lunch date.


in the middle of our week, we were able to sneak in a lunch date together in soho!  i don’t know about you, but lunch dates are always my favorite kind of dates because the meal is half the price and also, it’s light out, the day is still young! between an appointment ending early, and 30 spare minutes to kill before running back home to my littles, we found just enough time to squeeze in a new york “power lunch!”  one of our go-to spots in soho is the la esquina (corner deli) because we kind of love jarritos a lot (their website also wins as coolest!), but we decided to try something new and grabbed chicken parmesan sandwiches at parm. they were delicious!  and now, a bunch of photos of beautiful tall buildings, blossoms (spring!!!!!!!) and my feet (thank you, coach, for my new fancy sneakers!) and thanks, iphone, for the photos!

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 have a great weekend!

  1. laurel

    nyc is looking so springy.
    and those sandwiches are killing me!!

  2. stephanie

    such a great idea! i love to have dates in the middle of the day. so do you have a nanny to care the kids when you are working out of home? how did you find her (or him)? i find it hard to leave my kids with other persons, and i’d love to hear about your experience!

  3. heather

    I need to start a little journal of all the restaurants and cafes you and Josh go to. They always look so delicious :)

    Happy Spring!

  4. esther

    Oh those sandwiches look delightful. What a lovely lunch date!

  5. megan

    Loving the fancy sneakers!!

  6. Cath

    Finally a picture of your entire outfit! You are an inspiration for lots of us (as a mom, as a wife and as a fashion woman) Keep up your amazing job as a blogger and thanks for your pictures and stories! LOVE

  7. Mariela

    Naomi, where are those great jeans and scarf from?

  8. Hanna

    The weather looks so nice! Hanna

  9. Cheryl

    Great sneakers indeed!

  10. Anca

    ahhh i cannot wait to check out that place! husband and I are moving back to nyc in about a month and we’re super excited about it! p.s. that scarf.

  11. Looks like the perfect lunch date! Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Caroline

    I just wanted to let you know that I have followed your blog for the last couple weeks and I am loving it! I stumbled upon it more or less by accident and I have looked through some of your older blog posts – you have a gorgeous family. Keep up the inspirational work – with me as a reader it has even reached Germany! :)

  13. bri

    lunch dates are the best! william and i love sneaking out to meet daddy for lunch. we try for once a week and always sit outside! (but, we’re in san diego so i think people who sit inside are just plain silly)

  14. Spring is looking GOOD on you, Naomi!! :)

    It’s rare, but I LOVE fitting in a lunch date with my husband as well. It just feels like a special, unexpected treat to have a “date” in the middle of the day.

    Oh man, fingers crossed…we’re trying to figure out a trip to Italy and Croatia with the little one and work remotely for a couple months. That would mean daily lunch dates with the hubby in Europe. hoping, hoping!!


  15. Adriane

    Lovely!! Love lunch dates as well… just had one yesterday!!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Alina

    Wow! Your new bag is so cute!
    Would love to know where it’s from…? :)
    Love that yellow fabric!

    Have a happy weekend!

  17. lunch dates really are the cream of the crop. and, of course, you’re looking cute standing on the corner, and love all your little detail shots.

  18. love lunch dates :) Heading up to NYC this weekend and am happy it looks so springy!

  19. Rose

    I was in SoHo last Thursday, right before I left for the weekend…it was an okay day, but then I came back to NYC & spring had hit! Also, so hard to avoid hardcore shopping when I’m down there…oops :)

    Blonde in this City

  20. Paulina

    Love this post. You guys give me so much positive energy! you inspire me to raise such amazing family as your one day! ahh and NYC… this is my biggest dream to go there!
    Thank you for this blog, cause thanks to you I believe that in the world there are more soooo amazing family as you.
    Kisses from Poland, Europe!

  21. Dana

    This Pictures look sooo great.
    … and i would say: thanx naomi for the pictures. :o)

    have a nice weekend!


  22. Love your spring outfit (OMG SUUUNNNN) and the idea of a power lunch date. Booyaaa.

  23. Laurie

    Looks like fun, and gorgeous springtime weather for you all! We’re having perfect weather in Cali! Love your new sneakers…..and the sunnies are so cute! Are they a recent find? Fun, fun! New shoes always make a mommy smile!

  24. Kelly

    I love power lunches, a great chance to catch up and have a great meal!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Alice

    Oh how fantastic! Lunch dates are the best- so good to take some time out of your day to just be together. And any day which involves sunshine and chicken parmesan sandwiches can only be a good one. xx

  26. Sarah

    (sigh) I love New York in the springtime, or fall, or winter, or any time! But especially the spring. My husband, son, and I are Vancouver transplants from New York. We love it here on the west coast, but my heart longs for the city often. Your photos of the city (both in this post and many others) make me smile. Thank you so much for them! Have a lovely weekend!

