life lately, but not according to my iphone!


it feels like i take the big camera out with us less and less these days. mostly because i usually have my hands full with eleanor and samson. so i just rely on my iphone throughout the day to capture all the moments i want to remember. it fits in my back pocket and also, filters! i love filters! (although i know in ten years i’ll be like, why filters, why?!)

so anyway, it’s always a big deal when i remember to grab the regular camera when we are heading out the door or at home around the apartment.  i am always glad i brought it out by the end of the day when i get a chance to look at the pictures. my goal is to bust it out more often throughout the summer, too.

and so, here is life lately, but not according to our iphones! a few of the ones you see here are from when we ran into the biggest and blackest and nicest labradoodle in the park. also pictured… a lot of blossoms (i can’t help myself…i live for these blossoms), a fancy cheese/apple/honey plate josh made when we had friends over for dinner, and my cute kids (again, i can’t help myself…i’m their mama so i live for their cute faces.)

catch you later!

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  1. gorgeous photos! I have the same problem, I don’t get my camera out enough and just make up for it with thousands of iphone photographs, but I also have the problem of not busting my camera out when I do have it and then end up lugging it around for no reason. So annoying. I have tried to give myself that same goal, some days I do a great job, other’s I just end up carrying around one heavy camera for no reason.

  2. Jovita

    Oh, how sweet is this! Looks like you had a wonderful day out:)

  3. You have a really nice blog. Your shots are really great. I have bookmarked your site for your future updates. Thanks and God Bless.

  4. Karolina

    Naomi, your pictures are great! Are you still using the Canon?

    • TAZA

      thank you! and yes i am. :)

  5. phoebe

    oh my goodness. samsons little bowtie. him and E are the cutest kids (with a very cute mom and dad too!)

  6. Emily

    Such beautiful photos as always! xx

  7. Oh Heavens! I remember those days….I feel that pain of almost being out numbered, but feeling like you are managing an army! You clearly are an amazing mom. Push through these years and soak up the crazy times with your littles. The years just keep getting better and better as your kids get older, wiser and sassier! :) and really, thank goodness for Iphones.