.^^^


^^^the bean.^^^


^^^watching some dora while we packed up our room. i think this little girl likes traveling because she gets away with tv!^^^


^^^beautiful river view from our hotel room! and grabbed some garretts popcorn before we left.^^^

bean24bean41 bean5 bean6

^^^i know he just adores her. but sometimes it’s gotta be rough. ;)^^^


^^^it was alright. but we are still talking about eleanor’s chicken and cheese quesadilla! now that was something else!^^^


^^^that gap between those two front teeth!^^^



bean8 bean9

looks like we’ll be back soon for another wedding! what’s up with all my close girlfriend’s being from chicago? ;) see you soon, windy city!

  1. G

    Yo have a sweet family

  2. ryan

    my husband would eat pizano’s everyday if he could :)

    ps. the garfield park conservatory is a great place to take kids if you’re looking for something to do next time you’re here. and it’s free!

  3. Camille

    Love Samson’s teeth! Did you know we call them “Happiness teeth” in French? So cute!!

  4. Anni

    Looks like you had a blast! Confession: I’m from Chicago and I don’t like deep dish pizza. I’d choose a quesadilla over it any day, E is one smart lady. ;)

  5. Brooke

    Love that shirt? Where is it from?

  6. Alison

    You gotta go with the thin crust at Pizano’s. Lou Malnati’s for deep dish :)

  7. ohhh chicago is just the best! almost thought we were going to get to move there a month or so ago, but it’s still a great place to spend the weekend! so much cuteness as always!

    can’t wait to see what you get up to next time you’re there!! the museum of contemporary art is excellent (and obviously the chicago art museum is as well, but that probably isn’t news to anyone). and the coq d’or in the drake hotel has one of the best lobster rolls i’ve ever had outside of new england!

    e’s piggies just get me every time!


  8. Your family is so beautiful! I already want to travel to Chicago, but after seeing this post I wish I was there now! :)

  9. anise

    just wanted to let you know that i have your blog filed under “families” on my rss feed. In the mornings at work, as I am starting my day (social media job) I have hundreds of sites to sift through. It never fails whenever I see an update in the families category – i get excited and say to myself “oh fun! lets see what my family is up to!”

    I love your positivity and the fact that you guys are all so active.

    so just letting you know – i call you my family. LOL.

  10. Literally booking my tickets this second to Chicago – I’m going to visit my best friend in a couple of months there, but these pictures make me want to leave tomorrow!

    Also, happy to see that Eleanor’s big sister instincts are on full power right now – I’ll just say that as the younger sibling, life’s nothing until you survive the childhood with an older sibling! And then you feel like you can do anything! :)

  11. I just love it! Chicago is, hands down, my favorite city… even more than New York (gasp!)…


  12. Looks like y’all had a blast! The kiddos are the cutest!

  13. Samson’s smile,the gap between his teeth is too adorable :)

  14. Madie

    Oh my gosh, Garrett’s popcorn is the best! I could eat their cheesecorn for days… and gain 10 lbs in the process. Totally worth it for that popcorn though! :)

    xo Madie

  15. chicago is such a fun city! and not to mention–all that delicious food. yum!

  16. Karri

    Pizanos is my favorite (that crust!), but you can’t taint the flavor. Its got to just be deep dish cheese. Anything else tastes off. My second fave is Lou Malnati’s. My husband poo-poos deep dish, but he works in the city, so he gets to eat Chicago’s fine treats all the time.

  17. Amy Jo

    The photos of laughter make me smile. What a great time you guys! A city I still want to explore.

  18. Chicago will always be one of my favorite places to visit! I, too, have many close friends who live there!!

  19. Julie

    So beautiful! Makes me want to visit Chicago again! ;-)

  20. Kate

    Pisano’s isn’t the best, is recommend Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s next time you’re here! The Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun activity with littles, I have taken my baby cousins a few time. Glad you enjoyed the city!

  21. Grace

    omg no no no, lou malnatis is the best chicago deep dish pizza. make sure you try that next time you visit my city! also the zoo is awesome (Lincoln park) and navy pier is always a huge hit.

  22. Kelly

    Those pictures are adorable, especially the peek-a-boo ones!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. Melissa

    Is it weird that when i started following your blog you weren’t even pregnant with E, and now Samson is so big. It makes me feel like I have been here to witness their growth too. It makes me feel like i know them. Which is far from the truth, but i wish i did! they are so darn adorable and i want them. lol
    k. that is all.