  27. Tara

    Wow, I wish the weather was that nice here in Edmonton… it’s currently snowing :(

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  29. Meaghan

    Looks like such a wonderful day! For my weekend I am headed to New York and all these spring pictures make me that much more excited. Just hoping the weather stays that nice while I’m there ;).

  30. Thanks for sharing the jarritos website- it just supplied me with a good 10 mins of entertainment! :)

  31. Alexandra

    Hey Taza!

    Your sunnies look like they’re from Karen Walker, from NZ.

  32. Darling

    Looove this! I had a little lunch date with my little man today while my daughter had a golf date with my husband. I love days like these. Looks like you had yourself a lovely one! xoxo


  33. Cintya

    I always look forward to your posts.
    Keep them coming!

  34. Hannah

    Gorgeous photos! I have to ask… I’m loving your scarf and sweater, where are they from? you have such amazing style! love your blog and beautiful family. :)

  35. i LOVE parm! i hope you got the pickles ;) they are my favorite there. i could just order 3 orders of pickles and be satisfied….

    don’t you just love the decor of that place? little bit trendy, little bit italian grannie’s house, haha.


  36. Anne

    Love being able to fit in fun time with the husband. Good for you!

  37. lo

    those sneakers- flowers- sandwiches! everything looks so pretty and festive for spring… a favorite season of mine.

  38. Oooo – never tried La Esquina. I’ll have to hit it up on my next jaunt to NYC.
    And I’ve never liked Coach sneakers, but those are cute!

  39. Bea

    I love the fact that you’re taking your moments!!You’re great!
    Have a nice weekend!

  40. Karen

    Awesome new kicks! I hope Coach brings them to the UK!

  41. JM

    Lunch dates are the best! And isn’t it nice that spring is finally here. I hope it lasts a while for us as we are a little further north. Man, I wish I could visit NYC right now!

  42. Have a great week-end too Noemie… for me, will be flying to NYC tomorrow!!!!!!so excited :-)

  43. Daniela

    Lovely pictures. I’ve been in New York just a couple of times… many years ago. I hope I can go again someday, it’s a beautiful city.

  44. Mani

    Lunch dates are the best kind! I love these snaps by the way, as someone that’s never been to New York it makes me want to visit even more :)

  45. Georgia

    where did you get that beautiful scarf? so pretty :)

  46. Mónica

    Why did not you? to be the two of us, for us it is sometimes an ordeal, but we also have our time alone. He enjoyed twice, the always wonderful photos. kisses and Happy Mondays.

  47. Elisa

    Sounds like you had a lovely date!

    You have inspired me, I have to organize a lunch date with my hubby! So decadent, playing hooky and having a cheaper meal and the whole day fpr ourselves!

  48. cass

    i miss NY!

    we live overseas now. my husband had a birthday a while ago, and my mama sent him “the greatest care package ever”, he says. why? she included two liters of Jarritos (they didn’t spill at all!).

    he was overjoyed. we totally get your love :)

  49. Janice

    Looks delish! And lovely outfit.

  50. Sarah

    Yes, those shoes are fancy… but totally cool too! When I first read Coach i was thinking they’d have C’s all over them but these are cool! Yay for lunch dates. I need to steal my hubs away for one of those =)

  51. Katie

    sigh…i’ve never even been to new york, but my body yearns for it…and the food, oh the food!


  52. Cutest couple ever!!! Love your photos!

  53. Lindsay

    I love lunch dates! Yah for saving money!!

  54. Alexandra

    Where are those cute jeans from? Found a pair of Vince jeans like it today at Nordstrom Rack but they were a size 25…:( wondering where you found yours?

  55. Piper

    i love meeting up with my husband for a lunch date too :) love the casual look on you. are those converse?!

  56. Kalli

    Ahh! You gave in to the lures of “the sneaker!”
    love your blog And have followed it for a long
    time! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a
    casual shoe like that in any post, Well way to
    go! Fashion and comfort :)
    Thanks for sharing your cute life with us,
    Sometimes it’s nice to imagine a life like yours!

  57. Mambi

    I love reading your blog to see such happiness! so nice!
    So everyone’s mentioned the scarf and sneakers… But what about the bag! Any clues to where you got this one, it’s a perfect size!

  58. Rachel Hagen

    There’s nothing more indulgent than a day date with the hubs.