a few beautiful books, and a giveaway! (closed)

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one of my very favorite things to do with eleanor and samson is read with them. i always knew i wanted a home full of children’s books (my friends even threw me a book-themed baby shower before eleanor’s arrival) because my fondest memories of childhood included my parents reading to me.  you can’t find time better spent than when you’re cuddled up with sweet babes on  your lap as you read a good book together....

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a few moments from the past few weeks, not to be forgotten.

^^^she is getting so good on this little scooter! but sadly the fronts of all her left shoes are falling apart as she has no idea how to break any other way than with her cute foot. :| ^^^

^^^oh gosh, i am such a sucker for anything yellow. and traffic lights against old new york city buildings are something else.^^^


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and then we fell in love with new york all over again.

the last two days in new york city have come with the most glorious weather (upper 70’s!) we have been living outside each day until the sun goes down and it’s time to head in to scrub the dirt off our faces with a bubble bath before crawling into bed. we’ve hit up the parks, the playgrounds, the pier, downtown, uptown, sneaking in picnics with friends and mister softee ice cream cones (with rainbow sprinkles, of course) all in between....

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