  24. Lidia

    You’ve always got such beautiful photos of your vacations and your children. Seriously great camera wielding skills. And I’m glad you had such an awesome time!

  25. kendra

    Samson’s hair is dreamy! Warner just cut his first bottom teeth. What’s up with our babies growing so fast?!

  26. kendall

    amazing shots!! looks like SO much fun!! x

  27. This post has me craving a trip to Chicago..SO BAD! Luckily, I am only a 3 hour drive away. I might just have to make it happen. Thanks for the encouragement ;)

  28. Such cuties! Your family is beautiful! Looks like a fun time!

    Juliette Laura

  29. Brealyn

    I love these pictures! They really tell a story and I can imagine all the laughter happening. Your children are just adorable!

  30. Alice

    Well, Chicago looks like a lot of fun!! My little sister LOVES Dora- and definitely likes travelling mostly because she gets to watch unlimited episodes of that, and Charlie and Lola (a British thing, I think). I also LOVE your hat- so cute! xx

  31. Tasneem

    Looks like you guys had a great trip. I love taking my baby down to the city. I would recommend going to the Science and Industry Museum next time if you can. We always have a ball there.

  32. Damaris

    So sweet pics! Love E’s “now you see me” ones :P and what about that adorable gap between S’s teeth!



  33. Sinead

    Samson’s big smile and little teeth are so adorable!

  34. Katarina

    Your son is the cutest thing ever!!

  35. So cute! you all three wearing red salt waters :)

  36. Emma

    I love your blog, guys! It’s everything I like in a blog, it’s personal, it’s cute, it has an adorable layout and then the best thing of it all: it’s about the cutest family ever living in New York, which is probably my favorite place on Earth. I have been looking for a blog about a New Yorker, and now I’ve found it. Five stars and a lot of thoughts to you from Denmark! Btw your kids are the sweetest, omg. xoxo

  37. Andrea

    Such beautiful pictures! As a Chicagoan- deep dish is NOT where it’s at- Yuck!(it’s a tourist trap!) I don’t blame you for liking E’s quesadilla better :)

  38. Carie

    Oh that looks like so much fun – I love the bean, you could spend hours pulling funny faces at it, or is that just me?

  39. So fun seeing all you cuties in my city. Makes me a little homesick! We’re in Europe for the summer (and ya know, blogging). Mateo (our toddler) is missing Chicago a bit too. Today he asked to go on a “BIG AIRPLANE.” He wanted to go to Mateo house. :)


  40. Flora

    I one GAZILLION percent love your striped t-shirt. so so so so cool! Flora


  41. these pictures are gorgeous! it looks like you spent your time well before you caught your flight!
    oh and if you ever figure out the snooze button thing, let me know got my own alarm clock here who likes to get up with the sun!! ;)

  42. Being from the Chicago area, these pictures made my heart jump for joy as I’m in Spain. There’s nothing better than summertime in Chicago and you quickly reminded me of that! And Garrett’s Popcorn?! You’re killing me! SO good!

  43. i wish i said hi when i saw you and you family on the Michigan Ave. that day!

  44. jaclyn

    aww your family is adorable :)

  45. so lovely! and i wasn’t overly impressed with deep dish either haha.


  46. Carolina

    it’s all adorably cute and instantly happyfying!

  47. Lauren

    No joke I just posted about this today. My girlfriends and I were just in Chicago and loved it. We had so much fun taking jumping pictures everywhere. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Garret’s popcorn though. I think Big Poppa kettle corn at Eastern Market is better, but hey that’s just me!

  48. Linda H

    Love your pictures! I had a really random question: how do you check in the stroller when you travel? I have friends with three gorgeous babes and we want to travel…not until now did I think of the stroller haha.

  49. Jamie

    i have wanted to visit chicago ever since i saw the bean in a movie.(starring jake gyllenhaal.. can’t remember the name!) beautiful photos as always, glad y’all had a great time! :)

  50. Mae

    I love how much fun your family always has together. It always brings a smile to my face to see a young family enjoying life as much as yours does!

    This made my day today! <3

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  51. Loulou

    How is it that your two beautiful babies are always smiling?! Looking at these shots has me smiling right along with them. I’ve been to Chicago (pre bean) but my husband hasn’t and I am so looking forward to going there with him one day soon (I hope). Such a great city.

