1. melanie

    Too Cute, Love!

  2. melanie

    P.S. Your blog is my all time favorite. You inspire me daily :)

  3. Fernanda

    my favorite family!!! (after my real one LOL)

  4. Alex

    Dear Taza and Husband,

    I admire your blog. I love checking it daily as it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

    I feel so excited about having children as you have shown me how fun it will be! I truly love that you take your children out to restaurants and you seem so carefree with them, not worrying about if they get a bit dirty or eat a stick.

    Thanks for always being an inspiration

    Alex, NZ

  5. Sarah

    The veryyy last pic of you, E and Samson….E looks so precious. The innocence in her eyes says a thousand words.

  6. Lauren

    Your children have such a happy, colorful life. These photo roundups are some of my favorite posts of yours – so beautiful :)

  7. I get so inspired seeing all the little moments in life that you capture with so much happiness! Thanks Naomi x

  8. Mindy

    i know your life is not always sunshine & roses, but oh goodness do you all look like your having fun! i always enjoy your posts & photos as they bring a smile to my face :) i love love love samson i love ny shirt with the hotdog & pretzel! i wonder if they come in adult sizes?!?

  9. Marie

    beautiful photos! Your children are such happy kids. Btw how do you manage to bring them out all the time? Do they get tired and grumpy, or need their afternoon naps? Sorry for the qns.. Was just wondering. :)


  10. Omg you have like the dream life, such an inspiration & what an amazing beautiful family!!!

    XO, Adropofbliss.com

  11. Melanie

    You guys are awesome!

  12. Steph

    love the iPhone updates =) such cute little babies, love seeing your adventures!

  13. Absolutely adorable. I love the photo of E and S napping. My son had that very same yellow/white striped romper.

  14. Nancy

    When my children were little, we always seemed to read our favorite books over and over. I decided to write the titles and authors on a slip of paper and put them in a jar. The kids got to select from the jar and then find the book to read.

  15. Your Instagram account is GORGEOUS! You are so great at getting out and seeing everything the world has to offer. I love little peaks at your life throughout the day (I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy…).


  16. Bea

    These photos cheer me up!!!
    You’re such a great family, Davis!
    Have a nice day!

  17. Salima

    What a wonderful family, it’s adorable. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. You guys are awesome!

    Have a Beautiful Day…

  18. Dana

    It´s a wonderful blog! i love your pictures.

    greatings from berlin! :o)

  19. Where did you get that NY tee with the hot dog and the pretzel? That is so adorable!!

  20. Mun

    Eleanor and Samson have got to be the most well-dressed kiddies around!!!

  21. Oh my goodness Eleanor is looking so big, and SO much like you. She is changing a lot! Lately you’ve been inspiring me to get out of the house more! If you can manage to get out with two kids in NYC, then surely I can manage to get out with 2 kids in my small Minnesota town, right?! :) Blessings.

  22. Melissa

    Oh my Elanors NY shirt with the pretzel and hot dog is the cutest thing ever!

  23. Love these photo round-ups!! E & S are a couple of real cuties!! I think one of my favorites is of them napping… don’t we all wish we could get a good nap in some days? :)

  24. Your children look so cute and so happy! :)

  25. Lisa

    Busy life, happy life

  26. Vigdis

    Really like your blog!! now following you guys!

  27. Kate

    Help! Where did you get the crown Samson is wearing?

  28. Janice

    Lovely pictures, as always. Loving Samson’s crown.

  29. amanda

    That hot dog pretzel NY tee is so flipping adorable, I don’t even know. They should make grown up sizes.

  30. Mariah

    Adorable kids. I am wondering how far apart they are in age?

  31. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

  32. Ashley

    Ahh they are so cute! I love reading your blog daily, it had been great inspiration!

  33. Edna

    Omg! Eleanor is so cute. :D
    you have the cuttest baby’s ever!

  34. Jaclyn

    aww love the pictures :)

  35. bridget

    these two are seriously the cutest babies of all time. the third row down gave me the best belly laugh.

  36. I am dying over Samson’s shirt! Must track down an adult version :) & I’m loving how it’s obviously still winter up there, but there are little hints of Spring! So exciting!

    Also, I am currently giving away a big box of favorite things over on my blog – would be thrilled if you played! :)


  37. katie

    I love following your instagram feed! SO many great pics =)



  38. cuteness at its very best!!

    i linked back to you in my post today, it was involving the BEST roll of my life, luke’s lobster roll. i loved my recent trip to new york, you’re soooo lucky to live there but i also can’t imagine how you do it with two little ones and with such ease. you are one rockstar of a mama!

    thanks for introducing me to luke’s, i’ve got serious food love :)


  39. shannon

    Love the pictures, so much fun! Your kids are just too dang cute!


  40. Rachael

    Ohhhh, I just adored those little ones! You’d never know I hadn’t met them. You are such a precious family and you bring a smile to my face! It’s adorable to watch them growing up together and being each other’s best friends. I love that Eleanor will only remember like with Samson by her side. So sweet!

  41. Jina

    LOVE how you dress your kids! Your kids are super adorable!Where do you get such cute clothes for kids? Please share your favorite stores!

  42. Hey, I know what street you live.? I’m curious, I’m sorry for the spam.

  43. Erin

    I just love your iPhone pics. They always make my heart melt. Your kids are precious.

  44. sinead

    Gorgeous pics as always, love Samson’s crown!

  45. kwistin

    i don’t know why, but i *especially* loved this batch of photos. :)

  46. Peter Schmalz

    After all that has happened this week it is good to know I can come here and be cheered up, by your adorable family. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us complete strangers.

  47. kristin

    Help! Where did you get the crown Samson is wearing?

  48. You guys are getting bigger and cutter!

  49. kim

    You’re kiddos are so adorable. Just found out I’m having a girl! (my first) Where do you buy E’s clothes?

  50. Do you ever answer fan mail? Your posts make me want to be a better believer and an amazing mother.

  51. Karin

    I´ve just recently found your blog from a tip from one of my favourite bloggers here in Sweden (although there´s hardly any “here and there” on the internet..?). I love getting glimpses of your life and I´m literally drowling from the beauty of you fabulous family :)
    And on that theme: I also LOVE Eleanore´s pink / red coat. Would you mind sharing where it´s from? Have searched your archives with no luck. I´m going to NY with my little family in two weeks by the way:)