  52. Taylor

    You have such a beautiful family!! I love Samson’s gap! So adorable :)

  53. Sarah

    How do you make it through the day without just gobbling up those kiddos of yours? They are the most adorable children I’ve ever seen. It kills me!

  54. Samson’s gap is the sweetest thing ever! Cheers Taza, you and your family are just the sweetest!

  55. lacey

    the peekaboo photos of eleanor! so perfect!

  56. It’s been years since I’ve been to Chicago, your photos make me want to re-visit the Windy City!

  57. Such infectious little smiles from your adorable family! x

  58. Natalie

    Love Garrett popcorn! I flew through Chicago on a recent trip and bought some. Wish we had it down here in the south!

  59. Chicago looks like so much fun! We actually have Garrett popcorn in singapore.

  60. I love this post!
    So colourful and cheerful!
    Eleanor and Samson get cuter every post!
    Loving their similar outfits <3
    Have an amazing day,
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


  61. Roseann

    Oh my goodness, that little scalloped polka dot tank on E is to die for. Actually, make that her entire outfit. How nice to be in summer clothes again, Chicago looks beautiful. I’ve never been but I would love to check it out some time. Thanks for sharing!

  62. I’m from Chicago and the deep dish at Little Star Pizza in San Francisco blows anything in Chicago out of the water.

    Weren’t the tulips amazing?

    xoxo From San Francisco



  63. Mónica

    As I liked the post was great, I love how Benefit some time with your children, anyone who had to travel with two children had certainly not what you do you. Are helping me enjoy more with them (because I also I have two) through your photos and words. Thank you. What color had the city. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  64. angie

    Hi, I am wondering how it was to fly with a little one. My daughter is now 10 mnths and we will be flying transatlantic next month. I am freaking out about it because she is such a wiggle worm right now and its a looong flight. Any tips/advice? I also have two other children, 6 and 11, they are super great and used to flying, but this is babies first flight. (nervous!!)

  65. Anne

    so fun! love how you all just glow with happiness when you’re together!

  66. Darya

    What a beautiful pictures! I wanna create after watching them :) Naomi,please,tell me,what size of this sandals do you take for Samson and how much is his foot in inches? My baby is one year old just like Samson and I live in Ukraine, so I just can buy only online and I have no right for mistake :) thank you!

  67. Putri Natasha

    These are by far one of my favourite set of pictures! Looked like such a happy trip. Keep them coming, Naomi! x

  68. Morgan

    Chicago is on my husbands and my bucket list of places to travel before he starts his residency! Can’t wait to take a picture next the the bean.

    Also, the bunny picture just made my day!

  69. Gemma

    In England, having a gap between your two front teeth means you are going to be very lucky! Chicago is my favourite place in the world, we are hoping to move there in a few years time. America trumps England always. xx

  70. So glad you enjoyed your stay in Chicago! As a Chicagoan, it always makes me feel strangely proud when people enjoy the city (it’s not like I have anything to do with it but I’m always oddly happy about it!). Garrett’s popcorn is addictive stuff.

  71. kelsey

    do you get stopped when you are out and about from blog readers? i think you guys are famous so i’m sure other people do, too! haha.

    also, i can’t believe samson is 1 already! there is no way that is possible!

  72. Ana

    It looks like a great day! When I was there, it was rainy and cold and sightseeing is not that pleasant when you’re soaked and there are holes in your boots :(

    Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time!

  73. beautiful pictures, as usual!! love love love them! we have the same policy too, no tv. we will be doing baby sign language as well!

    so taza… we have adopted!!! our baby girl was born two months ago!! i am feeling the same as you from your last post of sweet samson. our baby ella is 11 weeks today and it has gone by so fast! and she is only 11 weeks! i can’t imagine her first birthday!

    thought i would tell you our wonderful news! you are so sweet to email me back and respond. a lot of bloggers don’t do that.


  74. Rosie

    Chicago looks charming, I hope I get to visit one day. :) X

  75. Nicole

    I fly often, and nearly always through ORD. I love to treat myself with some Garrett’s popcorn. Simply the best! I think it is safe to say that we all feel privileged watching your family grow up! Thank you <3


  76. Colleen

    So glad you enjoyed the city! I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and just moved back after being gone a few years. For family and many other reasons, especially the food! Next time you need to try Lou Malnatis, Ginos east, or Giordanos for deep dish!

  77. Kristen

    That picture of Josh and E near the bean is too cute! Definitely going to be one of her favorites when she gets older!